Camping Fails That Resulted in Amusing Chaos

By Ish Bautista

Wrong Bottle

The ending of this camping trip could have been messy. Although the pancakes look fluffy and tasty, they could contain insect repellent. Good thing this person said “almost” and was probably able to notice the difference at the last minute.

Image Courtesy of glampmom/Instagram

This is why we advise buying different colored bottles not to mix up one product for the other. Applying butter instead of insect repellent wouldn’t be as dangerous as the other way around. Nice save!

Got It

It looks like all those days of playing catch paid off! Kidding. This lucky girl managed to salvage the Smore she had intentionally baked over the fire. After all, it is a ton of work to open the marshmallow packet, cook the Smore precisely, and smoosh it all together.

Image Courtesy of @bbysquids/Facebook

How did she catch it? Well, it looks like she bore a hole through her tent or hammock. Was it worth it? We beg to differ. But hey, some people have different priorities. The food was hers. Nice save, girl!

Stack Em Up

We’re not even sure where to start with this picture. Did they all choose dare instead of truth? Or maybe they’re more comfortable resting when they’re all cuddled up? We can’t possibly see how this can be a convenient or comfortable position in which to sleep.

Image Courtesy of EYN Camping Gear/Facebook

With their legs sticking out, it appears that they’re going to be cold for the night. Should have brought a 10 person tent instead of a 2 person tent there, buddies. If we saw this on one of our camping trips, we’d be wondering how they ended up there in the first place.

Sleeping Situation

We all have that one friend who wants to bring their entire house on a camping trip. Or at least, the things they can’t live without. These guys thought that bringing an air mattress would help make their night more comfortable. But oh boy, were they mistaken.

Image Courtesy of @REI/Twitter

This air mattress could barely fit inside their tent. Not to mention, it looks like it’s double padded. How can one even squeeze into the tent? Their legs would have to be dangling from the sides due to the lack of space. Space over comfort? You be the judge.


These campers were in for a bumpy ride. The raft they were riding on seemed like it only had a two-person capacity. It looks like they should have split the group into pairs instead of trying to get everyone on at the same time. This can happen when people get too impatient, and all wanna go first.

Image Courtesy of Nathan Ball/Facebook

Luckily, they were wearing life vests and were able to take a few snaps of the accident. Looks like they’re heading into the water, way sooner than planned! This is a moment they can look back on with a smile for months to come.

Epic Fail

When going camping, we suggest going all in or not going at all. One of the main parts of camping is setting up your little home for the night. Now it doesn’t have to be complicated, but when you need help, we encourage you to ask for it.

Image Courtesy of @CampsBuddy/Twitter

Setting up a tent sometimes requires the help of 2 people. So don’t try setting it up on your own if you aren’t familiar with how they work. This gal decided that it was too much of hassle to set up ten and decided just to wing it.

Here’s Fine

When going camping, you need to make sure you enough water and hydrate sufficiently. Or else, you might end up feeling exhausted when you arrive. Regular water breaks are ultra important. This girl looks like she was itching for a rest before setting up camp.

Image Courtesy of @CampsBuddy/Twitter

Or maybe she ended up sleeping on the bench on purpose? Either way, she looks comfortable outside of her tent, and at least she isn’t sleeping propped up on a cooler. We’re amazed at how these hardcore campers can sleep almost anywhere.

Gone With the Wind

We have to admit, even though this is an epic fail, it looks pretty fun! Imagine being swept up into the air with your tent. That doesn’t seem so bad, right? After all, he’s close to the ground, so the fall probably wasn’t too hard.

Image Courtesy of TravDevil/Facebook

This is why having two people set up camp is so important. One person needs to hold one end while the other stretches out the opposite end to create a roof. Looks like these two had some fun on their trip at least.

Can’t Call Now

Bringing technology when you go camping is sometimes akin to taking care of a dog. You’ll have to keep a close eye on it, make sure it doesn’t get too wet. And to make sure to answer it or respond when it calls.

Image Courtesy of @jennie_withers/Twitter

This person should have left his phone in the tent or brought a waterproof phone case with him. When camping, the weather can always be unpredictable. It’s up to us to create the conditions that’ll prevent such accidents. We hope he still has a warranty on his phone!

New RV?

Renting an RV and revamping the inside with bunk beds is an absolute dream. To travel on the open roads with no particular plan, shotgunning life, and appreciating nature. What a way to live. These guys thought they were in for the trip of their lives.

Image Courtesy of @J_Glassburn/Twitter

And they were. Unfortunately, their RV’s lifespan came to an end too soon. By the looks of this accident, it appears that they’ll need a brand new one soon. It’s sad when you’ve bought something as expensive as a camper for it to get ruined. Sorry, fam.

Every Man For Himself

It looks like this guy values the company of his bike way more than he cares about this woman. A picture can say a thousand words, and this photo says it all. It looks like the guy had a good night’s rest in the comfort of the tent curled up with his bike.

Image Courtesy of @J_Glassburn/Twitter

We can’t say the same for the girl, and if Thea and Brad are dating, we will invite Thea to reconsider Brad as the right choice of life partner.. we kid! But hey, man, let her inside of the tent, the bike will be fine outside. Bikes can’t get sick, and we hate to see this poor woman sleeping outside!


These guys thought that running through the mud with a vehicle would be a good idea. Little did they know that they’d be creating such a mess. How inconsiderate of them! Hopefully, they were able to clean up their mess after.

Image Courtesy of @adraaijer/Twitter

When people go on trips, they expect to relax by a lake, go fishing, and even bond with friends. No one expects a mud bath on their tent when they wake up in the mornings. These unhappy campers got a rude awakening.

Zonked Out

Looks like these guys took the phrase: “Work hard, party harder.” too literally. After a night of binge drinking around the campfire and sharing stories, a group of people got a little too happy. Yes, being too happy can be dangerous.

Image Courtesy of @CampsBuddy/Twitter

Since they weren’t in a club where they could get kicked out, they decided to bring the party into nature. Little did they know that retreating into their tent would be a hassle. This girl tried her best to crawl into bed, but it didn’t turn out quite as she had expected.

Unexpected Visitor

When you go camping, you usually expect to see beautiful trees, multi-colored flowers, and not wild bears trying to enter your tent. The idea doesn’t often cross one’s mind. These people had their peaceful break shattered when an unexpected visitor arrived.

Image Courtesy of @KISSedmonton/Twitter

Little did they know that their bag of food would be devoured in minutes. This nosy bear decided to visit a group of campers, with absolutely no shame that he might be crashing their party. He picked, prodded, and turned over their belongings to his heart’s content. Yikes!


You’ve seen that tent advertised on social media. The large roof, the incredible amount of space, the fact that it is supposed to be easy to assemble… it’s perfect. Well, not quite. Often, what we see online or in magazines can be unexpectedly different from the package we receive.

Image Courtesy of @NatalieEcuyer/Twitter

This tent leaves a lot to be desired. After all, it said it could fit at least 5 people. These guys got the disappointment of their lives when they found out it couldn’t open all the way. Could be a factory defect, but we sure hope they got a refund.

Just Hanging Out

Looks like this group of people loves the outdoors so much they decided to build themselves a treehouse. Little did they realize how challenging it would be to keep going down to cook, light a bonfire, or even go to the bathroom for that matter.

Image Courtesy of @REI/Twitter

We’ve seen suspended tree tents before which are much safer and spacious but never this. This makeshift suspended tent doesn’t look sturdy and could very well result in an unwanted fall. We hope the bottom of the tree was with cushions in case someone fell out!

Wild Wild Weekend

Flying tents are a common occurrence when camping, especially if the winds become unpredictable. A quick tip you can do to prevent this is to put heavy objects on the corners of your tent to keep it from flying away or turning upside-down.

Image Courtesy of @LaurenMonitz/Twitter

Also, making sure you have the right amount of poles to keep the tent intact is essential. One missing part could result in this. Either this person didn’t pack the right equipment, or it was just a really windy day.

Someone Was Hungry

This looks like a scene straight from a horror flick. Girl gets hungry in the middle of the night. Rushes outside to make Smores while the fire is still burning outside. Afterward, she hears a rustle in the bushes nearby, followed by a deep growl.

Image Courtesy of @Twitchathon/Twitter

She retreats with the Smore in one hand to the comfort of her safe tent. All of a sudden, the creature claws at her tent and tries to grab her Smore.. or her. After a while, a large didgeridoo is heard in the distance, and the beast escapes. She lives!

No sticks No Problem

We’ve all had our moments when going on camping trips. Someone forgets the portable stove or the flashlights. Or maybe someone forgets to bring sleeping bags. More often than not, we don’t forget the sticks because they’re usually in the bag where our tents are.

Image Courtesy of @whatsherfacebee/Instagram

These campers forgot to pack their sticks from their last trip and thus decided to do without them. We give them credit though because at least their tent seems to protect them from bugs and unwanted insects. Not a bad idea at all!

Instant Winter

This is one of the most creative ideas we’ve come across in this article. Someone decided to bring a little piece of home to their tent. We give them props for bringing the portable air conditioner all the way to the camping grounds.

Image Courtesy of @umad_com/Twitter

Not a bad idea. And the hole where the cold enters looks pretty secure. Securing a gap like that isn’t an easy task, and these guys nailed it. Now, if we could have portable tents with built-in cooling systems, that’d be genius!

Passed Out

Now that’s a sleeping position, you don’t usually come across often. This guy thought that propping up his stomach on a cooler would help even out his body. We give him kudos for his creativity. But no way does that look comfortable.

Image Courtesy of @REI/Twitter

We certainly wouldn’t be able to rough it out like this guy. He seems like an experienced camper. Either that, or he had a wild night with a couple of beers and buddies. We give him 10 stars for originality.

Sticky Situation

It looks like this guy got a little too generous with the firelighters. When making smores or grilling sausages on your camping trip, make sure to watch the fire every now and then. Leaving it unattended can result in a mess like this.

Image Courtesy of Jeff Schrock/Facebook

When this happens, keep a huge tub of water nearby and douse the fire. Make sure to mix up the ashes and embers while pouring on more water. Luckily, it looks like this guy had company and a bunch of friends to help him get out of this fiery situation.

Odd Structures

Some of us loved making forts as a kid. We’d transform our bedrooms into blanket caves with a lamp in the middle. At night, we’d read books in our forts and listen to music. These people decided to make their own fort in the forest.

Image Courtesy of @NaomiSwartz/Twitter

Or were they trying to pitch a tent? Regardless of what they were trying to do, it looks like a solid structure. Sure, it isn’t symmetric, but it’s definitely habitable, well kind of anyway. After all, those lower regions in the tent make for great nap spots!

Catch of the Day

Usually, when one goes fishing, they spend hours looking for the perfect catch. This guy got the short end of the stick on his fishing day.. Literally. He probably scored one of the smallest fishes in the lake, much smaller than his tackle.

Image Courtesy of @AniekaNick/Twitter

Some days, are great and others are a little less so. The lesson here? A catch is a catch, and this guy did his best. Maybe it just wasn’t the right day, and perhaps he’ll try his luck again the following week. Don’t lose hope!

Zipper Be Gone

We have those moments where everything seems to be going well. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everyone seems to be settling in comfortably and well. When all of a sudden, after pitching up your tent, you realize that the zipper is broken.

Image Courtesy of @BarlowAlison/Twitter

Oh no! So much for everything going swell. This girl decided to make the most out of her situation even with a broken zipper. Her smile speaks for the position, and despite the faulty zipper, she’s still gonna have a rocking time.

Can’t You See?

Some people have a hard time reading signs when their adrenaline is pumping to set up camp. After all, why wouldn’t you be excited? These people clearly didn’t read the sign and instead claimed the ground as theirs. There’s a good reason for this sign.

Image Courtesy of @KelzBellz72/Twitter

Some camping grounds can be protected due to its wildlife, while others can be unsafe. Public camping grounds are designated for a reason, and it looks like a couple of people violated this. Hopefully, they didn’t get into too much trouble.

Well Well

This guy has had a doozy of a day. First, he decided to go camping for some much needed R&R . When suddenly, his tent caught on fire. All of his belongings burned to the ground in one accidental turn of events. How does he remain so zen?

Image Courtesy of Sasha Mariolo/Facebook

It looks like he went through a day’s processing of the unexpected event. It’s hard to accept that your things have burned down, but this guy looks like he is holding it together. He isn’t fazed, he seems okay, and he’s just simply chilling.

Waterproof Tent

Some people like sleeping on land and others think they’d survive better in water. Either this tent was designed to withstand water, or this was unplanned. We’ll go with the latter. The weather probably got awful in the evening, with powerful winds.

Image Courtesy of @blacks_online/Twitter

The winds caused this tent to roll into the lake, all intact and in pristine shape. We sure hope that none of the campers were hurt in this incident. After all, when they said they wanted a dose of nature, they didn’t mean a splash of it!

Wasn’t Sturdy Enough

This makeshift hammock wasn’t worth sleeping in. After all, that material looks exceptionally uncomfortable, and it appears that it broke in the middle of the night! This brave person must have woken up with quite a thud, and we mean that literally.

Image Courtesy of @REI/Twitter

Looks like they should have tied it tighter around the tree or perhaps brought a sturdier hammock. Camping is all about trial and error, and this guy learned his lesson, should have probably slept on the ground instead, buddy.

Rude Awakening

In another reality, people find it more comfortable to sleep slanted at an angle rather than flat. These guys thought that putting a table where the tent should be would be a great idea while sleeping on a sloped area would be better.

Image Courtesy of @NiallPMcCann/Twitter

To each his own, of course. But still, we can’t seem to understand how this seems more comfortable? Maybe it was unintentional, and the winds swept them into that position. But we can’t help but think of how they managed to get a good night’s rest…

Newbie Campers

The person who took this picture reckons that these are first-time campers. Usually, when we see people setting up their camping spaces, we wonder how they’re going to make it. Will they need assistance? If so, we wouldn’t mind pitching in and offering a helping hand.

Image Courtesy of @jennie_withers/Twitter

These campers decided to take matters into their own hands by setting up a tent by themselves. But the thing is they should have placed the sleeping gear and blankets inside the tent. Because they couldn’t set it up properly, they had the other half spilling out.

The Fog

Naomi and her friends traveled far and wide. They packed their camping gear and headed for a trip to the mountains. Little did they know that they’d encounter unfavorable weather that day. Probably should have checked the weather forecast before leaving home…

Image Courtesy of @NaomiSwartz/Twitter

Nonetheless, she was able to garner a small souvenir on this trip. A unique picture of fog. It’s times like this that make you realize how important it is to have better timing. Either way, we love her positivity that shines through despite the grim weather!

Rain Rain Go Away

Camping trips are always so exciting because you never know what to expect. A sunny day could turn into a torrential downpour in seconds. These campers weren’t prepared for the uncontrollable weather and had to dry their belongings off in a creative way.

Image Courtesy of Safia Miletus/Facebook

Luckily for them, they were able to hang up a clothesline to dry their clothes and their hammocks. We do hope it only rained for a short period because camping when it’s raining can be tough! Better check the weather next time for heavy rainclouds.

Bugs Everywhere

This guy thought he could escape the clutches of nature. Little did he know that life has a mind of its own. Not only did he welcome mother nature herself in his camper, but a group of visitors decided to pay a visit too.

Image Courtesy of @RVLoveTravel/Twitter

These little friends came unexpectedly and without an invitation. Instead of feeling angry, this guy decided to accept his fate and uninvited guests. Taking a picture was also his way to say: “you’re not winning today, nature! I’ll be bringing the bug spray next time.”

It’ll Do

Setting up a hammock takes a lot of effort. You need to make sure you have sturdy ropes or even a tree strap. After that, you’ll need to keep an eye out on two trees that have around the same circumference. You’ll need to execute a wrapping technique that’ll keep the hammock secure.

Image Courtesy of @lindsey.chapp/Instagram

Looks like this guy tried his best but felt like this was good enough. After all, if he can lie down on it, that should be good enough, right? It looks like he was able to get a good rest despite being half on the ground. After all, the grass is quite comfy.

Fire’s Away

This is a pretty nifty way to make use of logs for the fire. It could work but only for an hour or so. Stacking up the logs on the side would suffice, but adding more in the middle would topple everything over. If you’re in for a short bonfire, this’ll do.

If you’re after a much longer one, then we’d advise against going for this. It could also be a potential fire hazard when the logs roll off! Without the fire underneath, this could even make for a nice decoration, but other than that, do not try this while camping.

Little Notes

This little note was a life-saver. Holes in tents are breeding grounds for bugs to enter as well as tiny insects. A hole in a tent can also ruin one’s sleep due to the number of mosquitoes present in nature.

Image Courtesy of @cjbeav/Instagram

As much as we love nature and camping, mosquitoes are never any fun. Good thing this note was left on the tent, though, as a friendly reminder. Patching up tents doesn’t require much, covering it with plastic, and some safety pins or even a shirt could also do the trick.

Soggy Tissue

You’re all ready for your trip. You’ve got your backpack stuffed with clothes, camping gear, and even toilet paper. You reach into your duffel bag for the toilet paper and find out it’s moist. Oh, don’t despair! Now’s the time to be creative.

Image Courtesy of @REI/Twitter

You could ask the campers around you for a few strips of toilet paper to last for the day, or you could wash off in the lake if there’s a body of water nearby. Sure, it’s going to be tough not having toilet paper, but if you’re camping for a short amount of time, there are many ways to rinse off temporarily.

Pack Lighter Next Time

It looks like this group of campers brought their entire house with them. They brought so much camping gear that it can barely fit on the roof of their car! Yikes. Talk about being extra prepared. It looks like they’ll be camping for a few months.

Image Courtesy of @cjbeav/Instagram

When going camping, it’s better to pack light rather than to pack a lot. Packing a lot can result in well, this. Or, you could rent out a bigger car like a van if you’re going to be more than 4 people. We hope they were able to make it to their destination!

Head Gear

Oof! This camper looks like he settled with his tent. The only good thing about this picture is that unique miniature tent. This is probably the smallest tent we’ve ever come across. Who would even fit in here? Not even a dog- that’s for sure.

Image Courtesy of Nathan Ball/Facebook

This guy thought it would be a good idea to take a nap in the tent but he could barely fit his head inside. Even though it’s an epic camping fail, it’s still a pretty cute attempt at camping. Good on him for trying at least to fit!