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40+ Amusing Dirt Traps That Are Impossible To Clean

Art is one form of creativity that people like to use to express themselves. Some artists and designers create beautiful things, and art enthusiasts and collectors enjoy looking at and collecting unique objects de art. These can be anything from paintings, ornaments to our day-to-day objects created in an out-of-the-ordinary way by artistic minds. When it comes to everyday mundane items, there are lots of ways to make them more stylized. But even the most pleasing items should be functional and easy to use, and most importantly , easy to keep clean. Like for example, what good is it to have a sink that cannot be scrubbed, or a glass with so many indentations, that it will be impossible to get the dirt out! Here is a collection of things we had a good chuckle about when wondering how on earth we would keep them clean!

A Volcano Cup

When it comes to food, presentation is almost as important as the taste of the meal. People have thought of so many novel ways to serve and present food that anything goes. Although with some items, the taste and presentation might be out of the world, but when it comes to cleaning them, that is something these people forgot to factor in.

Image courtesy of giftrepublic.com

Like this volcano egg holder, created to add a little extra excitement to our breakfasts, you could even use it if you are into themed breakfasts or foods. After you are done eating from it, though, it would require a whole different set of skills to get all the yolk out of those crevasses.

Mega Drawer

We all think it is a huge task to keep our chests of drawers clean even when they are the standard size. Just pulling out every compartment, cleaning, and putting it back would mean lots of spent energy and probably also a lot of procrastination on our part before getting it done. And let alone organizing things inside the draws. 

Image Courtesy of reddit.com/r/interestingasf*ck

Now imagine if you had to clean this gigantic chest of drawers. No matter how impressive it looks, the people who created it definitely had a wicked prank in mind for the cleaning crew. Because cleaning this would be like the Lilliputians trying to give Gulliver a bath.

Skull Sink

People who enjoy the Goth culture take it very seriously. And we think this sink was specially created to satisfy one of their whims. No wonder it looks apt for anyone who would want to have their bathroom in a classy death theme.

Image Courtesy of thebarryfarm.com/

We would just like to see how good of a job they would do trying to clean it and keeping it as good as new. Though we do agree a nice and thick layer of dust would definitely make it look more realistic and justify the death and dark theme, it just won’t do the job of keeping your bathroom hygienic.

Area Carpet Made Of Scraps

Now, we do enjoy fashion and everything related to it, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes, just sometimes, we don’t quite understand it. Like how things are so fashionable and chic on a red carpet, but if you were actually intending to wear them, would you go through with it?

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

We feel the exact way about this rug. It checks all the boxes an aspiring fashionable item might fill, like it’s black, check! Made of leather, check! Has an X factor, check! But if we were to put it in our house, it would look like there is a pile of garbage on the floor.

Fluffy Decor Items

We do know that there was a time when people loved to have these things in their homes. And we also know there are still a lot of people who would like to have fluffy, soft, faux fur items to decorate their spaces with.

Image Courtesy of rollohomes.com/ suprbo.com

They might be good to look at or feel comfortable to use, but these ottomans, chairs, or even beds would be a disaster to keep clean. Just imagine how you would deal with this if it was your own bed? How would you get it in the washing machine? How would you dry it? Or even worse, would you not clean it at all?

Insect Car

For this particular item, we are doing our best to keep an open mind and try to understand in which situations this might be useful. Or how sticking thousands of insect toys onto a car could add any visual appeal -We are coming up blank and are open to any suggestions.

Image Courtesy ofteddybear-boy.tumblr.com

Because once you get over the shocking visuals of this moving plastic zoo, you cannot just stop thinking how in the world could anyone keep this thing clean! It is mind-boggling, to say the least, and you cannot process anything further.

A Work Of Art Fireplace

This is reminiscent of the type of artifacts that are usually found in museums or lost ruins, castles, or caves. The natural environment around this thing should be in a museum instead of inside the house—that isn’t where this belongs.

Image Courtesy of thejapannet.com

It certainly does not belong in your living room! It is so beautifully breathtaking that anyone who lives with this would suffer from an inferiority complex. The rest of the house would need to be styled with the same level of grandeur for this look to work- and that would mean a lot of hours dedicated solely to dusting.

Baby Bowl

This is not a regular baby bowl, people. It is literally a bowl made of tiny baby heads. We do not discriminate between various styles; if you like creepy things, that’s your call. We are not judging! But we do feel this one is taking it one step too far.

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

Even if we keep the fact aside that this bowl creeps the hell out of us, there are more pressing things to be discussed. And it is not even why anyone would want to make a thing like this. It is even more basic. Like how a person who is using this bowl is supposed to keep the dust away from these tiny holes? Is there a nano vacuum cleaner available?

Wooden Basket of Fruits

Luxury is not when you can afford expensive things; real luxury is when you can afford people to maintain your expensive things. When you are rich, you can buy anything in the world even if it does not make any sense. 

Image Courtesy of piximus.net

Because when people have limited resources, they would usually buy real fruits and baskets instead of wooden ones for display. But if someone has a disposable source of money, they would dispose of it on something like this and on people who would need to keep it clean.

Fancy Nail Art

There is no shortage of people who can come up with something creative and start a trend. We live in times like these where anyone can do anything, and many people get to know about it instantly thanks to social media. And from there, the trend can catch on quickly.

Image Courtesy of thesun.co.uk

This is one example of a nail polish craze that went viral. It has all the components of a good trend- like it has a different take on creativity, it is minimalistic, and anyone can do it. And if you do not like to keep your nails clean, it is an added plus!

Book Bed

When people say creativity has no limitations, they literally mean it. You can combine the unlikeliest of materials and make something unique. But is being unique a creative feat in itself, or can it sometimes just be stupid? We will leave that decision to you.

Image Courtesy of brigitteboreale.com

When someone decided to make a bed made up of books, they did not consider having any limitations to their creativity. And they certainly did not consider the dust bunnies that would accumulate on, in, and between these books. The smell of books might be a tempting scent for some, but for someone with dust allergies, we just hope they get a new bed. 

Animals Inside Glass

We have found that delicate ornaments, showpieces, crockery made from glass is not only intricately beautiful but also excruciatingly hard to clean. And if you cannot keep it clean as the day you got it, there is no point in using it.

Image Courtesy of namecodesign.it/ and anon

Just imagine serving tea or other drinks in these mugs and glasses when guests come over. Agreed, they are conversation starters. Everyone is amused and has fun drinking from these glasses. But when the guests leave, how are you supposed to clean them?

Beautiful Night Lamp

If you want to keep an aesthetic flowing throughout your space, then a themed lamp would create an additional focal point. You just need the right theme, like a floral one that goes along with this pretty lamp. And the shades of light that come from it are just beautiful.

Image Courtesy of barnorama.com

There would be just one problem in this otherwise paradise-like ambiance. These lamps are so delicate that if you clean them with too much pressure even once, the leaves and petals might get destroyed. It would require an extremely soft hand and loads of patience to clean these out. 

Fully Carpeted Bathroom 

People have been going for classy, simplistic decor for ages. So we think it’s time to stir things up and bring back over the top and kitch. Compared to this, simple and elegant would seem boring. Now should be the time when people bring out their crazy (after this past year, we think we deserve to let loose a bit).

Image Courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com

But we don’t mean let loose like this bathroom, which actually belonged to Golden Hollywood goddess Jayne Mansfield. Despite its celeb factor, this one has the potential to raise the little hairs on your neck. Fully carpeted bathrooms are a hard no for us.

Skull Carpet

Speaking of hard no’s, it looks like the market is overflooded with potential clients looking for macabre things to decorate their homes with. And if the home being an extension of our personalities is anything to go by, then they are letting loose a little bit too much.

Image Courtesy of hiptoro.com

Imagine waking up in your gothvilla and getting out of the monster bed and walking barefoot on the skull carpet. This is what a perfect morning is. But after the initial charm starts to wear off, it would be quite a headache to clean it. We don’t suppose this rug is machine washable, is it?

Stone Bathtubs With A Twist

We are all in for the pure aesthetic of design that people love to bring in their surroundings. And incorporating things that are made of natural elements brings a different vibe to the room. We do love stone bathtubs, but these are not one of the ones we adore, not in the least.

Image Courtesy of menshumor.com

If there is one thing that seems hard to ignore, other than the fact that getting in and out of tubs is going to be next to impossible and hazardous to one’s health, it is the sheer impossibility of cleaning these tubs. From the inside, it’s a piece of cake, but from the outside, it’s just a pile of rocks!

Dollhouse CPU

If you considered there were not enough ways to get children to sit at thier computers to do their schoolwork, then this CPU is definitely going to be something that you would like to talk about. This one here just screams “use me” when you look at it.

Image Courtesy of joemonster.org

This would definitely encourage children and some adults too, to use the computer more often. But think of the time it would take to clean the little roof, windows, and porch! It is like cleaning a whole other house along with your own.

Beautiful Knives and Spoons

There is one thing that we have learned so far. Beauty comes with a price. Sometimes the price is the one you pay when buying it, and sometimes, the price you pay is while trying to clean and maintaining it. And trust us, the cost is too damn high for in the latter category.

Image Courtesy of mutualart.com

We can want all the fine things in the world, like this stunning Salvidor Dali cutlery. However, we are yet to develop the technology that keeps them clean without us having to slog away. And till that day comes, it is better that we appreciate the good things from afar. 

Glasses Or Bottles

Imagine you had a wine decanter that resembled the antlers of deer or arteries in the human body, depending on your particular point of view. That would definitely be one of the items on display in the gothvilla, right?

Image Courtesy of thisiscolossal.com

Though we are having a hard time deciding whether these are practical or not, it is nothing compared to the horror one might have to endure while cleaning these things. Even if we put liquid soap inside to clean it, how do we rince the soap out after?

Foam Toilet Seats

This is just one idea that does not need to be in the world. Only an evil mind could have come up with something so disgusting and weird. Why would anyone want to have cloth cushions on their toilet seats? We just cannot even begin to understand the existence of such a thing!

Image Courtesy Of izismile.com

This invention is not only unhygienic but is also a nightmare for the person who has the misfortune of cleaning it. It would just be better to have toilet seats the way they always have been, instead of trying to improve them, if this is the only thing we can come up with.


If futuristic designs allow us to save more energy than spending it, then we could give them a shot. And we are definitely not against the idea of heat being used for more than one purpose. Because whoever thought about this had the potential to do great things.

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

We just wish that he had spent equal amounts of time thinking about how to clean it. We mean, it is one thing to conceptualize and design things in theory and a completely different thing actually using them. Maybe then the person should have done a few test runs with crumbs of burned toast falling down those pipes.

Dragon Pot

This pot is one great example of fine craftsmanship and beauty combined. It comes out so gracefully in the form of this pot that one can only look and admire it. And we bet people would make a beeline to the front of the queue to buy one as well.

Image Courtesy of izismile.com

The only thing we want to say here is we would not be in the line. That is only because using it would be quite tricky. Having to keep plants or flowers in a twisted pot would not guarantee their proper growth, not to mention how hard this dragon would be to keep dust-free.

Post Blast Lamp

It is okay to have some kind of affinity towards destruction. We would even say it is poetic that people want to capture the moment when something fell and see the beauty in it. This lamp is unusual and a definite conversation starter if we have something positive to say about it.

Image Courtesy of joemonster.org 

But it would require one hell of a cleaning crew to keep this lamp in tip-top shape. It would have to be handled with so much care and precision that this, already broke- about to break- again lamp, does not actually break.  We would say it is a herculean task because only the gods could keep this clean.

Bedroom Clouds

People go out of their way to decorate their living spaces when they are motivated. Because we want to enjoy the place where we spend the most time, but we cannot comprehend the minds which take this motivation to extreme levels, because to be honest, it’s not something we have personally done.

Image Courtesy of creativelife.cz

When you look at this bedroom, you can see the elaborate effort made to make this room look like a space between the heavens and the earth. Only when you turn on the actual lights and take the clouds down for cleaning would you think twice before re-indulging in your celestial fantasies?

Sparkling Sink

There were times when if people wanted things to sparkle, they would clean the object so much that it would actually shine. But that was then. Today if someone wants a sparkly thing, they will just go out and buy things that literally sparkle.

Image Courtesy of pholder.com

Like this sink, it must have taken some inspiration to come up with something as unique as this is. While new, it would sparkle like the beautiful crystal that it is, but after some months of use, when it becomes dirty, covered in soap scum and watermarks, there will be no twinkle left.

Bathroom Fish Tank

People can create imaginative things not just for people but for animals as well. A fully furnished bathroom fish tank for your favorite fish sounds fancy, doesn’t it? You can design it however you wish because the whole tank is your oyster!

Image courtesy of thearchitectureclub.com

Not that it would be of any use to the fish, though. What would the fish do with a fully furnished bathroom? Plus, fish need clean water to survive. You have the bomb task of cleaning the fish tank bathroom to keep them alive!

Devil’s Toilet

There is one thing for sure. We have found a lot of cool pieces for the gothvilla if anyone is looking to make one. It is fascinating to see the obsession among people for the gory things in this world. Anything with a skull and bones seems to be an instant hit with people. 

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

Imagine walking into the bathroom in the middle of the night to answer the call of nature, and you see a shining skull smiling at you with those lights coming out of its eyes. Not sure about you, but it would definitely scare the living hell out of us. 

A Coffee Mug

There are many occasions at which we have no option but to follow the social norms. Like there could be a birthday party of someone you dislike, and you have to get them a present. We have found a perfect gift for just such an event.

Image Courtesy of piximus.net

This is one cup that perfectly depicts the feelings of someone who gives this to a person, and coincidently, those are the same feelings a person gets when they receive such a present. Whoever created this mug definitely nailed that purpose!

Fur Shoes

There was a time when people were obsessed with fur. Then after that came a time when people were obsessed with being against the use of fur. We bet you anything it was during this time, this pair of shoes came into existence.

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

If anyone has used this pair of heels in their life, then we can be absolutely certain they do not care about the importance of neatness or having clean shoes. It is beyond us to think that anyone would wear them and walk around the town and still keep their feet inside these impossible-to-keep clean shoes.

Creviced Sink

There are various designs that could make anything in your bathroom look amazing. But it’s better if you get in on the secret. It is a messy business having crevices in the bathroom. Sure, it might look good just after installation, but there is a downside that you will only discover after a while.

Image Courtesy of menshumor.com

More crevices in the bathroom allow for more spaces for water to run down on, and more spots for dirt to settle. You will need to have one person cleaning all the surfaces of your bathroom the whole day, every day for the rest of their lives!

Beaded House

It surely must be a genius of an artist that thought of replacing the normal contents of the house with something else. Why else would anyone think of using beads to bedazzle a house? Surely wood, tiles, and cement provide structural integrity to the structure but they are quite drab.

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

That is why right from the floors, walls, curtains, cabinets to even tablecloths, this person has covered every possible surface with embellishments. If you look at the pictures, they might look straight out of animation, but this is, in fact, very real.

Artistic Nails

Ours is the generation that believes in living life online and not the traditional way. Everything everyone does is for the internet, and if you don’t post about it, it’s just as if it never happened at all. We might even call this a social media generation.

Image Courtesy of thetango.net

Because when we look at this picture, we can only think it was taken to post online to get some likes and comments. No one could actually carry on their day-to-day routine in nails like that. Imagine finding a nail missing when you are eating something and having to pray that you would not have eaten it. 

Crochet Toilet Cover

We cannot stress enough that it is not okay to have to decorate your toilet with anything. This invention, when first imagined, was created for one purpose and one purpose only. It is one thing that should be kept as clean as possible all the time, and the easiest way to do that is to leave it as is.

Image Courtesy of hiptoro.com

There is certainly nothing anyone can do to ‘beautify’ it without it turning into a petri dish in an awful science experiment. Therefore, we urge humanity to find beauty in other places, any other place. The toilet is beautiful, just the way it is.

Snorlax Mug

You might like to own things that resemble your favorite cartoon character, movie star, or anything else for that matter. There are a lot of fanatics out there that are thrilled when they can buy things related to their beloved idols or characters.

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

But if your mug has a huge hole that is not where you drink from, then it’s definitely an unusual way to design a mug. But do not consider it as a faulty product just yet. You can always store your cookies there while having a cuppa- just remember that oral hygiene is super important and not to overlook the mouth when rinsing your cup.

Shark Shoes

Trust our famous fashion brands to do something so outrageous that it ends up being a fashion trend. If there was a caption for them to use to define their art, they would probably call it “usefulness with a bit of extra.” And these shoes are a perfect example of that idea.

Image Courtesy of hiptoro.com

There is no way your shoes need to have fins or tails or even teeth. But in the name of art, they have created something so extraordinary that it became trendy. And if Balenciaga has made it, then everyone must have it.

Tiger King Guitar

Pop stars or bands are known to have eccentric styles. They can put the weirdest combination of things together and make it a statement. This usually works because they have a loyal fan following that copies everything they do to look cool. 

Image Courtesy of daytime.cool

Therefore, if you find a person with a fur guitar, don’t be surprised. Chances are the person is either a rockstar or is a fan of a rockstar. But don’t think of getting that guitar for yourself, because you do not want a guitar that will be home to a million bacteria.

Piano Chimney

There are many things lying around in our homes that can be used to fix other things lying around in our homes. You can use the material of your bed to make a table or as the base of a sofa. Or you can use your couch to make a bed.

Image Courtesy of cheezburger.com

But never in our wildest dreams have we thought someone would use their old piano to make a frame for a kitchen extractor fan. If you look at the picture, it looks as if someone has just placed the piano over their fan, and not only could it fall at any moment, it is just hanging there collecting all the grease and grime from the stove.

Unicorn Sipper Cup

We would just like to establish at this point in the article that if your cup has two openings, it is not the right cup to use to drink from. There is only one opening you need in your cup, and that is the one from which you drink. 

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

This is a unicorn sipper cup for children which has an extra hole that leads to the mouth of the unicorn from which you can drink. The hot beverage is supposed to enter the hole, and then the kid is supposed to drink it. We were just wondering how in the world would anyone clean it.

Glass Top Table

The world is moving fast, that we sometimes wonder if we are still doing things right or has something changed? Because you never know what might happen. One day you think you have it all figured out, and then something comes along to change all of that.

Image Courtesy of thetango.net

Because we thought when you put a tablecloth on top of a table, that is how everyone else was placing their tablecloths as well. That was until we saw this picture. Just wondering when people started doing this over way around. Was a memo sent to everyone about this?

Vintage Bedroom Decor

Crochet designs on fabrics bring out a different kind of pretty that is hard to emulate. Having crochet designs is also a very delicate affair. They need to be handled with care and are very likely to break or get damaged if handled incorrectly.

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

If you have bedsheets and covers in your room with crochet, then you might have to think 10 times before cleaning them too often. You like the look; that’s why you have it; therefore, you do not want it to be damaged at any cost. But dust can be a pretty hard thing to remove, especially from crochet.

Pretty Serving Boards

People purchase a lot of things to make their homes, including their kitchens, look picture perfect. Clean countertops, enough storage space, and beautiful appliances can elevate the appearance of your kitchen. And make your cooking experience more enjoyable as well.

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

Like these serving boards, these serving boards not only make your food look amazing, they are pretty all on their own; however, the practical purpose of serving boards was not what the designer was thinking about when they created this look.

Pretty Little Nook

You can find many idea boards on Pinterest that show how you can convert a corner of your home into something truly unique and beautiful. And these ideas always look so easy and are often doable, although not always sensible in real life.

Image Courtesy of pholder.com

Like this picture. It looks so beautiful and serene. We could definitely imagine living in such a wonderful space. The only thing we would have to worry about is keeping it clean, cobweb-free, dustless, and the list goes on.

Designer Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors have been the top material choice for generation after generation when it comes to selecting flooring. They emphasize the best features of your home, add warmth and more character than just plain ceramic tiles or carpeting would.

Image Courtesy of pholder.com

And if there is added detail, that instantly makes it worth something more. The design, craftsmanship, and look it gives are just unbeatable. So is the accumulation of dust and dirt in the spaces between the designs. Anywhere else but never on a high traffic area like the floor.

Fuzzy Crocs

We love to buy things that can make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. That’s why the sales of soft toys, plushies, fuzzy socks, and slippers are always sky high, especially in countries that have extremely cold weather and annual snowfall.

Image Courtesy of vidmid.com

Maybe that’s why someone was prompted to make crocs that have fuzzy material on top. They can surely keep your feet warm and cozy, but the real problem arises when you need to wash them. You can wash them in machines, but the fuzzy material will never look exactly the same ever again.

Armchair Woes

It is a very rare thing to find an armchair that is different, and yet is functional at the same time. Many minds have tried to perfect the armchair, and many experimentations in that department have led to many flops from an aesthetic or practical aspect.

Image Courtesy of Poncho / BoredPanda

When you look at this chair, you can see the work of art and craftsmanship, which is obvious. You cannot find a chair quite similar to this one of a kind. Maybe these were not mass produced because cleaning this beauty would require some serious elbow grease, but we think we can handle it because this is the one!