What on Earth Were Some People Thinking When They Went to the Salon

By Jo Arazi

Everybody has their own style. What one person may think is out of this world may be a complete disaster for another. For some, their style is so unique that it may be considered weird to the entire world. The most important thing is that these people had the confidence to rock it, and they did so with pride. The haircuts we are about to see in this article are nothing short of strange, but hey, they are as funny as ever. Some hairstyles are so amusing that you will wonder how they were able to convince their stylists to create them in the first place. On the other hand, you’ll really wonder what was going through their minds to think of them before anything else.

The Modern Mullet

For those that lived through the 70s and 80s, explaining what a mullet is should be no problem as you experienced it first hand. With short front sides and long back hair, if you weren’t wearing this hairstyle then, you were missing out big time.  

Image source: bellatory

Almost all the celebrities like David Bowie and Rod Stewart were rocking it with pride. The rock stars weren’t the only ones, either. However, you would hardly see women wearing the mullet, but this woman does not seem to conform to norms as she’s proudly wearing one – without a care in the world.

Creating My Own Style

Just like the woman above, this person is not scared to try a new and weird haircut. Thanks to this selfie, we have a record for posterity’s sake. At first glance, you may mistake the hairstyle for something else, but on a closer look, you can’t help but laugh.    

Image source: pinterest / weezee3612

The haircut looks like the handwork of a sadistic barber or better still; he could have done it himself with the help of some glue. After attaching the first layer to his hairline, he decided to add another beneath it. Strange.

Uneven Hairdo

This woman’s expression conveys a thousand words. Imagine the pain of going to the salon and spending hours in the chair, only for the stylist to give you the worst haircut of your life. This hairstyle is a little uneven if we’re trying to be polite.

Image source: ifunny.co

The difference here is that the woman had to wear this funny haircut on the runaway, and her expression says it all. One thing we can say is that it’s unique, and most people will have no problem remembering her.

Oreo Styled

Several hairstyles can make you stand out, and hair art will sure grab some attention. Although conventional cuts are beautiful, hair air art is more interesting. This lady needed to add some chocolatey flavor to her hair, so she stuck with everyone’s favorite – Oreos.

Image source: pinterest / bonam

She nailed the hairstyle to the T and took it a step further by adding some Oreo souvenirs to make it look more authentic. If you look closely, you’ll notice she added sparkles and a barcode as well. We wonder if the barcode works in scanners.

The Gaga Style

In reality, no one is immune to a bad haircut as it can happen to anybody. Sometimes, this could even happen to people with massive resources and the best talent at their disposal, like celebrities. If you ask Lady Gaga, she might say this was how she wanted this haircut.

Image source: pinterest / marthabas

To be honest, we’re not sure if it’s a hat, hairstyle, or something else. The question on everyone’s mind is how much hair spray did they use to make this hold? Because we know some hair can be stubborn and would refuse to conform to standards.

For The Love of Unicorns

We don’t think we’ve come across someone that loves unicorns as much as the woman in the next picture. It must have consumed a lot of time and effort to pull off this beautiful Candy Land. However, we’re stuck in between being impressed and disgusted with the outcome.

Image source: pinterest / pinterestjb

The hair color and strands are reminiscent of a beautiful rainbow, and we wonder is there a pot of gold at the end of it. If the stylist stopped at that, it would have been fair, but the miniature pony figures were an overkill.

Chameleon Disguise

There is something that makes everyone tick, and apparently, for this guy, it’s chameleons. That’s the only plausible reason we could come up with because we wonder why someone would want to walk around with this ridiculous chameleon haircut in the first place.

Image source: pinterest / sarahlbunch

We could give the stylist an A for creativity as you don’t have to wonder which animal this is as you’ll know from the first glance. On the other hand, maybe he wanted a Mohawk only for the barber to take things into his own hands.

Spongebob Cut

Spongebob needs no introduction to most people because he’s the only one that lives in a pineapple under the sea. However, we had to do a double-take when we came across this haircut as you could easily mistake it for the cartoon character.

Image source: pinterest / lisajpgr

Although the green she used to dye the top of the hair seems a little off, we’d say that the haircut does attract some attention. Even though it may not be a style everyone can sport, she can be proud it was money well spent.

Yearbook Perm

Wearing a perm in this day and age would have people looking at you strangely, but some years back, it was the in-thing. Almost everyone at the salon in the 80s’ wanted a perm to keep up with the current trend.

Image source: awesomeinventions

Obviously, getting a perm doesn’t come cheap, and it is also time-consuming. For this reason, some people only perm a section of their hair. That is exactly what this girl did, and the picture was used for her yearbook.

Some Spare Change

If you’re wondering if those are real quarters – yes, there are. Even though everybody has the freedom to do as they please with their hair, there’s no doubt this hairstyle would be quite painful. Of course, she didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Image source: piximus

The question is – did she just have a whole pile of quarters lying around that she didn’t know what to do with it? We are sure, though, that taking it all out will be much harder than wearing this style because that’s really going to hurt.

Need Some Height?

Except you’re dressed for Halloween or like aliens in a movie, no one likes flat hair. We don’t know what this woman described to her hairstylist, but we’re sure she explicitly stated she doesn’t want flat hair. All the hairstylist replied was “Say no more…”

Image source: lipstickalley

The rest, as they say, is history, and you can see from the woman’s face that she is far from satisfied. The hairstyle stands out worse than a sore thumb as she grudgingly posed for what appears to be a mug shot. (We hope not!)

Stand Out With Color

Most people go through different stages in their lives, like a Goth stage, punk stage, and more. While for some, all they want to do is just to change the color of their hair. You could easily find several DIY solutions, but the best option is to leave it to an expert.

Image source: pinterest / artsygym

The hairstylist really did a number on this one, as the transitions are really worth mentioning. The highlights are also reminiscent of the pop stars in the early 90s. This style may be a mistake or intentional, but we’re sure it floats her boat.

Chop It Off

Have you ever tried to chop off your hair? If so, you’ll know how hard it is to get it right. Except if you’re professional, several parts of the hair will be uneven, and you’ll end up wearing a cap till it grows back.

Image source: wendyeclark

Either this woman tried to cut her hair by herself, or probably the hairstylist had one drink too many before she pulled out the scissors. We also can’t help but wonder what happened to her eyebrows – most likely collateral damage.


Sometimes, your hair can be mean to you for no reason as it just won’t cooperate no matter how hard you try. Or, if on the other hand, the problem is you, and you are not sure about exactly what you want.-You may wish for long hair this second, and in the next, you want to cut it all off.

For this girl, she believed that you don’t have to choose when you can have both. She decided to go with having short hair at the top and full length at the bottom. At least, she seems proud of the result.

Buzz It Up

Quite literally, this man has been a busy bee. Not only was he able to transform his haircut into a bee, he was also able to add a sting for effect. You can’t help but applaud his creativity and that of his stylist for getting it right.

Image source: pinterest / sewgoodstore

We’re sure his friends would love it as he’ll be inundated with bee puns. Luck is on his side, however, as he can sting whoever he doesn’t like, so they have to be very careful before calling him chub-bee….

Keep The Sun At Bay

Is the sun giving you a problem? Are you finding it challenging to keep your hat on while playing your favorite sport? Look no further than the hair hat. Just like the man in this picture, you don’t have to worry anymore as the hair hat has got you covered.

Image source: pinterest / ccollier3876

Not only does the hair hat perform excellently, but you can also be sure to make a fashion statement anywhere you go. We should also give credit to the barber for giving him perfect lines and a substantial peak.

As Cool As Ice

For most people, their hair is not just a style; it is also an extension of their personality. We’re still out in the woods with this man as we can’t place a finger on what he’s trying to say precisely. We think his hairstylist had the same problem, so he did what he had to do. 

Image source: pinterest / juliescott

He probably wanted bangs that matched his shirt and chain, which looks quite cool, but his stylist had something else in mind. The stylist dyed the front bangs green to add a little extra oomph, and the results got the client smiling. 

Magnetic Animal

BET award-winning rapper, Nicki Minaj, is renowned for her extravagant dress sense and funny wigs. For this reason, no one will be surprised to hear she’s had a bad hair day at some point in her illustrious career. We’re still trying to figure out the animal she’s trying to imitate, whether it’s a leopard or cheetah.  

Image source: wmagazine

That’s not all; her hair is giving us all sorts of headaches just looking at it, especially if it’s her real hair. It would take an entire team to detangle it as it resembles a bird’s nest. The thought of having our hair pulled like that is literally stressing us out.

Two In One

If by chance you find yourself at the hair salon and you are not sure exactly what style you want – the ideal thing is to ask the stylist, right? Well, sometimes, that doesn’t turn out to be the best option either as it could spell disaster.

Image source: pinterest / miranda0453

A moment of indecision led to full-blown panic, which is most likely the cause of getting such a crazy look. If at all possible, most people would never want to wear this kind of hairstyle, but she opted to have two different haircuts.

It Must Work

For those that are lacking in the hair department, people are often forced to make do with what they have. However, there are other ways to make it work i.e. by buying extensions to thicken the locks and to give the hair more volume.

Image source: absolutelyconnected

Well, this woman tried her best to make sure her hair has volume to the point that she folded it into a bun or ponytail – whatever that mop of hair is. All her efforts still led to a disaster, though, which made her picture look like a mugshot.

Helicopter Pad

Some people can be creative in the least expected f ways. They could come up with something so unique that you begin to wonder what inspired them to do so. This is one of such instances that got everyone talking.

Image source: therighthairstyles

For starters, the stylists we’ve seen in previous pictures have been nothing short of horrible, but this one needs a raise. Even though her request is pretty strange, we all can agree the stylist nailed it, and she’s proud of the result.  

Weird Look

In today’s world, millions of women rely on wigs and hair extensions to look beautiful. So much so, that’s it has become sort of a norm that often you can’t even tell the difference except when you look closely. However, when applying your wig, it has to be perfectly placed to avoid it slipping.

Image source: viralnova

We guess this woman was fed up with the prices her hairstylist was charging her, so she took matters into her own hands. Judging from her makeup, too, we can assume that she’s not one to splurge on beauty services.

Want A Song?

From the look of things, women are getting more expressive and are not ashamed to make bold hair statements. This woman’s hair is nothing short of a work of art, but she chose a violin rather than a beehive or helicopter.

Image source: pinterest / msorchestra

Although the violin can’t play you a tune, it will definitely get your attention. The only problem we foresee is that she may find it hard to go through doors and get in cars and buses. Also, carrying that around may become a little too heavy.

Head Moustache

This man believes you don’t always have to choose one when you can have both, and that is precisely what he did. He’d rather have two mustaches than one, so he fixed an extra in the next best possible place he could think of – his hair.

Image source: therighthairstyles

It must have been a funny scene when he was telling the barber the exact style he wanted. However, we can only believe the barber did as he was instructed as both moustache are looking ok even though it’s kind of weird.

Scissors Attack

After looking at this thoroughly, we’re trying to figure out what happened to this woman’s hair. The only thing we can think of is that there was an attack – a scissors attack. Well, we can’t say if she’s satisfied, disappointed, sad, or angry with her blank facial expression.

Image source: bballer2019

On the other hand, this may be the look she wanted all along, but we sincerely doubt that. Or maybe this was the result of a prank by her friend who decided to give her a trim when she was taking a nap. The only way to fix this is to either cut it all off or let it grow out.

Bad Hair, Good Skills

The name Neymar needs no introduction in several circles, especially in the football world. He was once listed among the best footballers in the world at a point in his career. Apart from his football skills, he’s also known for his extravagant hairstyles.

Image source: pinterest / joefoto8

He’s always seen sporting different hairstyles as he can be quite expressive in that department. He’s done this to a point where he takes it a little too far, just like in this picture. Luckily, his talent adequately makes up for any of his shortfalls.

Pokemon Mohawk

When you see someone like this, you don’t have to be told they love to live life to the fullest. They live without a care in the world and love expressing themselves in their dress and hairstyles. Not only did he dye his hair, but he also made it into a pointy Mohawk.

Image source: lolwot

One would be forgiven to mistake him for a pokemon character. To make things perfect, we’ll suggest he starts playing Pokemon Go, or perhaps that was his plan from the beginning. We don’t know where he is planning on going with this look, but it must be a fun place, that’s for sure.

Pure Genius

When we’re tired, you can’t help it when your body demands sleep. No matter the time and place, when nature calls, you have no choice but to answer. This man discovered the best way to snooze without getting caught.

Image source: brightside

What did he do? He simply asked his barber to etch out a face on his head, and he’ll put his glasses up, making it look like he’s paying rapt attention. Although it may not fool anyone, we will still give him bonus points for creativity.

Is That Ramen Noodles?

To generation Z, Millenials are such a weird bunch, and they don’t seem to get any of the crazes that were ruling that era, especially the hairstyles. Well, thanks to Justin Timberlake, they have an extra weapon in their armory.

Image source: gq

When he was shown this picture years later, Justin himself couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous his hair was. At least, he could excuse himself that it was the then in- thing because he looks like he has ramen on his head.

Werewolf Man

This man looks like he’s never had a problem choosing a Halloween costume as he goes as the same character every year – a werewolf. Because that’s the only reason, we can come up with for having this mop of hair.

Image source: fashionbeans

On the other hand, there’s every possibility he just wanted to see what he’d look like with long hair. The only thing we can say is that so far, his hair is the best-looking ( and most reasonable) hair on this list, but it’s still weird, though.

The Trio

Apart from this man’s funny looking hair, what is unusual about this picture is the stunned look on his face when the photo was taken. However, the look on his face is not nearly as noteworthy as the three ponytails on his head.

Image source: thesun

What’s funnier is the fact that he shaved off the rest of his hair, leaving just the ponytails behind. Although we won’t be recommending anyone to try this, he should be ok with it, at least, seeing he chose to have this style in the first place.

Full Circle

For starters, imagine how much hair this man must have had before shaving it off and just leaving his connecting beard-hair. We are kind of curious to know the inspiration behind this and what the beard hairstyle signifies, if anything.

Image source: fashionbeans

Since we have no way of knowing, we can only give him points for creativity and originality. At least, his barber will not have to worry whenever he comes around, as this style should be pretty easy to maintain.

Hazing Pranks

If you’re a sports player, no one needs to tell you that a lot of pranks are played, and new players are the most likely to fall victim. Although it may be a little difficult to believe, it sometimes happens in the NFL.

Image source: thesportster

As luck would have it, no one gets shamed or hurt as everyone just have a good laugh about it. Well, the case was a little different for this Patriot player who was forced to live with this hair for a while.

Modern Legolas

If you are an ardent Lord of the Ring fan, the first person that comes to your head the moment you see this man is Legolas. Starting from the ears to the chin and most importantly, the hair, they look so much alike.

Image source: thehaircutinspiration

If nothing else, we can say Legolas inspired him, and in no time, he’ll start living his character’s life, maybe just in his basement, but it still counts. We’re pretty sure he gave the barber a tough time though trying to explain exactly what he wanted.

Landing Strip

This man’s haircut isn’t so bad when you look at it except for the landing strip right down the side of it. From what we can decipher, it seems like he tried to take matters into his own hands, only for it to lead to a razor disaster.  

Image source: ifunny

Now, he’s facing a huge problem; there are no simple solutions for fixing this mess. The best options are to either shave it all off, so everything can grow back evenly with time, or he could wear a cap for the next few months.


Let’s get real, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this man’s hair? For us, it reminds us of a triceratops dinosaur to be precise. On the other hand, he could also give Wolverine of Xmen a run for his money.

Image source: sportsoggy

We’re not sure what he was trying to achieve, or maybe he’s trying to be a superhero, but the Mohawk in the middle changes everything. There’s one more thing he looks like with this haircut – a fish with a funny name that we can’t pronounce.

Slim Shady Wannabe

Just like the guy that has a mustache on his head, this man falls into the same cringe category. He looks like someone with indecision problems as he is not sure whether to keep his bit of hair or not – he ended up deciding to keep it.

Image source: teddyfeed

The end result is as awful as it can get. We can say that it is better to be bald than to rock this kind of haircut. The worst part is that he allowed his bangs to flow down right over his brows.


For starters, we need to commend the barber for a job well done, even if we don’t understand the concept they were trying to achieve. The reason this man’s hair is on this list is that the end product of this hairstyle looks like a skunk.

Image source: brightside

We arrived at this conclusion because of the tail that flows from the back of his head over his ear to his sideburns. Another reason we say it’s a skunk is because of the height of the hair and the white color in front.

Gravity Defying Hair

This hair will make NASA proud thanks to its gravity-defying properties. One thing that makes this hair very impressive is the fact that he was able to make each strand stick straight up. When you look at him from any angle, a certain uniformity was achieved. Impressive!

Image source: ranker

Even with the power gravity yields on our planet, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on this man. The next question is, “how long will it last?” We bet that it will last longer than expected, just as he was able to defy gravity.

Scary Picture

You’d have to have all the guts in the world to carve the face of someone on the back of your head. This kind of style is not for novices because when it’s not done correctly, the result can be very, very creepy.

Image source: thesun

One thing we can bet is that a lot of people won’t stop staring and commenting on the monstrosity on the back of his head. The eyes and twisted mouth is something that will give most people nightmares for a long time.


At first, you would be forgiven for thinking this was a cap or wig, but it’s neither – it’s her hair. We would have commended the hairstylist for the perfect lines, but it doesn’t look at all-natural, and in fact, it stands out like a sore thumb.

Image source: ruinmyweek

Even if the person wants to go for a wild color, it has to match, so it doesn’t look weird. This lady decided to do things a little differently. She chooses brown and blond stripes, which remind us of some kind of urban zebra or tiger.

A bird’s nest

We have all come across some peoples whose hair looks just like a bird’s nest. Someone decided to make this concept hairstyle into a reality. Now, we finally have a real birds nest hairstyle complete with two eggs for effect.

Image source: brightside

We won’t be surprised if a real bird couple decides to make his hair their home or the eggs in there hatch and refuse to leave. We’re trying to imagine how comfortable it will be to move around with this, but we guess he knows what he signed up for.

Can’t See Nothing

First, we’re pretty impressed with the amount of hair this guy has, and we’re sure he’ll make many women jealous. But with great power comes great responsibility – taking care of this hair will not be easy, and it will weigh a ton.  

Image source: evilmonkeypaw

Another thought that’s going through our mind is if he can see anything through that mop of hair as we can hardly see his face. The hair also has its advantages, though, as it can keep him warm during a cold winter’s night.  

Windows XP

All through a guy’s life, he’ll try on different hairstyles as he follows the trends, and he’ll keep going till he finds what suits him best. This man decided to go for a Mohawk just like other people on this list did, but his hawk isn’t what caught our attention, its the designs on the side.

Image source: askmen

The addition on the side patterns makes it look like the Windows XP logo or some kind of football field. We’re sure his barber really took his time on this hair, and we can give them credit for creativity, but it’s still weird nonetheless.