40 Witty Bumper Stickers That Make Being Stuck In Traffic Way More Fun

By Israel O

Do you love Bumper Stickers? If you had to choose, which one would you put on your car, and what would it say? Honestly, there are no right or wrong answers to this question. It’s all about your personality, and the message you want people to see as you pass them on the highway. Putting bumper stickers on your car is like hanging a picture on a wall. You put them up because you love what it says, and the same idea applies to bumper stickers. We’re not trying to judge anyone, but the sight of some bumper stickers is enough to make you roll on the floor laughing out loud. And while most people do not like to adorn their cars with funny bumper stickers and slogans, all we can say is thank you to those people who do and keep the rest of us totally entertained on our daily commute.

Imagine Dragons

We’re not sure when dragons started a religion or their own fan club, but this man here is basically stating that he’s a firm believer in them. We might be wrong, but driving behind someone who believes in dragons is not a very wise decision. 

Image courtesy of icepop.com

Some men might actually not take this well. It looked like the owner of the car has had many sour experiences, especially with bad people. One thing is for sure, though – a lot of people had a good laugh when they saw it. 

Use your Seat Belt

Anyone would go for this sticker because it makes a lot of sense. Yes, it is categorized as one of the most hilarious bumper stickers, but a sensible one. It has a mix of humor and caution – how appropriate!

Image courtesy of www.car.seat.org

It makes one understand the importance of safety on the road by promoting the use of seat belts. Knowing how careless most drivers can be, the owner of the car thought it was a wise decision to place that sticker at the back of his vehicle. 

Peace All The Way 

This is one of the best car bumper stickers. The one depicts patience and peace. Although, if you are not a superhero fan, it might be impossible for one to understand the actual message, and it may come off as childish.

Image courtesy of dumpaday.com

The driver must have a thing for comic books, Superman, and the likes, and did not have a second thought displaying it for anyone behind his car to see. It might be a distraction to the person who tries to understand it. 

Baby’s Day Out

The owner of this car must be a clown. What a fun way to pass a message – putting up a sticker on his bumper that sarcastically says, “Former Baby on Board.” We can’t blame him. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Image courtesy of postfun.com

He’s not wrong, you know. Realistically, we’re all former babies. But of course, his sticker could have just said, “Slow down” or “Take it easy,” but where is the fun in that? It’s the humor that makes bumper stickers fun. 

Come Closer

From this bumper sticker, you can smell bits of sarcasm. Instead of informing the driver that they are a bit too slow, a few miles away from the car right in front of them, and should probably increase their pace, the sticker says otherwise. 

Image courtesy of sticker. club

It seemed as though the owner of the bumper sticker was apologizing for leaving a huge gap. One would wonder where these stickers came from. The drivers who paste such stickers on their bumpers must be out for business.

The Godfather?

What is he implying? Do not drive carelessly around him because he’s old and can’t stand it? Or maybe he means something along the lines of, “I am old and do not have the patience for youthful exuberance. Let me drive in peace.”

Image courtesy of Reddit/funny

Or is he trying to say, “Hey! Have pity on me and stop honking at me, I am a bit too old, and my hands are shaky. I can’t drive fast anymore? No one knows exactly what this sticker means. Or perhaps, it means exactly what it says.

A Tribute Indeed

Yes, this next one is a song by Jack Black. It’s highly possible this person was paying homage to the famous singer, or he could literally mean his car was given to him as a tribute. You just never can tell.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This sticker is a gift to both the owner of the car and the driver behind the car. How this person managed to find a sticker that blends so well with the car color is unfathomable. What a perfect choice!

Back In Time 

Now, here’s another weird bumper sticker. What exactly gave the owner of this sticker this idea? And where exactly did he find it? All these questions run through our minds and are waiting patiently for an answer – all to no avail. 

Image courtesy of postize.com

What did the owner mean by getting a dinosaur if history repeats itself? They could get other things if we were to go back in time, but why a dinosaur? How strange! The things people desire are out of this world. 

Mr. Opinion

The majority of bumper stickers we have seen so far indeed say a lot of crazy things, whereas others make sense. However, we’re not sure what category this one fits into because it’s quite confusing. Where do we begin? 

Image courtesy of zasticker. club

This sticker is funny because people with real fantastic opinions don’t go around with a bumper sticker showing off. And what is it with that website? Is it even real? Maybe he sells awesome opinions that we know you are dying to check out!  


Finally! we get to see a bumper sticker that says something different. We can agree that this sticker has some realness behind it. Being broke sometimes isn’t a crime, and admitting the fact that you are broke is a bold step to take.

Image courtesy of Chevy Hardcore

The owner of this sticker must be commended for bringing their challenges to the public eye. Not everyone will do this because of the fear of being shamed. And this singular act will make anyone facing the same problem relieved a little.

I Love My Life

When people understand and accept themselves the way they are, life becomes easier for them. This bumper sticker has a bit of craziness behind it, and so does the person that put it there, and they are not afraid to admit it. 

Image courtesy of icepop.com

We all have our moments of madness. And that doesn’t get in the way of anything, and it doesn’t change who we are. No doubt, the driver behind the car with this sticker will be amused. However, we have no doubt that every word of it is true.

Read Me! 

Here’s another twist. Did the driver deliberately get a sticker that is almost impossible to read? Could it be a trap? We all know what will happen if the driver behind pushes forward for a clearer view. Obviously, the writing is so small to read if you’re not up close.

Image courtesy of twentytwowords.com

The only way anybody could read that is if they get closer, and this isn’t possible without hitting the car itself. Besides, there is no time to waste on some irrelevant sticker. You could be causing the next traffic jam if you really try and get into this nonsense.

The Mind Is My Strength

The people who understand themselves and appreciate the little things that life has to offer are the ones who live it to the fullest. In life, there are a lot of things to be grateful for, rich or poor, and in good or bad times.

Image courtesy of hiveminer.com

And judging from the looks of it, this driver seems to be living a stress-free life – one without complications. The sign they have on their car makes a lot of sense. The ‘Mind’ is indeed our greatest treasure, so we must guard it with care.

I Used To Be Cool

Sometimes, these stickers are the medium to which we express ourselves and to let people know what we are going through or our likes and dislikes, which ends up making the drivers behind us smirk. However, not all stickers say crazy things.

Image courtesy of awkward.com

The driver with this bumper sticker was trying to pass along a message. But, we are not exactly sure what it is. “They used to be cool,” so what exactly changed? Maybe they’re going through a mid-life crisis, and this is just a phase.  

Be Specific

We do enjoy being warned of all possible dangers out there? After all, isn’t that how most people anxiously go through their lives wondering about the next potential risk? No? Just us? Well, at least we have some bumper stickers out there to keep us in the loop.

Image courtesy of travelmaster.com

Anyway, even if you’re not so much of an anxious type, it’s always good to be informed of your surroundings, even if they’re impossibly vague and are pulling your leg, like this one. We believe most of the drivers are just jokesters at the end of the day.

I Make My Beer

We can definitely tell that some people promote themselves through the sticker they paste on their bumpers. Other than purchasing a bumper sticker with silly jokes, why not get one that can benefit you and the driver behind your car? 

Image courtesy of zasticker.club

It is impressive to see someone who uses these stickers for the right reasons, which is letting people know that he makes beer and he is proud of it. So, if this driver can make his beer, what things do you have goin’ for ya’? 

Avoid Risks

This is a clear warning bumper sticker. The driver seriously has no time for sassy speeches or jokes. He came clean with the words, “AVOID DEATH, stay clear of vehicles.” Wait! Is he some kind of superhero? He seems to be all about safety. 

Image courtesy of Run Of The Web

It is nice to see someone do something different. We must say, this driver deserves an accolade. He must be among the sane drivers who stick to doing the right things. If only people could listen to these warnings. 

Broken Laws

We all know the feeling we get when we are being tailed by someone. You become edgy and super annoyed, wondering if it’s the cops or a driver with road rage. What we do know is that you should stay calm, so you don’t freak out!  

Image courtesy of postfun.com

It is obvious this driver has had a similar experience and thought it was wise to share with other people by suggesting better ways to handle the situation. You could signal for help and hope someone comes to the rescue. Be smart about it. 

Wrestlers On Board

Now, why on earth is this driver sporting this bumper sticker? What does it mean? Are these wrestlers guardians and protectors of the windshield? Anyone who sees this bumper sticker should have lots of questions running through their minds, too.

Image courtesy of geeksandgamers.com

Could it be that the driver purchased these stickers to let other drivers know that they shouldn’t attempt to damage his windscreen? That’s absurd. Even if someone tries to do that, those ninjas won’t lift a finger. They’re not the most intimidating ninjas we’ve seen.  

What Went Wrong?

This is one of the saddest stickers we have ever come across. The owner of this bumper sticker must be in pain, considering that everyone can tell from the sign behind the car. What happened during their time as honor students? No one knows.

Image courtesy of andtothegods.com

Did they end up with the wrong job? Or end up driving low-grade cars they never wanted? They probably expected many good things from life and got the opposite. Well, that’s a normal thing that happens to us. We must get ourselves prepared for anything that may come our way.

Salt Magic

Talking about being proud of who we are, this sticker says it all. This driver is one of the people who made peace with the outcome of his life. They have the important job of distributing salt on snowy roads for everyone to have a safe ride. 

Image courtesy of madnesshub.com

That is so thoughtful of them. However, we can’t skip the fact that the driver has a fantastic sense of humor. Having funny-looking memes strapped to the back of the truck is one way to brighten a person’s day. The driver seems to be having a good time.

Don’t Skip Leg Day

We can’t help but notice this very hilarious bumper sticker. The driver is no doubt a comedian to have come up with something like this. They must be sending advice to all the people who spend time at the gym bodybuilding.

Image courtesy of Yeah! Motor

The majority of these gym freaks, after an intense workout, end up like spoon-shaped human beings. That’s what happens when they focus more on their upper body. This results in broader shoulders with tiny legs. They skipped leg day. Too bad!


If everyone had a sticker like this, they wouldn’t have so many fuel problems. This driver made a great choice in choosing a bumper sticker, putting a little man beside the dial as a reminder that you have to refill before your fuel runs low.

Image courtesy of madnesshub.com

We sometimes forget to check our fuel gauge to know if we still have gas in our tanks. And when we do, sometimes we’re in denial of just how empty it is. Imagine your fuel dries up in an area where there are no gas stations. You don’t want to be in that messy situation.

Don’t say we didn’t Warn You! 

This driver sure knows how to get to people. They bought the ideal bumper sticker that will save them from careless drivers who go about their days hitting people’s vehicles because they will stay clear from this very car. Nice trick!

Image courtesy of swisscycles.com

The only issue is that reading what’s on the sticker won’t be easy because it is so tiny. You must get very close in order to see it clearly. Hitting this car despite such clear warnings will land you in big trouble. 

Joke of The Century

What in heaven’s name does this driver mean? Sleeping at the wheel! Wait, is this some kind of a sick joke? It’s a joke, right. It has to be. Who sleeps on the road, knowing the dangers that come with it?  

Image courtesy of wallpaperup.com

And the funniest part of it all is that he is hoping other drivers babysit him while he naps on the road. He has the nerve to insinuate such a thing. That’s what happens when people forget to take their meds.

Future Plans 

Do we categorize this sticker as one of those hilarious statements made in a drunken state of mind? Does the driver deserve any credits for putting up such a sticker that read,  After the rapture, can I have your car?” How did “rapture” get into the picture?

Image courtesy of Travel Master

This is considered ridiculous. Why would anyone want to have such a rickety car when there are lots of beautiful things they could have instead? Well, we think it’s one of those sarcastic speeches. It’s common among drivers. They ridicule each other.

Don’t Look

This is enough to cause a traffic jam. Who goes about their days with a car like this? It seems this driver craves attention. Where on earth did that vehicle come from? Were the manufacturers thinking straight? The driver behind such a car should be dumbfounded.

Image courtesy of Yeah! Motor

It is beautiful and unique. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s CRAZY. To add, the driver put up a sticker that says, “Don’t look.” How possible is that? You take a child’s ice cream and ask them not to cry… Impossible!

Nothing To Say

Tell me, what do we make of this sticker? This driver clearly had no idea which bumper sticker to buy. They just wanted a sticker at all costs. They should not have gotten one in the first place. Why the pressure?

Image courtesy of Reddit/he-s-is-for-sucks

It sounds lame because all it says is, “This is the back of my car!” Our most profound concern goes to the driver who happened to be stuck behind a car with a vague sticker. We mean, anyone could differentiate the front of a car from the back.

Can I get some Fuel Please?

This is the cutest sticker we have ever seen, from the decoration to the positioning of a perfect line cat drawing. The drawing blends so well with the car color, too. No one will ever act rough around this car.

Image courtesy of corvetteforum.com

Everyone who loves cats is always awed by a lovely cat picture. Imagine placing a picture of a cat holding its empty plate requesting a refill next to the fuel tank. Who wouldn’t grant a request coming from a cute little creature? Go ahead, refill your tank!

Self Loathing

It would be best if we drive our car peacefully and worry our little heads over discovering the most hilarious bumper stickers out there. This is beginning to look like a competition between drivers, and some drivers use bumper stickers to reflect their wealth. 

Image courtesy of dumpaday.com

And others spread vital pieces of information to the public via stickers. Or, they crack people up with the hilarious stickers they choose to display. However, in this driver’s case, it’s different. This guy has nothing to say, so he settled for this. 

Gravity Is Our Friend

We are not sure how to relate this bumper sticker to driving and cars. And, it’s far from being humorous. However, we know this guy is trying to say something very important. The question is, what is it? We just don’t know.

Image courtesy of sticker.abinote.info

The driver tells us about GRAVITY. Is he implying that if other driver speeds up, gravity may occur and suspend the cars in the air? Therefore, they should drive with caution. Maybe he warns against driving above the speed limit.

Hearing Voices

While WWE superstar Randy Orton will definitely love it, we have to admit this is a CREEPY bumper sticker. There are thousands of stickers out there, and so many of them are downright clever, and this driver decides to settle for this. 

Image courtesy of americanupbeat.com

Some drivers are taking this a little too far. They have gone from being funny to acting WEIRD. It’s like a scene from Final Destination. Let’s hope what happened in that movie doesn’t happen here because it will not be a pleasant sight to see. 

Loud It! 

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple. Trying to force a joke might complicate things. This driver has no time for long speeches… he is straight to the point. Most people have no patience for dry jokes. They are exhausted from the prolonged traffic. 

Image courtesy of postfun.com

However, if they’re spending that much time in traffic, they could use a bit of laughter. The atmosphere is already tense, so don’t make it any worse. Put up the best bumper stickers and become the hero of the day, bringing smiles to many faces. 

Fairytale Magic 

This driver must be watching a lot of fairytale movies to have purchased this bumper sticker. They warn against overtaking by using scary wizard memes. We must commend this driver for his unique sense of humor. Will anyone believe this nonsense, though?

Image courtesy of Travel Master

This sticker speaks directly to stubborn drivers who find it hard to stay in their lane. They overtake the freeway as though they were playing a racing game. Or, they’re trying to incorporate what they see in movies into reality. Isn’t that stupid?

Do What You Know Best

VERY IMPORTANT! This bumper sticker advises us on how to live a simple life. We must learn to move at our own pace. There are structured parts in which we must follow to get it right and be at peace with ourselves. 

Image courtesy of ifunny.com

When we understand life and its rules, and we try to utilize every moment. This driver isn’t happy with the kind of car he drives and wishes for a better one. Notwithstanding, he took to the public to pour out his feelings. 

I Brake For Hot dogs Only 

The word CRAZY begins and ends with this driver. Who thinks in this direction? He’s practically telling you to stay 30 meters behind him whenever there’s a hotdog stand because he will surely stop to get one. Who is this guy?

Image courtesy of twentytwowords.com

He already made it clear that he breaks only for bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Ordinary people stop for kids trying to cross chipmunks, or squirrels. However, this guy thinks differently. Maybe he doesn’t belong in the class of ‘normal’ people, although this is quite hilarious.

Grammar Gears

We would love to know the person behind this hilarious bumper sign. They did a great job with this particular sticker. Although not everyone will be awed by the funny images, still, it’s better than all the vague stickers we have seen so far. 

Image courtesy of prosportstickers.com

It’s clever how they replaced actual words for drawings. It would have been easier if they had used written words. Or are the manufacturers of this sticker not familiar with the English language? Well, we will go with the flow!

Stay Away from Me

We’re not quite sure why she’s trying to paint herself bad like that, but it seems like she’s doing it to keep people away from her. This bumper sticker should do the trick. We’re not sure if people want to deal with a tree-hugging dirt worshipper. 

Image courtesy of ba-bamail.com

At least she’s honest and gave everyone a heads up. She already said she is outrageous, so don’t expect to win if you get into an argument with her about who the better driver is. Don’t even bother.

Money Rules

This is the kind of bumper sticker that will instantly liven up the place while we wait for the traffic to clear up. There will be lots of debates on this statement. It’s perfect for traffic situations. This will catch people’s attention.

Image courtesy of sticker.club

But there’s the point in what the owner of the car says… “If money is the root of evil, why then do churches beg for it? Here’s something to ponder on while you go about your day and run your errands.

Bundles of Joy

We are all used to seeing the stickers that resemble the family that owns the car. You know, the stick figures with one, two, or sometimes even six kids with a couple of dogs or a cat. So many people have them, and they’re starting to become overrated.

Image courtesy of dopreS0891/Imgur

Now, no offense to all the families out there, but this one takes the cakes over all those typical family number stickers. Look at the parents of these little bundles of joy. They must be so proud of the family they created!