Bride to Be Caught Cheating Before The I Do’s

By Doreen R

For many of us romantics, marriage is a sacred union between two people. For a large number of us, marriage means joining one’s life with another in a bond that will last a lifetime. It’s true that wedded-bliss is not for everyone, but when Emma and Pablo first laid eyes on each other, they were sure they found their soulmate. The two met each and dated for just over a year before Pablo got down on bended knee and asked Emma to join him in holy matrimony. For Emma, who has been imagining this day since she was a little girl, the events leading up to the big day were a bevy of parties, romantic getaways with Pablo, and a lot of fun. Yep, fun, which may be what doomed this duo that declared their love on social media for their friends, family, and loved ones to witness. Had the future bride and groom focused more on their future together, rather than having one last hurrah, things might not have spiraled to the point of no return.

Whether long or short, the engagement period is the time to focus on the other’s needs and take them to heart before joining their lives together. It’s also a time for some deep introspection within oneself. For the more mature individual, this time can be used to focus on if we really have chosen the right person to spend our life with. If we can put our partner’s needs over our own, we might have truly found our life partner. From the title of this article, we see that all didn’t go as planned. Let’s find out what happened and see if there’s a lesson to be gained.

Pablo and Emma

These two met at a party of a mutual friend, and sparks were quick to fly. From that moment, the two were inseparable. They got along fabulously; they had tons in common. Early on, Emma felt that Pablo was the one for her. Similarly,  Pablo was already envisioning a life with Emma.

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The two dated for just over a year and were talking about a future together. They agreed on kids, and their views on family were in total sync. They were both happy to give up seeing others and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

The Engagement

Pablo came from a traditional family and wanted to forge into marriage the way his parents did. Their marriage of over 30 years was a shining example of how to do it right. Having already met Emma’s parents, they all got along, and everyone was waiting for Pablo to pop the question.

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Pablo met with Emma’s dad and officially asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. His future father in law was thrilled that Pablo went the old-fashioned route and happily gave his approval and blessing. The future groom did ask Emma’s father to keep it a secret, as he was still planning the perfect proposal.

Pablo Pops the Question

Emma and Pablo had an early dinner one evening at one of the better restaurants on a beach in Mexico, not far from where they resided. After dinner, the couple took a walk on the beach barefoot, enjoying the sunset. This was the ideal moment.

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The couple was walking hand in hand, enjoying the sunset and romantic atmosphere when Pablo let go of Emma’s hand and got down on bended knee. Just like in the movies, he looked up at the love of his life and asked Emma to spend the rest of her life with him.

We’re Engaged!

Emma was and wasn’t surprised by the proposal. Her parents were acting a little odd in the days leading up to the dinner on the beach. They kept asking how she and Pablo were doing and if there was anything she needed to share with them.

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Emma was sure the proposal was coming but wasn’t getting her hopes up, for fear of being disappointed. When Pablo placed the diamond ring on her left hand’s finger, tears were streaming down her face. She squealed a big yes, they hugged and danced. They were now officially engaged.

Save the Date!

Emma already had an image of how she wanted her wedding to be. Like many young girls, she had been planning it for years in her mind and with her girlfriends. The couple decided a year-long engagement would be ideal without putting too much stress on either of them or their families.

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With the families rallied around and involved in all planning stages, a date was decided on.  Everyone agreed that April 7th worked, and a spring wedding was now being planned. Preparations were in full swing for the big day.  

Emma Wasn’t a Bridezilla

Emma was loving the months leading up to the wedding. Her mom and girlfriends were there to support her in arranging the perfect day, and all seemed to be going according to the bride’s vision.  A church was chosen, a venue for the reception and even the flowers were picked without fuss.

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The dress was selected, a long white strapless gown that Emma had her eye on long before Pablo proposed. She was registered for her flatware and China pattern. The guest list was agreed on by both families and some 300 guests were invited to the wedding set for April 7th.

Smooth Sailing, For Now at Least

The organizing and planning of the wedding were going almost too smoothly. There were no temper tantrums from the bride, the families all got along, and everyone was in sync with all that had to do with the wedding. Pablo and Emma were on the same page in all things wedding related.

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The engagement party was a huge success; everyone was thrilled for the couple. The two were getting along great, and there was no hint that things would soon take a turn for the worse. For many of us, when things are going well, we’re sometimes worried something might happen to destroy our bliss. Even if we can’t put our finger on it, we feel something out there lurking. Had Emma and Pablo had this concern, maybe things would’ve turned out differently.  

Their Last Weeks of Freedom

Going with all things traditional, his and her bachelor and bachelorette parties were a must. Pablo and his buddies were planning the customary bachelor party. The men were sticking close to home and arranged one last wild night for the groom to be.

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Emma and her girlfriends had other ideas. They envisioned an all-girls long weekend in Playa del Carmen. They reserved several rooms at a luxury hotel and looked forward to giving Emma a proper send-off into married life. Had they decided to leave their smartphones behind, the story would end here.

The Carolina Daylight Club

Emma and her girlfriends were getting settled into their rooms when they realized they were within walking distance of the popular Caroline Daylight Club. The club is known for catering to the younger demographic and is one of the go-to places for spring break and bachelorette parties.

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After Emma and her bridal party toured the city, they decided to pop in and see what was going on at the Carolina Daylight Club. There was a  party in full swing by the pool, and the alcohol was flowing freely. The girls had decided to stay awhile and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Emma’s Gal Pals Made Plans

Everyone was having a great time by the pool, where partygoers were in definite party mode. What Emma wasn’t aware of was that her BFFs reserved the VIP area at the resort in advance for a pool party. The girls posed for pictures and were quick to post on all social media platforms.

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The party was in full swing, and everyone was enjoying. The weather was ideal; the pool was packed with guys and girls in skimpy bathing suits, and the alcohol was abundant. It didn’t take long before others were joining Emma and her buds by the VIP area.

The Guy in the Lime Green Hat

The girls were feeling secure, assuming they were in a safe environment. They were at a proper facility; no one was driving; it was a bachelorette party, no big deal. Partyers were making their way over to the VIP area, music was blasting, booze was flowing, and all were having a great time.

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This went on for hours, and no one noticed when Emma began talking to a guy in a lime green hat. It started out innocently enough; Emma and the guy were making conversation. She explained she was celebrating her last weeks of freedom before getting married.

Things Get Out of Control

Emma and the guy in the green hat were deep in conversation while also flirting and drinking way too much. This combination was a sure recipe for disaster. Emma forgot that her friends were nearby and totally got lost in the stranger’s eyes.

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Before she knew what was happening, they began dancing and grinding to the music. It was only a matter of moments before things got out of control. Emma had her arms around the man, and soon enough, they had started kissing.

What Happens in Mexico…

Unfortunately, someone decided to capture these moments on their smartphone. It didn’t take long for the pix of Emma kissing a stranger to appear online. In addition to the pictures, there was also a video of the couple that captured the escalating attraction between the two.

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Before long, the video of Emma and the man was posted, which detailed their close proximity and passionate kissing session, which went on for far too long.  We can’t say for sure that the guy was aware that Emma was just days away from being married, but we do know that he was unattached when the video was recorded.

The Party is Winding Down

After the makeout session, Emma and the ‘gentleman’ returned to the VIP area and were in a deep conversation for a while. Emma’s friends were mingling with others, so the couple had some private time to themselves. Most likely, due to the amounts of alcohol consumed, Emma’s judgment was lacking.

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While we can’t know what Emma was feeling during this encounter, it’s fair to say that the drinking didn’t help her make any coherent decisions that day. From the pictures and the video, it’s safe to say she wasn’t yet feeling any regrets or guilt, but that was soon to come.

The Party’s Over

The weekend ended, Emma and her girlfriends headed back to reality. No one spoke about what happened, and it seemed that it was a fun girl’s weekend, same as any other bachelorette party. Only upon returning home and checking her phone did Emma realize what had occurred the day before.

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One of Emma’s BFFs had revealed to Emma that pix of the party were posted online. If that wasn’t bad enough, the girlfriend shared a link to the video of Emma kissing the guy in the green hat. Emma’s world was collapsing around her, and she wasn’t sure what this meant.

Lady Carolina AKA Emma Goes Viral

Within a matter of days of returning home and realizing what happened at the party, the video had gone viral. The video was anywhere and everywhere. Emma was nicknamed  ‘Lady Carolina’  due to where the party took place. The video was gaining momentum, and things were snowballing.

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The viral video became so popular, memes and re-enactments were quick to follow. Emma was devastated and knew she needed to come clean to Pablo, who still had no idea what took place during the girl’s weekend. Due to the video and it’s growing reputation, Emma needed to act quickly.

Emma Comes Clean

Emma was just hoping to tell Pablo what happened before he found out on his own. She met with Pablo, detailed the event as best she could. We’re giving Emma props for not leaving out any ugly details and for being as honest as possible.

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She showed remorse and begged for forgiveness for her lapse in judgment. She blamed the incident on too much alcohol and continued to apologize, hoping Pablo would understand. She predicted his anger and disappointment but hoped he would be able to forgive this sad transgression.

Pablo’s is Humiliated and Heartbroken

Pablo hears Emma’s confession, and now he has to internalize what he’s just discovered. He’s angry and humiliated, and he hasn’t even seen the video yet. He’s not sure what the next step is and wants to get all the facts before making any decisions.

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Pablo decides he needs some time to think before making any decisions. With the wedding only two weeks away, he needed to cool off and see if his feelings for Emma have changed. The two decided to cool off and give the other space to think.  

Pablo Doesn’t Want to Get Married

After a few days of thinking, Pablo is too hurt and embarrassed to move forward with the wedding. He’s seen the video and pictures of the now infamous bachelorette party. His anger is growing, and he’s inconsolable. He’s discussed the matter with his friend and family and decided he no longer wanted to marry Emma.

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He was so angry he refused to tell Emma directly that the wedding was off. His parents were the bearers of bad news, and they relayed Pablo’s feelings to Emma.  Emma was naturally crushed but understood his decision. In reality, she had no one to blame but herself.

Emma Goes Off the Grid

Emma was so devastated by the backlash online that she was quick to deactivate her Instagram and other social media accounts. The fact that the story wasn’t dying down helped her in deciding to take a break from living her life online.

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Emma’s family and friends agreed with her decision and supported her fully. She was sinking into a deep depression and needed time to recover from all that had transpired. Emma was fortunate to have a strong support system to get her through this tragic period.

Emma’s Family and Friends Came Through

During this difficult time and the growing media frenzy surrounding the video and subsequent cancelation of the wedding, Emma wasn’t alone. Emma’s friends and family rallied around the young woman and did all they could to bring her out of her depression.

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They pleaded with various news outlets and social media platforms to delete or remove the video but weren’t successful. They tried to shield Emma as best they could. We all sadly know that once a picture or video is posted online, it can never vanish completely.

Pablo Has Cooled Off

With the wedding officially canceled, Pablo had time to cool off and think things through. For reasons known only to him, he was still in love with Emma and wanted to move past this one incident. They were separated a couple of months by this point, but maybe there was still hope.

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Several months after they had broken up, Pablo showed up on Emma’s doorstep. Emma opened the door and was shocked to see her former fiancé in front of her. They talked and realized their feelings hadn’t changed. Emma once again expressed her sorrow at what happened, and Pablo stated he was able to forgive and move on.

Save the Date, Again!

After the two had resumed their relationship and getting past the girl’s weekend, the two decided they still wanted to spend their lives together. They decided on a new date and were thrilled to tell their family and friends about the new date.

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The wedding was now scheduled for January 10, 2018. Preparations were back on. The families on both sides were thrilled that the two got back together and looked forward to their special day. All were feeling optimistic once again.

Please Meet Mr. and Mrs. Torres Paz

After what seemed like a doomed relationship, the wedding plans in January went off without a hitch. The bride looked beautiful in her gown. Everyone stood in awe as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom. While a few were skeptical, the majority wished them well.

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The ceremony at the church was traditional and exactly what the couple wanted. Both wrote their own vows, and many guests shed tears and felt the love between Pablo and Emma. Everyone cheered when they were finally pronounced husband and wife.

Happily Ever After?

While we don’t know how this couple fared after the ceremony, we hope they had their happily ever after. Those that chose to celebrate with them were the friend and family that supported throughout their sad breakup. Some didn’t attend and were quick to state they didn’t believe the couple stood a chance of having a successful marriage.

We hope that both Emma and Pablo can move past that one weekend where a lapse in judgment nearly doomed them. We can understand why some may have doubts, but for the romantics among us, we’re hoping these two have their fairy-tale ending.

The Moral Dilemma

So we’ve now read what happened between Pablo and Emma. They were able to move past Emma’s poor judgment. But the issue here is a little more than just an unfortunate weekend. We’re left to grapple with the effect of social media, and it’s placed in our lives.

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The fact that our every move can be captured in an instant in a way doesn’t allow for us to be human and thus fallible. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s a fact. But, that our mistakes can be posted online for the world to see is something that needs to be considered more in-depth.

Imagine Emma’s Weekend Without Smartphones

Let’s try to imagine a time, not too long ago, when we didn’t all have smartphones. Imagine Emma’s weekend without the viral video. Would she have simply forgotten what happened and how she behaved that weekend? Are we okay with behaving badly as long as we’re not caught?

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It’s safe to say that these sorts of parties happened long before smartphones. So, is this only a story worth reading because it was captured for the world to see?  And does the world have a right to see a girl at a party that might have had too much to drink, resulting in an unfortunate event?  We’re not passing judgment here; we’re just giving our readers some food for thought.   While we can’t picture our lives without our trusty phone, we need to realize that it comes at a price, which might be too high for some people.