40+ Entitled People Who Felt The Need To Disregard Humanity Completely

By Liezel L

Time and time again, we’ve come to realize, “Hey, humanity isn’t that bad. Maybe we should give them another chance.” But then, here comes all these annoying little things they do that drive us all nuts that we wish we could reprogram and reset to a neutral setting, if you know what we mean. From walking slowly in groups in front of us to leaving messy restaurant tables, there are plenty of things that frustrate the ever-living frick out of us and make us want to rant and rave on the internet or to our friends. Here is a list of just those things for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Remember, though, we’re not responsible for any cases of flipping tables or ear-splitting rants, so remember to breathe and think calming and happy thoughts while going through them, okay?

When People Treat Backseats Like Their Personal Hair Hangers

This one angers us on so many levels. Why would anyone think this is acceptable behavior? Even if we weren’t on a plane and they’re not blocking any screens, this is just plain rude to do to anybody. 

Image courtesy of WildestPotato/Reddit

There was this video that went viral of a girl who was fed up with this behavior that she just straight up started sticking bubble gum on the hair right in front of her. If it were us, we’d probably do the same thing, or we’d lock the hair in the seat tray. 

When People Make Isles Their Personal Chatting Grounds

Okay. We get it. You know each other. You are catching up. You are making plans. Sure, yeah, do all that, but can you please try and insert some basic human decorum into that and not block everybody’s way?

Image courtesy of ral365/Reddit

Just seeing them from a few isles away can already make us roll our eyes. What’s even more frustrating is if you say “excuse me” loudly (because it’s the only way to do it) or just force your way through them, you’re the jerk. 

When People Think One Seat Isn’t Enough For Their Attitude

We can never understand people who do this. Don’t they have basic human manners? Can they not feel the death glare from all the other passengers? Or do they just feel like acting like the main character of a teenage flick?

Image courtesy of olivia_200/Reddit

If it were us, we’re taking those seats no matter what. If it takes shoving their legs down or shoving our bags against them, we’d gladly do it. Sorry girls, but your feet belong on the floor and not on the seat, so deal with the consequences. 

When People Show Just How Sloppy They Are

Seriously, it’s not that hard to collect all your garbage on your tray and chuck it in a bin. It doesn’t take more than five minutes, and it’s not even the least bit tiring. So, it makes us wonder why people can’t even do the bare minimum in fast food places. 

Image courtesy of OnionScooper/Reddit

We know some people will reason out that people are paid to clear up that stuff, but that’s not the point. The point is being a decent human being and thinking of the next people who will be eating at your table and not just of yourself. 

When People Think They’re Too Good To Line Up Normally

This is one of the rudest things ever. You’re waiting in line, all the same, you’re all standing and tiring out your feet, and everyone is getting a little cranky in line, and yet some people have the nerve to think that they can just skip all that because they feel entitled. 

Image courtesy of MellOhCee/Reddit

In most places, someone trying to insert themselves into a queue this way would cause an uproar. It would be one of those rare instances where people actually come together for a common cause without the need for planning. 

When People Want To Share Their Music Tastes This Way

You can listen to all your weird teenage music all you want, and we wouldn’t judge, but it would be so much better if you didn’t involve the rest of the population who just wants to get somewhere in relative peace and quiet.

Image courtesy of H3110_everybody/Reddit

We will never understand people who do this. Have they never heard of earphones, earbuds, AirPods, or like, keeping the volume down? There is absolutely no logical reason to make everyone around you suffer from your personal music choices. 

When People Forget How To Simply Use Tape

Tape is a relatively simple thing to use. You just look for the end, peel it up, and cut or rip off the length you need. Even babies know how to do it. Apparently, though, this knowledge somehow didn’t stick for some people. 

Image courtesy of chillicheesefrog/Reddit

We’re appalled at whoever did this, but then again, we shouldn’t judge too early. Who knows? Maybe they mistakenly thought it was one of those rolled-up bubble gum things, or maybe they were simply executing revenge on their annoying coworker. 

When People Think Food Doesn’t Go To Waste

When we go to the grocery store, we like having a list of things to buy. That way, we know what to pick up and what we don’t need. It saves us time, and it also helps us stick to our budget. It also saves us from being this kind of jerk. 

Image courtesy of All_dex_no_flex/Reddit

We know that going to and fro from isle to isle can be quite tiring in the grocery store, but this is just so wasteful. It’s meat, for Pete’s sake. Meat rots, and when it does, there’s no turning back. Clearly, whoever left it there needs some extra food lessons and maybe extra classes on basic human decency. 

When People Make Themselves Too Comfy Everywhere

We know cafes and many dining areas do their best to make us feel nice and cozy and right at home, but that doesn’t mean we can literally act like we’re at home. There is something called public decency, and we don’t think putting our feet up on the table like this dude is it. 

Image courtesy of Kommando87/Reddit

It’s already bad enough that he put his feet up on the table like he’s right at home, but removing his shoes is just the ultimate dealbreaker. Sure, the dude has to get comfy, but what about the other people who want to be comfy as well. Will they be ok with their coffee and a view of feet?

When People Own The Stairs Like They Made It

Stairs are very convenient places to sit on. They’re comfortable enough, and you actually have enough space for your entire butt. When we do sit on stairs, there is that awareness, however, that we’re also sitting on a passageway. 

Image courtesy of Cowboie/Reddit

Some people, unfortunately, aren’t conscious enough of their environment that the minute they sit down, there’s just them and the comfort of their butts. It’s even worse if they act like you’re disturbing them from a crucial life meeting if you dare say “excuse me” to get an inch of space to put your foot. 

When People Wreck A Cake

There are so many unsatisfying things in life, like people straight up biting into KitKats, cutting triangles in the middle of pizzas, or in this case, people cutting up cake in the most diabolical way. We don’t even know whether we want to laugh or get angry with this one. 

Image courtesy of NoTick/Reddit

It’s so frustrating to look at, and we wouldn’t even know how to cut into it at that point. But at the same time, it’s just as amusing, especially if we’re on the side of the sadists. What a way to ruin a perfectly beautiful cake!

When People Park Like Idiots

This is just greedy and stupid. It’s already so easy to park properly when there are no other cars around, and yet someone really woke up that day and chose to be that kind of a jerk, thinking the whole parking lot belongs to him. 

Image courtesy of BenKenobi05/Reddit

Apparently, some people like doing this because they don’t want other cars getting too close to theirs, but you know what, that just doesn’t make sense. There’s a reason parking spaces were made the way they are, okay, so just learn to park properly, please. 

When People Force Their Ice Obsession On You

More often than not, we think the phrase “less ice, please” should really be replaced with “more of the drink, please.” Take this drink, for instance. That’s supposed to be coffee, but all we see is 90% ice and 10% coffee water. Does that thing even have flavor?

Image courtesy of FlaccidUncle_/Reddit

Every time a place does this, we feel scammed. Instead of paying for a refreshing drink, it’s like we’re paying for a few scoops of ice cubes. If that’s what they think is refreshing, they’re brutally mistaken because the only refreshing thing is our disdain for humanity. 

When People Won’t Get Out Of The Way

Honestly, we get why some people walk in the middle of parking lots like this. They could walk too close to a car and end up getting backed into, or they could encounter the crazy nut who doesn’t want anybody coming too close to their car. The annoying thing is when these people insist on walking in the middle even when there’s a car behind them. 

Image courtesy of FlaccidUncle_/Reddit

It doesn’t take too much effort to nudge your cart a little to the left or right for a few moments to let the car pass. Instead, they’ll look back and glare at you like they’re the queen or king of the road when clearly, they’re a big old nuisance. 

When People Can’t Pick Up After Themselves Like Children

In every gym, there are always those people who act like children. They pick up something, they play with that something, and then they just leave it wherever the heck they want once they’re done with it as this guy did. 

Image courtesy of HuskerDue/Reddit

It’s annoying and honestly makes us want to go full parent mode on them and teach them how to properly put those weights back after telling them off, but is it worth the effort? We’re a lot more tempted to use those weights to knock some sense in their heads.  

When People Run Away From Responsibility Any Way They Can

This picture doesn’t look as annoying as the others, right? Well, the backstory here is that somebody’s coworker decided that they didn’t want the tiny responsibility of having to fill the ice tray back up with water, so they just left it in this poor state.

Image courtesy of Canisteo99/Reddit

What in the world, right? Some people are really so afraid of cleaning up after themselves so much that they actually expect somebody else to do the job for them. How do these people even live at home? We don’t want to know. 

When People Just Can’t Finish Food Right

Normally, before you’d buy a new box or a new bottle of food, you’d first check if you’re out of that item or at least nearly out, right? And by nearly out, we mean like a few pieces or a few tablespoons left. Apparently, for some people, by nearly out, they mean half the bottle or container. 

Image courtesy of swigfusson/Reddit

This person’s parents seem to be obsessed with hoarding half-filled bottles of condiments. By the look of it, though, some of those aren’t even half gone. It’s like only a few teaspoons are missing. Why be so wasteful and make more clutter for themselves?

When People Decide To Just Hoard Seats

No matter where you are, it’s selfish to hoard seats, especially when there are many more people who might need those seats, like pregnant ladies and old weary people. There are many other ways you can stretch yourself or catch a quick nap as comfortably as possible without hoarding seats. 

Image courtesy of zarosen19/Reddit

We have to reserve judgment for this one, though, because it might be a simple accident. Sometimes, places like airports or terminals aren’t as full, and people do take the opportunity to stretch out and rest. But, when they wake up, the place is suddenly filled with people. Still, though, being aware of their environment would be nice. 

When People Get Too Excited On Sales They Lose All Human Decency

Yes, we get it. Sales are awesome. They’re one of the best things on Earth. You get the best deals for the best value. And yes, they can make people go a little cray-cray. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to throw out basic human decency every time one happens. 

Image courtesy of GeshaD/Reddit

We understand that it’s always a competition to get the best things first in every sale, but it’s easy enough to put an item back properly in its place. There is no need to dump them on the floor like garbage. Do you know how many hours and how hard retail employees have to work just to put all those back for people to mess them up all over again?

When People Think Trash Just Dumps Itself In The Garbage

It would be such a wonderful world if there were some kind of magnet or force that attracted trash to garbage cans, right? Imagine, we can just leave our trash anywhere, knowing it will end up in a garbage can. Sadly, we don’t live in that world, and some people don’t seem to realize that. 

Image courtesy of tasteslikechaos/Reddit

Seriously, malls, of all places, have garbage cans at almost every corner. You don’t even have to look that hard. Those cups aren’t even that heavy to carry over a couple of steps. If only there were human trash cans as well for these kinds of people, jeez. 

When It’s More About The Learning And Less About The Seeing

Some teachers are really particular about clean blackboards. They’d even have students help them make sure that there isn’t a speck of dust on there before they start scribbling on it. However, other teachers seem to forget that students need to see what they’re writing to learn about it. 

Image courtesy of Nemo4200/Reddit

To be fair, though, people’s minds work in different ways. There are some people out there who just have to get all the information out of their systems and can’t be distracted to do anything else. This teacher might be an example of that kind of person. 

When People Fail Avocados

Avocados have become such a staple in our lives, whether on our toast or guac, that we assume, everybody knows how to handle them. After all, there’s nothing complicated about it. You cut it, take the seed out, and do whatever you want. We’re wrong, though. 

Image courtesy of IamAdogHi/Reddit

Apparently, there is one dad out there who doesn’t know what in the world a seed is. We definitely won’t be asking him to prepare our toast, but may we know where he got his knife? That is one sharp bugger, and we’d love to have one (not for avocados, of course). 

When People Think Everybody Gets Into Their Car Like An Action Movie

It’s exciting to watch action movie stars get into cars in cool ways like somersaulting through windows or kicking themselves in through the back, but that’s just them. We’d rather not do those things in real life. As it seems, that’s exactly what some people want us to do. 

Image courtesy of ambitiousshark/Reddit

See, parking lots aren’t just made to be wide empty spaces where you can just dump your cars. Every inch of space is accounted for, hence the white lines. Are these people just blind to those lines, or are they just really bad parkers?

When People Think Carts Just Put Themselves Back In Line

It’s a sad fact, but this is a sight too often seen in almost every grocery parking lot. No matter what you do, there is always that one stray cart left behind by that lazy shopper who thinks they’re too good to walk the extra 30 steps to put it back. 

Image courtesy of Dirty_US/Reddit

This is just the ultimate display of laziness and lack of social responsibility for us. These people already walked the half-mile or so of the parking lot to get to their car, and they can’t even afford the measly 30 feet left to put back the cart? Ridiculous. 

When People Want To Be The Beacon Of Hatred

Interrupting someone’s time to sleep and rest in planes should be a crime. You already have to deal with cramped seats, sore butts, awkward positions, and the snoring of your seatmate, but just imagine when someone comes along and turns this on. 

Image courtesy of deadraibead39/Reddit

It seems as if this guy was either desperate not to get lost in the dark or just wanted to be a beacon in the sky for aliens to find. Either way, people would definitely hate him for it. We feel awful for his seatmates and the people closest to him. Those are some mighty LED lights. 

When People Just Love Ironies

This scene is a normal sight every day in subways, parks, and any other public spaces. What makes this one so ironic was that the poster’s friend saw this during a climate strike. So much for saving the Earth, huh?

Image courtesy of brian1706/Reddit

Greta Thunberg would be so disappointed if she saw this scene. Here they are screaming at other people to save the Earth, but they’re doing the exact opposite of what they preach. Walk the talk, honey, and while you’re at it, take your trash with you. 

When Dumb People Try To Act Smart

Facebook Marketplace can be a pretty tricky thing to navigate especially if you’re new to the online selling scene. Trust us, you’ll need your wits, but more importantly, your patience, especially since you’ll have to deal with people like this. 

Image courtesy of LeDisagreeButton/Reddit

We could never understand people like this. It’s like common sense drops by to say hello so we can give it some gratitude every time we see something like this. Can they just go waste their time by themselves, please?

When People Lose All Sense Of Equal Proportion 

Calling any other perfectionist out there! Are you as bothered by this as we are because right now, we’re definitely gritting our teeth in frustration. To lay out the backstory, this person asked the lady at the sandwich counter to cut his sandwich in half, and he did get his wish but not in the way we were all expecting. 

Image courtesy of nglister/Reddit

As frustrating as it is for us to see this, we can’t really take it all out on the lady who cut the sandwich. After all, did they say to cut it into three equal pieces? Probably not, so she technically had free reign, unfortunately. 

When People Just Love Taunting Their Moms

This picture is already giving us anxiety just by looking at it. Just imagine if you were the unfortunate soul who discovers the monstrous way these pots, pans, and lids were stacked by finding them all crashing to the floor as you open the cabinet doors. 

Image courtesy of alexvmh/Reddit

If our mom found us stacking these like this, we’d not only get an earful and maybe a month of grounding no matter our age, but she’d probably rip out every little thing we did wrong as she breathes down our neck guarding us the next time she makes us fix the dishes. 

When People Leave Their Sloppy Attitudes Behind

See, this is exactly one of the biggest reasons a lot of people don’t want to work in retail. It’s not even the low pay or the unemployment benefits. It’s just the awful customers who think they have the right to do things like this. 

Image courtesy of Lady_Deadpool/Reddit

We really can’t believe how many people act like they own the place in every store they go to. They just try on things and throw them back into the rack or dump them on the floor, knowing that someone would have to suffer putting them all back for them—the nerve of these people. 

When People Redefine Functional Desktops

How your desktop looks is your personal preference, and we know we shouldn’t be telling people how to go about their business, but we can’t just let this go unnoticed. How can they even function with that?

Image courtesy of Iamthevengence/Reddit

It hurts our eyes and our brains just looking at it. And we bet any person tasked with cleaning it up would be trying to get as far away from it as possible. If it were us, we’d just burn it down to get it over with, but it looks like it’s on the way on its own anyway.  

When Pawn Shops Think This Is Ok

Most photographers will be wringing their hands in frustration, anger, agony, or all three if they see this. See, camera lenses have a special coating on them, and they scratch extremely easily, so when people put price stickers on them, there is just no way they’re coming off without leaving something behind. 

Image courtesy of JugglerNorbi/Reddit

This doesn’t seem right and an absolute cheat on the part of the store owner. Anyone who buys this might still end up having to replace their lens, which is a lot more costly than what they’d bargained for. 

When People Haven’t Heard of Proper Packing

It’s common sense, isn’t it? When you’re packing breakable things, you make sure they don’t break by wrapping them in bubble wrap, cloth, multiple tight boxes, or even clothes. As it seems, someone missed the memo big time by not using anything. 

Image courtesy of philthyphanatic/Reddit

These plates aren’t just any normal plates, either. They’re fancy heirloom pre-WWII dishware. The baffling thing is that a “friend sent them over.” Now, we don’t want to judge, but it’s either they’re just really missing some common sense, or there might be a little bit of sabotage involved. 

When People Get Too Aggressive With Their Oral Hygiene

Toothpaste isn’t a delicate thing, but they aren’t meant to be pounded on every time just to get something out. They just need a gentle squeeze. As it seems, a couple of parents forgot to teach that part to their 10-year-old kid. 

Image courtesy of Justcallmeaunty/Reddit

This monstrosity was found by a friend staying over and need to use the 10-year-old’s bathroom. She was so shocked she had to document it. If that doesn’t signal future sloppiness and future waiting-for-others-to-do-the-job-for-you attitude, we don’t know what else does. 

When People Forget That People Don’t All Have Telescopic Eyes

This is just horrendous for both the audience and the presenters. On the one hand, you get an audience squinting their eyes to their limit just to get a glimpse of what in the world is on the screen, and the other, you have a bunch of presenters who are probably sweating their butts off knowing that their audience is slowly getting more and more frustrated by the minute. 

Image courtesy of Gusti25/Reddit

Most cases like this are still pretty understandable, though. Some venues may promise that every piece of equipment will be provided, but then presenters arrive to see nothing, or the equipment can malfunction at the very last moment. Either way, it’s up to the people on the stage to make it work for everybody. 

When People Act Like Window Seats Are Cursed 

We love windows seats. Even if we’ve seen the view a million times or even if there isn’t even much of a view to look at, window seats help you avoid that awkwardness of having to look at other people. That’s why we’re wondering what in the world is wrong with these people. 

Image courtesy of Yaminichi/Reddit

Sure, we get that people have seat preferences and that aisle seats are easier to get up from, but why block the precious window seats? It just looks like you’re hogging the entire seat. Plus, not everyone would actually be brave enough to ask you to stand up just so they could squiggle next to you, so maybe just look like you’re willing to do that if you’re going to sit this way, okay?

When People’s Phone Are On Their Way To Dying

Okay, we’re going to reserve a little bit of judgment on this one because, honestly, our phones also look like this half of the time. As much as the perfectionist in us wants to keep our phone screens clear, this just happens and not because we want it to. 

Image courtesy of mt80/Reddit

Sometimes, there are just emails you’ll want to ignore and pesky updates you don’t really have to pay attention to. And other times, we just don’t have the energy to clear this all up. Basically, sometimes, we just let our phones feel the stress of our everyday lives like this because we don’t have enough cares to give. 

When People Are Allergic To That Last Bit Of Their Drinks

We’ve all been guilty of bottle hoarding at one point, right? We take a bottle of whatever to our rooms or to our office space and neglect to throw them out at the end of the day until we create our own mini collection of bottles. 

Image courtesy of 420minglee/Reddit

This person, in particular, had an affinity for collecting coca-cola bottles and cans and not because they just like the red color. It’s because they just don’t finish the last sip every time. We get it, but those are just too many cans and bottles. 

When People Forget Medicine Etiquette

This is harmless, and it doesn’t even cause as much of an inconvenience as other things on this list, but why is it so frustrating? Why can’t the person who asked for some of those pills have gotten one like a normal person?

Image courtesy of WEIGHED/Reddit

There is literally one last pill right there for the taking, and yet they still chose to dive into the middle of the pack. Now, the whole pill-taking sequence is ruined, and whoever owns it must constantly stare at that gap until they finally clear that middle section. 

When People Think Every Drawer Is A Junk Drawer

There is always that one drawer in every home that just has no hope of ever staying organized. It may be the tools drawer, the office supplies drawer, or simply the junk drawer. Rarely is it ever the silverware drawer, though, but this person begs to differ. 

Image courtesy of Punksquirrel/Reddit

We’d be so afraid to grab even just a spoon because of one wrong turn, and we could actually end up stabbing our fingers with a fork or a knife. And guess what would make this drawer look a lot worse? Blood. So no, thank you. 

When People Don’t Know How To Eat Pizza

Remember the sadistic cake cutting a while back? Well, this might be worse. At least for the cake, it might have been a prank or a simple joke the whole office pulled. For this one, though, it’s a deliberate and conscious act. 

Image courtesy of novoivittu/Reddit

Apparently, this poster’s grandma eats pizza like this. We understand that she might not like crust, but why, oh, why does she just have to eat it that way? And has anybody noticed how she’s holding that knife like a pen? Oh, granny, we know you’ve lived through so much nonsense already, but why?

When People Make You Want To Give Up Hope On The Future

This is one of the most common things we see all around cities, no matter the place, whether it’s a school, the subway, or any other building, and it is one of the saddest scenes witnessed. It’s such a simple crime, yet it is exactly what makes us lose a tiny bit more hope in humanity. 

Image courtesy of Hungrypancake/Reddit

Everyone knows that littering or leaving your garbage behind isn’t nice. Sadly, some people are just jerks. They don’t care whether anyone will come to clean it up or not as long as they get it off their hands. To anyone who does that, we sincerely hope you step on legos.