Autocorrect to Autocringe: 45 Autocorrect Fails That Can Fix A Bad Day

By Liezel L

We all know it. Autocorrect can be a major pain in the backside. It does check your writing and make sure you avoid any embarrassing spelling mistakes, but other times, it does an even better job at embarrassing you than you ever could. Do you know what it feels like to completely humiliate yourself at work, or anywhere else, when you just meant to send a simple, or even formal, message? Have you ever accidentally sent an inappropriate message to your mom? Yep, that’s what autocorrect does. We don’t even know how in the world “chivalry” becomes “chocolate,” or “pandemic” to “panda mix,” but one thing’s for sure, we can never trust autocorrect. Just take a look at these poor guys who have been the victim of autocorrect. More like auto-incorrect, right?


Sometimes, autocorrect can be a little funny, or even hilarious. You can just laugh and shrug it off. Other times though, it can be downright brutal and yes, it can hurt feelings, too. We definitely feel for this dad right here.  

image courtesy of CollegeDadBods/ Instagram and daddydoubts/ Twitter

What’s worse about these types of situations is that you’ll never know when autocorrect will strike, and you’ll never know if you’re emotionally stable enough to handle it when it does. The baseline though is that autocorrect needs to learn some manners, or at least a little bit of restraint.

When Autocorrect Can Tell

You know that feeling when you seemingly receive a sign from the universe of something that’s going to happen to you? Well, this guy seems to have gotten it, and from autocorrect of all things. This feature is more than troubling.

image courtesy of XplodingUnicorn/ Twitter

Apparently, autocorrect is as good a fortune teller as it is in failing at its job. Or maybe it’s just sending this guy a morbidly positive message. Autocorrect does get some things super wrong, so maybe there is nothing too deep in it.

Autocorrect Speaks The Truth

For some people, it’s easier to do errands on their own because when they leave it in the hands of others, it just doesn’t work out just as well. And it seems autocorrect agrees with them about that. It knows what’s up.

image courtesy of baybouf and Manda_like_wine/ Twitter

If we’re going to be honest, we’re also standing in solidarity with autocorrect on this one. Some things like buying this and that are so simple to do, yet some people still seem to have the knack to mess that up one way or another. So yes, preach it, autocorrect!

Pretty Understanding

Having more than one kid running around the house is already a handful, but just imagine when both kids woke up on the wrong side of the toddler bed. That is a nightmare most parents would give anything not to deal with. Autocorrect seems to be pretty understanding of that struggle. 

image courtesy of HomeWithPeanut/ Twitter

When all you want to do is have a cup of coffee in peace just once, but instead you’re stuck trying to appease your kids, there is definitely nothing good with the morning, alright. Autocorrect hit spot on with that one. 

Either Or

They say chivalry is dead, or that it is overrated, but honestly, a lot of women still appreciate that stuff. It still feels good to have someone hold the door for you, or offer you a jacket when it’s cold. Well, you know what works just as well to make us women happy? Chocolate.

image courtesy of RReddy037/ Reddit and lilireinhart/ Twitter

Give us chivalry or chocolate any day, and you’ll pretty much have our day made already. They won’t solve everything, of course, but they’ll definitely put you on our nice list in the meantime. We do advise being armed with both, though.

Staying Away From Trouble

When we get angry, every little nuisance can add to the fire and get us more riled up. At that point, we might even throw all logic out the window. And it seems even autocorrect doesn’t want to get in the way of that. 

image courtesy of bowNarrow007/ Twitter

All caps, no matter what kind of emotion you’re channeling through it, can make it seem like you’re shouting. So maybe the next time you don’t want any autocorrect messing up your messages, simply turn on the caps. It will definitely make it much clearer.

When Autocorrect Fails More Than You

Sometimes, we really wonder whether autocorrect was made to help make our lives easier, or to make them more difficult. Whether ruining a good comeback, completely missing the mark, or causing embarrassment, it really seems to do more harm than good.

image courtesy of thearibradford/ Twitter

It would be really nice if autocorrect did those at the right moments but as it seems, it’s hell-bent on being one of the things in our daily lives that just drives us crazy. You had one job, autocorrect, and you’re failing.

Low Return Rate

The stage of toddlerhood is probably one of the most confusing for parents. There are a lot of those moments when you just have to lie back and think, “why in the world did I think it was a good idea to have kids?” That’s why we agree with both the intended and autocorrected words on this one. 

image courtesy of kaleidospiral/ Reddit and dad_on_my_feet/ Twitter

Toddlers can be pretty amazing, but when you’re so deprived of sleep and one of them comes jumping on you at 4 am, demanding you take them to Mars, you’ll really get to thinking about your life decisions. So yes, bad assets they are sometimes. 

The Different Levels of ‘hahaha’

We can all admit that when we type “hahaha,” we’re not actually laughing at least 98% of the time, right? Everybody accepts that but, of course, there are still different levels of “hahaha” that we send out. For this girl, it seems that she’s on permanent psycho level.

image courtesy of curlycomedy/ Twitter

Just imagine sending out that kind of typed laughter to your boss, or to a guy you’ve been talking to for just a short while. You’d definitely seem a little too aggressive. It sucks, but next time, you might want to get ahead of autocorrect before it switches it up to psycho mode laugh. 


We know autocorrect can be pretty brutal but sometimes. Oh, it just dishes out burns. Now, we don’t even know how in the world this happened to this guy but that has got to hurt! (We’re going to ignore that it was his own psyche that feels this way.)

image courtesy of itztony_w/ TikTok and TheCatWhisprer/ Twitter

If we’re going to be honest though, autocorrect might have been doing him a favor. TikTok is a dark dark hole to fall into. Once you’re in, you might just not be able to come back anymore. Keep you sleep schedule normal as it is, sir.

Chill Mother

Parents might be the worst victims of autocorrect. Some of them are already struggling enough with technology but then, golden moments like this make us feel a little less sorry for them. They probably don’t know how to turn it off either.

image courtesy of jessicasizeland/ Twitter

Now, dear Jess’ mom, how in the world would you go about licking her out of the house? We are genuinely curious, however, at the same time, we are also very very horrified by the image that comes to mind. Maybe don’t answer.

A Special Place In Hello

We get the intention, and we definitely admire the valiant effort to create something that helps us humans looks like we actually have our lives together. But honestly, sometimes, we’d rather do without the extra help, thank you very much. 

image courtesy of DocAtCDI/ Twitter

Some people would say that we should just be thankful for it, but have they seen how many times we’ve almost ruined relationships and opportunities because of autocorrect? We’re pretty lucky everyone who texts has experienced the horror of it, so we never feel alone.

Good Morbid!

People who can wake up early in the morning not dreading the day ahead really deserve a special kind of admiration and respect. Most mornings, a lot of us need a miraculous kind of willpower to even get out of bed. So, this autocorrect fail speaks to us on a different level. 

image courteys of Rgnxsupreme/ Reddit and LuvPug/ Twitter

Good morbid makes so much more sense rather than good morning, to be honest. It perfectly captures the essence of how a lot of us start our day and what we feel every night we go to bed. Just put the coffee on the nightstand and leave.

It’s The Same Thing, Basically

A lot of times, autocorrect can get it so wrong that it’s just silly, but there are those rare moments when it gets something so right like this one. Now, we don’t know about Lily, but we totally agree with autocorrect here. 

image courtesy of Lilly/ Twitter

Food is good and good is food. There is just nothing else to describe it and autocorrect knows that, so even if it doesn’t recognize food as a word, as long as it knows that it is good, we’re pretty much on board. 

When Autocorrect Gets Too Forward

This tweet right here is solid proof that one autocorrect fail can ruin relationships, or at least almost-relationships. The poor girl just wanted to further bring out her crush from his shell and just look at what autocorrect did. Well, then again…

image courtesy of hailiar/ Reddit and tanipartner1998/ Twitter

Let’s be real. Boots is the word the other one should have been autocorrected to, so we suspect this girl uses the word “boobs” enough to have replaced the more normal word. So we’re leaving the blame with Tanya for this one.

The Essence of Halloween

Spooky season, costume parties, candies, horror films, ghost stories – what’s not to love about Halloween, right? It’s that one night a year when you can somewhat be a kid again, playing dress-up and pretend. For some people, though, the season just isn’t for them. 

image courtesy of chelseanachman/ Twitter

We totally get it, especially when it comes to the costumes. When you’re a kid, all you want to be is your favorite character, superhero, animal, or creature. But when you’re an adult, there are a lot more questions to ask yourself like “this is too childish,” “my office crush will be there,” or just the plain, “do I even care enough to dress up?”

Jomo Jobo

We’ve got to admit, sometimes, autocorrect hits gold. Take this one for instance. We never thought the word “homophobic” would be this much fun, or any fun at all. And if we’re going to be honest, it fits just right for some reason. 

image courtesy of Brocklesnitch/ Twitter

We’re not sure it’s ever going to be appropriate for more serious conversations, but we’re adopting this one as well. Maybe with this, we’ll be able to hold out better from punching said jomo jobo in the face. We can just laugh at their new label.


Autocorrect has become a permanent fixture in our lives, and it does help a lot to keep us looking sane and proper. But that doesn’t mean that it’s good at its job. Most of the time, a lot of us actually do its job for it. 

image courtesy of Facebook and ManLike_Nesta/ Twitter

We’re already experiencing enough anxiety and panic in our everyday lives, so we’d just love to have a day when we’re not constantly checking our messages and emails with such anxiety just to make sure that autocorrect didn’t mess anything up. Is that too much to ask?

Parental Honesty

A lot of experts say that parents should be honest with their kids. It helps with a lot with their development, as well as their learning to be better people. But we all know that there are just some things that parents can’t really admit to their children. 

image courtesy of sarabellab123/ Twitter

Parents love their kids, but sometimes, there are things like autocorrect that remind them of just how many headaches those kids have caused for them over the years. What a reminder, right? This is one of those laugh till you cry – and then keep crying – moments.

Constant Anxiety

At this point, we think it’s fair to say that autocorrect has caused its fair share of anxiety for a lot of us. Now, instead of just the usual stress of sending out a message or an email, we all have this added nagging at the back of our heads that something might have gone wrong.

image courtesy of Reddit and 1followernodad/ Twitter

Just take a look at what happened to this poor woman. It is a pretty good lesson for us to read and reread what we write before hitting the send button. Everyone should be a lot more careful about what they write, right? 

The Parent Life

The early years of a kid’s life are one of the hardest and most unrecognized for parents. They have to deal with emotional tantrums 24/7, and they don’t get enough sleep in those years. We get the need for a little wine and dine every now and then. As it seems, autocorrect understands this situation a lot more than we do. 

image courtesy of HomeWithPeanut/ Twitter

From “wine and dine” to “wine and die” might be a big leap but it is a very understandable one for parents. Sometimes, it might be a little calmer, but sometimes, it’s an absolute hailstorm and you might want more than just a couple of hours of rest. Anyhow, the wine will never be missing. 

A Size L Maybe?

“Yes, let’s seize the day and make things happen!” That’s usually what we’d tell ourselves when we’re full of hope, optimism, and a little bit of daring at a certain point in time. Apparently though, autocorrect has something else to say about it. 

image courtesy of uberhumor and UnFitz/ Twitter

Before this tweet, we absolutely had no idea that you can size up a day but if you do think about it, it’s a very appropriate thing to do. Just imagine waking up and asking yourself, “What size will this day be?” For some reason, it just makes sense. 

Giant Buttonhole

One of the biggest faults of autocorrect is its timing. For instance, just when you’re at the brink of a total tantrum, it suddenly decides to pop up and ruin your well-worded tirade with something as ridiculous as “giant buttonhole.”

image courtesy of rachelle_mandik/ Twitter

If we have to be honest though, “giant buttonhole” still conveys the exact amount of anger as the original term. You just have to say and word it properly and the recipient will definitely understand what you mean. Message received.

Jiggle Bells, Jiggle Bells, Jiggle All The Way

There are times when it seems as if autocorrect knows how much we despise it and it decides to even up the score. Unfortunately, in these moments, it really gets us good. Just take a look at this clever holiday autocorrect fail. 

image courtesy of Instagram and envydatropic/ Twitter

As much as we hate to admit it, autocorrect is definitely right about the holiday jiggling. Forget about jingling bells. It’s all jiggling tummies after the feast. We know it well and we don’t need autocorrect to add to the holiday stress. 

Where’s My Monkey?

See, autocorrect fails are acceptable in casual situations when you’re talking with a friend, a sibling, or even someone you’re dating. Yes, there’s still embarrassment, but it’s nothing compared to when it happens in a work setting. Take this one for instance. 

image courtesy of rachelle_mandik/ Twitter

While we might find a monkey-back guarantee very amusing, we’re not sure any of the uptight customers might actually be amused. Just imagine someone asking “Where is my monkey-back guarantee?” That would be a freaking highlight of our lives, if we were a spectator.

Panda Mix It All Up

With everything that has happened in the span of 2 years, a lot of us would probably just nod and move on to the next thing. So when autocorrect says that “pandemic” should be “panda mix,” we’re not arguing either. 

image courtesy of videogamedunkey/ YouTube and envydatropic/ Twitter

Honestly though, we’d rather be in the middle of a huge panda mix right now. It sounds so much cuter, fluffier, and a lot less lethal than what we have in the real world right now, and we think we all need that. 

There Is No Escape

Autocorrect is like that annoying itch that always comes back just when you thought you’ve gotten rid of it for good. It keeps coming back like nobody’s business and each time it does, it seems to get worse. And more hilarious.

image courtesy of aparnapkin/ Twitter

At one point, most of us would definitely make that decision to turn it off once and for all to get rid of all that extra work autocorrecting the autocorrect, but know that even if you cross that line, you will never truly escape autocorrect. 

Panic Steaks For Everyone!

Sometimes, autocorrect messes with you. Other times, it pushes us to the brink of madness. A few other times, it actually makes a semi-decent suggestion. With this tweet, we can’t help but agree that a panic steak does sound pretty good. 

image courtesy of LurkAtHomeMom/ Twitter

Autocorrect might have thought that the panic makes the meat nice, tender, and juicy. Now, all it needs is a good pairing of a nice red panic wine and you’re all set for a very nice evening. Time to relax.


Human communication is complicated. Just when we need to be honest and straightforward with someone, a lot of us clam up. Most of the time, other people take the words out of our mouths, and in some instances, autocorrect does. 

image courtesy of onkeylimetime/ Twitter and Gupton68/ Twitter

“Nurturing” to “murdering” is quite the huge leap though. It kind of makes us wonder what stage this person is in their relationship for them to actually relate to such an escalation of words. Maybe it’s time to get marriage counseling?

Drama Thriller All Together

Many fans fell in love with the TV adaptation of Little House On The Prairie, and it’s not hard to see why. Just imagine a different reimagining of that little family story, though. This autocorrect fail gives a pretty gruesome idea. 

image courtesy of AngryRaccoon2/ Twitter

We’re not sure it’s the best idea either. For one, it will be giving a lot of fans some traumatizing images. But then again, if it’s simply the shock and thrill factor that the producers are after, then it might just be the perfect thing. 

Abs All The Way

One other thing that autocorrect does so well, aside from serving us the random bouts of frustration and anger, is hinting at things we don’t want to be hinted at. Take this person for instance. This one just doesn’t jibe at all.

image courtesy of CindyPoluta/ Twitter

We’re not autocorrect experts, but replacing “and” with “abs” feels like a deliberate attempt to remind someone that it’s really time to go to the gym. It’s either that, or maybe autocorrect is just being supportive and reminding them to go after their goals. 

What Kind Of Festival Is It Really?

Sending and unfortunate text to one person is one thing. It’s a bummer, but you can still get through it since it’s just one person. Sending an unfortunate text a whole group of people, though, is a whole other level of embarrassment. 

image courtesy of maryfairybobrry/ Twitter

Hopefully, no one was really waiting for all that naughty stuff at the festival. We can bet that this poor girl might have had to endure a whole bunch of of corny jokes though, all thanks to autocorrect. Again, though, corn is the more common word, so how often is she typing the other?

Christmas Talk

We all know that our parents want the best for us that’s why they nag us, keep eagle eyes on us, or ask too many questions. Sometimes though, we admit that they can get a tad annoying. Still, we don’t think we’ll ever count on murder to deal with it. 

image courtesy of katie_wilder_/ Instagram and XplodingUnicorn/ Twitter

Christmas dinner will be a pretty interesting time for this person. Maybe it’s time they all have the talk, son to parents, parents to son, and lay out all the past hurts they’ve been harboring. After all, Christmas is the best season to forgive, right?

I Am Chowder

We really have so much admiration for all those people who have the patience to keep autocorrecting autocorrect every single day of their lives without complaint. When we’re all fresh out of care to give, what autocorrect says just goes. 

image courtesy of AllisonRFloyd/ Twitter

When you can’t spare any care in the world, “I am chowder” pretty much makes sense. No matter what other words it would have replaced “glad” with, we’ll probably be on board. Sometimes, you just got to let autocorrect do its thing and move on. 

Where’s The Lie, Right?

If you don’t have the patience of a saint, as most of us don’t, autocorrect can become one of those daily pains in the butt. We’re not sure comparing it to an enema would be accurate though, but apparently, it is what it is to some.

image courtesy of thetradingchick/ Twitter

If you think about it though, whether it is enemy or enema, they’re both right when it comes to autocorrect. It just has a special talent to get on the very last of our nerves no matter what, and that makes us want to throw our phones away. 

Complications First

We’ve all been so used to technology that sometimes, we actually wait for it to do what we should know to do on our own, and we don’t think autocorrect appreciates that at all. We just have so much to deal with as it is.

image courtesy of theDapperilla/ Twitter

In this case, it seems like it wants us to torture ourselves first before it finally decides to help/ torture us some more. It’s like it wants us to realize how helpless we really are without it by our side every day. 

Dahmer Delight 

Naming your own unique recipes is quite a fun experience. You get to feel like a chef naming your masterpiece, even though you know it’s just a plain old casserole with a few substitutes. If you do run out of ideas though, trust autocorrect to help like in this case. 

image courtesy of feralhomemaking and MissHavisham/ Twitter

If we’re being honest, that Dahmer Delight casserole sounds a lot more interesting than it should be. Mr. Hannibal Lecter would be so proud, and probably intrigued, and he might even adopt the name for one of his notorious dishes. 

Ghost Party!

Wherever you’re going, whether it’s the beach, school, a party, or work, it’s good to be prepared and to have everything you need in your bag. In this case though, we’re pretty confused about what autocorrect wants the ghosts for.

image courtesy of anne_theriault/ Twitter

We’re not complaining, of course. Ghosts sound a lot more fun than shorts, but we have to know what they’re for, because they’re not exactly easy to get. Oh, and which ghosts does autocorrect want really? The one from The Shining, or the ones from The Conjuring?

Still Can’t Win

When it comes to humans vs. autocorrect, it seems that autocorrect always has the last say. No matter how angry we are, how frustrated, and how much we want to curse it out, we still can’t win against it in its own game. 

image courtesy of Kengragarden/ Twitter

It’s like the angrier we get at it, the more it messes up our lives, so maybe the best solution is to take it as a lesson. Be more patient. Be less violent. Meditate. Breathe. Or just throw your gadget at the wall, and be over it all. 

The Mighty Ducks

It just takes one letter to completely change one word from innocent to naughty, and most of the time, autocorrect takes advantage of that one letter switch to make us seem like a lot less innocent than we are. 

image courtesy of Walt Disney and anne_theriault/ Twitter

We can just imagine one of the possible conversations going like “Do you have any good movie suggestions?” “Oh try Mighty D**ks! It’s a pretty great watch.” Then, all they’ll receive back is radio silence. And just imagine if you sent that to a crush, or your parents. Awkward.

Watch Your Language

Autocorrect has its own moods, doesn’t it? Sometimes, it’s like a parent telling us to watch our language, and other times, it’s like that fun drunk uncle that teaches us specifically which cuss words are most effective in each situation.

image courtesy of thearibradford/ Twitter

In this case, it seems like it’s in that strange in-between. It wants to teach us the ways of the world, and yet it still wants to keep us on the border of being proper innocent human beings. So yes, we guess it is “tucking” with us all. 

For The Nth Time

We’ve got to admit, there are days when we just want to bow down in front of our phones and beg it to stop torturing us. We don’t know exactly how many more times we can take backspacing and adding that apostrophe, or removing it, or whatever to get the right word.

image courtesy of Lilly/ Twitter

We can totally forgive it if the word fits the context of the sentence but we all know that rarely happens. We also know that when you’re grammar conscious, you won’t be able to resist doing all that drab work of correcting the corrector. 

Ducking Just Doesn’t Cut It

Autocorrect needs to understand that sometimes, nice words just don’t cut it. Sometimes, we need to just let rip a few bad words to properly express what we feel, rather than injuring others or ourselves. It needs to let us express ourselves properly.

image courtesy of thepursuinglife/ Twitter

With all the changes it’s doing to all those bad words, it makes us think that autocorrect is just a really strict and really conservative older woman who is trying her best to passive-aggressively try to change us for the better. Who knows?

It Makes Sense

It’s the time of the month when it feels like we’re so out of control of our lives and everything is just off in our bodies, and we’re well aware that a lot of men in our lives take the brunt of this emotional time. So perhaps men’s trial discomfort is pretty accurate. 

image courtesy of BoredPanda and lesbrains/ Twitter

It actually makes sense. And if you think about it, that time of the month when women are at their most emotional is like a test of some sort. If they can’t handle them at that time, then maybe they’re not ready to handle any woman yet.

Thanks A Lot, Autocorrect

Autocorrect is supposed to make us seem smarter. It helps us type our messages quicker, and it tries to make sure there is a minimal error in our sentences. However, no matter what we do, it often does just the opposite. 

image courtesy of jefftimmer/ Twitter

Everyone wants to look good on social media, and even simple words are scrutinized. Unfortunately, autocorrect seems to sense this distress and isn’t really offering us any comfort. Maybe it’s telling us that we shouldn’t stress over social media too much? Who knows?