Alternative ways to relieve yourself of chronic back pain

By Toby Tunwase

Back pain relief can come in a vast number of ways. The interesting fact is that the relief method doesn’t have to include or require drug prescriptions. In addition to medications, you can opt for other alternative methods.

You can pick from any of the alternative ways of relieving chronic pain below, to see what works for you.

Use of warm pads to relieve early morning pain

If you always experience intense back pain every morning after waking up, this method might be beneficial in relieving your pain. The technique involves putting a heating pad on the part of your back in strains just before getting out of bed.

The warm pad warms your muscles, and help in easing any morning stiffness. It also helps in preventing muscle spasms due to movement and improves blood flow in the muscles.

Regular massages 

Massages are known to improve circulation, help relax your muscles, ease stress, and boost the release of endorphins, your body’s natural pain relievers. You can get a home therapist. If you are not comfortable with a massage table, you can opt for a massage chair instead.

Having a good laugh and yoga

When you laugh, more oxygen is taken in, which helps in reducing stress and releases endorphins, which all contribute to a natural reduction of pain. Laughter yoga programs are designed to assist in reducing pain through laughter. Laughter yoga programs are done in combination with deep breathing exercises.

Sleeping in a new position

Sometimes, the cause of chronic back pain can be traced to inappropriate sleeping positions. If you find it hard getting a sound sleep, you can try out different new sleeping positions.

Lying in a reclining position is known to aid in relieving stress on the lower back. You can keep at it until you find the position that is comfortable the most for you. This would help prevent back pain in the long term.