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Plane Rides Turned Playful With Pets On Board

Traveling with pets can be enjoyable, but it can also be stressful and confusing for people unfamiliar with airlines and travel restrictions. Fortunately, today, more airlines allow pets, even those that are not considered emotional support pets, to travel with their parents as long as they fit specific criteria. One thing’s for sure though, when pets are on a plane, it brings the flight to a whole other level. Who can resist not smiling and not wanting to pet or cuddle a cute dog or cat? These pets also enjoy the attention lavished on them. We have scoured the internet to come up with some of the best pets on flights that are surely going to make your day a lot better. Everyone knows we can surely use some fun and happiness in our daily lives.

#1 I’m terrified of flying

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they are known to be brave creatures, jumping to their human’s defense. However, flying is an unnatural thing for dogs. After all, they were born to thrive on land and not up in the air.

Image courtesy of rockford4/Imgur

So, it’s not unusual to come across dogs that are terrified of flying, like this one. The poor fellow is losing his wits sitting there on his seat. Despite the handsome boy’s huge size, he looks like a little child waiting for his mommy to comfort him.

#2 I’m on first-class y’all

Everyone dreams of flying first class. There less stress, you get a free-flow of drinks, over-the-top amenities, and the attendants’ attention always on you. However, first-class comes with a hefty price. Tickets are not cheap, especially if you’re paying out of pocket.

Image courtesy of Qantas/Twitter

Well, this koala seems to be living its best life. He’s lucky enough to travel first class. Look at him being served by the flight attendant. We’re pretty sure he was ordering some eucalyptus to go with his beverage.

#3 This cutie made my flight a thousand times better

Do you ever get pleasant surprises while on a plane, such as getting upgraded to first-class when you only paid for an economy ticket? This lady got a very nice surprise during her flight – almost as if she had won the lottery.

Image courtesy of Kel/Twitter

She got a puppy! Well, it’s someone else’s puppy, but it was just sitting there it its bag and looking at her during the flight. The tiny puppy was fluffy and all levels of cute. Whose heart wouldn’t melt at that sight?

#4 Little puppy enjoying his first flight

Is it safe to fly a dog? In the last few years, airlines have seen plenty of people traveling with their pets. Although there have been nightmarish stories of pets that have been neglected in the cargo, there have also been stories of pets flying with their humans and enjoying it.

Image courtesy of _TheGermanGuy_/Reddit

This dog seems to be enjoying his first flight. Just look at that face; he’s more than happy to accompany his human. Perhaps they’re going on vacation and that’s why he’s wild with anticipation. He even has an aviation headset so the noise won’t bother him.

#5 Such a pigtastic flight!

While most support animals are commonly dogs, there is no limitation in species. There are also pig support animals. We’re not sure if this piggy is a support animal or if he’s someone’s pet, but one thing is for sure, he’s a frequent flyer.

Image courtesy of hamlet_the_beach_hog/Instagram

Look at that smile on his face. He’s thrilled and eager for the plane to take off so he can finally go on his long-deserved vacation. It’s gonna be a pigtastic vacation with his human. We thought we’d never see the day when pigs actually fly, but here we are.

#6 Saudi prince paying for his hawks’ flight

Traditionally, Arabs are falconry experts, so it’s not uncommon for many Arab royals to keep falcons and hawks as pets and status symbols. This person’s friend happens to be a captain and sent him this photo of an airplane full of hawks.

Image courtesy of lensoo/Reddit

But why put falcons on a plane when you know they can just fly? It turns out that the flight was headed to Jeddah, the capital of Saudi Arabia. A Saudi prince paid for the flight because he wanted to transport the falcons, which are used for competitive sports. According to sources, the fees can be as high as $630 per bird, depending on the destination. Now that’s money just flying away.

#7 What are you looking at?

Long flights can be incredibly boring. Sure, there are movies and TV shows to entertain you, and you may also bring a book, but the endless hours of sitting on a plane don’t stimulate your mind. For someone excited to reach the destination, an 8-hour flight might as well be an eternity.

Image courtesy of madison noel/Twitter

Fortunately for this guy, there was something on his flight that made it more bearable, and that was an adorable dog. The cheeky fellow kept looking at him as if wondering why the guy was staring for long. Well, it isn’t every day you hop on a flight that has a dog for a passenger.

#8 When will the plane land?

Sometimes pets behave better than children. Don’t believe us? Go on a flight with your tots and see if they don’t throw tantrums, run around and scream on the plane. We’re not saying all children are like this because there are certainly well-behaved ones, but plane rides can make them restless real fast.

Image courtesy of PariahParty/Reddit

This guy, however, just sat on his human’s lap for the entire 5-hour flight and didn’t make a fuss. He didn’t even make a sound or order an absurd amount of alcohol. Seriously though, he just looked out the window the whole time. Perhaps he was wondering when the plane will land.

#9 Making new friends on the flight

Flying alone, especially long-haul flights can be tedious, and if you’re someone who gets restless easily, it can be torture. It’s a different story if you’re flying with family or friends as you have someone to talk to. If people get bored, so do dogs.

Image courtesy of the-happy-medium/Reddit

This pooch got lucky because there was another pooch flying that day, so he got to make a new friend. Look at the two of them becoming fast friends. Do you think they gossiped about their owners? Were they comparing their meal before the flight?

#10 This guy wanted to play

Emotional support and service pets are allowed on flights, but very few have come into contact with them. Or perhaps we just don’t get lucky on our flights. This lady was in for a surprise when she checked who or what was breathing hot air on her leg.

Image courtesy of gatz302/Reddit

It was a passenger’s dog. He didn’t look apologetic about it. He seemed to be enjoying it and kept breathing hot air on her leg for the entire flight, which took two hours. At least, there was something she could talk about when she got home.

#11 Can I get a glass of wine, please?

A lot of dogs seem to be living better lives than humans nowadays. Just look at Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, or the new president’s German Shepherds, Champ and Major. They are enjoying the finer things in life. You can include this pooch on the list of lucky dogs.

Image courtesy of crystaltaotaozi/Instagram

She’s flying back to LA and has her own seat on what looks to be a private plane. Look at her as if telling the flight attendants, “Bow down, peasants.” She’s sitting there all smug, perhaps waiting to be served a glass of wine.

#12 They have emotional support turkeys?

People who suffer from anxiety often have emotional support animals accompanying them on flights. Although the majority of these animals are dogs, there are other types of animals who play the role effectively. A very surprising and uncommon emotional support animal is a turkey.

Image courtesy of Imgur

This passenger took a snap of an emotional support turkey on her flight. Yup, we know we instantly thought of Thanksgiving when the word turkey was mentioned, but this fellow helps calm and relax his human and lowers her anxiety levels too.

#13 Don’t disturb me

When you fly on business class, you get club lounge access, enjoy priority check-in, get hearty meals and welcome drinks, a handy amenity kit, and a comfortable sleep on a nice bed. If only everyone can afford to fly business class all the time.

Image courtesy of lil.ollie_thecavapoo/Instagram

This doggo is lucky enough to have a human that spoils him endlessly. Not only does he get to fly with her wherever she goes, but he also gets to enjoy being pampered in business class. Look at him enjoying his relaxation.

#14 There’s snakes on a plane and there’s a spider on a plane

A little over 6% of the global population suffers from arachnophobia. Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. Spiders are hairy, and they have numerous legs. They look freakish, to say the least, and their sudden movements are enough to send people running for their lives.

Image courtesy of passengershaming/Instagram

We don’t know whose spider this was, but apparently, its human hasn’t been paying attention to it. We can almost hear the announcement, “A spider has been seen wandering the cabins. Please remain in your seat as there is turbulence. Thank you.” Fortunately, no one on the plane suffered from a heart attack.

#15 Things are going to get a little horsey

When we hear the words emotional support pet, we automatically think of dogs. After all, they make excellent guard dogs and police companions. For sure, they can naturally take the role of emotional support pets. Most people are surprised when an emotional support pet turns out to be something other than a dog.

Image courtesy of Goldendexter/Imgur

Have you ever seen an emotional support horse? Now you have. This little pony was brought on a flight, and naturally, everyone wanted to take pictures of it. The little missy was so well-behaved and didn’t cause a stir. She must have already been on dozen of flights.

#16 There’s a bomb sniffer on the plane

One of the most reassuring words people can hear on a flight is that there’s a bomb sniffer on a plane. You can rest assured that your safety is the airline’s utmost priority. This man had a K-9 bomb dog on his flight sitting just two seats away from him.

Image courtesy of generalgbo/Imgur

Like any sane person would, he took a photo. It’s something that must go on Insta because if there’s no picture, it didn’t happen. We’re sure the passengers wanted to hug him, but there’s a big “Do Not Pet” sign on his collar.

#17 Sleepy kitty on a plane

Today, most airlines allow passengers to take a small dog or cat in the cabin for an additional fee. They provide comfort and help alleviate the passengers’ stress. They also look cute and are very snuggly. Who wouldn’t want them on a flight?

Image courtesy of Anniba/Reddit

While most pets prefer to stay in their carriers or on their seats, Desmond right here prefers to perch himself on the seat’s headrest. Not only that, but he is also in the captain’s chair. I think any pilot would allow this cute creature into the cockpit with them.

#18 An emotional support duck coming through

Another unusual animal that can be added to the emotional support list is a duck. We know that sounds unusual because they’re not as snuggly as dogs and cats, but hey, if they can do the job, we have nothing against them.

Image courtesy of mark_essig/Twitter

This emotional support duck was walking down the aisle with her owner, and not only did she lend support to her human, but she also looked stylish doing it. Just look at her red booties! She’s strutting her stuff while being supportive and all.

#19 Doggo meets his biggest fan

Sweet and sociable, bulldogs also have a reputation for courage. These things make them an excellent watchdog, and they also make great emotional support dogs. They get along well with everyone, and that’s why this bulldog, Bentley, is a favorite not only of passengers but also the plane crew.

Image courtesy of iamkokonutz/Reddit

After the flight, the captain wanted to meet him and have his picture taken with him. Bentley looked dapper when meeting the pilot of the plane. Look at his harness with his cute necktie. He looks like he’s gonna escort his human down the aisle.

#20 Sshhh I’m watching a movie

Strange as it may sound, dogs enjoy watching TV too, just like humans. It’s an activity that they like because it’s something that their humans do all the time. When they watch things, they learn. So, perhaps you want to keep this in mind the next time you choose a TV show to binge on.

Image courtesy of Factory360/Twitter

This doggo seems to be enjoying the in-flight entertainment with his human. Not only does he have the best seat on the plane, which is his human’s lap, but he also seems to be thoroughly entertained too. Not even the cameras of other passengers can distract her.

#21 Someone wants to play footsie

For the most part, plane rides are uneventful. However, there are instances when things get weird, such as this one. The passenger was minding his own business, trying to get through his boring flight, when suddenly he felt something touching his shoes.

Image courtesy of Roggin/Reddit

At first, he tried to ignore it, but it kept going on that he finally looked down and saw a dog who was perhaps trying to get him to play with him. This dog has some serious case of foot fetish going on.

#22 Penguins on a plane

Penguins are flightless birds who have flippers that help them to swim in the water. Most penguin species migrate for reasons related to temperature changes, and this Emperor penguin pictured below has the most incredible migration story of them all.

Image courtesy of -Loves2Spooge-/Reddit

This penguin must have been tired, so he decided to make his migration trip short, fast, and comfortable. How? By taking a plane, of course. After the flight, he thought it would be a great idea to take a photo with the captain. He might tell his friends just how great of a guy the captain was.

#23 I’m dog-tired

This doggo was busy the entire flight. He was kicking and licking his human. At times he also wanted to cuddle and be loved. Fortunately for him, he got his own seat so that when he wanted to be left alone, he could stretch out in comfort.

Image courtesy of hoomankitteh/Imgur

Perhaps it was the turbulence or the noise that was bothering him. He looked so dog-tired that he was lying on the seat in the middle of the flight. He even got his human to pamper him a little by getting belly rubs. Ah, the life!

#24 Cats and dogs

Therapy animals provide cheer, comfort, and companionship. They make our otherwise dull lives more vibrant. They also make flights more entertaining and interesting. Like who wouldn’t want to pet an adorable dog or a spirited cat?

Image courtesy of tarajoylessReport/Twitter

This flight was blessed to have not one but two therapy animals, and suffice it to say that other passengers were delighted to have them. A cat peeking behind his human as if to see what the fuss was all about, and there’s also a doggo getting as clingy as he can be.

#25 The dog that needs his therapy human

Look at the doggo’s face! He looks petrified and downright scared. Perhaps it’s his first time on a plane. Calm down now; we understand how you feel. We’ve all been there too. Who can remember puking on their first flight?

Image courtesy of bootscrilla/Reddit

Luckily for this doggo, he’s got his therapy human with him to ease his anxiety and reduce his stress. Just stay close to mama, and you’ll be okay. This worried dog needs all the reassurance he can get. And we all thought that it’s humans who need therapy.

#26 Got some jerky?

Jerky is lean meat cut into strips with its fat removed. Dried so they last long, jerky was once provided by NASA to their space shuttle crew as food in the mid-nineties. Although beef is the most common kind of jerky, there are also varieties.

Image courtesy of ejh1230/Reddit

This passenger got the surprise of his life when he opened a bag of jerky and saw this dog’s head instantly pop out from his carrier as soon as he caught a waft of the distinct smell. Down boy, the jerky isn’t for you. We’re doubtful if the passenger was able to resist that face.

#27 I sat next to somebody famous on a plane

How many times do you get the chance of sitting next to someone famous on a flight? This doesn’t always happen because everyone knows that famous and rich celebrities either fly first class or have their very own private jets.

Image courtesy of babygthefirst/Reddit

On the other hand, this person got the chance of sitting next to a celebrity, and we’re talking about none other than the famous Target dog. He seemed to be tired from all his engagements, though, and was lying there trying to use his flight as a chance to relax before his next public appearance.

#28 Doggos taking over a flight

In May 2016, a wildfire began southwest of Fort McMurray in Canada. The estimated damage was said to have been more than C$9 billion, the costliest in the entire Canadian history. The fire was only declared under control in July of that year.

Image courtesy of spankr/Reddit

Because of the wildfires, there were numerous rescue efforts not only for humans but also for animals. This flight was a rescue flight, and you can see a lot of doggos taking over the cabin. They must have been just as confused and afraid as humans were.

#29 Living the good life

The kangaroo is the quintessential symbol of Australia and is on the Australian coat of arms. Although they are mostly left in the wild, grey and red kangaroos are bred and kept as pets in the United States and Canada.

Image courtesy of Morpheus Pepper/Twitter

However, experts say they can’t be house-trained, and they shouldn’t be mixed with domestic animals. Well, this kangaroo is doing more than just staying in a house; it’s flying on a plane with its human and enjoying all the perks that go along with it.

#30 This pooch won with his first-class seat

This beautiful pooch was just lying on his seat and minding his own business. He even has his weary head on his plane pillow. Sitting next to him was his human who was more than happy to make small talk with curious passengers.

Image courtesy of mepper/Reddit

The pooch was competing in the Westminster Dog Show. Sadly he didn’t win in the competition. However, he has won first place in the lottery of life,getting to travel with his human in first class. Luckily for him, he didn’t have to be in a crate or carrier.

#31 This sleepy fellow made the flight a lot better

In-flight entertainment makes long flights more bearable. There is a wide array of movies and television shows to choose from, and there is always the option of listening to music. You can also play games on your tablet or your mobile phone.

Image courtesy of

However, nothing beats the entertainment provided by cuddly and friendly pets, such as this one. This puppy was poking its head in between the seats and wanted to play with the passengers sitting behind him. They obliged, of course, and unabashedly petted him for 3 hours.

#32 Don’t worry, I’m right here with you

We’re not sure who was more nervous about the flight, the little girl or the little dog. If it was the dog, he’s lucky that his service human was there to sit with him and help him with his anxiety. Look at her calming him down with a reassuring pat.

Image courtesy of

She’s like telling him that everything was going to be alright and they’ll be landing soon, and he can have his paws on solid ground. These two are just so adorable. This is proof that children and dogs make the best partners.

#33 Be careful with your foot

This lady was on a flight and ended up accidentally kicking the seat in front of her. She didn’t know who was sitting there until this little pooch threw her a dirty look as if to say, “Hey Lady, keep your feet to yourself.”

Image courtesy of midami/Imgur

The little dog was not having any of it. He looks less than impressed about being woken up by her wandering toes. There is nothing worse than being woken up on a long distance flight after it took you forever to fall asleep in the first place.

#34 Lucky to have an air force dog on the flight

Unexpected things can happen during plane rides. Children can get scared of the turbulence and the ringing in their ears that they end up crying non-stop. On the other hand, children who are having too good a time become hyper and start running up and down the aisle.

Image courtesy of majorgunho/Reddit

This passenger got a pleasant surprise that seldom happens. There was an Air Force soldier on her flight who was traveling with his dog. The huge dog with a muzzle was just sitting there, enjoying the quiet. However, passengers kept stealing glances at her.

#35 Every single person who passed by her couldn’t help but smile

There are people whom other passengers on board, and even the flight staff, abhor, and then there are passengers whom everyone adores. This passenger belongs to the latter category. Cute, cuddly, and fluffy like cotton candy, everyone wanted to say hi to her.

Image courtesy of primetarget/Reddit

She was happy and excited with all the attention she was getting. You can tell from her face that she wanted to play with people who passed by and said hi to her. We’re not sure if she is a therapy dog or just a pet, but she looks cuddly enough to comfort anyone.

#36 Hello

This dog is going to put a smile on anyone’s and everyone’s face. Look at its little tongue sticking out. She surely has some attitude. Do you think the passenger behind her was staring rudely? Maybe they found her cute, so they couldn’t keep their eyes off her.

Image courtesy of jiyoooonpark/Instagram

They must have been curious as to what the little pooch was doing on the flight. It’s not every day you see such a creature on a plane, keeping its human company for the entire trip. She was also in a stylish purple carrier to keep her comfortable and safe.

#37 Sausage with four legs on board

Dachshunds have a distinct long body and short legs that make them look like walking sausages. They come in two different sizes, miniature and standard. Getting a dachshund sure feels like ordering food, “I’d like a dachshund- standard size, please.”

Image courtesy of lukirishka/Instagram

Seriously though, they are adorable creatures, and they look so cute when they run. This little fellow looked timid and unsure as it slowly came out of its carrier as if to say, “Hello, how are you?” Don’t you just want to pick him up and give him some love?

#38 Bon voyage, birdie!

Yes, parrots can fly, but if we’re talking about long distances, they can surely get some help like this little fellow here who was on board a plane with his human. He looks dressed for the flight, too, with that stripy thing on his chest.

Image courtesy of lukirishka/Reddit

His human must have some moolah to spend because first of all, look at that legroom. Yes, we know she’s got some legs, but we’re talking about the legroom in front of her seat. You don’t get that kind of space in economy. Bon voyage, birdie!

#39 Nervous on his first flight

What’s better than being able to sleep deeply on a flight, so you’re not bothered about the turbulence and the number of hours you have to spend sitting in anticipation? Flying with a snuggle buddy! This puppy makes the perfect travel companion.

Image courtesy of jayraybae/Reddit

However, you might be tasked with calming him down and ensuring he is relaxed throughout because it’s his first flight, so he’s naturally nervous. We’re not sure what breed he is, but we’re certain of one thing, he is adorable.

#40 Jet-setting terrier

If we get to live lives as glamorous as Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua or Henry Cavill’s American Akita, then we’ve no qualms about becoming dogs. Not only will our humans be some of the best-looking on the planet, but we also get to fly first-class with them, even perhaps hop on a private jet.

Image courtesy of ricknechio/Instagram

This jet-setting Schnauser may not belong to a celebrity, but he’s got a leg up, we mean a paw up on other pets who live their lives on the ground. He’s there at 30,000 feet looking out the window. The A-lister is perhaps thinking about his suite at the hotel where they’re checking in.

#41 This guy made the middle seat a lot more bearable

The middle seat is everyone’s least favorite on airplanes. You don’t get to look out the window and take stunning photos of the countryside below. You also don’t get easy access to the toilet. It’s even worse if you’re flying alone and are seated between two strangers.

Image courtesy of doylemad/Reddit

If we had our way, there should be no middle seat at all. As luck would have it, this lady was given the middle seat, and at first, she was quite annoyed, but when she learned who she was going to sit next to, she actually started looking forward to the flight because it was next to this cute dog.

#42 Carry me, mommy

Flights can be exhausting, especially if you’re flying long distances and over many time zones. Fun fact, the longest flight in the world is from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey. Operated by Singapore Airlines, the flight takes 18 hours and 30 minutes.

Image courtesy of emmaroller/Twitter

We’re not sure if this canine was on that flight, but he looks tired and quite relieved to have his mommy carry him as they were exiting the plane. He might be suffering from a little jet lag, but he still looks as cute as can be. We’re sure that when he gets his paws on solid ground, he’ll be back to his normal self.

#43 Everyone’s favorite passenger

Judging from the picture, this is most probably a flight on a small, private plane. The aisles are too narrow for commercial flights because we all know the flight crew has to walk up and down the aisle with their trolley when mealtime comes.

Image courtesy of SEEJFLY/Imgur

Gunter, the dog, won the popularity contest on this flight. With his good looks, he didn’t have to do anything. He just sat there looking all cute and cuddly, and he quickly won everyone’s heart. He certainly made the flight better.

#44 Can I have some of that, mom?

Primarily, dogs are carnivores. However, unlike cats, they can also digest a variety of plant-based foods. Domesticated dogs, on the other hand, mostly have commercial “dog food” on their diet. One thing which most humans are aware of is that chocolate is fatal to dogs.

Image courtesy of lil.ollie_thecavapoo/Instagram

This little pooch was looking at his human’s plane food as if reminding his human that he’s still there. He seems to be eyeing the food and giving his human those irresistible puppy dog eyes we are all familiar with. Sorry doggo, plane food is not for you, just wait for the dog food.

#45 Mom, can we get off the plane now?

There are times when we’re very excited about our vacations that we can hardly wait for the plane to land. This is especially true if you have been looking forward to your trip for a long while and have done a thorough research of the places you’re going to visit and the activities you’ll be doing.

Image courtesy of SuperCub/Reddit

This dog is like every human on such a vacation. He can barely contain his excitement that he finds it difficult to remain in his seat. He’s like asking his human if they have reached their destination yet. He can’t wait to start exploring.