Cosmically Cool Astrology Memes That Both Skeptics And Believers Are Destined To Enjoy

By Larissa C

It often feels like being into astrology is something you are born with. It’s kind of unusual for someone who doesn’t believe in horoscopes to start checking it daily. There’s a lot of beef between astrology lovers and haters, but the truth is that both groups have something in common, even if they don’t realize it. Both types of people have no qualms about making fun of astrology. There are tons of memes aimed at the people who love reading the stars and countless more that take a jab at the non-believers. We have compiled some of the most hilarious memes you’ll find on the internet in this article. Here are the 45 funniest astrology memes that every star sign enthusiast should see!

This or that?

If you don’t know much about star signs, it will help you to know that each sign has its main traits. For instance, Virgos tend to be intelligent and perfectionist people. Scorpios are known for having a temper. Geminis have multiple personalities.

Image courtesy of leonamoonastrology/Instagram

Now, if you are a Libra, you may want to know that being indecisive is a classic characteristic of this star sign. Some excellent traits are thrown in the mix, but the stars decided making decisions is not your forte. 

Now that’s love!

It is not a secret that astrology is one of those things that you either love or hate. For the people who love it, there’s nothing more fascinating than creating birth charts for the people they already know and for the people they’ve just met. 

Image courtesy of ihatethiskid/Twitter

If you’re the disinterested type, maybe you have been in the same situation as this person. Liking someone who’s into astrology means that you’ll have to get into it one way or another. If you don’t want to learn about it, just give them your birth info and let them get their work done!

What? Of course not!

While we’re on the topic of dating people who diligently read their horoscopes, it’s time to talk about the other side of this story. If you are dating someone who doesn’t like or believe in astrology, you may feel you have to hide this part of yourself.

Image courtesy of deadsecretary/Reddit

Maybe pretending is okay on the first date, but you should probably tell the other person the truth as soon as you can. After all, will you hide your interest in star signs for the duration of your relationship? If you can keep it a secret, we bet you’re a Scorpio then!

That’s all you, baby girl!

Look, it is not wrong to like astrology. If you decide to learn about star signs without prejudice, you’ll see that it’s pretty interesting to delve into. But, like everything else in life, there should also be a limit on how much you let it affect your life.

Image courtesy of HermittheFrog3/Twitter

Creating birth charts and knowing a lot about different signs is all fun and games until you let it become your entire personality. We’re sad to inform you that if you have a temper and mistreat people, it’s not because of your star sign.

What have I done?

Mercury retrograde is easily one of the most dreaded times for those horoscope hounds. When that one planet starts moving slower than usual, you’d better run for the hills! You have no idea why we’re saying that? We’ll break it down for you.

Image courtesy of memezzer/Reddit

When Mercury retrograde comes around, everything seems to stop functioning correctly. Your phone may start having many issues, your luck may go down the drain, and you may begin having an awful time at work. Oh, and you may also feel strongly compelled to contact your ex and drastically change your hair during this time!

Wow, that’s totally me!

For those naysayers, if you feel like making fun of your friends who firmly believe their star signs guide them, you could send them this next meme. It’s an amusing one, and it’s not offensive, which means that it is perfect.

Image courtesy of

We are not trying to judge the people who like astrology and always read horoscopes. But we have to admit that they do believe in everything their horoscope tells them — even though sometimes they say the most obvious things!

Okay, fair enough.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the world would be like if general society started taking astrology seriously? As in, what if we could incorporate astrology into laws? It would be hilarious to see lawyers trying to justify things based on start signs and seasons.

Image courtesy of InternetHippo/Twitter

Scorpio is an intense sign, they say. Scorpio season is especially rough. While people don’t necessarily do bad things during this season (it’s primarily focused on deepening your bonds with other people), it would suffice to say that this would be the perfect defense if astrology had credibility in court!

Oh, thank you!

Human beings are fickle and easy to please. If someone says something you don’t like, you might automatically stop liking this person. But if they tell you precisely what you want to hear, you’ll love them and will always want to keep this person around.

Image courtesy of horton_hears_a_twerker/Instagram

When it comes to astrology, it’s no different. We might say that we don’t believe in star signs or that planets affect our behavior and energy. But when we read a horoscope that says something nice about us, we totally believe it!

Yeah, nothing to celebrate here!

If you are interested in astrology, you probably already know that Geminis don’t have the best reputation. It’s not unusual to see Gemini slander on the internet, and there’s a “reason” for it. This star sign is known for being gossipy and also a liar.

Image courtesy of astrologyisgay/Tumblr

Sure, not all Geminis are the same — we’re all different, after all. But if you’re really into the zodiac, you probably wouldn’t be celebrating that your kid is a Gemini. Though we have to say that we like the idea of throwing star sign parties instead of gender reveal parties!

We see what you did there.

Continuing on the topic of Gemini slander, there is just so much that we could say about this star sign that we better control ourselves. To give you a bit of context: the word “Gemini” means “twins” in Latin, which explains a lot about this star sign.

Image courtesy of communistbakery/Tumblr

Did you get that joke straight away? This person doesn’t actually have three different parents. They have a father and a mother, but their mother is a Gemini — and Geminis are known for being two-faced people! The designated image for this group is a set of twins.

Who cares, anyway?

Being an adult is not an easy task, and it is not unusual for us to feel like something is missing. Most people try to fill this “void” with the things they like, such as exercising, partying, or maybe learning more about astrology.

Image courtesy of

Astrology is like a tiny bandaid covering a colossal wound for some, and they know that. But that doesn’t mean that they will stop obsessing over astrology. Like this meme, all the messages they get won’t stop them because they choose to ignore them all!

That’s the perfect description.

If we had to choose a picture that perfectly describes the different star signs, we would certainly pick the image we are about to show you. Never before have we seen astrology so accurately represented as in this concise image:

Image courtesy of

These adorable cats are perfectly representing each zodiac element. Fire signs are chaotic, just like that cat. Air signs are free-spirited and friendly. Earth signs are usually down to Earth (pun intended), and water signs are emotional like that adorable kitten!

Now that’s what we call bad luck!

Each star sign has a bunch of different traits, but it is your entire birth chart that will determine how you are as a person. Well, it will determine your behavior and personality as long as you actually believe it.

Image courtesy of

As we said before, Geminis are often perceived as two-faced, but they’re also always (apparently) in a hurry. Libras are kind of similar in the sense that they’re good liars, but their stereotypical characteristic is that Libras just don’t care about other people. Now you know why the meme above is hilarious!

No other date formats, please.

It’s not a secret that every astrology enthusiast is all about numbers and dates (even though they are not all math whizzes). In fact, they’re so hung up on dates that they may even mistake the different meanings of the word!

Image courtesy of madisoncentreLA/Y2SHAF/Twitter

Instead of thinking about dinner and a romantic night out with someone, astrology lovers immediately associate the word “date” with birth dates. Well, we don’t blame them — after all, they tend to check people’s birth charts as if their lives depended on it!

Okay, Debbie Downer!

We’re constantly joking about people who like astrology, but when will we also make jokes about those who don’t like it? Those people are also quite vocal about their disdain for the subject, almost as intensely vocal as those who enjoy horoscopes and star signs.

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

The people who don’t believe in star signs and horoscopes are as annoying as the astrology lovers that they judge. We mean, why not just let people have fun the way they want to have? There’s no harm in simply answering when someone asks your sign!

I’m you…but better!

If you have only just begun getting into astrology, you have to remember that there’s a lot of beef within this community. Not only do horoscope lovers have to argue and defend it to people who don’t believe in astrology, but they also have a feud with other astrologists!

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Turns out that the people who know how to work a birth chart often feel superior to those who are okay with simply reading their horoscope. While we admit that being able to read and even create a birth chart is quite a talent, there are so many people hating astrology already — horoscope enthusiasts should try and stick together!

Make it make sense!

Remember how we said that fire signs are chaotic? That’s because some words that describe this element are powerful, temperamental, passionate, and many other strong adjectives. On the other hand, water signs are pretty emotional, and some would even say psychic.

Image courtesy of WiredHoney/cosmikodyssey/Twitter

Looking at the characteristics of water signs, you would never guess that Scorpio is one of them, right? This sign is known for being hot-headed, but it is not one of the fire signs. It makes a lot of sense that others in this group would be confused about whether or not Scorpio is one of them!

In that case…

If you are dating someone who is into astrology and you want to make them happy, we may or may not know a sure-fire way of doing so. All you have to do is give them your birth date and time, and they’ll be over the moon!

Image courtesy of xMidnightMelancholy/

This meme may seem a bit extra, but we promise that there’s not an ounce of falsehood in it. Girls who like astrology are usually compared to witches, and so you can expect to have a witch knocking on your door the minute you promise to give her your birth time!

How do you know me so well?

No matter how much we may criticize astrology and everything related to it, the truth is that most people find it fascinating. It truly is mind-blowing to think that the universe can affect us in such a way, especially considering how horoscopes usually get things right about most of us.

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Even if you say you don’t like or don’t believe in astrology, we bet that you must have stopped once or twice to read an article or thread that related everyday things to zodiac signs. If you haven’t, you probably should — it’s quite fun!

We’ll prove you wrong!

If you don’t know this yet, astrology doesn’t just describe the different personalities of the star signs. It also lets you know whether your sign is compatible with another one or whether two signs don’t just match in the romantic sense of the word. 

Image courtesy of The_2ndLaw/Reddit

If you are dating someone who is really into astrology, you better hope that your zodiac signs match. If they aren’t, chances are this person will end things between you. Or you could try to convince them to challenge the horoscope and rewrite the stars!

It makes sense now.

For most adults, some days are bright and happy, but some days are downright awful. If you believe in astrology, you know very well that this happens because of the movement of the planets and stars and how they are currently aligned.

Image courtesy of ScorpioMoon8/Imgur

Don’t believe us? Then check your horoscope on the days you feel awful and that things aren’t going very well. We bet you will find something there that will perfectly explain what is going on in your life! Like we said, you always can if you’re looking for it.

Choose your own fate!

Look, it is okay to enjoy astrology and to believe in your horoscope — but you have to establish certain limits to this belief. We mean, you can’t exactly let your star sign dictate how your life should be and how you should behave.

Image courtesy of TheCykaNeverStops/

Lots of people actually stop dating because their significant other’s star sign doesn’t match theirs, and that’s a bit too much. So, our advice for you is to believe in your horoscope all you want, but you can choose your destiny! 

Thanks for the help, guys.

In case you’ve only just started learning more about this subject, you should know that when people ask for your birth date and time, it’s because they want to create your birth chart. Your birth chart shows not only your star sign but also your moon, sun, and rising sign.

Image courtesy of jakeastrology/Twitter

If you are having a bad couple of days (or maybe even a bad year), perhaps your moon, sun, and rising sign are responsible for it. These three have no restraints when it comes to messing up our lives, and they don’t even try to hide it. 

Yeah, that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

If you stop to think about it, it is actually quite easy to blame the different planets of our little solar system for our problems. After all, they can do nothing if we accuse them of directly interfering in our lives, right?

Image courtesy of chandra-nalaar/slimetony/Tumblr/

However, sometimes we just have to admit that we (and our environment) are the only ones to blame for the stuff in our lives. Are you feeling too many feelings lately? We are sad to inform you that it’s all on you, babe!

Okay, I’ll do it!

If you have just started dating someone and want to make sure that your relationship will work and be a long-lasting one, you just have to see your significant other’s birth chart. What if you guys are not “astrologically” incompatible?

Image courtesy of cancermajesty/Instagram

Do whatever it takes to find out their birth time! If you have to make them call their mother in the middle of the night to get that information, do it. We’re just kidding! Though it would be entertaining to see your bae calling their mom just to ask what time they were born, wouldn’t it?

That’s a Gemini problem, for sure.

Remember the stuff we said about Geminis? We mentioned how they are known for maintaining different sides to their personalities. While this may work most of the time, there’s a situation in which Geminis would have a lot of trouble.

Image courtesy of soap_14/Reddit

For each group of friends, a Gemini has a specific personality. Now, if they were to bring together their different groups of friends, a Gemini would have a pretty hard time keeping up with their characters. It will probably look like a scene straight out of that Split movie if this ever happens to you!

Why do this to yourself, though?

Earlier in this article, we mentioned how water signs are known for being emotional. Cancer is one of those signs; thus, it’s safe to say that they’re quite passionate people. While Capricorn isn’t a water sign, Capricorns can be quite sensitive (even if they hide it most of the time).

Image courtesy of memethezodiac/Instagram

Even if they are not hurting for any particular reason at the moment, Cancers and Capricorns seem to enjoy all the drama that comes with suffering. The people from these signs will even listen to sad songs just to feel upset!

That’s the true essence of Scorpios.

Scorpio may be a temperamental sign, but it is not a fire sign. This means that, in spite of their temper, Scorpios are not as impulsive when it comes to making decisions in life. While this is kind of a good thing, it’s also kind of a bad thing.

Image courtesy of champagneastrology/Instagram

It’s a bad thing that Scorpios are hot-headed but not impulsive because it means that they’d rather spend years plotting revenge and watching said revenge slowly unraveling. In other words, you do not want to get on a Scorpio’s bad side!

Bye, Felicia!

Finding your soulmate is not an easy task, especially when relationships can be so fragile and volatile. Maybe that is why some people rely on natal charts and zodiac signs to check if they’re a real match with their significant others.

Image courtesy of bimvibin/Twitter

Perhaps checking someone’s birth chart before allowing your relationship to become serious is a clever way of saving yourself the heartbreak. We would also like to point out that taking risks pays off sometimes, and the love of your life could be completely incompatible with your zodiac sign!

Don’t be shy!

Hating on astrology is just as trendy as being into astrology, but maybe it’s time to end this trend. Unless a horoscope enthusiast is directly affecting your life in a bad way, there should be no reason to hate so much on something so harmless, right?

Image courtesy of upvotemypics/Imgur

And we also have a piece of advice for the people who like astrology: if someone tells you they don’t believe in zodiac signs, don’t go all crazy on them. Be as chill as Matthew McConaughey and tell them that they’d be a lot cooler if they at least tried to get into it!

Well, we got to have something in common, right?

Hanging out with people from high school is a rare thing. It is quite unusual for people to maintain the bonds that they formed in high school, especially because most people separate and move to different places for college or work.

Image courtesy of leoaqualibravibes/Instagram

We bet if we ask you to stop and think about this, you’ll realize that you barely have anything in common with the people from your high school any longer. Hence why it’s not surprising that most people would rather add strangers that share their interests on social media rather than adding the people they once knew!

Sorry for being like this?

Sagittarius is one of the fire signs, and that means that they can be rather hot-headed sometimes. In addition to that, Sagittariuses value nothing more than being free to do as they please. Mix those two traits, and you’ll have someone who’d rather stay single.

Image courtesy of

Being single means staying free and not having to deal with someone else’s problems. For a Sagittarius, this is perfection. And they have no regrets after they end every single relationship just so they can be free for a little longer!

Isn’t everyone like this?

Air signs share a trait in common, which is the fact that they like to be around other people, but they also enjoy being alone. And that’s exactly how Aquariuses are. People may even be confused by their behavior, as we’ll explain below.

Image courtesy of la_passionate/Instagram

It’s confusing to think that someone who is considered a social butterfly doesn’t even want to reply to a text message from time to time. But that’s just how Aquariuses are built. One minute they’re the most friendly people ever, and then the next they just want to be alone!

That’s just how it is.

Celebrities love the attention that they get, and so do Leos. It’s no wonder that many celebrities, from J-Lo to Cara Delevingne, are Leos. One of the strongest traits of this star sign is that people are not only confident, but they also love being the center of everyone’s attention.

Image courtesy of Mutual Reception Astrology/Instagram

This Tinkerbell meme has been around for a while, but we all have to admit that it fits this sign perfectly. As a matter of fact, if we had to guess Tinkerbell’s star sign, we would say that she is, for sure, a Leo!

Which Capricorn hurt you, girl?

Look, every single star sign has both its positive and negative traits. There is no escaping this truth. No one is perfect, which could be because of the negative traits we inherit from our signs. But that doesn’t mean that we should be judged based on those traits!

Image courtesy of cutiestagram/Tumblr and dianageorge012/Twitter

So what if Capricorns tend to be demanding, brutal, impulsive, stubborn, manipulative, and non-forgiving people? Every star sign has some pretty awful traits, but that doesn’t mean that all Scorpios suck. Just because a Capricorn betrayed and hurt you, it doesn’t mean that you should hate all Capricorns!

That ain’t it, babe.

As we just said, nobody is perfect. It is entirely normal to have flaws, but what sets us apart is that some of us own up to those flaws while others try to deflect them. If you are a hot-headed person or if you’re too emotional for your own good, that’s all on you.

Image courtesy of TheChemicalSophie/Reddit

Believing in astrology is perfectly normal, but using it to justify every single thing that you do or say is just not cool. We assure you that everyone would understand if you simply said that you’re not feeling like yourself for whatever reason!

Stop it now!

If you don’t like astrology, we are sure that you don’t want to hear about it anywhere you go, especially at home. Now, imagine if your neighbor was talking (rather loudly) about horoscope and star signs, and you could hear them from your living room?

Image courtesy of

We bet that you would jump through the floor just to get them to stop talking about astrology! But also, if you’re so adamant about hating horoscope, we would say that you’re probably a Capricorn — sorry to inform you!

Oh, so that’s why…

We know we said that astrology should not define who you are or how you behave, but sometimes we can’t help but believe that maybe, just maybe, someone is acting a certain way due to their horoscope. Wishful thinking, right?

Image courtesy of Koldunov/Shutterstock

Maybe that annoying person from your job is that annoying because they’re a Pisces or an Aries. Or maybe your boss is so short-tempered because they’re a Scorpio. Or perhaps that person you were dating ghosted you because their moon, sun, and rising sign made them do it!

Yeah, nobody asked, Susan!

One of the most human impulses is the desire to talk about what we are interested in. It’s exciting and refreshing to have people who share our interests because we get to chat about many things, and that includes astrology.

Image courtesy of

However, we have read that the debate on this topic is fierce. Sometimes, even our immediate family and closest friends hate the fact that we’re so hung up on astrology and horoscope. Does that mean that we’re going to stop pestering them with it? Not at all!

I see no lies!

If you know any Virgos or are a Virgo yourself, you know very well the traits that belong to this star sign. Perfectionist, methodical, hard-working, and reliable — those are all adjectives that can describe a Virgo, but this sign is not all roses.

Image courtesy of nightfury41v/Reddit

The truth is that, even if they don’t always show this side to other people, Virgos are stressed and tense a lot of the time, mostly because they are so keen on being the best at everything. They just can’t let anything pass unnoticed and get even more stressed when trying to fix whatever’s stressing them!

That would make for a great team, honestly.

If the world functioned based on astrology, tweets like this next one would be more common than you can imagine. Though it is kind of hard to tell whether an astrology-based division of society would be a good thing, it’s certainly interesting to think about.

Image courtesy of orfray/Twitter

1) Cancers are known for being calm and diligent; 2) Virgos are hard-working people, and 3) Scorpios are determined and brave. That would make a great medical staff! On the other hand, Sagittariuses can be impatient, Aries can be insensitive, and Aquariuses can be pessimistic and lack empathy. So yes, keep us away from that hospital!

Calling everyone in my life to apologize right now!

Have you ever wondered why you’re such an impulsive person? Or maybe why you are more emotional than the other people in your life? Maybe you can find an answer to all your problems if you read your birth chart!

Image courtesy of b**ch.rising/Instagram

Your birth chart will literally show you everything you need to know about yourself. Even if you don’t actually believe in astrology, you’ll be shocked to see your psychological profile before you. Perhaps you’ll even want to call some people to apologize and explain that you were so selfish because your sun is in Capricorn!

Well, it kind of makes sense.

The prefix “astro-” is related to celestial objects and things from outer space. Hence why every word starting with this prefix, such as astronaut and astronomy, is related to things from outside of our beloved planet. And yes, that includes astrology.

Image courtesy of justgain/Reddit

Have you ever wondered why people take astronomy and astrophysics seriously but wouldn’t react the same toward astrology if their life depended on it? Well, we have to admit that the other “astro-” words are legitimate fields of science, while astrology certainly isn’t.

It’s part of your essence, honey.

If you like astrology and you just started dating someone new, it is only natural that you will want to get to analyzing that birth chart. While you shouldn’t let it dictate if you should or shouldn’t end that relationship, there’s no harm in checking what the other person is all about.

Image courtesy of stockfour/Shutterstock

To have your Mercury in Capricorn means that you are a practical person with no time for “make-believe” stuff, which includes astrology. And that’s why it is fun to read your significant other’s birth chart — this way, you’ll already know what to expect when you talk to them about star signs and stuff!

For the skeptics

Once again, this is for you skeptics out there. We have all seen a horoscope or two in our lives, even if we don’t seek them out or care about them. Let’s just admit that right here without judgment, okay? Great.

Image courtesy of allthisforacamaro/Imgur

Sometimes, the reason we never go back to that blasted horoscope site is that we saw something that got us in the feel and we were not into it. We admit it doesn’t feel good when something we don’t believe in has us pegged.