10 Foods That Are Not As Healthy As You Thought

By Letizia L

There are several foods that everyone considers healthy and important for our well-being… but they are not necessarily as healthy as everyone thinks.

Sometimes it is a matter of erroneous beliefs, which it is good to eliminate if we really want to be aware of what proper nutrition means. Let’s go into the specifics and see which are the 10 foods that are not as healthy as they would seem.

  1. Pasta, much praised in the context of the Mediterranean diet, upon careful analysis turns out to be nothing more than a concentrate of carbohydrates, without fiber, vitamins, or minerals.
  2. White bread: like pasta, the same can be said of white bread, which is nothing more than a pasta presented in a different way
  3. Melted cheese: certainly very tasty, but unhealthy, given the high doses of salt it contains.
  4. Fruit juice: it contains many vitamins, but it is often full of sugars and there is almost no trace of the fruit pulp. In this way, we lack the fibers, which are essential for intestinal well-being. Better to consume fresh fruit than juice.
  5. Peanuts: a real mixture of salt and fat, which cannot keep the intake of omega 3 and omega 6 fats in an adequate balance.
  6. Soy sauce: if we analyze the matter and the composition of this sauce carefully, we realize that not only does it contain a large amount of salt, but there are also chemicals that can be really harmful to our body. Fortunately, there are restrictive regulations, which require limiting the use of these substances, but, in terms of cost vs benefits, perhaps we do not gain much.
  7. Diet soda: it is often believed that by drinking diet soda instead of regular soda, you are safeguarding your health. But this is not the case at all, because several studies have shown that the sugar-free drink is responsible for an inevitable increase in body weight.
  8. Ketchup: being tomato-based, it should contain many antioxidants, such as lycopene, capable of exerting a substantial action in terms of preventing aging. The problem, however, is the fact that the ketchup I use often is not such a natural product, but the result of a process that leads to high sugar content and a reduction in antioxidants.
  9. Pre-made soup, a real threat to health due to salt and preservatives, which we often don’t tend to pay attention to.
  10. Vegetable oils: they are commonly believed to be healthy. In reality, it would be necessary to clarify this point and make the appropriate distinctions. Which oils, for example, are used in fast food for frying? Palm oil does not prove to be very healthy.

Did you know all of these “healthy” food are actually not that healthy?