40 People Who Had Bad Days And Wanted To Crawl Back Under The Covers

By Jhoana C

There are times when you feel that the universe is conspiring against you. First, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, then you can’t find your favorite pair of socks, then your car breaks down in the middle of the road, and when you finally get to the office, you find out that the company is closing down in a month. How worse can anyone’s day get? This may be a very extreme example, but you know what we mean. You may think that you are having a bad day right now, but trust us, there are plenty of people out there who have things far worse. If you want to feel better about your bad day, just look at the photos we have compiled right here. They are going to make you laugh and say, “Boy, am I glad I’m not any of these guys!”

How awkward can things get?

There’s never a good time to break up with someone, but you have to do what you have to do. You can’t go on pretending that you’re still happy in a relationship with someone when the truth is you’re not. This guy broke up with his girlfriend in a restaurant.

Image courtesy of LesionAndTheGu/Reddit

Naturally, anyone who’s in love with someone would cry if that person breaks up with them. The only problem is, everyone in the restaurant thought that the girl was crying tears of joy because her boyfriend had proposed to her. What would you do if you were in his place?

How do you prove to someone that you don’t have something?

One of the risks of buying things online is getting your order lost in the mail. There have been countless complaints of people not receiving their packages. This guy decided to contact the vendor to tell them that he didn’t receive this order.

Image courtesy of aaandbconsulting/Reddit

He was asked to provide “proof” that he was telling the truth. That’s quite a dilemma. How do you prove something that isn’t there? Luckily this man was thinking on his feet and sent the vendor to send what we believe is a convincing picture.

Please don’t touch me there

Hopping on a plane and going on vacation is a very nice feeling, especially if you are looking forward to your destination for a long time. However, some things might ruin your mood when you’re flying sky-high in the air.

Image courtesy of mr_hargao/Reddit

One of them is annoying passengers who put their feet up on the armrest or the seat. This man got so much bad luck that the other passenger’s foot kept touching his arm. Ewww, gross. We can’t even bear thinking about going through his ordeal.

What a lonely sesame seed

This has got to be the saddest hamburger bun we have ever seen. Look at that single sesame bun on top. We reckon it’s lonely as it doesn’t have any companions. Seriously, who bakes buns like this? They should be fired!

Image courtesy of Familiar_Big3322/Reddit

If you think you didn’t get a decent burger from the fast-food chain, you should look back at this and imagine how this guy must have felt when he finally received his hamburger. This would ruin a good afternoon snack.

That’s salmonella right there

Speaking of sad and disappointing burgers, we’d like to add this one to the list. Not only is it sad and disappointing, but it’s also dangerous. It’s salmonella waiting to happen. We can only imagine that whoever was eating this had to go to the hospital right after.

Image courtesy of Captkrunchkilla/Reddit

You know what they say about eating raw chicken. It could lead to stomach cramps, diarrhea, and fever. The symptoms can last from hours to days. Whoever is responsible for this burger should be let go. This shouldn’t be served to customers.

Is it time to serve the ribs?

Mmmm, pork ribs. Who doesn’t like them? They are a welcome addition to any dinner table. But what would you do if your pork ribs looked like they had been incinerated? The man who was grilling this seemed to have forgotten that he had food on the grill.

Image courtesy of Captkrunchkilla/Reddit

He decided to log in to work while waiting for the ribs to be cooked, but he forgot about it altogether, and he ended up with ribs that looks as it has been through the cremation process. Now, this is what we call really well done.

Can I get an update on my package?

When you order things online or when people send you stuff through the mail, you eagerly anticipate when it’s gonna be delivered to your door. It’s such a good feeling to finally have the package in your hand and open it.

Image courtesy of 99Cooking/Twitter

This guy wanted to get some updates in his package as it has been a long time coming, but he got the saddest news of the day instead. The latest update was that his package fell into the ocean. How unlucky can a person get?

The no-good hammer

The hammer first appeared in history more than 3 million years ago. Evidence of a hammer-like tool was uncovered during a 2012 excavation in Kenya’s Lake Turkana. The hammer has come such a long way since then, and it’s one of the most indispensable tools in a DIYer’s arsenal.

Image courtesy of MoManda/Reddit

However, this is not the type of hammer we have in mind. As you can see, it’s flimsy and can’t even manage to pull out a nail. A hammer-like this is going to give you a bad day. We are quite sure that whoever was using this hammer was swearing nonstop after this happened.

That’s a bit of mud?

There you are, all dressed up and ready to go about your business. You won’t be frazzled; you are prepared for whatever the day throws at you. But then, you step on mud, and it ruins your clean white shoes, which is guaranteed to ruin your day.

Image courtesy of gigirendon1991/Reddit

That’s precisely what happened to this guy. What do you think he did? Do you think he cursed and went back home to change his muddy shoe? Or did he continue on his way to the office? One thing’s for sure, though, he wasn’t smiling after this.

Time to sell the car now

This would be an opportune time to sell the car and get a new one, especially if you have arachnophobia (fear of spiders). How would you like this sight greeting you in the morning when you’re about to go to work?

Image courtesy of FuzzyTwiguh92/Reddit

This spectacle is enough to send some people to fits of anxiety, and there’s no way you can ask them to go near the car after they see this. They would have no other choice but to put the car on the market or trade it for a new one -preferably one without spiders in it.

Dracula’s not going to come near this

If you want to drive Dracula away from your home, you should get yourself a lot of garlic, at least that’s what some older adults believe. However, what you see is something a bit extreme. This much garlic is not only going to drive Dracula away, rather all the members of your household.

Image courtesy of SaveMeClarence/Reddit

This is an entire jar of minced garlic that unfortunately broke, and all the contents spilled on the refrigerator. It is going to take a lot of cleaning to get rid of all the garlicky smell. At least, they need not worry about any vampires coming near.

Would you like some sauce with your AirPods?            

AirPods cost a lot of money. But, for people who just have to have the latest Apple accessories, it’s a must-buy no matter how expensive. Of course, the AirPods also have to be protected by stylish cases. You want to keep your investment safe, after all.

Image courtesy ofDMBreezy/Reddit

This guy, however, put his AirPods case in his bag with a bottle of sweet and sour sauce. The bottle ended up exploding in his bag, and showered all the contents with sauce, including his AirPods. It looks like the green light is still flashing, so we have a little hope over here!

This lady swore off Chipotle after this

Chipotle is so popular nowadays. The Mexican food and catering service has a presence in a few countries, including Canada, Germany, France, the U.K., and the U.S. Some of their most famous foods are burritos, burrito bowls, and tacos.

Image courtesy of kaxamdays/Twitter

This girl ordered some Chipotle brown rice. No harm there whatsoever, right? Wrong. A single grain of Chipotle brown rice was the cause of her laptop screen getting damaged. We all know how much a screen replacement costs, and we can say with confidence that the burrito she ate was SO not worth it.

Fruit fly footprints

Baking, aside from being the way to making delicious pastries, bread, and cakes, is quite relaxing. This is why a lot of people like to bake a variety of goods during their free time. Bread baking began in ancient Greece in 600 B.C.

Image courtesy of Yarfing_Donkey/Reddit

This person was proud to have baked chocolate peppermint patties. While it was cooling off, a fruit fly walked across the surface of one and left its footprints behind, which you can clearly see in the photo. Disappointing, isn’t it?

How do I get in the car now?

Think of being in this situation; you are already running late, so you run out to the door to your car, ready to speed off to the office. However, as you pull the car door, it separates itself from the car. What do you do?

Image courtesy of PeppermintPatty420/Reddit

We’re quite sure that the first thing that will come into your mind is, “Now how am I going to get in the car? How am I going to get to work? Can I even use this car after?” If you think you’re having a bad day, this lady certainly is on the same level.

Bye, bye salad

Salads are supposed to be the healthier alternatives to fast food, such as burgers and fries, but they can be expensive, especially in big cities. Salads can cost as much as $13, and if you’re paying that much, your salad better be good.

Image courtesy of Britty-Ro/Reddit

This person never got to find out because his expensive salad ended up on the floor of his car, along with his bread. What a waste of money! To be honest, it doesn’t even look so delicious. We would have gone for a burger instead.

Pie now, gone later

Imagine if there were no bakers in the world. We wouldn’t have bread, cakes, cookies, and other pasties. How boring would life be? Thankfully, some people are willing to exert the effort and time needed to come up with delectable creations.

Image courtesy of typicaldragons/Reddit

This person, bless her heart, baked two pies. It’s probably going to be shared with friends and family. The only sad thing is they are never going to taste it because she dropped them on the floor as they were coming out of the oven. How upsetting!

No, people don’t eat plastic

If you’re not much of a baker, you need not to worry because there are ready-made mixes on grocery shelves that you can buy. All you need to do is add egg, oil, or water, pop them in the oven, and you’re good to go.

Image courtesy of jenorad/Reddit

These ready-made mixes will make you seem like a pro. However, you need to remember to read the instructions and follow them accurately if you don’t want anything to go wrong. This is a perfect example. This lady forgot to remove the plastic wrap on the cookies. No, dearie, people don’t eat plastic wrap, just cookies.

Now, where did that phone go?

Festivals are always joyful occasions. You get to see your favorite artists, meet new people, and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But sometimes, mishaps do occur. You end up losing your things, getting more drunk than you planned to, and other wild things.

Image courtesy of lennardfuell/Reddit

This guy lost his phone, and he searched high and low for it. After a few hours, he managed to find his phone, but it was next to a burning campfire. Goodbye to all the contacts and farewell to all the messages. There’s no way to salvage that phone.

Now he has to start all over again

Are you one of the many people who enjoy putting puzzles together? We love puzzles, and the more complicated, the better. Do you fancy getting that 1,000-piece puzzle? They are a challenge, but once completed, they give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Image courtesy of dirtymikendaboys228/Reddit

This guy must have felt good about himself after putting his puzzle together, but soon thereafter, he dropped it. And well, suffice to say that he wasn’t feeling good anymore. To think of all the long hours he put into completing the puzzle makes us cringe.

Just when you’re ready to go home

Sometimes, coworkers become family. But, there are other times when they are very annoying, and this guy’s coworker belongs to the latter. Here, he is all excited to finally call it a day, go home, and relax. However, it seems that he needed to stay a bit longer on this day.

Image courtesy of Thunder_SdSh/Reddit

Why is that? Because his coworker didn’t even care to properly close the box of screws, bolts, and other hardware that ended up crashing on the floor. Now, he’s got to put in the extra hours to gather them all up and put them in the box again.

Would you like some salad on your keyboard?

Here we go again with the salads. There must be something about them that just makes people’s days turn really sour. Is it the lack of croutons? Is it the stale greens? Perhaps it’s the dressing. Whatever it is, people just seem to drop them left and right.

Image courtesy of S-H-E-M-P/Reddit

We think that this guy must have also paid a ridiculous amount for his salad. After all, they are not cheap, especially those that are sold in fancy restaurants and delis. We have a tip for you here: If you don’t want to waste money, don’t buy salads.

This is just sad and embarrassing at the same time

This woman is having the ultimate facepalm moment of her life. If you think you’re having a bad day, think again because it’s not even a fraction of what this teacher is going through. Imagine yourself being a science teacher at this moment.

Image courtesy of bartarton/Reddit

There you are in front of the class, serious about teaching your students and opening their minds to the many wonders of science. However, you ended up mispronouncing the word organism and say ‘orgasm’ instead to your 13-year-old students. How would you cover that one up?

Do you like your new roommate?

Finding a roommate that you can get along with is a game of chance. We have all heard of nightmare roommates who don’t clean up after themselves and steal stuff from others. There are also those who do nasty things to your toothbrush when you’re not around.

Image courtesy of vron_vol2/Reddit

This girl’s roommate doesn’t do any of those. They don’t even say or do anything. But, they do like to leave traces of their skin on the floor? Sound weird? Yes, it does. Sometimes, they might just bite you while you’re asleep.

Perhaps we should be wary of buying anything on sale

Buying things on sale has plenty of benefits, and one of the most important is that you buy goods at lower prices than you would normally pay for. Granted, the produce may not be as fresh as those priced in full, but they are still edible.

Image courtesy of gengarsleep/Reddit

This lady bought rice that was on sale, thinking that it would still be ok. She was unpleasantly surprised, to say the least when she opened the packet that found rice weevils. Well, they surely gave her an extra amount of protein.

This kid must hate his mom so much

No matter how much we hate our parents for punishing us because of our misdeeds, we don’t take revenge. We understand that they are just trying to discipline us and guide us because they want the best for us.

Image courtesy of bizmeddit01/Reddit

That doesn’t seem to be the case with this kid, though. He was so angry at his mom that he took revenge. So, he sent a text to the neighbors using his mom’s phone just to tell them that his mom farts when she is nervous. Bad kid!

Well, they didn’t imagine it would look like this

It’s a special moment when the love of your life proposes to you. Being asked by someone special if you would like to be his wife and spend the rest of your life with him doesn’t happen often. Many men plan their proposals for months, too.

Image courtesy of killHACKS/Reddit

This girl’s fiancé ordered a badge for his girlfriend to mark the momentous occasion between them. He gave the photo for them to use, but what he was given didn’t quite match his expectations. Just look at the photo and the badge, and you will see what we’re talking about.

That doesn’t look like lunch

When you grab something from the fridge, make sure that it’s what you were searching for because you certainly don’t want to end up with regrets, such as this guy. He was on his way to work and was rather late and needed to hurry up.

Image courtesy of boots111/Reddit

He grabbed what he thought was his lunch and hurriedly went to the office, only to be surprised during lunchtime because it wasn’t lunch at all when he opened the package. It was some cabbage. Now, the question is, is he really going to eat that?

What a waste of a four-wheeler

People who lose their phones would naturally look for it. Not only do you have your contacts there, but most people also have various banking applications and not to mention precious videos and photos on them. You wouldn’t want your phone to fall into the wrong hands too.

Image courtesy of bilman66/Reddit

This man was so busy looking for his lost phone, which sunk, that he didn’t notice his four-wheeler was also sinking. We would never sacrifice our car for a phone. Phones may be expensive, but a four-wheeler costs a lot more.  

Just where did the bra come from?

We never thought that one of the many risks of buying things online would include anti-theft tags. Seriously, don’t stores check their items before shipping them out? Nobody does due diligence anymore? We understand things get lost in the mail, but not this.

Image courtesy of TOoN_YT/Reddit

We can imagine her going through mall entrances and then hearing a deafening beep. People would think she stole something, but it’s just her bra. Come to think of it that would be a bit hilarious, but we’re sure there are plenty of hacks online on how to remove anti-theft sensors. She should be able to remove it on her own.

Can you find your socks?

You can count yourself lucky if you’re not like the rest of the population who just can’t seem to find their socks or find only half of a pair. This person seems like he’s been cursed to live life with mismatched socks.

Image courtesy of Dr_Plecostomus/Reddit

Look at the spread of socks on his bed. None of them match each other. Where did the rest of the socks go? Did the dog run off with it to the neighbors? Is there any sock thief in their neighborhood that got his filthy hands on them?

Keep 9-year-olds away from the microwave

If there’s one thing this photo should teach us, it’s to keep 9-year-olds away from the microwave. Yup, they are older, and they can do things on their own, but for the most part, they don’t know a lot about the kitchen and the common appliances.

Image courtesy of Agent-Ace/Reddit

This mother learned this lesson the hard way when her child decided to copy a TikTok life hack. She put the Starburst in the microwave and tried to heat it, but it ended up melting all over the microwave. Now, they have an excuse to get a new one.

Please load the dishwasher correctly

If you don’t know yet, there is a correct way to load the dishwasher. You can’t just stash things in there and hope for the best. You should always load from the back to the front. Bowls, cups, and glasses should be face down.

Image courtesy of TummyPuppy/Reddit

This man’s wife didn’t seem to get the memo, and you see in the photo how she loads the dishwasher. Is it time for him to get a divorce? Or, do you think he should spend the rest of his life secretly helping his wife “wash” the dishes?

What a nasty thing to do

When you’re using public transportation, be it a bus, train, or plane, you have to respect others. They pay the same fare as you, and you are sharing the same space. It is necessary to have some basic etiquette.

Image courtesy of NOCHNOY_/Reddit

Etiquette is something that one of the passengers seemed to lack when you see what he or she did to the A.C. vent. He had the gall to use a mask to block it. Is he trying to infect everyone with Covid-19? This is just plain nasty!

People should stop with face swapping

One of the most popular apps in the last year is the face-swapping app. It allows people to switch people with others and sometimes with inanimate objects. It gives you a glimpse of what you would look like if you had someone else’s face.

Image courtesy of Lazar_Kracken/Reddit

Most of the time, the results are hilarious, but they can also be scary, such as this one. We are not sure how this app was designed, but there seems to be something seriously wrong with it. We don’t want this thing installed on our phones.

This is not the correct way to cook rice

Rice is a staple food in Asia, and Asians can cook the perfect rice even when their eyes are closed. However, if you are not from the region, you might need some help. If you don’t have any idea how to manually cook it, it’s best to just get yourself a rice cooker.

Image courtesy if KiriDomo/Reddit

This guy tried to cook some rice since he was working from home. However, he got caught in a meeting, and let’s just say that things didn’t go well from there. The meeting lasted a long time and what you see in the photo is how his rice turned out.

YOL to the world

Now, this woman isn’t having a bad day, per se. We hate to say that she just doesn’t have any common sense. Her problem is not a problem at all. It can be easily remedied by just turning the item around.

Image courtesy of purple-circle/Reddit

She ordered something online and posted about it on the web. She was fuming mad that instead of JOY, her glittery Christmas décor said YOL, and she paid about £10 for the shipping fee alone. She can just turn it around, and it would read JOY. SMH.

Aang is that you?

If you’re a fan of Avatar, you’d recognize the symbol on this man’s head right away. It’s going to remind you of someone on that show. Care to guess? Yup, that’s Aang right there, or at the very least, a likeness of his head.

Image courtesy of jurz90/Reddit

This man wore a mesh hat to protect his bald head from the sun on a 30-mile hike and was surprised when he finally took it off. Is surprised the correct word to use, or should it be alarmed? Anyway, it must have been a very hot day.

Finally got his new license

Getting your new license is a joyous moment. It means you can finally drive the car and have some fun. But how would you feel if your license is already expired the day you got your hands on it? Don’t get what we mean? Just look at the photo.

Image courtesy of Wellthatsucks/Reddit

Obviously, there’s a huge mistake because the issue date and the expiration date are the same. This is going to be such a huge disappointment to anyone who is impatient to go and drive his new car—sorry man, better luck next time.

Would you like to play spicy PSP?

First off, we would like to ask where you can order both a PSP game and hot sauce? We thought online stores either sell games or grocery stuff, but not both together. Anyway, this gamer managed to order both from one place, and he was eagerly waiting for their arrival.

Image courtesy of Denouncemints/Reddit

He didn’t expect that they would be delivered combined. We’re doubtful that he would still be able to play his game, though. But one thing is for sure, that’s one spicy game. It’s just a waste of money and time since he has to complain and send it back.