Customers Who Acted Out Instore, And Probably Should Have Ordered Online Instead

By Jo Arazi

We thought with the internet and all the wacky thing we’ve seen, we couldn’t be surprised anymore. These people proved us wrong. There are billions of people, each with their peculiar character. Well, we must say, some are just too peculiar to be real. Living every day with this set of people certainly would not be peaceful because you’ll have a whole lot to deal with. This set of unique people is not afraid to show everyone exactly how they feel. They don’t even mind venting their anger to employees in a shopping mall or restaurant; anyone who has worked in any service industry know exactly what kind of people we are talking about. For evidence’s sake, here are some photos of those special characters we’ve gathered.

You didn’t have to do this

This is true evidence that some people do not understand the impact they can have on another person. Instead of giving the waitress a tip, this customer decided to give a piece of their mind and hurt the feelings of someone just trying to do their job.

Image source: wingedandcontoured / Instagram

Perhaps, this customer wanted to show that they were a professional makeup artist and knew more about the person’s job than they did. Still, you have to learn that not everything you think must be said or expressed. Some things should be held back.

I didn’t touch it

The return policies at grocery stores seem to be fair. They also have ways to check if the customers have tried or opened the product before returning it. As weird as it seems, a customer actually tried returning a piece of fruit. 

Image source: nakedlynutricious / Imgur

Not just fruit, a scotch-taped piece of fruit as we see. Perhaps if the cashier asked the customer if they tried the fruit, the response would be a simple “No.” Well, this means that rolls of tape now have unique abilities to work by themselves.

You can do better

Not having enough money for tips, which is not so nice, is not a crime. It’s just good to appreciate people who took the time to attend to you in the restaurant. You can offer to come back or show your appreciation with your words too if you don’t have enough money for a tip. But not like this.

Image source: _ellesdee / Reddit

Words like “Thanks for the service,” “I appreciate your time,” or “You did a great job” are all examples of appreciative comments to tell a server, and you can also give compliments too. However, this one right here is… not pleasant.

It’s not your Property

We wonder how whoever did this would feel if some parts of their new property got stolen. You cannot just walk into a store and take out a few keycaps for your personal use. Those are words we never thought we’d have to type…

Image source: GeorgeRRHodor / Reddit

Whoever did this needs to do better. This is such a weird thing to steal. It makes us think it was a prank of some kind by some very bored and very unaware children. Well, we hope they enjoyed their keys, we guess.

So there’s this Customer

A waitress received this in Lowa. She was, of course, surprised to see this kind of hurtful comment on the receipt. How can this customer talk about someone else in that manner? We all know how it feels when someone puts us down. Also, she looks great!

Image source: BallsackHippo / Imgur

Taelor Beeck was a waitress just trying to live her life. She received this harsh comment from a very opinionated customer. Most times, it is much better not to say anything at all than to hurt someone. Remember your lessons from kindergarten, people!

Learn Empathy

We might just accomplish world peace once we all learn to empathize with one another. Some annoying things happen to us and we have to just deal. It would just be better if we were more understanding with other people.

Image courtesy of Serratedtruth01 / Reddit

Right here is the comment made by a customer. This clearly shows that some people still only think about themselves. We think Franky D’s owner handled the situation in the best way possible. We hope everyone reads this review fully!

How could he?

This man was told that he could not use the employee-only bathroom. After being told that, the normal thing to do is to use another bathroom, right? Psych! Instead, he chose to handle it in a very awkward and inappropriate way.

Image source:

He wanted revenge and came up with a ridiculous plan – he did his business in a cup and poured it on the cashier. That is one very mean thing to do to an innocent lady doing her job and following protocol.

You don’t deserve a drink

Tipping a waiter is a good thing to do. However, not having enough to give a huge tip is not always foreseeable (although you can usually add it via card). The best you can do is to, at least, show appreciation or even write a nice message for the waiter.

Image source:

Ironically, this customer felt they deserved a tip instead. The customer wrote the sum of 20USD for a tip and wickedly crossed it out, feeling entitled to a drink even though they were underage. Here’s a tip for them: “Shoulda sent you out of the restaurant.”

Not Cool

Even if this customer didn’t like the consistency of the milkshake, they could have acted like a normal person and complained about it. But, unfortunately, they expressed their dissatisfaction by pouring a whole cup of good milkshake on the poor employee.

Image source:

The worker did mention that it was Labor Day, which means the customer had to wait for about 15 minutes, but it still does not justify the action. That person only succeeded in ruining this lady’s day, which is not cool.

A Diaper in the Plate

We are all aware there are trash cans in every restaurant; there are actually several. You are seeing correctly, folks – this is a baby’s diaper left on a table. This one really has us shaking our heads in disappointment.

Image source thirdcoastgirll / Reddit

But on the other hand, if we consider giving this customer the benefit of the doubt, could it be that the diapers were forgotten in the plate unintentionally? Whichever way, our hearts go out to the server who discovered this and had to deal with it. 

It’s not done that way

Everyone should respect one another, irrespective of their language, gender, race, or country. It is doesn’t just feel right when a customer is served by a Vietnamese person and then decides not to tip because of the server’s country.

Image source:

It’s a free world, we guess. Anybody can actually behave the way they want to, right? But even if this customer did not tip, it wouldn’t change the server’s nationality. We’re just open-mouthed over here with shock. And also disappointed.

That shouldn’t be there

Mistakes happen, and that’s a fact. Forgetting to put things back in their place and the likes are mistakes made even in our homes. But you know, there is a difference between making mistakes – or even being lazy – and being insensitive.

Image source: JuliusTweezer / Reddit

Listen, leaving a can of corn in the cookie aisle is one thing. It isn’t very pleasant for the stockers, but it can be dealt with pretty easily. Raw chicken, though? Not only is this a health hazard, but a serious waste of a ton of perfectly good food.

I’m Comfortable

It’s pretty obvious that he is comfortable. So many people spend time every day at their favorite coffee shop. However, it should not be a substitute for our homes. We don’t have to feel at home in a place of business.

Image source: geekaz01d / Reddit

As comfortable as we might feel there, just like this guy, it is not necessary you pull off your shoes and place your bare feet on the table. His work must be really engrossing for him to forget all decorum.

It’s obvious you didn’t want to leave a Tip

Some people are really good at giving excuses, and some are silly. This customer right here deserves an award as the “Best silly excuse giver” of the year. We don’t think this customer was ready to give a tip in the first place.

Image source:

The customer made us understand that he was too much in a rush to leave a tip. So how come he ended up spending more time to write his excuse than it will actually take him to give a tip? Also, you can leave a tip on the card. Writing “20%” and making the waitress do the math is a better option.

Horrible exchange

If you ask us, this is a terrible form of trade by barter. On the other hand, maybe the customer wanted to give the clothing store a clue on what their customers are wearing. Yeah, we’re grasping at straws, we know.

Image source:

Our question is, what does this intelligent woman thinks the clothing store will do with her retired bra? And why didn’t she just keep it? We understand she could have been going through hard times. There are legal ways to get assistance.

How did those get there?

At first glance, you would notice only these two adorable people innocently doing some grocery shopping. But if you look closely, you will see some pieces of lettuce on the floor right beside them. How in the world did those get there?

Image source: heavymetal7 / Reddit

The lettuce didn’t magically grow feet and jump to the ground by itself. This couple must be very picky about their vegetables to have ripped off all those leaves searching for the perfect head of lettuce. We wouldn’t be surprised if they do the same for packages of strawberries.

Not the best excuse

The woman explained her reason for not being able to give a tip. She pointed out that she had diapers to buy and therefore could not provide a tip. And surprisingly, she used hashtags in her little note to the waitress.

Image source:

Another question that baffles the server is why she would buy a drink if she needed money for diapers? It is kind of suspicious of her, but at the same time, we can’t be a judge of that. We’re trying to listen to our own advice here.

Try Reading Signs

Most stores have a place for customers to keep carts after usage. The cozy little spots for the carts are usually not too far from the store entrance. In fact, there are several all over the parking lot. But at this store, it’s totally different.

Image source: tomassean / Reddit

The shoppers left the carts in the worst place ever – the handicapped space. A customer could claim they were not aware, but that is why there is a sign there. It would help if you guys were more observant.

Lessons should be learned the hard way sometimes

Sometimes, taking a picture of a person’s mistake in public can be a bit embarrassing. But, guess what, it could be necessary to do so sometimes. Maybe it will do the “model” some good to know their actions are just not cool.

Image source: downriverrowing / Reddit

Just like this woman here trying to change her baby’s diaper on the neatly-folded clothes that are for sale in the store. Things like this need to be pointed out, even if it is a bit embarrassing for the perpetrator.

Negatively Creative

Challenges help a person grow stronger. However, this customer abused this fact. The money inside the glass cup was supposed to be a tip for the server. After working for their money, they had to once again jump through hoops.

This is how a table left the tip for one of my servers. : r/funny
Image source: LightsSoundAction / Reddit

We have all had bad experiences at restaurants. We admit it; not all waiters are saints. But wouldn’t it be better to simply leave nothing than to leave them with a mess to clean up as well as a bunch of wet bills?

Super-Duper Wrong

Beverages get spilled, and plates can fall over from the table – they are mistakes that happen to all of us, and no one disputes that fact. It might be embarrassing, but the right thing to do is to bring someone’s attention to it.

Image source:

In this case, this customer pulled a spill and dash – like a dine and dash but instead of skipping on the payment, they skipped out on the human decency. At least look for more napkins or something, ya know?

It doesn’t work that way

You may not get the best service in some restaurants, and it is okay to complain about it – we’re human. As the saying goes, “the customers are always right,” and sometimes that’s enough reason for you to speak up if you’re not treated well.

Image source:

Although, you must not abuse your right as a customer. This person thought it proper to subtract some money from his bill. He claimed that he did so because the service he received was so bad. That’s just not how that works.

What is the meaning of this?

This is meant to be a Forever 21 store; unfortunately, it is now a Forever Disaster. Have you entered a clothing store to find out this kind of mess? How do you classify the customers that did this? We wonder what really happened.

Image source:

This not only gives new customers a bad impression but also increases the amount of work to be done by the employees. We understand someone forgetting the rack their pile of clothes came from. But this is next-level insanity.

He needs to get it Together

This guy right here visited Tim Hortons, and when he noticed that his order was incorrect, he reached his breaking point. He spilled coffee all over the counter, knocked off the register, and screamed heavily at the cashier. What a day he must have been having, amiright?

Image source:

Doing all of this did not make any difference. The best thing he could have done was complain. Yelling at the cashier or knocking of the equipment from the counter is not okay, man! It would only make life better if you got yourself together.

Just don’t do it

There is one baffling question about this picture – these people look so nonchalant about this mess. We are not going to make assumptions or point fingers, of course. And we guess it’s not like they could fix the problem (unless they caused it!).

Trashy Customers
Image source: Nickl8/ Reddit

It is very sad that an innocent worker found this while trying to do his or her job peacefully. We’re not sure how the worker will deal with this emotionally, but we hope they experience only good things going forward.

Entitlement at its Peak

Some people feel like they are entitled to everything and they think they can acquire anything they want. This means taking the initiative to get what you want, when you want, how you want. This customer knows exactly how to do that.

Image source: GreatBallz / Reddit

This woman and her family came to the restaurant to have a good time. That’s not all, though. She brought a bell with her. In case you’re wondering about the use of the bell, it is for calling the waiter’s attention. How unusual!

Obviously Theft

As serious as this situation is, it is also a little bit funny. This person deemed it fit to leave a goodbye note which reads- “Grand Theft Auto.” It sure looks like theft, but we have to admit with some guilt that we laughed at the joke.

Image source:

Unfortunately, the toy car is not free. It is worth money, and this store is out of that profit. Ironically, of all the cars to take, why the police car? You really have a high taste to have made that choice. And a sense of irony.

Colorfully wrong

As colorful as it is, it’s very uncool. Spray paint is very different from pens. A stationery store gives you the opportunity to try out a pen so as to test its quality and know if it suits you, which is awesome.

Image source: Madsuperninja / Reddit

This is what some customers at Ollie’s did, all in the name of showing off their “skills.” As far as we knew, stores always kept their paint under lock and key. looks like this store has to start doing the same.

Poor Vegetables

We don’t think that is a bench she is sitting on. All we can see is a bin of vegetables being used as a seat. This is not good at all, neither for the lady or the produce bruising and asking for help.

Image source:

Grocery shopping can be tiring, especially when you’re getting everything for the entire month. The only thing you can do at this point is to endure, then after the shopping, you can take some time to rest instead of ruining a batch of vegetables.

Bad Customers

This cafe offers board games for free to their customers, which is very thoughtful of them. Sadly, they didn’t expect some customers to behave in such a way as this. All they had to do was return the games back to their place.

Image source:

The owners stated that they would replace the games in six months. It is so sad to know that it has only been one week, and this is how the customers handled the games. Dear patrons, please don’t be bad people.

What Boredom can cause

The reason we think a customer would do this is boredom because why else? Someone was looking for something to do to kill some time and opening a whole bottle of nail polish and flipping it over seemed like the best thing to do.

Spotted Some Opened Up, Upside Down Nail Polish Bottles At Our Local Target
Image source: iwantyourtacos / Reddit

We just hope this customer was not going through some crazy crisis that led them to be so destructive. But, most importantly, we feel sorry for the worker who had to clean up this mess. That probably left a stain.

You were supposed to do this at home

Brushing the fur of your dog or cat regularly is very important. While most pet owners do this clean-up routine at home, one of them decided to do their pet’s grooming routine right there in the store. With a brush right off the shelf no less.

Image source: NotAnotherGummyBear / Reddit

Let’s assume this customer wanted to try the brush on his pet just to know the perfect one to choose, but that’s still weird. And how could the customer return a brush back to the shelf looking like this? Come on, y’all.

It’s not fair at all

You might be thinking, “this is someone’s house! Don’t judge.” But guess what? It is actually a thrift store. Some workers in this establishment bumped into this mess. We wonder how they would have felt seeing this. This probably took a while to reorganize.

Image source: /

Stores can get messy, considering the number of people that visit it day by day. But this one right here is just too wild. It looks like the store has been completely wrecked. We hope this was the last time they had a crazy mess like this, but we think we’re a bit too optimistic.

Dark days

We have all heard about those fun internet challenges that serve no purpose other than entertainment. Planking was cool for a while, then we had the ice bucket challenge. That one turned into a charity thing and that was cool. Then, we had the dark days.

Image Source: HaseebM1 / Reddit

You guys remember, right? We have all tried to forget this “trend.” There was a time when people were going to grocery stores and licking the ice cream. They even filmed it as if it were something to be proud of!

Just wow

We have all seen Buddha statues, and some of us might even have them in our homes or offices. It doesn’t take a religious person to understand that respect should be paid to anyone’s deities. Right? Well, that’s what we thought.

Image Source: wtfkritonimo / Reddit

Looking at this note, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened in this store. We’re not sure what kind of person steals a statue of a religious leader, but it apparently happened enough that they had to post a sign.