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45 Times People Came Clean On Social Media About Past Misdemeanors

We’ve all done something we are not proud of at least once, such as cheating on an exam, taking some money from our parents’ wallets, or stealing a few things from our classmate’s bag. Some of these wrongdoings are pretty minor and don’t hurt anyone. However, some transgressions are pretty severe. Some are proud of how they went around the system, while others are embarrassed about it and opt to keep it to themselves. On this list, we have 45 people who came out clean on social media, and they don’t seem to regret what they have done. As you will see from this list, you are certainly not alone in any wrongdoings you have committed. People all over the world have done wrong things, some of them funny and others not.

#1 We know what he did was terrible, but we must admire him for his dedication

If you are a bibliophile or a collector of rare books, you know how tempting it can be to get your hands on rare manuscripts or any text you like. We’d like to remind you that no matter how great the temptation is, you have to resist doing something not right just to get your hands on a book.

Image courtesy of Estantedagabii/Instagram

We disagree with what this person has done, but we must admire him for his dedication. He stole a book page by page from a library. If you really like a book, we suggest saving up for it and getting it with a receipt.

#2 What would you do to avoid a conversation?

The longer you are with your partner, the more the novelty wears off, and the more you find seeking something new and exciting. The longer you have conversations with each other, the more you run out of things to talk about.

Image courtesy of Karanmsk/Instagram

Then there are times when you just don’t have any interest in what a person is talking about. This guy has formulated the perfect excuse, so he doesn’t have to listen to his girlfriend babble about her favorite TV show.

#3 Fast food isn’t healthy, so we’re ok with this

We should always give healthy food to our little ones if we don’t want them to be sickly growing up. However, this is simpler said than accomplished with parents; hectic schedules. Who has time left to cook a delicious and healthy dinner nowadays?

Image courtesy of Bakerstreetbfd/Instagram

Many people survive on fast food and junk food, but they are things you should avoid when you have tiny tots. We know kids; they want to do the same thing you are doing and eat whatever you’re eating. So, we’re not really against what this person did.

#4 Water warrior

College is costly, and not everyone has the luxury of going to university without working simultaneously. You can count yourself lucky if your parents paid the bill for your education. Most of us had to find creative ways to stretch our budget.

Image courtesy of Liquidofilfedxb/Instagram

Others, such as this guy, even had to resort to stealing water by saying the five magic words, I brought the water in. we don’t condone what he did because it’s wrong, but sometimes people do the things they do to survive.

#5 Would you cheat to get a degree?

Most of us have cheated while we were in school, whether in quizzes or exams but cheating your way to a full degree? We’re not just talking about a single degree; we mean two. That’s something we haven’t heard of.

Image courtesy of Tahima97/InstagramI

The cheating started in their SATs, and they would take some classes with friends in college so they could steal their work and make minor changes to pass it off as theirs. These are the people who have managed to cheat their way through life, and that’s just no way to live.

#6 Snacks for free

People have resorted to many things to get free stuff from the vending machine, such as tying strings to quarters and wrapping bills in tapes so that they can be pulled back out. Have you ever tried any of those? We wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of people have.

Image courtesy of Vendinguniversity/Instagram

This person didn’t want to go through the hassle of what we mentioned above, so he simply got a key for the vending machine. This way, he can open the machine, get whatever snack he wants and shut it again.

#7 Cheating his way through life

It seems that cheating isn’t something rare, and people worldwide have tried doing it at least once. Cheating thrice or fourth times is still ok but cheating your way through life and talking about it on social media? That’s a no for us.

Image courtesy of Shivamkumar00/Instagram

Not a very good thing to do if you ask us, so we hope he at least didn’t reveal his identity because who knows what will happen if the boss read his online confession? He’s probably going to be investigated to see if he also cheated at work.

#8 Just how bored is this guy?

We can only wonder how bored this guy was that he used his free time to pretend to sell something on Craigslist and schemed to get two strangers to meet. We can only imagine how awkward the meeting must have been for the two ‘victims’.

Image courtesy of Kilkgaming/Instagram

Putting a fake advertisement for a Playstation and arranging for two potential buyers to meet is something we wouldn’t recommend. How would you feel if someone did the same thing to you? We guarantee you won’t be smiling.

#9 Fast cars

Most of us have dreams of owning expensive Italian cars and flaunting them for everyone to see. How would it feel driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Maserati down the street? Would people think you’re a big shot? Would they be jealous?

Image courtesy of Exoticsmotorsco/Instagram

But how would it feel if you were looking outside in? If you were walking down the street or driving an old car? This guy purposely avoids looking at drivers so he won’t inflate their egos. Do you do the same thing?

#10 Stealing someone’s credit card information?

Stealing someone’s credit card information or using someone’s credit card to pay for something is a grave offense. This transgression may not sound very serious since the perpetrator was the younger sister of the card owner, but still, this is scary.

Image courtesy of Nakajoayami_fan_porar_yuki/Instagram

Imagine being surprised by charges on your card statement for things you know you didn’t buy and meals you didn’t eat. You’d be frantically calling the bank and asking them to block your card if this happened. Luckily for the younger sister, her only punishment was being forced to apologize and clean the house.

#11 Donating but offsetting it with stealing?

Doing something good only to offset it by doing something terrible at the same time doesn’t make any sense to us. What’s the point of doing good actions if you intend to counter its effects with something negative?

Image courtesy of M.a.h.e.u.n.i/Instagram

This person donated unused clothes to a local Goodwill in the hopes of some poor chap using it. However, when he saw the golf bag, he couldn’t resist temptation and drove home with it, pretty much stealing it.

#12 How far would you go to win?

Just how far would you go to win in a competition? Would you be willing to risk your standing? Would you cheat? Most of the people who came out on social media on this list resorted to cheating, and this isn’t any different.

Image courtesy of Crispykreme30s/Instagram

Instead of cooking something from scratch, this person said F it all and bought some Wendy’s chili, put some Tabasco in it, and passed it off as her own. Well, karma didn’t get her yet as she won second place in the contest.

#13 Making money off of family members

With prices of at least $1,000, iPhones are pretty expensive, and the last thing you want is to be careless and accidentally damage your Apple product. However, there are times when no matter how cautious we are, things happen.

Image courtesy of Slmmobiles.vannes/Instagram

This person wasn’t careless, but his iPhone was damaged by his cousin. Good for him, he had Apple care, so he didn’t spend a lot of money for the repair, but that didn’t stop him from charging his aunt more than $300.

#14 Admitting to stealing when still young

What was the craziest thing you did when you were younger? Cheat on your test? Lied to your parents? Pretended you were sick, so you don’t have to go to school? This person stole gift cards when he was younger.

Image courtesy of Sugarcrazy_plainview/Instagram

Everyone loved getting gift cards, especially when we were younger. Being gifted a $20 gift card was like being given heaven because it allowed you to buy whatever you like at a particular store as long as it’s within the gift card’s value.

#15 He must have been a great liar or actor

When we were younger and were in school, iPads didn’t exist yet, so we all had to do things the hard way. We copied notes from the board, researched at the library, and had to bring thick and heavy books. Kids these days don’t have an idea just how lucky they are.

Image courtesy of Rabbit.wireless/Instagram

The fact that this person uses an iPad says a lot about how young he is. Anyway, after giving his iPad to the school for safekeeping, he broke it. However, instead of admitting it, he blamed it on the school and asked for a replacement. He must have been one hell of an actor.

#16 Stealing from grandma

Grannies and grandpas are the best because they often spoil their grandchildren. They have always said that if your parents say no, you can always run to your grandparents, and they will hardly decline your request, whatever it may be.

Image courtesy of Circusofseven_/Instagram

Ask them for money, and they will often give it to you, so is there a need to steal? You can just put on your angelic face and they will fall for it, just ask anyone, that’s a strategy that’s proven to work all the time.

#17 When the customer isn’t always right

Anyone who’s ever worked in hospitality will tell you that some customers can be very demanding and unreasonable and make you think about hurting them or wish them a rather nasty bout of diarrhea. It can be extremely frustrating at times.

Image courtesy of Thedailyserver/Instagram

As patient as servers are, they also have their limitations, and this person has just reached his. After insulting his intelligence, he grabbed the customer’s phone when he found it on the table and threw it into the trash compactor. When they returned asking if he found any lost phone, he denied any knowledge.

#18 The taller, the better?

Height matters for some people, and some don’t want to be seen as short or vertically challenged. However, instead of pretending to be taller than he is, this person did the exact opposite and pretended to be shorter than he is.

Image courtesy of Aryanadubey/Instagram

Who would do that? This guy did. He was more than six feet tall but told everyone that he was only 5 feet 10 inches tall. He would have plenty of laughs at others’ expenses when they were confused about their own height.

#19 Just how many cans of Pringles did he buy?

Who didn’t like Pringles growing up? It was our absolute favorite, and we would do everything possible to get our hands on it, but we wouldn’t go as far as stealing $40 from it. Ask for money, perhaps, but not steal it.

Image courtesy of Sweetland_amol/Instagram

This person took $40 from his mother’s purse without permission because they wanted to buy Pringles with a rare flavor, Dill Pickle Pringles, to be exact. Another kid charged them $40 for it, but that kid’s mom found out what he did and told him to give their money back.

#20 An excellent secret keeper

Keeping a secret is challenging for some people, especially for someone who talks a lot, but this person is someone you can trust. He held the secret so well that his two friends didn’t figure out they had feelings for one another.

Image courtesy of Swathiswaa29/Instagram

Some people like to play matchmaker when they find out that their friends have feelings for one another, but this guy decided that no one will have a happy ending, relationship-wise. He’s going to keep everything to himself, just as he promised.

#21 Dealing with snobs

We all hate snobs because, honestly, no one likes people who look down on others and think they are better than others. If we sense that someone is a snob, we’ll purposely avoid them and make sure they are not part of our circle of friends.

Image courtesy of Megan_alysee/Instagram

This girl happened to have a snob boyfriend, and he only preferred a particular brand of tea, the costly kind. Even though they couldn’t afford the tea at times, her boyfriend wouldn’t drink anything else. So, she secretly kept one box of that tea bag and filled it with another cheaper brand, and he never even noticed the difference.

#22 Boxing day

If you’re particularly good at one thing, there’s a big chance you can make money off it. For example, if you’re good at graphic design, you can easily make money designing posters and the like. However, if you’re not a boxer, should you teach people how to box and get paid?

Image courtesy of Tsunami_sam1/Instagram

Do you think it’s fair to teach rich people how to box even if you’re not a boxer? And he charges $50 an hour; that’s not bad at all. We don’t have anything against this as long as he honestly earned money by doing the work, but he probably should find a different career.

#23 Finding a reliable babysitter is difficult these days

Nowadays, finding a trustworthy and dependable babysitter is a challenge. You wouldn’t want to pay someone who will mistreat or harm your child, and the last thing you expect a babysitter to do is snoop around and look at things in the home she has no business with.

Image courtesy of Naru_710/Instagram

Do you want to hire a babysitter who goes around the house looking for your journal and reading the contents? A journal is very personal because it is where you write down all your thoughts, feelings, and problems. You wouldn’t want anyone reading it.

#24 Do the right thing even if nobody is looking

The first console to support Internet connectivity, many people went crazy over Wii when it was first released. The best-selling game console in the world. It has sold more than a hundred million units to date.

Image courtesy of Stepteej/Instagram

The Wii is costly, and breaking it means spending money for repair or getting a new one. When he accidentally bricked his brother’s Wii, he gathered all his money and bought a new one. He then swapped the serial numbers and brought the bricked unit to the store for return. Clever or diabolical?

#25 Beating the system

Nowadays, petrol price has skyrocketed and is expected to become even more expensive. A great way to solve that problem is to get a bike instead and cycle your way to fitness and savings. You do have to be careful, though, because you can still get into accidents even if you’re riding a bike.

Image courtesy of These2feet/Instagram

This person didn’t get into an accident, but because he was in a hurry, he chained his bike to a sign and left. When he came back to get his bike, he saw security locked it, and he had a ticket, but he wasn’t willing to pay for it. He went back at night to dig the sign out and cut his bike free.

#26 Model employee

Model employees are recognized and often get incentives and awards, but if your company doesn’t reward the extra hard work you have put in, you’d lose motivation and may just fall out of love with your job. It has happened many times before.

Image corutesy of Jarodg23/Instagram

This person, however, was far from a model employee. He had a business on the side and would often turn up late for work and leave before he was supposed to, so unsurprisingly, he got fired. He was in charge of tech, so he simply hacked his CEO’s account and got himself unfired. That’s just evil.

#27 Hopefully, no one got hurt with this prank

Tacks on various surfaces are a classic prank but it’s only fun until someone gets hurt. They may be small but tacks can still inflict a lot of pain. Have you ever pranked someone with tacks? How did it go?

Image courtesy of Small_world_hey/Instagram

This person must have thought that pranking someone with tacks was funny, just like in movies and cartoons. Their older sister’s friend must have done something nasty that they thought it would be good to put tacks on the bathroom floor.

#28 Saving money with ‘free’ snacks

Everyone likes free snacks. After all, what could be better than filling your tummy with the food you didn’t spend any money on, right? If anyone gave us free snacks, we wouldn’t refuse, as long as we know they didn’t do anything wrong to get the free snacks.

Image courtesy of Jay_schultzzz/Instagram

It’s another story with this guy, though, because he cheated vending machines to get free snacks. He was doing things such as wrapping dollars in clear tape and tying strings in quarters so he could pull them out again.

#29 Lying, cheating, and stealing

A person who lies is probably also a person who cheats and steals. People have found creative and dubious ways to make money off of something or someone, and this needs to be told because $20,000 is not a small amount.

Image courtesy of Martacembreros/Instagram

Back in the days, a particular fast-food chain had a gift certificate, but there came a time when the powers that be wanted the certificates phased out. To encourage people to use them, only half the amount left on the card needed to be spent, and they will return the rest of the money to the customer in cash. The manager forgot to shred them, and the staff found them, stole them, and cashed them in different branches in the country.

#30 Horrible bosses

Some bosses encourage you to do better and motivate you, and some are the scum of the earth. This employee got sacked after serving ten years in the company without any warning, so they were surprised by the decision their boss made.

Image courtesy of Hop_architects/Instagram

To get back at his horrible boss, he canceled his ex-boss’s birthday dinner party celebrations at the last minute. It would be impossible to book a party for a few people at the last minute, so we bet the ex-boss didn’t have a fun birthday night.

#31 You can’t choose family

They say you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family, so the only thing you can do is live with them and tolerate them as much as you can. But some relatives are sent to test your patience.

Image courtesy of Aprettypaperparty/Instagram

What do you do with these relatives? This guy made it a point to give his two least favorite nephews gifts that were different from the rest so they would notice the big difference. When everyone else got hoverboards, one of the nephews got a book about sharks and the other a basketball.

#32 Cleverly avoiding people

The holidays can be challenging because there is the pressure to ensure that the food and the home are perfect. There is also the fact that family get-togethers tend to be awkward and challenging. Past issues tend to resurface. This is also the time when people engage in small talk.

Image courtesy of Kerliblunt/Instagram

Most family members tend to ask very personal questions and things that are none of their business. A lot of people would gladly skip holidays if they could. However, this one found a clever way to avoid everyone by pretending to help wash the dishes.

#33 Making more money

If you want to earn money, you have to work smart, not hard. Wouldn’t you grab the chance if there’s a way to make twice or thrice as much money as you earn now? This teen found the perfect way to triple his earnings from mowing lawns.

Image courtesy of Sg_ninjas_official/Instagram

He raised the blades on the lawnmower so it wouldn’t cut as much glass. This way, his ‘customers’ would ask him to mow their lawns twice a week instead of once because they thought their grass was just growing extra well.

#34 Wanting the kids to fight

Some kids are so annoying that you just want to upset them purposely. On the other hand, some people are too bored with their lives that they don’t care about children’s tantrums and feelings as long as they are entertained.

Image courtesy of Lolliesbyleah/Instagram

This person admitted to purposely causing chaos in homes with children by ensuring that one of the kids doesn’t get the right amount of freebie lollipops. Each meal comes with two lollies, but he only put one in one of the meals.

#35 Faking an alien invasion

Alien invasions have been discussed for so long. Several people have come forward with claims of abduction and alien experimentation. Many people are even convinced that beings from another world impregnated them.

Image courtesy of Hotsteelwelding/Instagram

This guy didn’t report any alien abduction, but he faked an alien invasion. He knew that sealed trash bags would float if left in the sun, so he and his friends collected as many as they could, taped them all together, and waited for them to float in the sun. The town went crazy, and people feared for their lives.

#36 An embarrassing situation for the dad

Parents want the best thing for their kids. As much as possible, they want their kids to go to the best schools, so they get degrees and have high-paying and rewarding jobs, but the thing is, not all children reciprocate this.

Image courtesy of Dream.catcher.course/Instagram

This guy managed to get a degree but switched majors because he failed his original class. However, he doctored his resume to make it seem that he was right on track. His trusting father didn’t know about it and has handed out his resume to family friends.

#37 Do the right thing even if nobody’s looking

They say that you should always do the right thing even if no one is looking, but that’s something easier said than done. There’s a lot of temptation, and regardless of how much you try to resist, temptation is all around.

Image courtesy of Stepteej/Instagram

When he was still a kid, this guy saw an old lady drop her $100 note, so he grabbed it before anyone noticed, but he didn’t give it back to the older woman. Instead, he spent all of it on Yu-Gi-oh cards.

#38 We know a lot of people who have done this

If you think that most people with desirable, high-paying jobs have degrees, think again because a significant percentage of them faked their degrees, just like this person. Although he could get into an ivy league university, he had to drop out.

Image courtesy of Sgt.viera/Instagram

No, he didn’t drop out because of money problems, but because he probably wasn’t attending his classes because of all his hard partying. He faked his graduation, and he faked getting a degree to land a good job. That’s one way to do it.

#39 An evil plan to make money

A lot of people weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths. Most of us had to work hard to get whatever we have now. Working while still studying is very common for most students who need extra money to get by.

Image courtesy of Gezenzel/Instagram

This person worked in a concessions stand in high school, and while there, he charged people from 25 to 50 cents more which we would pocket, and from his own calculation he probably made around $3,000 from his terrible scheme.

#40 Getting pizza without paying anything

Free food! This person knows how the system works partly because her husband works in a pizza place, so she gets free pizza all the time. She calls in for fake pizza orders using numbers from competitors. Naturally, no one picks up the fake orders.

Image courtesy of Martacembreros/Instagram

Her husband gets to take home the pizza for free because that’s how things work with these unclaimed orders. We just hope they didn’t get any diarrhea or stomachache after what they did because it’s plain nasty. If you want pizza, you should pay for it.

#41 Running a non-existent restaurant on a food delivery app

Nowadays, most people are too tired to cook dinner after work, so they either pick up food from a local restaurant or order food to be delivered to their homes before they go home. The food delivery business had especially taken off during the pandemic when people were forced to stay indoors.

Image courtesy of Anafitfood/Instagram

This person wanted to join the bandwagon, so he created a fake restaurant on a food delivery app and uploaded his menu, but the truth is he didn’t have any restaurant; he was heating pre-made microwave meals and passing them off as his culinary creations.

#42 Intruding in other people’s homes

When people trust you, you should do everything to ensure they continue doing so. However, not everyone deserves our trust, not even people who work for you and people who let into your home, such as this person.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato/Instagram

This person could either be working as a pet sitter or a house sitter because homeowners often left their keys with him because he needed to get into their homes. The only problem was that he wasmaking copies of the keys so he could enter anytime he wanted, without the homeowner’s permission.

#43 No need for jail time

We’ve all committed traffic violations, some are small while others are pretty substantial, but this person has accumulated plenty of offenses. One day he was driving and he was late for work, almost out of gas and with plenty of violations.

Image courtesy of Sherwinare/Instagram

He was rolling through a stop sign when a cop noticed it. He was pulled over and was asked to hand over his identification. But back then, it wasn’t that high-tech, and digital signal calls couldn’t be tracked yet. So, to avoid jail time, he phoned 911 and reported that a robbery was taking place nearby, forcing the cop to leave him alone.  

#44 Just when you think you’re the best dad

They say parenting is like a walk in the park, Jurassic Park, that is. Ask any parent, and they will tell you it’s not easy. It’s challenging and sleep-depriving, but it’s also rewarding. Seeing the smile on your baby’s face makes all the hardships worth it.

Image courtesy of Keepinitrob/Instagram

But when you thought you were probably the best parent out there, think again. You can constantly improve, and there are many things to learn about parenting, so you should always be open to new things and new knowledge.

#45 Not doing what you are supposed to

If something is part of your job description, you should do it, but that doesn’t happen all the time. Some employees don’t do what they are supposed to, such as dispose of display items from the store. This person worked in Target, and it was his task to destroy displays.

Image courtesy of Apple_collector_de/Instagram

He took them home, wiped them clean, and gave them to friends and family as gifts but not before signing papers saying that he had destroyed them all. We wouldn’t recommend this. If you want to give out iPads, you better buy them legally.