Out-Of-Hand Bachelor And Bachelorette Party Stories That Make Us Want To Put Off Marriage Forever

By Farah J

Before your whole life changes, a perfect bachelor or bachelorette party is an event you expect loved ones to surprise you with before you tie the knot. These parties are supposed to be a night to remember, surrounded by your friends, and of course, having a joyous time. A night out with your favorite people makes for a memory you adore and fully cherish forever! But when it comes down to bachelor or bachelorette parties the night before the wedding, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes, they turn into memories brides and grooms wish to forget! For example, loved ones may ditch you at the very last moment, or some crazy guest decides to crash the party, or maybe your bridesmaids leave you to hang out with their friends. We have compiled 40 wild-and-out bachelor and bachelorette party stories that will make you want to put off marriage for the foreseeable future!

Party of one

When they say, “losing best friends gives you a worse heartbreak than losing a partner,” we think nothing rings truer. The shock and betrayal for this one bride can be felt through her sad story. People ditching you on one of the most important nights of your life is something you might never get over.

Image Source: Saiko._/Instagram

Friends ditching you, in general, is enough to cause heartbreak, but when your bridesmaids leave you at the very last moment with your other bridesmaids without any prior notice or an invitation for you, then that is a whole other level of messed up! This story leaves us shattered like the bride.

Bad timing

You know how it might feel when you are the one getting married, but your friend is going through a rough patch with their divorce. It is ironic, and it might also get ugly for others. This is just like this story of a guy whose friend’s ex-wife cleaned out the entire house!

Image Source: Pikkukoiran_seikkailut/Instagram

And yes, we mean that she emptied the whole apartment where the boys were planning on having a night to remember. They just wanted to have fun and play cards for the groom’s bachelor party. Imagine their surprise when they got home from work and entered a dead zone.

Celebrating at the mall

Think of something you’ve seen or done that was cringe-worthy. Well, same as you, this bridesmaid has seen better days. You might be able to possibly imagine her case, or worse, even relate and empathize with this person who had to be a part of this unexciting party.

Image Source: Toyokee/Instagram

We believe that people either have no creativity left in them or have really horrendous ideas of what it means to have fun when planning a bachelorette party. Scavenger hunts and dares are cool, but you can at least save yourself from the humiliation.

What party?

Sometimes, it’s not about what happened, but what didn’t happen! Save the speech that goes, “better have nothing than crap,” because this person never even got to have the experience of someone throwing them a party before their wedding.

Image Source: Pachecobaloes/Instagram

Plus, there is always the chance of things going the way they imagined, no matter how small the party is. But we guess this poor person will constantly be reminded of how their friends and family didn’t even bother to celebrate their “soon-to-be-married” status. How depressing!

A night on the groom

Now, we have a few questions for this next party fail. Why have such friends who can’t treat you like you deserve the world? Why be around someone who doesn’t know your worth? Why bother trying for them when they aren’t doing the same for you?

Image Source: James mcdonnell/YouTube

We pity this groom for having such friends who didn’t even bother to pay for themselves, let alone the groom. Going out to the same spot you always hang out at doesn’t make it sentimental and sweet; it shows their lack of interest in you as a friend. Red flags!

We’ll never know

No night out or plans, in general, are complete without food! Either you go to a grand buffet, or you get an ice cream cone from the truck across the street. But food is a must, even if it is the least eventful thing when friends get together or a night out.

Image Source: Feliciaene/Instagram

But things couldn’t get worse for this person at their bachelorette party. The Mexican restaurant was supposed to be the sacred place that reminded them of this day, but we guess a bridesmaid breaking her nose and the other vomiting her guts isn’t the most cherished memory for them!

Construction zone

Imagine going on a trip and booking a house to stay in for the weekend to celebrate the bachelorette party of a super close friend. But when you get there, you notice how the owner left out, on purpose or not, a huge detail about the place.

Image Source: Davitable/Instagram

We can imagine how their whole trip and celebration plans got buried six feet underground because of all the noise and lack of privacy, and not to mention watching workers peeing on the site right in front of you. Wow, talk about a nightmare!

The end of a friendship

We sincerely hope that this friendship ended this day. It was so rude and negligent of the best friend, who was probably the maid of honor, too, to take the whole responsibility on herself and not do a single thing for the bride. The audacity!

Image Source: annaamiranidze/Instagram

Planning a party is one thing, but throwing a perfect bachelorette party for a best friend is another that requires ten times more work and planning. But this terrible friend decided to ignore her responsibility and flirt with their wedding officiant in the hotel.

Call off the wedding

This has to be one of the saddest stories of bachelor parties gone wrong from the perspective of a DJ. You would never imagine the best night out with your friends as a bachelor to end up in ruins. Sadly, there probably would’ve been lots of tears and booze after this event.

Image Source: Ancafratilablog/Instagram

Bachelor parties are supposed to be a celebration of your life as an unmarried person before you say your vows to your partner. Well, we guess this unfortunate person who just got his ring back from her fiancé would have to wait a little longer for his dream wedding day.

Fast asleep

Well, we can imagine the panic on the faces of people who were there to attend the bride’s bachelorette party. It is very difficult to keep track of every person who came to join in on the celebration, especially if you are surrounded by strangers in a public place.

Image Source: Alexisdeonda/Instagram

And the groom’s little sister going missing is one of the nightmares this bride had to face the day before her wedding. Sure, they found her sleeping on a porta-potty later on, but we assume they called it a night after this minor incident.

The groom’s confession

Sometimes, confessing the truth can cause a catastrophe in many relationships, but better to do it before the wedding than after, you know what we’re saying? Why base your marriage on disastrous lies when you can come clean? The truth will come out at some point anyway.

Image Source: darya_prokofeva/Instagram

This person’s confession at his bachelor party to his bride-to-be did not go as planned. To say the least, the bride called off the wedding after learning the truth about their relationship. We hope they will find partners who are honest from the very beginning.

What a happy couple

There is something very awkward about witnessing a couple fighting, but there is nothing you can do except stand there and wait for the disaster to be over. We hope we never experience what this restaurant worker had to go through! 

Image Source: Foxworthphotography/Instagram

Watching a couple fight the day before their wedding is one thing, but having to witness the groom make out with the maid of honor in front of the bride, likely for revenge or a love confession, is a whole other thing. We feel for the bride who lost her partner and best friend in one day.

An unexpected ride

This is the story of a person’s great uncle. So we can conclude that many bachelor parties out there tend to turn into an unpleasant situation rather than a celebration. And the biggest role in the disaster is played by the groom’s or bride’s friends.

Image Source: Classics_up/Instagram

When the friends are all hyperactive, and in a fun mood, things can go wrong even though they didn’t mean don’t mean for it to turn out this way. When the groom’s friends decided to board an unconscious groom on a train, they mistakenly sent him off to Belgium on his wedding day!

Better keep up

We can hear the groans of the people that followed this announcement from all the way over here. Decide, plan, and arrange a party all you want, but the bride always says the last word. And whether you like it or not, you have to fulfill the bride’s wishes.

Image Source: Clariceguido_/Instagram

This bride announced a marathon, well, kind of a marathon, with all of her family and friends. And when people couldn’t expect any worse, she decided that the marathon would be run while everyone held each other’s hands until they crossed the finish line. Count us out!

Where do we stay now?

We are truly thankful that this disaster of a bachelor party didn’t involve anyone getting hurt. Sure, things could’ve gone better, but at least people who booked the stay-in hotel for the event weren’t at the place where this all went down.

Image Source: Alexeypadukov/Instagram

However, we can imagine their frustration when they found out that their clothes and all the wedding stuff for the next two days had been ruined by the ceiling’s fiberglass falling in their absence. Where to stay and what to wear next? What a headache!

Allergy alert

You have to be very careful about where you hang out and celebrate your bachelor party. You also need to be aware of who you do it with! Because when mishaps occur, you need to make sure that these people have your back no matter what!

Image Source: Ardillabosque/Instagram

When this maid of honor, who is highly allergic to shrimps, ate her meal at a Japanese restaurant, she didn’t know her meal was apparently cooked on the same grill as the shrimps. That’s when the party went downhill, and the maid of honor’s day turned into a catastrophe in front of everyone.

Just the ring, please

People being gold-diggers and acting greedy just for the sake of getting materialistic things is sadly a very common thing to see. This bride didn’t even bother to hide her nasty gold-digging personality. And it only took an outsider to notice!

Image Source: Trabertgoldsmiths/Instagram

Well, we guess the groom was one lucky guy who got out of this relationship before it was too late. His sister at the bride’s bachelorette party turned out to be the angel in disguise who saved his brother from a toxic person.

Why would you ask that?

It’s an unfortunate thing when a family member or a relative doubts your relationship with your partner. It’s even worse when they throw their unsolicited opinions in your faces directly without any regard for your feelings or that your wedding day is around the corner.

Image Source: Manvibhambri/Instagram

This person had to go through this nightmare. When the groom’s sister asked the bride if they were going to last long, this poor soul ended up puking over the sidewalk. Probably because of all the nerves before the wedding day and her sister’s outlandish statement.

It’s a bit chilly out

People do crazy things when they are with their friends. There is no limit when they decide to go crazy! And no one can stop them either because, in return, they will probably end up saying something like, “You only live once, and you only get one bachelorette party!”

Image Source: Adys_tata_v_behu/Instagram

Just like this group of friends who decided to go out in seven degrees Celsius while wearing nothing but bikinis. Apparently, they were celebrating a bachelorette party. We kind of feel sorry for the random strangers passing by who had to witness that.

Wrong maid of honor

We wonder what this bride did so wrong to deserve this crappy friendship? No person should ever have to go through this level of betrayal and hurt ever, let alone one day before their wedding day on the night of the bachelorette party.

Image Source: theworldofvoyage_/Instagram

This is not the kind of treatment anyone sees coming from their best friend, who they also appoint as their maid of honor. Also, the timing that the maid of honor chose to be vocal about her opinions on the groom was so terrible. We feel for the poor bride.

Wrong number

Bachelor parties bring trouble when the partners aren’t completely sincere with each other. It only takes one moment for things to go from a ten to one real quick, especially when the groom tries to secretly start an affair with a random stranger he met at the party.

Image Source: Ruderecenzuje/Instagram

But you know they say, “Cheating requires intelligence,” which apparently the groom didn’t have much of. When he tried to hit it off with a girl by giving his cell number to her, he should’ve recalled that he had left his tablet out in the room. At least she found out what loser he is!

The most magical place on earth

Okay, we sympathize with the bride and the other two bridesmaids here. The second best day (the first day being the wedding day, or so we’ve heard) of their lives was ruined by food poisoning. They even planned to hang out at Disneyland all day.

Image Source: Jayyluvsdisney/Instagram

However, nothing was ruined by the terrible food poisoning. The two sisters ended up spending much-needed quality time with each other! It was a spontaneous and totally unexpected plan that turned into quality sisterly bonding time they hadn’t had in a while. How lucky is that!?

Did they still make the wedding?

The confessions of some couples regarding their ridiculously hilarious bachelor party stories are worth hearing, but some of them just tend to leave out the details. The suspense this weird story created has us scratching our heads trying to figure it out.

Image Source: Inmate2398/Instagram

After hearing that Russian police arrested the couple because they were walking across a military airfield, we can help but be left with a dozen questions for them. What was everyone doing there? Who decided this? Did the wedding ever happen?

Reflection confusion

We have heard weird stories about what people do when they are drunk or have a strange episode of “losing their minds” without even drinking a single drop of booze. But, we don’t have words for this next crazy story.

Image Source: Djominaya/Instagram

And that’s not all. He lost his temper over a person in the mirror – his reflection! It turned into everyone trying to calm him down and hold him back before he caused some damage by having a go at his reflection in the mirror.

What a kick!

You can probably relate to this one, at least the part where the guy was trying to impress a girl at the club. Accidents happen more often than you think. But the shame felt by the person who’s trying to impress someone…well, we know how it feels.

Image Source: Ryansuccop06/Instagram

What’s a bachelor party without dancing? Well, the guy tried to do more than just have fun. He tried to do a roundhouse kick over the girl’s head who was trying to impress. Well, by the looks of it, the dance move didn’t go very well, nor did his impression-making skills.

Guests who want to come

A guest list is vital when planning a bachelorette party. Well, usually, the list contains those people who are related or close to the bride in some way. This includes the bride’s friends, her family, and even extended family.

Image Source: Jespinheiro/Instagram

But this bride-to-be, whose number one priority was clearly to show off her “social circle,” decided to forcefully invite “fillers.” These were complete random strangers! Well, this practically sums up the awkwardness in the room. How can anyone cherish a party like this?

Don’t try this at home

Well, we can’t stress enough how bachelor party pranks lead to an utter disaster sometimes, and not to mention a whole lot of chaos, especially when the groom goes missing! We are curious as to why people would do this!

Image Source: Wyoming_traveler/Instagram

The bachelor party is supposed to be a night to remember! But when friends board you on a plane to three states from your home without any wallet after waiting for you to pass out at the club, things may just turn completely chaotic.

A sad tale

What’s more unfortunate than when you so enthusiastically invite all your friends and family over for your bachelorette party, and only less than 10% of them show up. The hurt and betrayal in this story can be felt from a mile away.

Image Source: Sohams/Instagram

Poor bride! All she did was be a kind and nice person to everyone, and all they had to do was be there with her on one of the happiest days of her life. Well, the bride was a queen when she called out everyone on her wedding day for their “real and endearing friendship!” 

Breaking up fights

We believe that breaking up fights between friends when the day is supposed to be about you is the most frustrating and stressful event to experience! Seriously, guys, you are meant to make the groom feel special and get him hyped up about his wedding day!

Image Source: Rorymaguire_23/Instagram

And whoever is invited, and most likely it’s the friends of the groom, aren’t supposed to fight with each other and leave the groom to end up breaking the fight between his two best friends. Can’t you leave your “manly urge” to fight in the trash for one day?

Making some extra money

Keep your belongings to yourself if you want them to be in safe hands. You never know when you’ll get robbed of everything you brought to the party. It could be while you’re dancing or laughing with your friends having a grande ole’ time!

Image Source: Sarahbeth152/Instagram

In this bachelorette party story, a random stranger secretly crashed the party and started cleaning out the purses of the party guests. But in our experience, it doesn’t always have to be a stranger who’s the thief; it could be your friend for all we know!

A backfired prank

It’s so amusing when someone pulls a harmless prank on their friends, right? But what could go wrong with a harmless prank? When the prank backfires! Bachelor parties are always full of friends trying to prank the groom to “get crazy” at the party.

Image Source: Deliciasbrotes/Instagram

Well, if they’re harmless and fun, we fully recommend pulling some silly and memorable pranks on the groom, just like this guy. He tried to prank his best friend, the groom, by mixing chili oil in his pint, but it broke in his pocket before he could do so!

Carefully selected gifts

Making things awkward at a bachelorette party is quite common. It’s more common than you think, actually. But when there is family, especially when it includes mothers and aunts, in the room, well, we don’t think we need to elaborate on it more.

Image Source: Samyak039/Reddit

We hope we never get to be these friends who had to watch the faces of the mother and aunt of the bride while she opened the gifts that had lingerie in them! The awkwardness would be too much for us, for real. 

Maybe a conversation for earlier?

We can imagine the look on the bride’s partner’s face when she told them about the “sizeable” situation that she was in. The poor person probably would’ve wished their fiancé was involved in some mafia league than buried under $662K of loans.

Image Source: Losangeles.jewelry/Instagram

The fiancé couldn’t have chosen a better time to inform them about her stressful life situation. Like bro, where were you when we started dating? We could’ve worked it out then somehow. How was the day before the wedding a good time to have this life-changing conversation?

Wedding night bite

Okay, why would anyone let two pit bulls loose in a bar? Especially when they aren’t that people-friendly? Sure, dogs are cute and a great source of emotional support for us, but if they are aggressive and see strangers as threats, then what’s the point?

Image Source: Jonathan Adato/Instagram

No wonder that bar was empty. We assume lots of people had the same experience as the bridesmaids who got bit by one of the pit bulls. Oh, how happy they were for the bachelorette party and compared to how the night ended before it even started.

A heartbreaking ending

What did the groom-to-be do to deserve such a heartbreak right before his wedding day? At his bachelor party, nonetheless. Not to mention the heartbreak that was served by his soon-to-be fiancé, who ran off with her ex-husband right in front of everyone.

Image Source: Jill_streefland_fotografie/Instagram

You can imagine the power of wooing the ex-husband must have taken to persuade his ex-wife, i.e., soon-to-be bride to another guy, and quoting Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy here, to, “pick him, choose him, and love him” for her to end her wedding like this.

A literal trip

Well, some people desire to “do something different” all the time so they can stand out from the rest of the crowd doing traditional and common stuff. When it comes down to planning bachelorette parties, well, you know how it goes for some people.

Image Source: Raceolson/Instagram

This party of friends decided they would do exactly that and head to New Orleans to celebrate. One of the guests tripped and broke his foot while dancing and had crutches for the entire trip. And their friends made sure they didn’t forget that!

Late on the worst day

Going out with someone isn’t a crime, but it surely should be when you go out with your person the night before the day you’re supposed to show up for your job. And worse, you realize you can’t make it to do your job on time!

Image Source: Makeupby_erin/Instagram

This is especially the case if you are a wedding makeup artist or a party planner who was booked by the bride for her wedding! It’s her special day, and you had to ruin it by putting her in a stressful situation. And the bridesmaids had to step in and do their job for you! Nonsense!

A team effort

We hope that this bachelor and bachelorette party was accidentally planned at one place because if it wasn’t, the mere thought of it is making us cringe! Bachelor and bachelorette parties are supposed to be about celebrating with friends, separately!

Image Source: Pushinwood13/Instagram

If both bride and groom are going to be celebrating at the same time and place, it’s no different than the real wedding day where all of their friends and families have gathered. We’re glad that the groom and bride found it to be a “horrible” experience, too.

Be careful choosing a restaurant

No party is complete without food. Yes, we have said this before. However, one thing to consider before going out to have dinner at your bachelor party is the choice of the restaurant. Sure, you can put it on fate or bad luck, but decisions do matter.

Image Source: Sharon.hareli/Instagram

Sometimes, the finest of restaurants serve you food that leaves you vomiting your guts out. Just like this bachelor party story where the groom had to end his party after receiving texts from the bride that she was in a hospital because of food poisoning!

Everyone needs medical attention

You never know when bad luck is going to ruin your day. Well, we hope it was just a stroke of bad luck for this groom who slid on the wax floor. If he intentionally took a slip on it just for fun, well, we hope he learned his lesson to not do crazy things at parties.

Image Source: Mj.bellver/Instagram

And when his equally crazy friend messed up his ankle by kicking it onto something rock hard, things couldn’t have been worse for the entire group that was invited to the bachelor party. All of them probably had to spend the night in the ER.

On again, off again

Well, we have only one thing to say: please inform the entire list of guests after your final decision because such indecisiveness on behalf of the couple is going to leave everyone in confusion. Figure out what you guys want!

Image Source: dundas_creations

So, the real thing wasn’t witnessed by the storyteller, but apparently, they were there for the receiving end of the fallout texts from the bride’s side. The wedding was canceled for like two days and was back on again when the groom’s texts started incoming.

Close enough

Getting drunk at bachelorette parties with your friends until you blackout is a thing everyone looks forward to. All is fun and games until it’s time to get back to your home or whatever place you’re staying at. Oh man, that is rough.

Image Source: Tee_jay_uae/Instagram

Like this bride’s sister who was so drunk – almost to the point of blacking out – that she couldn’t find her Airbnb where she was staying for the night. She spent all night sleeping on a bench that was a quarter-mile away from her place!

Saving the night

A great group of friends is a blessing, and we all know it! The friend who is there to support you and console you through the roughest patches of your life is hard to find. This groom is a really lucky guy who had these kind friends around him when his fiancé left him.

Image Source: Jegsam/Instagram

The surprise and hurt on the face of the groom must have been evident enough without words when he got the phone call from his fiancé at his bachelor party! The guy’s friends took turns to play the “bachelor,” distracting him from his worries for the night.

It wasn’t meant to be

Overhearing a random bride talk about her groom on the night before the wedding to a random dancing dude at her bachelorette party has got to be the worst thing to witness. We feel pity, or maybe it’s sympathy, for the groom-to-be.

Image Source: Jonathan Adato

Why would anyone marry someone if they aren’t sure about it? It’s such an inhumane thing to do to another person. Unless they both are doing it for the sake of it and don’t mean to make it last longer. The guy probably felt helpless after this.

Exchanging the grooms

It would’ve been awful for the groom to hear that the bride “exchanged grooms.” We think it was evident enough from the bride’s strange and incredible amount of times she has hung out with this guy she met at the bachelor party that something was up.

Image Source: Petros_sp/Instagram

But we guess the groom had an even more incredible amount of trust in his bride that he ignored this guy’s influence on his fiancé. Well, not to sound very judgmental based on hearing one side of the story, but the groom deserved better than someone who played him like this.