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45 Dog Memes That Any Fur Parent Will Relate To

If you’re just like us, then you probably love dogs. These adorable creatures are just so pure and beautiful that it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with them. Everything that dogs do is so cute, and we have a hard time even staying mad at them when they’re naughty. In addition to that, dogs are also incredibly loyal to their owners and will do everything in their power to protect their humans. Having a dog at home means that you’ll feel loved and cared for every day, but it also means loving and caring for your dog as well. Are you having a bad day? We might have just the solution for that. Here are 45 funny dog memes that will make you smile for sure!

A lucky person indeed!

If you are a student, you know exactly how hard it can be to study sometimes. If you were a student at some point in time, you also know what we’re talking about. Studying is hard, and we don’t always feel like doing it, no matter how hard we try!

Image courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/OIBcPwm

The thing is: some of us are lucky enough to get good grades even when we don’t put in much effort! Sometimes, we know more than we actually give ourselves credit for — and then we get an A on a test without trying and realize that we’re naturally smart…or, in some cases, just naturally lucky!

Barking at night.

Remember how we mentioned that dogs will do everything in their power to protect us? That’s very much true, and dogs do that by always remaining vigilant, even when it’s late in the night, and everyone in the house is fast asleep. 

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

If there’s a noise, even if it’s barely perceptible to the human ear, your dog will hear it and start barking — that’s how they remain vigilant and try to protect us from any threats. The thing is, sometimes they start barking in the middle of the night for no reason at all! 

Calm down, cute puppy!

Dogs rarely get upset, and they’re cute most of the time. But the truth is that puppies are all fun and games — until you forget to take them out for a walk, that is. So, if you don’t want to face their wrath, you better take them out at least once a day!

Image courtesy of Adobe Spark

See this meme? It’ll actually become true if you don’t follow this little puppy’s advice! We can’t say that this dog looks intimidating at all…but if you don’t want your dog to eat your couch, or your shoes, or your clothes, just take them out for a walk! 

Love, sweet love!

Love is easily the most beautiful feeling of all. Caring for another person and loving them with all your heart, knowing that they feel the exact same way about you? Now, that’s something we all want! And when we have love, we look as serene as this next dog:

Image courtesy of Aiden Graham/Pinterest

If you’re in love with someone, you probably related to this meme on so many levels! See that dog’s adorable face? That’s how we look when we think about the person who owns our heart — and when we think of how much better life is when we’re around them!

You guys look suspicious!

When we’re at home, there’s one thing that we love to have, and that is silence. Is there anything better than enjoying a silent and peaceful weekend after having worked hard all week? However, if you have children or dogs, silence means the furthest from peace!

Image courtesy of Cutesy Pooh

If your dog is usually very active, you should definitely be worried if it suddenly gets quiet. Dogs only get silent for two reasons: a) they’re feeling sick; or b) they’re doing something naughty. The dog in this picture was way too quiet — and now he looks extra suspicious!

There’s no one home!

This next meme certainly represents our reaction when we’re trying to relax at home but suddenly hear someone knocking on the door. If we didn’t invite anyone, why do people visit us anyway? We just want to take some rest — is that asking for too much?

Image courtesy of Funny Joke Pictures

This picture is hilarious, mostly because of this dog’s face. Look at his widened eyes! We can only guess that he was really not expecting visitors and panicked as he heard someone at the door. His question, however, is really important: how can we remain calm upon receiving unexpected guests?

The world is for the smartest, my friend!

Cats and dogs have been rivals since time immemorial; that’s a fact. In fact, their rivalry is so famous that there have been several movies depicting cats and dogs fighting for control. In this next meme, though, it’s pretty clear who won the battle this time!

Image courtesy of ShubhamPatra189/Reddit

Look at this naughty guy’s face! He looks so pleased with himself for getting away with making a mess. Not only did he do something that could get him in trouble, but he also managed to blame the cat for it!

Every day is Opposite Day, right?

Do you have a dog at home? If you do, you surely know how much they love to disobey us! If we tell them to stay quiet, they’ll start barking. If we tell them not to eat something, they’ll jump right at it!

Image courtesy of LiveAbout

In a nutshell, dogs must undoubtedly think that every day is Opposite Day. See this dog in the picture? He’s winking at his owner as if he has just been told that he should do the opposite of what he’s being told!

I want to speak to the manager!

You’ve probably seen this next meme — it’s one of the funniest and most popular dog memes ever! Do you know when you’re in a store, and suddenly a customer starts throwing a fit and asks to speak to the manager? This dog represents just that scene!

Image courtesy of Keith Olsen/Imgur

He looks like he’s saying, “calm down, ma’am, I’m trying my best here” — and, let’s be honest, who could get mad at this darling dog? He’s literally just trying to do his job — though we’re not so sure a dog would be too happy about working at a vet clinic!

Now that’s a naughty dog!

When we have dogs, we love them and treat them like they are part of our family. That’s the least that they deserve, considering that they love us unconditionally! Hence why we get so worried whenever our dogs show signs that they might be sick.

Image courtesy of JasontheHappyHusky/Reddit

What we don’t imagine is that our dogs can actually fake illness just to get our attention! Once they realize that they get more special treatment when they’re sick, dogs can mimic their previous symptoms — just like the dog in this hilarious meme!

Try to remain “pawsitive”!

We all have those days in which nothing seems to go our way, isn’t that right? It feels like the entire universe is conspiring against us — we may have problems at home, issues at work, the engine of our car may not start…in a nutshell, everything goes wrong!

Image courtesy of seekingalpha.com

And how do we feel on those days? Just like this defeated dog, thinking about what a “ruff” day he had! But you know what’s good on those days? Remaining “pawsitive” and thinking of how “furtunate” you are to have the life that you have! By the way, did you enjoy these puns?!

No cats allowed!

Have you ever seen a dog doing mathematics? Well, we hadn’t seen that either — until we came across this next meme. The background story for this picture is pretty simple: this dog’s owners wanted to get a cat, but the dog clearly said ‘not on my watch’!

Image courtesy of PriorReception/Reddit

We can only hope his owners heard him; there’s no way they can afford to get a cat. Not when they have such a dedicated and caring dog — one that worries so much about their financial situation that he’s even learned to do maths!

Can you say that again?

You probably know someone who asks you something, and then you explain it over and over again, but they still don’t get it. If you don’t know anyone like that, then you’re probably this person! But hey, don’t feel alone — there are lots of people like that out there!

Image courtesy of FunnyFiasco

And what’s the best part of not getting what someone is telling us? We keep looking at them just like this dog, pretending that we understand every single thing — and going as far as nodding or shaking our heads as if we’re 100% getting their explanation!

Time for some “avo-cardio”!

This dog is our spirit animal, let’s just be honest: deep down, nobody wants to spend hours working out just to stay fit. We don’t want to work out — and we certainly don’t want to miss out on eating delicious junk food!

Image courtesy of Quotes and Humor

Some of us are strong enough to hit the gym regularly and to eat healthily. On the other hand, there are those of us who keep coming up with excuses to not do either of those things. Which group are you part of? The dog in this meme is definitely part of the second one!

Beware of a dangerously cute dog!

While most dogs are cute and loving, there are some dogs that are actually quite scary — especially when they’re big and mean-looking! That’s why some houses have a ‘beware of dog’ sign. However, we’re pretty sure those signs don’t apply to this next puppy!

Image courtesy of FanPop

When we look at this puppy, we wonder what’s there to beware of? He’s one of the most adorable dogs we’ve ever seen — and just like the caption says, we’re willing to take the risk of petting this cute little fellow!

Going out for a walk? Count me in!

Dogs have a very simple life that consists basically of eating, sleeping, playing, and protecting their owners. There’s not a lot that these loving creatures want other than that, but there’s something that every dog loves passionately: going for walks!

Image courtesy of Dog Memes

See that reaction? Every dog is calm and collected until its owner says the word “walk”! Look at how excited this adorable dog got once she was asked if she wanted to go for a walk. We wonder if there’s a specific dog she wants to see at the park!

A “pawgician”!

Yes, we’re full of dog puns today — but that’s okay because dogs are precious, and we love dog puns! Have you ever seen a dog doing magic tricks? Well, they sure know how to make stuff disappear when they want to!

Image courtesy of IHASAHOTDOG.COM

The question here is: would you let this puppy use your favorite slippers for its magic trick? We’re pretty sure that this trick includes your dog eating your slippers and then hiding what’s left of them so you can’t wear them again! But, honestly, who can say no to that sweet face?

Always believe in your “pawtential”!

From a very young age, dogs seem to have a complicated relationship with their own tails! Well, maybe not ‘complicated,’ but they sure go crazy whenever they try to catch their own tail. If you have a dog at home, we’re pretty sure that you’ve seen it do that at some point!

Image courtesy of wikianimal.news/

This meme is hilarious because we can totally see how determined this dog looks as he stares at himself in the mirror. We suppose we can say that he is giving himself a pep talk before starting his mission of finally catching that tail!

Who is a good boy?

When we interact with our dogs, we usually call them a ‘good boy’ or a ‘good girl.’ It’s the perfect way of expressing how precious they are. While we can’t exactly confirm that dogs understand what we say, their faces sure seem to indicate that they do.!

Image courtesy of Reader?s Digest

See? This cute doggo just got called a good boy, and he looks more than happy with himself — as he should! Dogs are the best, and we’re pretty sure that you can’t even point out a single flaw about them!

Have I been lied to?

While this next meme is hilarious to us, our dogs may not feel the same way about it. If there’s something that dogs don’t really appreciate, it’s having to go to the vet clinic. That’s why pet owners usually have to come up with a little white lie or two in order to get their dogs in the car.

Image courtesy of Cobra Kai Quotes

This picture may be just a meme, but judging by the look on this dog’s face, he was actually lied to in real life! The way he is squinting his eyes shows how suspicious he is — he was told they were going to the park but ended up at the clinic!


In life, we all have different priorities. Some of us prioritize work; some of us prioritize family. The thing is: humans aren’t the only ones who have priorities. It seems like dogs have them, too! Though we don’t really know what to say about their priorities…

Image courtesy of InspirationFeed

If you have a dog at home, you know just how accurate this meme is! Is there a raging storm outside? Your dog will remain asleep. Did a stranger just break into your home? Your dog won’t move a single bone. Are you about to eat something? They’ll be up and by your side in a second!

I’m innocent!

Remember that meme we showed you previously, the one with the naughty dog that got away with blaming the cat? What if the roles were reversed? Dogs want to blame everything on cats — but they’re not in the clear because humans want to put some of the blame on the dogs!

Image courtesy of lightinghomes.net

Dogs can’t talk; thus, they can’t defend themselves — and some pet owners take advantage of that. For instance, if we eat something we weren’t supposed to, we can easily claim that the dog ate it instead. But the most common situation in which humans blame dogs is when they fart! Though we should be more considerate of them — we mean, look at how humiliated this little boy looks!

Another dog pun!

Are you tired of dog puns yet? We certainly hope not because we still have a bunch of them left! This next meme actually makes a lot of sense if you give it a thought or two — and our dogs certainly would love it if we agreed with them!

Image courtesy of April Addington/Pinterest

See what we mean? Our adorable dogs love sleeping on the couch, on the bed, and everywhere else that is comfy — but they end up leaving hair where they sleep! We’re sure that they would be more than happy if that was the actual purpose of “fur-niture”…

Tell me the truth!

Do dogs appreciate it when we call them good boys/girls? For sure! Do they like it when we interact with other dogs? Not really. If you show affection to another animal in front of your dogs, they can get pretty jealous, and they may even look at you like this:

Image courtesy of Memes and Gifs

Picture this: you get home after a hard day’s work, and everything is eerily silent. You get worried because your dog usually always greets you when you arrive, but not this time. Once you get to the living room, you come face to face with your dog sitting on the couch and looking more than ready to confront you! We’re not sure what your reaction would be, but we sure would find this scene amusing!

Pranking a poor dog!

Have you ever tried pulling a prank on your dog? While some people may think that dogs don’t actually understand pranks, the truth is that they do understand. If you don’t believe it, then check out this next sequence of photos:

Image courtesy of Ruin My Week

It’s pretty obvious how surprised and disappointed this dog got! When he saw the pizza box, a smile appeared on his face almost immediately. But then when the box was opened in front of him, the dog’s smile dropped as soon as he saw that there was no pizza, just salad! Poor guy!

First day in school!

We’re pretty certain that “first days” are always nerve-racking. Whether it’s the first day of school or the first day at a new job, we can’t help feeling anxious as we don’t know what may be expecting us. But did you know that dogs get that same feeling?

Image courtesy of eBaumsWorld

You can see clearly how desperate to go back home this dog is. It’s his first day in daycare, and we can totally tell that. Eyes wide open, tense posture, looking at his owner as if he were begging to leave — we sure feel bad for him! 

Mom, not in front of my friends!

When we invite our friends to come over, there are a few things that we hope won’t happen. First of all, we hope that our older siblings won’t try to embarrass us. However, the one thing that we really hope is that our mom or dad won’t yell at us in front of everyone!

Image courtesy of imgur.com/hot/time

This meme accurately represents a scene that many of us are familiar with. When we have friends over, we may forget that we’re not allowed to do some things in front of our parents, such as saying cuss words. If we do things like that, our parents obviously get mad and yell at us — and we end up looking as embarrassed as this sweet dog!

Do you guys need a helping hand?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no idea what is actually going on, but you still want to help? While these situations aren’t that common, they may still happen from time to time — and being the empathetic beings that we are, we feel compelled to pitch in!

Image courtesy of WoofPost

Judging by this picture, there’s been a flash flood in this area, and this car got stuck. This dog is trying to help these men get the car out of the water, though it’s kind of obvious that his help isn’t actually that helpful! But, hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

It’s all just promises…

Are you really a regular human being if you don’t make New Year’s resolutions only to toss them aside a few weeks later? If you’re one of the few people who actually stick to their resolutions, kudos to you — but this next meme is for those of us who can’t do that!

Image courtesy of Top5

In our defense, it’s pretty hard to find the time to work out when we already have so much going on. Well, it’s hard to find the time and the willpower if we’re being completely honest. Just like this dog, all we want to do as soon as we get home is take a long shower and then jump into bed!

Parents versus Technology!

Some of us have grown up surrounded by technology — still, we may find it hard to get acquainted with the latest inventions. That’s why it’s not that difficult to understand why the elderly may have so much trouble doing basic stuff with their phones.

Image courtesy of Funny Dog Memes/Facebook

These adorable pugs are the perfect representation of how our parents (or grandparents) look like when they’re trying to make a video call. Check out the details: their close distance to the camera, the green sweater, and the “mom” looking happily at the camera while the “dad” looks away from it!

I’m not in the mood for jokes, Steve!

Two things in life make us feel irritated: sleep deprivation and hunger. When we’re hungry or feeling sleepy, we just don’t really feel in the mood for jokes. However, it seems like it’s hard for some people to understand.

Image courtesy of Cheezburger

This dog looks like he’s had enough, and we completely understand the feeling. If you don’t want to see someone getting mad, then you should probably stay away from them until they’ve eaten, taken a nap, or a combination of the two. If they look at you in a similar way that this dog is looking at its owner, stop joking immediately, and back out of the room!

Do you really have to ask?

Time for a tough question: is there anything better than food? Food is not only delicious, but it is also extremely important for our health and well-being! And that’s precisely why we can’t (and won’t) pass up the chance to eat tasty food whenever it’s possible!

Image courtesy of DogTreatmentPro

The thing is: some people can handle more food than others. If you’re the person who can’t eat that much, you probably get full before your dish is finished, and you end up offering the rest of your food for your companions. Now, if you’re the person who never turns down food (just like us), you certainly look like you have won the lottery, just like this dog, when people offer you food!

I wasn’t born like this!

Makeup is not just a tool to cover up our “flaws” — makeup is a lifestyle! Whether you’re a woman or a man, you’ll certainly agree that we live in a different era, and wearing makeup is no longer something that people should do because they feel obligated; we wear makeup if we want to!

Image courtesy of Melhanie/Pinterest

However, if we wear makeup all the time, some people (co-workers, for instance) may not realize that we look different when we don’t have makeup on. The thing is, it’s kind of obvious that we’ll look different without makeup — or did you think that our skin is naturally shiny and our eyelids are normally glittery?

Earning some money online!

Trigger warning: if you’re a cat person, you probably won’t like this next meme! All jokes aside, we’ve already mentioned how dogs and cats have been rivals for as long as anyone can remember — and the pair of dogs in this picture just scored another point in this endless battle!

Image courtesy of IMGFlip

Can you imagine how crazy it would be if dogs (or animals, in general) learned how to use technology? The rivalry between canines and felines would rise to a whole different level. We wouldn’t even be surprised if the scene in the meme above actually became true!

Home office in a nutshell!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives completely changed. Considering the dangers of not respecting social distancing, many of us stopped going to work — and we started working from our home offices instead. If that’s your case, then you’ll probably relate to this next meme:

Image courtesy of Jetsetter

Isn’t that completely accurate? When we have audio-only meetings, there’s no need to get all dressed up — no one’s going to be seeing us, after all. Now, when we have to attend video calls with our colleagues, it’s only then that we throw on a shirt and maybe brush our hair (though we may leave our pajama sweatpants on)!

Is it Monday already?

Unless you’re a millionaire, you know how hard it is to get out of bed and go to work on Mondays. Weekends are like our safe haven, but they’re far too short in comparison to the rest of the week!

Image courtesy of Mark Deavult/Pinterest

This meme needs no explanation: it’s too much Monday for not nearly enough weekend! We only get to wake up a little bit later on two days of the week after working 5 days in a row, which is insane! When Monday rolls around, we look and feel as exhausted as this dog!

I’m my dog’s protector…wait, what?

In an ideal world, dogs will do everything and anything in their power just to protect their owners. Their love for humans is unconditional, which is why they’ll always remain vigilant and ready to jump on any possible threats!

Image courtesy of Crush Droxix/Pinterest

The thing is: most dogs are just animals and not superheroes! Thus it goes without saying that there are some things that they’re scared of as well. Different dogs are scared of different things, but there’s a common fear among dogs: spiders! As you can see in this meme, the owner is protecting his dog from the spider and not the other way around!

My two personalities!

Have you ever watched the movie ‘Split’? If you haven’t, all you need to know is that the main character is a horrifying villain with multiple personalities. But do you know who else looks like they have more than one personality?  Most of us when we’re hungry!

Image courtesy of IMGFlip

This meme is a perfect representation of our mood BE (i.e., Before Eating) and AE (i.e., After Eating)! But did you know that there’s a reason why we get “hangry”? It’s because our brain needs food (which is its fuel) in order to regulate our emotions!

There’s not enough space!

Having a dog at home is almost the same as having a child. They like to play with toys, they require attention and affection, and they want to sleep on our bed. If you have a large dog, you’ll definitely relate to this next meme!

Image courtesy of It?s Rosy

We’ve already seen multiple pictures of large dogs occupying most of the bed, while their owners only have a tiny space left to sleep on — just like in the picture above. Still, we love our dogs so much that we don’t mind giving up on a comfortable sleep, right?

Did you write this?

At some point in your life, you must have come across a “Beware of Dog” sign. Right at the beginning of this article, we showed you the cutest puppy in the world holding one of those signs! However, we’re sure you haven’t seen a sign like this one:

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Now, this is not a sign that you see every day: “Aware of dog: “pleas pet dog”! It’s basically the opposite of a Beware of Dog sign; instead of warning you to stay away from a possibly dangerous dog, this sign is telling you to pet a cute dog! We can only imagine who wrote this…(tip: he’s white, furry, and adorable!)

Thanks, bro!

If you have a dog at home, you probably know this already: dogs shouldn’t eat human food! And no, this “rule” wasn’t invented just so that humans wouldn’t have to share their delicious food! The truth is that human food contains many substances that dogs don’t digest properly, not to mention that somethings are highly toxic for dogs — but that doesn’t seem to stop them from wanting them!

Image courtesy of Lala Watkins/Pinterest

Apparently, dogs don’t really mind feeling sick if that means they’ll get to eat food that they shouldn’t! And if you give them food even just once, they’ll start asking for food every time you sit down to eat. While we know we shouldn’t give them food, it’s kind of hard to say no when they look at you with pleading puppy dog eyes, isn’t it?

What now?

Can you see yourself living without your cellphone for a day? While it shouldn’t be that hard for us to “detox” from technology, several aspects of our lives depend on it nowadays. That’s why it’s pretty defeating when your cellphone battery dies, and you’re not at home!

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com/briangalindo

What if you need to use the GPS? Or what if you have to make an important phone call? Honestly, it’s kind of hard to go about our days without our phone — but sometimes their batteries aren’t cooperative. When our phone dies suddenly, we probably look as annoyed as this adorably funny dog!

Believe in yourself!

If there’s one thing that we all should do, that is believing in ourselves. We all have the potential to do great things — and even our dogs know that! Things may get hard sometimes, but we all got to push through!

Image courtesy of SweetestPoms/Twitter

This adorable dog should be more than enough inspiration for all of us. You see, this strong gush of wind keeps pushing him back, yet he stands his ground and continues to push through! This dog believes in himself, and he would probably want you to believe in yourself too!

He’s so kind!

Are you an only child, or do you have siblings? If you have a younger brother or sister, you know very well that siblings love bickering over the silliest things. One of the things that siblings love to fight over is food — and these two dogs are no different:

Image courtesy of iFunny

Just like siblings don’t feel like sharing food, dogs who grow up together don’t appreciate that either! And similarly to brothers and sisters, there’s always a dog that’s more naughty than the others and tries to get all the food for itself!

Let’s go for a ride!

In this life, there’s one thing that is for sure: dogs will never say no to leaving the house. Even if there’s enough space in the backyard for them to run around all day, they’ll still be more than happy to go for a walk at the park. And if you grab your car keys, they’ll get super excited as they think it’s time to go for a ride!

Image courtesy of Barking Laughs

Dogs memorize certain stimuli which trigger certain behaviors in them — there’s even a theory that explains this, and it’s called Behaviorism. This is why your dog gets excited almost immediately as they hear the sound of keys jiggling — they think you’ll be taking them out for a walk!