6 Fun Exercises To Try With Your Dog

By Franklin C January 30, 2024

When it comes to staying active, your furry friend can be your ultimate motivator. Beyond walks, your dog can be a fantastic workout partner with a bit of planning. Before diving into any new routines, it’s crucial to consider factors like your dog’s age, breed, and current fitness level.

Image courtesy of Drazen Zigic/Shutterstock

For instance, while a senior dog might prefer gentler activities, energetic breeds may thrive on more intense exercises. So, ensure your dog receives a clean bill of health from your vet and Keep a close eye on your pet during these activities to prevent any strains or discomfort.

1. Dog Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for humans; it’s also beneficial for your canine companion. A simple yoga routine can serve as an excellent warm-up, engaging your dog in gentle stretches to boost blood flow and prevent injuries. Encourage your pup to perform poses like looking upward, bending toward their chest, and stretching their hips. This practice enhances flexibility, promotes body awareness, and strengthens muscles.

2. Chase

Turn playtime into a workout session with a game of chase. Invite your dog to sprint around the yard by mimicking playful gestures. Encourage them to run with enthusiasm, keeping the mood light and enjoyable. Remember to stay hydrated and take breaks, especially on hot days, as this activity can be quite intense.

3. Hiking

Combine exercise with nature by taking your pup on a hiking adventure. Explore different trails to engage your dog’s senses and provide mental stimulation. Start with easy routes and gradually increase the difficulty level as both of you become more proficient.

4. Parkour (Urban Agility)

Embrace your surroundings with a parkour-inspired workout. Use everyday obstacles like benches and walls to improve your agility as well as your dog’s. Encourage them to follow your lead as you navigate through the environment, promoting teamwork and bonding.

5. Swimming

Beat the heat while getting a full-body workout with your furry friend. First, introduce your dog to water gradually, ensuring they feel comfortable before diving in. Begin by exploring the shallow end before venturing further and deeper. Swimming is a fantastic option as it will help build your strength and it does wonders for you and your dog’s cardiovascular health.

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6. Running

Hit the pavement together for a jog around the neighborhood. Running with your dog can be a fantastic cardiovascular workout, provided your pet is physically ready for the challenge. Choose appropriate routes and pace yourselves accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.