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    • The Best Strategy To Achieve Fitness Goals

      Achieving your fitness goals could be quite easy and fun, especially when you approach it in the right manner. Herein, methods...

      FitnessKiko MMay 30, 2020
    • Debunking Myths About Psoriasis

      There are a lot of myths surrounding certain conditions in the world of medicine. These notions have thrived because of unfair...

      MedicalKiko MMay 11, 2020
    • How to Make Your Own Alcogel

      With sales of hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial hand gel, and hand wash in general through the roof, more people are turning to...

      Corona Health NewsKiko MMarch 19, 2020
    • Corona Life Hacks: What You Need to Know

      “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” — Eleanor Roosevelt In these trying times, our thoughts can become...

      Corona Health NewsKiko MMarch 17, 2020
    • Social Distancing: Benefits and What is it Really

      Social distancing is an introvert’s dream. Or, it can be a sign of an apocalyptic future. Imagine wearing bubble suits on...

      Corona Health NewsKiko MMarch 17, 2020