40+ Cringy Moments In 2021 That Have Had Us Facepalming

By Sachin P

The first least six to eight months of 2021 were the most challenging and bizarre of our existence. We were all were thrown off-kilter by the various additional waves of the outbreak. We’ve been attempting to adapt to our new reality only to have it altered again and again. Also, researchers have discovered that now the Earth is moving quicker than it has over the last half-century, and analysts anticipate that 2021 will become the shortest year in decades. But let’s not don’t get too excited that this year will end earlier. It isn’t quite Christmas yet. In reality, the change will likely go unnoticed because it would just be a matter of milliseconds. Fortunately, there is one thing which we can constantly bank on: the range of human intelligence. Therefore, below would be our finest examples of what 2021 has brought us.

The Help

This “help wanted” posting began regularly enough, with a call for waiters, washers, and chefs, all typical positions. It gradually devolved into a swirling storm of anxiety. We’re not sure everything is okay with Kris here. He means well, that’s for sure.

_ericblanc / Twitter

But claiming you haven’t ever offended somebody for whatever reason makes people think you did. And then there is the “just please pay attention to who is speaking negatively about me.” Is he referring to some kind of hiring process?

Calculator stories

Remember Ian Malcolm? The snarky but genius mathematician from the 1993 masterpiece Jurassic Park who said this banger of a quote: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should”?

djbaskin / Twitter

Take heed, Texas Instruments: your calculators can now do whatever they please, including stories. We believe your calculators will soon have the answers to all of the burning questions in life. But, as long as they don’t stream TikTok, we are cool.

Ooh! (Sun) burn!

Believe us: there is a far more straightforward alternative theory than whatever assumptions you might have about somebody getting quite terrible burns on their knees but nowhere else. This young lady walked out during a scorching heatwave in torn jeans.

u/YannisALT / Reddit

To be honest, we have not yet hopped on the torn jeans bandwagon, and we might be the last holdouts. If you wish to proceed and rock this style, come rain or shine, just make sure to wear sunblock on your knees.

Cash only

We must cut this dad some slack, as he had zero means of knowing what might happen. He had a small photo of himself in front of his old credit card, so when the bank inquired if he needed it on his new card, he said yes.

@roasted_weenie / Twitter

One could only presume he thought they were saying he’d get a card that looked similar to the one he already had. He didn’t; instead, he received a card with his face taking up almost the whole card. Even by diva standards, that’s a bit extra!

What’s the logic behind this?

Take a look through the charges, and you will understand why we are in total confusion over twenty cents. The postal service is simply not making any money on this! It seems like they are encouraging folks to pay online.

Snailspaced / Reddit

The highway charges come up to one dollar (one driver behind the wheel). They are losing 20 cents on the postage charge, which they pay, plus another five cents on the reduction they offer. Even if the intention is to save trees, the mixed-up math had us super confused.

We are venom

We’re not gamblers, nor do we encourage it, but if we were, we’d stake everything we had on Jonathan not winning the job. Look, Johnny, you had no way of knowing the person messaging you was from the company you had just sent your résumé to.

Nihilisdique / ifunny.co

But, since we are (supposedly) adults, we should probably refrain from responding to messages from unknown sources with photographs of Venom with enormous oversized smiles. At least, verify the identity of the person who’s messaging before we do, well, this.

Somebody order snacks?

Nowadays, hardly anyone does any traveling unless it’s completely essential. We are actually not sure where this took place, as no one has a mask on. But we do know where the traveler has been. The snack aisle at Walmart. No judgment, bro!

Drewphillips_ / Twitter

Slim Jims, Cheetos! All the best junk food! At least, he carried what we think are two bananas. Hey, he remembered to keep it healthy. Look at the security guy’s face. “Guys, check out this guy’s snack stash! It’s epic.”

Isn’t that the whole point?

Remember the movie Twister? The story is this: during a major tornado outbreak in Oklahoma, a group of storm chasers attempts to deploy tornado research equipment. It was way ahead of its time, with the amazing computer-generated effects and imagery.

BlakeWexler / Twitter

This is like putting a disclaimer on Disney movies like, “the events in this movie are fictional.” We know Mother Nature can be scary, but we can’t help but laugh at this warning. More like”frightening and intense scenes,” right? Guess not.

We must address the cat in the room

Trying to buy something used can be a bit of a gamble. It’s not always that you end up with a straight flush. Bluffs, on the other hand, are far more common. All will be well if you can keep your wits about you.

u/Anonmageddon / Reddit

The problem is that people can be so cunning. You won’t even realize you’ve been misled until it’s too late. But lucky enough for browsers of this Facebook Marketplace, they can’t be fooled. The proof is in the pudding – or picture.

Cutting it too close

It is not really simple becoming a university student, believe us. You must complete every one of your assignments (okay, most of them), retain whatever sort of social life you can, plus you have to work to be able to pay your bills.

abbydermody / Twitter

Oh, and best not to worry about the massive amount of debt you’re accumulating by just being there. So nerve-wracking! If the laptop has become unrecognizable from your chopping board, it’s best to take some time off for your own good.

Being polite always helps

Alright, the drink deliveryman does have a job to fulfill. He just does not have the time to write out whole sentences. So, whenever the lady requested him to send a new supply of water on Wednesday, he inquired for her location – in text speak.

LamaanLatheef / Twitter

She added the polite phrase “please” when what he meant was “address, please?” That’s a little awkward, to be sure. The majority of misconceptions are caused by awkward texting. But, especially in these times, we should all enjoy a laugh at a minor faux pas.

What are you, five?

If you like a girl and she doesn’t return your sentiments, then the most masculine thing to do is respect her feelings. It’s entirely up to her to decide how she feels. Some act maturely about this. And then there are the kids.

bbyeileenn / Twitter

How does the speed of a vehicle relate to a personality of a human being? If he’s in the Cars universe where cars are alive, then he has a point. But most of us don’t live in a Pixar film, unfortunately.

Not so ice to see this

The issue with technology is that it’s not better than the people that invented it. Humans will always be human, even though we live in an age of ingenuity and inventiveness that occasionally approaches the magical. We still make mistakes.

PDXOrange / Imgur

This ice maker, for example, has an on/off switch, but once it’s turned on, it’s turned on for good. There is no sensor or other force to stop it. It will manufacture ice cubes until it creates another polar ice cap.

Barking up the wrong DMs?

This direct message was sent from a dog’s social media account, in case you’re not aware of what’s going on. Apparently, for reasons, these have become a trend. In any case, the smooth canine was attempting to get a date on behalf of its master.

PastaVersaucy / Twitter

We’ll presume that perhaps this person thought this was a completely innocent, cute way to get a pretty girl’s attention. Although, this is not the best first impression to make. We think this would work on someone out there, but this woman wasn’t having it.

Well at least they realized soon enough

We make every effort not to pass judgment on another’s interests. Even if we don’t believe in it, like it, or know about it. Some of us can’t believe the stars in our planetary system understand us or are concerned about us at all. Others believe with their whole hearts.

u/Your_Local_Albino_Bo / Reddit

But, once more, we’re not passing judgment. We don’t mind if you check the horoscope each day. When you see a post suggesting somebody is “cancer-free,” just don’t start wondering if altering your Astrological sign has indeed been possible all along.

No hard feelings, right?

As amusing as it is to refer to a guy by his dog’s name over three years – and it is – we didn’t even know how all of this began. We can’t even imagine what it would have been like for Brian all this time.

_rachjd / Twitter

Why didn’t he correct her? Also, we would like to know the kind of incident that made her think Steve is his real name. There must be another hilarious misunderstanding behind that as well. But we wonder: did she never hear him calling for Steve?

In for a penny

Las Vegas is America’s 28th most populous city and a significant resort town. It is also scorching hot. In the summer, temperatures in Las Vegas can reach 113°F, and the city receives roughly 300 sunny days annually, which is pretty significant.

deleted user / r/funny / Reddit

Particularly, what makes Las Vegas so hellish? The solution to this query can be found in it’s geographical position. The city is located inside this Mojave Desert, the nation’s driest desert. In the Mojave, you may identify several of America’s hottest spots, including the front seat of this poster’s car.

The (Grand)parent trap

Consider how much damage that might have caused to his little, vulnerable five-year-old mind. You’ve just laid to rest your grandpa, someone you’ve adored all your childhood. Later you meet him once more on your way out from the cemetery.

oksheesh / Twitter

Grandfather has returned, and he’s a sight to behold. Imagine you’re just grasping the experience of death, but now you’re expected to comprehend the idea of rebirth as well? Nothing in the known world could prepare a kid for this. Oh, wait. Telling them about the twin would have helped!

Got the dough?

When you’re the youngest of several children, or if your parents had you later in life, there will be a substantial generational gap. This is what caused this misunderstanding between this father and his kid, which led to our new favorite phrase.

gabrielstill / Twitter

Dad had no idea what his son meant, but he tried his best to relate. He had no option but to adapt because he hadn’t picked up on the current lingo. These kinds of parents make life worth living. Get that toast, El Dad-o!

Really, Autocorrect?

Out of the many technological advances in this world, the best and the worst is autocorrect. We understand. It can help prevent you from sending an uncomfortable, humiliating SMS. But what if you’re a dog groomer and your smartphone autocorrect changed “ready” to “dead”?

jdahall / Twitter

Perhaps re-read the message before delivering it? Ha, jokes. We’ve all been there and can’t make any judgments. At least Dexter is definitely living. That is about all you can ask about when you take your dog to the groomer.

Really, dude?

It is critical to recognize that there are plenty of people on this planet that are less privileged than us. Items we accept as normal on a daily basis either are unachievable or incredibly difficult for them. Just look at vending machines.

deleted user / r/CrappyDesign / Reddit

Well, the manufacturer of this device decided the solution was to use braille lettering on the keys, which really is fantastic. Yes, it is. But, unless there’s an audio track telling them where the items are and what to push, how will they know?


Bananas are by far the most widely consumed fruits on this planet. probably. We guess. They are high in essential vitamins that can help to safeguard your wellness. According to the AHA’s nutritional statistics, a medium banana supplies over 9% of a person’s daily potassium requirement.

tim_brannigan / Twitter

So eating bananas, and fruits, in general, is beneficial for us. That’s why nature went out of her way to provide bananas with a durable cover to protect the fruit inside. People’s obsession with plastic is something we’ll never understand.

Not cool, whoever complained

Okay, it’s not a stretch to assume this case was filed by a party pooper. We do not even know who it was, so we can’t say what the motives were. But what we can say is that this poster just makes us sad.

u/killHACKS / Reddit

One this is being the person that passes somebody’s home and notices they’ve constructed a tree fort. Then there’s being the person who would report them to the homeowners’ association. The kids were having innocent fun. How could you do this to them?

Guess they wanted to be neuralyzed after seeing this tweet

You could actually read the entire post and still not find out what makes it so delightfully humorous. Let’s all just say that if you’re already a fan of mainstream movies for the past quarter of a century or so, you owe it to Ed Solomon.

ed_solomon / Twitter

He authored all three Bill & Ted films, as well as Charlie’s Angels in 2000 and Now You See Me in 2013. But, more importantly, he is the only screenwriter recognized on the first Men in Black film from 1997.

With logic like this, who needs enemies?

Remember The Good Place? In an instance of mistaken identification, Eleanor, a deceased salesperson who led a morally depraved existence, discovers herself in a heaven-like afterlife. So, it was run by a demon called Michael, who was played by Ted Danson.

u/Sensitive_Attitude27 / Twitter

He has this quirky saying: “There’s something so human about taking something great and ruining it a little so you can have more of it.” We can rephrase it to; “There’s something so human about saying something so illogical and sticking it to it like it’s the gospel.”

Nah, we good!

To be fair to her folks, the container does indeed resemble a container of honey. It’s a reasonable error to make. Certainly, they should have known that buying the sort of honey you consume in the grooming section of the supermarket was a little strange.

jasminelg16 / Twitter

It really doesn’t help anyone that it looks precisely like honey you’d pour in your tea, and while the back says “AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES,” it says nothing at all about whether it can be used in your morning cup of tea.

She does have a point

Since you’re a grownup, you may well have done a lot of work from home throughout the epidemic, assuming you were able to continue working at all. However, as an adult, you may not know how difficult it has been for children.

Denuma8 / Twitter

Aside from being unable to see their pals, they are compelled to convert their living spaces into classrooms and continue to study as usual, using video streaming apps such as Zoom. But what else can be done in these weird times?

Yeah, can I have the Guinness World Record Office please?

Joshua Cheptegei, a Ugandan long-distance runner, established a new world record again for the quickest five-kilometer race – 12 minutes, 35 seconds, and 36 milliseconds – in 2020. It’s a shame the International Athletics governing board isn’t always browsing over social networking sites.

Kingrablo / Imgur

If they did, they’d know the genuine world record was by Rob here, who shaved 2 minutes off the world record time without even competing in just about any official events. What’s the plan here, Rob? Call up the Guinness Book of World Records and let ’em know!

Cue Twilight Zone theme

We do live in an age of wonders. Not in a sense that is fantastical. Technologically speaking, certain aspects of the human consciousness is evolving at a faster rate. Which in turn leads to marvels which in a way seem magical.

Aaron Linguini / Twitter

Take for a rather weird example, this. This professor maybe not be with the living but he does not want to put a stop to teaching. So he pre-planned everything so he could teach even after he passed on to the great beyond.

Oh, say, can you see…

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is really a massive monument amid South Dakota’s Black Hills region. This sculpture is about 60-foot-high granite heads that symbolize US leaders George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, and it was finished in 1941.

hidden user / Twitter

Gutzon Borglum guided this masterpiece, with his son, Lincoln. Something as famous as this and there are people who think it was not man-made. Comments like these really make us question the current education system, to be honest. Also, we can’t tell if the OP was being serious or not.

They are going to be needing aloe vera

It’s 2021. We’re on a pathway to greatness in this decade, even though we had setbacks when it came to the current epidemic we’ve been through. Out of all the advancements that we can be proud of, it’s a shame that sexism still exists.

MerriamWebster / Twitter

Come on, move on with time forwards, not backward! But what is funny about this is how the most famous dictionary is raising an eyebrow at the original post. Maybe because – oh, we don’t know – they’re confirming the exact thing that companies are accused of?

Somebody call an ambulance

Prepare chicken completely – at standard cooking temperatures, most of the unsafe bacterias on raw chicken are easily destroyed. If you have a food thermometer, put it into the thickest area of the meat you’re cooking. And remember, the chicken should be white all the way through.

u/DiabeticWaffle / Twitter

By adhering to safety standards, you can prevent a particularly lethal salmonella poisoning like this person got. There is no such thing as safe “medium rare” chicken. If you did not know that before, now you know. Be safe out there, kids.

Good for you

There is a certain breed of grownup that believes that just being physical with somebody is by far the most extraordinary thing on the planet, and they are breaking ground that was hitherto unknown. We understand; you were lucky that day.

throwitawayb**ch1998 / Reddit

We’re pleased for both you and everything, but it’s a basic human need. So there is a level as to how much cooler you can make it sound. Plus bragging about it to your clearly disinterested neighbor seems so cringy.

Always double check

This lucky guy simply came home one day to discover that his home suddenly had a cement pathway that he had not seen before and he had not requested or purchased. Depending on the state of his driveway before, he might have been mildly impressed, or thrilled.

purple-circle / Reddit

The contractor responsible for this just began and finished the work without double-checking the location. Looking at it, it couldn’t have taken more than two hours! That was enough time for the real client to contact and inquire as to why they didn’t even show up. Oops!

You think that’s a bird that you’re seeing?

Urban pigeons are not just animals that thrive in densely populated areas, but they absolutely existed years ago, before cities. How they ended up not being hunted but instead roaming the streets like they own the place is a question we can’t answer.

ronnui_ / Twitter

They’re also an essential part of the diet for so many birds of prey. Plus, if you’re not the kind of person that doesn’t travel out of the city much, they’re, like, the only bird you see. We’d never thought about the way Ron did, but we hear him.

You keep using gloves, we don’t think you know what they are for

The outbreak just served to reaffirm what we’ve already presumed: that many people are just unsure of what’s happening. Because of that, we have to be willing to help some of our fellow humans out, even with very basic things.

Carnalvore86 / Reddit

The first and most prevalent are masks. However, some people choose to wear gloves to be extra safe. It’s a curious thing, though: if you use your gloves to contact all the globe’s dirty places, maybe you shouldn’t put it in your mouth.

Boss Move

Now, this is the perfect way to handle a situation like this. He sat through a job interview for almost an hour, just to hear this? Man, that’s so unfair. No wonder the employer sounds so defeated. He didn’t expect this.

fencheeks / Twitter

This is why we think employers should also advertise how much they are willing to offer for a position. That way, they can save their time, as well as other people’s time. But wow, this person must have been on a high all day.

How fitting since he broke a spelling rule

One of the most important factors of effective composition is spelling, which is the art of accurately building words using their letters. When you have confidence in your spelling, you will have faith in other elements of your writing.

u/pine435 / Reddit

Spelling, reading, writing, and efficacy and effectiveness are all linked, according to research. This might not be the case when you see what has happened here. Maybe this person has an epic sense of humor, with sarcasm and irony being their fortes.

Well, that’s not good

Unpacking products from stores is enjoyable for customers since it feels like they are receiving a present. Packaging isn’t a make-or-break element of the online shopping environment for customers, in my opinion. It does, nonetheless, make your product more appealing.

u/bishthepoison / Twitter

The style of the merchant, and consequently the customer, is reflected in the packaging. It appears more personalized when an item is wrapped in anything other than plastic or a brown paper box. But when you drop the whole thing in the ocean, what then?

Oh. My. God!

We mostly surf social media aimlessly. It feels so empty these days to keep your fingers idle and surfing through the web seems to be the way to keep the idle hands from doing the devil’s work. In a way.

driedtomatoes / Imgur

But this is some next-level facepalm-inducing post. We sincerely hope that this person is just doing this as a joke because, in this day and age, nobody can be as technologically unsound as this. That’s why we are relatively confident this is a prank.

We don’t know whether to laugh or…

Proposals are one of the most romantic events in a person’s life. If handled and planned well, it will surely be a core memory in any couple’s life. That’s why nearly everyone goes to great lengths to create the perfect proposal.

Onlyupvotesanimals / Imgur

Which was the case here and this poor guy wanted to memorize it in a medal. But by an oversight on his part, he didn’t think some things through and this was the end result. There’s no reason to hang your head in shame, what’s done is done.

Face palm ultra pro max

People view behaviors as dumb for three basic factors, according to new research: they show a foolish amount of danger, a lack of pragmatism and absent-mindedness, or an uncontrolled loss of control. The label “stupid” is a bit of a blanket term.

Africa Archives / Twitter

The scientists determined that individuals are fairly quick to recognize it. At first, investigating how individuals decide what is “dumb” may be unique to them. One look at this post and you’ll see that we are all in agreement in our thoughts about the comment…