Avoid Touching These Objects During Corona Pandemic

By Aileen D

The scariest time for many of us, the coronavirus has also brought with it a lot of confusion and conflicting information as to what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

One of the most talked-about subjects is that of what people should try to avoid touching as much as they possibly can during the pandemic.

For those people keen to protect themselves, here are some objects you may want to currently avoid.

Avoid Touching Your Face

The most essential piece of advice from health experts worldwide during this outbreak has been not to touch your face. This is particularly so when you’ve been outside and haven’t yet washed or sanitized your hands. This means no touching your mouth, eyes, or nose.

Avoid Touching Unclean Surfaces

Just as you clean and sanitize your hands, so too should you do the same with any surface you come into contact with. 

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Avoid Using Other Peoples Phones

As mobile phones already carry a multitude of germs, during the coronavirus outbreak, it’s unwise to touch anyone else’s phone – or let them use yours. Try to clean your phone regularly throughout the day.

Avoid ATMs

The pin pads on ATMs are a breeding ground for germs with many people using them numerous times over just one day.

Consider moving to contactless, if possible. If you do have to use an ATM, wear gloves or ensure you sanitize your hands immediately afterwards.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Avoid Handrails/Community Poles/Door Handles

Already a harbour for many germs and bacteria, handrails can increase the risk of infection if you touch them then immediately touch your face straight afterwards. 

Try to avoid placing your hand on them where possible but, if you must wash your hands immediately afterwards.