Anti-Aging Foods To Incorporate In Your Diet

By Anthony K

As you age, a good diet can offer various benefits, including enhancing your energy levels, improving your mental sharpness, and increasing your body’s resistance to illnesses. Below are some of the anti-aging foods that will offer you these benefits and offer a glow that comes from within.

Red bell pepper

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Red bell pepper contains antioxidants that are known to fight aging. They have a high vitamin C content which aids in the production of collagen. Specifically, the antioxidants in red bell peppers are called carotenoids. They are pigments of plants responsible for the orange, red and yellow colors that most vegetables and fruits have. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties that offer skin protection from damage caused by the sun, environmental toxins, and pollution.


This is a hydrating leafy green vegetable that is rich in nutrients, including:

This hydrating leafy vegetable acts as an antiseptic for the skin, increasing the delivery and circulation of minerals to body cells, ensuring the skin is oxygenated. Watercress is rich in Vitamin A and C and antioxidants, which help neutralize free radicals helping keep wrinkles and lines at bay.


Spinach is a leafy and green vegetable rich in antioxidants that help replenish and oxygenate the body.

It is also a good source of:

With a high content of Vitamin, C spinach enhances collagen production, which helps keep the skin smooth and firm. On the other hand, Vitamin K help lessens the inflammation of cells, while Vitamin A  helps promote shiny, strong hair.


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 This is an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory powerhouse that is an excellent source of:

Vitamin C is essential to the body as it helps produce collagen, the protein responsible for offering skin elasticity and strength.

By including the foods above into your diet, you can maintain glowing skin free of aging signs.