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Anthony K

    • Coping With Uncomfortable Emotions

      Whether you had a bad day with your boss or have been dumped by the love of your life, possessing healthy...

      AnxietyAnthony KJanuary 4, 2022
    • Anti-Aging Foods To Incorporate In Your Diet

      As you age, a good diet can offer various benefits, including enhancing your energy levels, improving your mental sharpness, and increasing...

      DietAnthony KDecember 28, 2021
    • Yoga Poses for Beginners

       Doing yoga for the initial time can be daunting. One can easily worry about not being in shape enough, not being...

      exerciseAnthony KDecember 21, 2021
    • Self-Compassion: Silencing Your Inner Critical Voice

      The private conversations we have with ourselves have significant impacts on our lives. They can be a vital stepping stone or...

      AnxietyAnthony KDecember 14, 2021
    • How To Shower And Bathe Properly

      Bathing is, of course, part of everyone’s daily routine. It is an effective, fast and refreshing way to ensure you stay...

      CleaningAnthony KDecember 7, 2021