3 Ways To Enjoy This Upcoming Summer

By Stephen M

The Covid-19 pandemic is not leaving us anytime soon as the virus keeps mutating to survive. When most nations thought they’d vaccinated enough people; and could open up the economy by removing the various restrictions, the Omicron variant showed its ugly head. Many countries are considering closing their borders and putting in new restrictions measures.

But as people, we can’t continue to be in fear and panic. Admittedly, we cannot live the normal life we are used to. However, we need to find creative ways to keep family and friends close and active, especially this summer. We are all tired of repeating movies and can’t go back into that mode again. Here are some creative ideas to keep fit and socialize even when there is another round of restrictions.

Image courtesy of goffkein.pro / Shutterstock

Do a general home cleaning

It’s been a long time since you did an intensive cleaning at home. You cannot imagine the amount of dirt waiting for you to clear. Take this opportunity to embark on an intensive cleaning with the kids. Don’t leave anyone out of the activity. Delegate appropriate tasks to everyone and have fun.


In the face of restrictions, you cannot go for your usual gym exercise. It doesn’t also mean you should stay inactivity and build up calories. Find creative ways to exercise with the family. Make good use of technology by downloading some fitness videos online or using YouTube. Please don’t do the same exercise with the kids; they may be in the intensive care unit. There are numerous YouTube channels with kids-friendly exercises.

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It’s time to eat and live healthily. You’ve been eating processed food for too long, and it’s time to go the organic way. Organic food is rich in nutrients and free from chemicals. Start planting what you eat, especially vegetables and herbs. Don’t worry if you have free land available for the garden. Fill some empty containers or sacks with rich soil. Get some good seeds from your local stores and enjoy your planting season. Get the kids involved in the process as gardening can improve their general wellbeing through the movement of the body parts.