Aphasia: What You Need To Know About The Language Disorder

By Peter C

Some people find it difficult to communicate effectively; they have trouble understanding spoken and written language. In most cases, the main culprit is a condition known as Aphasia.

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What is Aphasia

Aphasia is a language disorder that affects the ability of an individual to speak or understand what other people say. This usually happens when there is damage to the left hemisphere of the brain. Depending on the severity of this condition, it can lead to a partial or total loss of language skills.

It can impair all aspects of communication and cause an individual to struggle with language comprehension, speech fluency, and the ability to read. If you have trouble retrieving simple information such as the names of familiar objects, or you cannot form sentences to keep a conversation going like you used to, you should start suspecting Aphasia.

Aphasia has become a serious health condition in our society today, with about 2 million people living with the condition in the United States. It is a serious condition because it can affect the ability to socialize, thereby causing social isolation and other mental problems like depression.

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Causes of Aphasia

Aphasia is caused when there is damage to the part of the brain responsible for language processing. It is often a common problem in people with stroke, a head injury, or a brain tumor. At times, Aphasia is caused when a disease is causing progressive, permanent damage to the brain.

Is Aphasia Curable

As of now, there is no known cure for this language disorder. However, since there are different causes of Aphasia, the most effective way is to treat the actual cause. You can get this treatment only by visiting your doctor.