These People Used Their Artistic Talent to Repair Their Cars

By Jessy A

A Herbal Solution

In today’s world, it is not surprising at all that people are moving towards natural remedies for their daily health fixes and the craziest part of it all is that it actually works too… In some cases only though! So before you go on our own herb hunt, don’t forget that we warned you.

Image courtesy: Dailymail

Well, how about that? If it works for you why wouldn’t it work for this man’s Corolla? I’m sure, just by giving it some time and the right amount of exposure to sunlight and moisture the healing effects would soon take over and the leaf would heal that fender!


The worst of the worst scrapes on a car happen at low speeds when you misjudge the distance between the bumper and the object you’re trying to avoid. It is just something that needs to be fixed or your car is forever scarred, and not in a macho way.

Image courtesy: Twitter/dented cars

But when life gave lemons to this guy, he surely was on point to make lemonade out of the situation. Every ’90s kid remembers Street Fighter and the legendary Ryu. So if you’re one of those, this would surely bring a smile to your face along with thousands of good childhood memories.

It Works!

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘it’s not stupid if it works!’? Well if you have we are about to see the perfect example of it, that too in a rainbow colored bumper DIY fix. This one was pretty nifty and had a subtle touch to the minor bump.

Image courtesy: Pinterest/carart

One must question the choice made here! These could have been just normal brown rubber bands or black ones, but this owner went the extra mile to give his car the rainbow colors it deserved! Well, everything can be fixed with a splash of colours.

Because why not!

When the owner of this Honda got a bad dent on his front fender, his 16-year-old sister came up with a challenge of her own to get him to fix the car. Seeing the uneven fender as an eyesore, she vowed to put a band-aid on it for each day it remains unfixed.

Image courtesy: oddstuffmagazine

Either the owner fell in love with the band-aids or he was just too lazy to get it fixed, but it certainly looks like his younger sister has a great resolve and spent many moons hoping to see the fender get fixed, while keeping her promise.

Who needs Google Maps?

Technology has certainly changed our lives and mostly in a good way. However, the downside of having the whole world’s information in your pocket has led to some serious lack of memorizing things. But this man went one step ahead, after scraping his door, he decided not to get it fixed and rather came up with a more creative solution.

Image courtesy: Boredpanda

While we can’t really tell whether the map represents a real location or is just a figment of the man’s imagination, but we know for sure his talent is immense and that is absolutely one of the best ways to get rid of an unwanted dent in the bodywork.

True Story!

You can never really guess what happened here! The image here shows a huge cut in the side panel that goes all the way back to the rear fender and honestly, nobody would ever be able to explain how this really happened and the owner was probably too tired of giving explanations and recalling the accident so he went with this decal!

Image courtesy: car art/Pinterest

It is probably easier to say that dinosaurs did it rather than explaining how you were driving down the road minding your own business when a lorry cut you off and made you shove the car into the fence that had a sharp edge that ran through the side of your car! Phew! That is a long story!

Hulk Smash!

Hulk is on top of everyone’s list of superheroes and given the past couple of years of hype thanks to the Avengers movie series, he surely has made a permanent place in many places. But a car fender was probably not where the Hulk would have expected to see himself.

Image courtesy: Gumtree

When fixing your car is not on top of your priority list and a broken fender doesn’t bother you, this is the outcome. A perfect example of a creative mind and Hulk’s strength as he emerges through the fender.

You Sure Bro?

How would you react to a car that has a dent which appears to be just in the shape of a human and the owner of the car has written DEER in all capital letters with an arrow right next to it? Call 911, just call them, don’t ask why!

Image courtesy: Lifehacks

As much as the ‘DEER’ has made everyone suspicious, the real question is what happened to the deer? Did it make it or not? And why haven’t you fixed the car yet? Is this some sort of trophy hunting game where you mark each panel on the car with the name of the animal that crashed into it?

Stewie Griffin

Once you see it, it can never be unseen! And who doesn’t love Stewie Griffin from Family Guy? The owner of this Toyota found the perfect dent on his car to draw his favorite cartoon character. Good thing his head fit perfectly into the concave!

Image courtesy: Pinterest – Dented Car

Nobody’s happy to see dents on their car but well, it is sort of inevitable! No matter how careful you are, there will always be one reason or another that will lead to a bump that ends in some dents and dings on your car’s bodywork. Now either you can frown about it or you can get creative, the choice is yours.

Its Just a Scratch!

Scratches can be pretty subtle, sometimes you don’t even notice they’re there, either thanks to the color of your car that camouflages the dent or its just too small to be noticed. But sometimes, life will not be so kind and the dent would rather be a nasty one, one you cannot ignore!

Image courtesy: Pinterest – Dented Car

Probably the only cartoon worthy of being here, our very fellow Monday-hating fellow Garfield. Is it a coincidence that the actual scratches align perfectly with the sticker here? Or did the owner have to improvise a little for this one? Whatever the case, you can definitely derive some inspiration from this one for one of your own next DIY fixes.

The Scoreboard

It is important to keep scores, don’t believe that? Well, why don’t we have a conversation with the owner of this Honda Civic who is currently losing to his arch-nemesis, a mailbox! Now you know what all car companies have come up with multiple camera systems to monitor the surroundings to ensure human error can be minimized.

Image courtesy: oddstuffmagazine

But now that we know this Civic owner didn’t have a reversing camera and shoved a mailbox right up its rear bumper, the game is on! Let’s see, however, what the comeback for this Honda looks like.

Chuck Norris at it again

Legend has it that Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light. And if that’s not enough for you then hear this, Chuck Norris once kicked a horse on the chin and now the ancestors of that horse are called giraffes.

Pinterest – Dented Car

Looking at the impact here, it’s pretty clear that Chuck Norris definitely showed some self-restraint and held back while hitting this guy’s door. But what would have been the outcome of Chuck Norris using full force? His roundhouse kick would have probably torn this vehicle into two!

Headlights for the daytime

Well if someone tells you something is stupid don’t believe it until you see it. Sure, this next guy’s solution to fixing his headlight situation is a bit unorthodox, but hey, if the cops would buy it you should too!

Image courtesy: Pinterest – Dented Car

If it is stupid and it still works, it is not stupid! And surely, this guy shows us how to make do with whatever you have at your disposal. Since cars are not allowed on the road in almost any country in the world without headlamps, this guy surely found the perfect illusion to evade authorities and enjoy his ride during the day time.

If you don’t know, now you know

Have you ever wondered what goes inside the car’s body? How does the engine work? What are those bulky bumpers and fenders housing inside and what is so precious that it needs protection? Well, look no further because we have found the answer.

Pinterest – Dented Car

Now you know that tiny astronauts along with the help of Mickey Mouse live inside the car and make sure everything runs perfectly while you sit inside and enjoy the drives. And kudos to the owner who instead of seeing a broken bumper, saw an opportunity to fill it with new life.


If you were a kid during the ’80s and ’90s, the moment you see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in any form all you’ll remember is “Cowabunga”! And well the owner of the following car just found the perfect dent to pay homage to his childhood heroes.

Image courtesy: Boredpanda

Just like the guy who drew Stewie Griffin into the dent on his bumper, this guy had the same idea when he saw this dent, just for a different character. Here you see Leonardo the dual sword-wielding ninja turtle drawn perfectly into the distorted bodywork.

Worthy Car

We all already know that only someone worthy enough for the Mjolnir can ever wield it with Thor being the only worthy one until Captain America decided to step up his game and knock out Thanos and his friends using the hammer! So how come a car became worthy?

Image courtesy: Joyreactor

Either the passenger sitting in the back is Thor or Captain America, or this car is the third-ever known creature to be worthy of lifting the Mjolnir. But what made the car worthy is the question? Whatever it might be, the owner probably blames Thor for the damaged door!

Hold my mirror!

Side view mirrors are crucial for driving and anyone who drives regularly knows the pain of losing one! The pain of losing the side mirror at one side, and not being able to drive since the law dictates you can’t drive without one, and the usual bills associated with getting a new one usually results in a mini heart attack!

Image courtesy: Pinterest – Creative Cars

This guy probably wanted to send out a message loud and clear to anyone who tries to steal his side mirror the next time. And since it does serve its purpose as well, there is no harm in having a skeleton hand holding your side view mirror for you!

Hold the Door!

Hodor, Hodor, ah well, Hold the Door! It was “hold the door” all those years watching Game of Thrones and nobody guessed it until time revealed it! And when this person’s far side passenger door didn’t close properly, he went too far with his version of Hodor!

Image courtesy: Dailyarmy

Just a couple of straps wouldn’t have helped so this person brought in everything! I mean sure, now your front door might be properly closed and nobody can access your car through it in your absence, but what happens if you need to carry more people?

Grandma saves the day!

Kids often run to their grandparents to tell their troubles and find solutions to all their problems! Looks like the owner of this car went straight to his grandma and was like, hey, I broke the bumper on my car into a dozen pieces can you help me? And why wouldn’t she?

Image courtesy: Pinterest – Creative Cars

Despite a piece is missing, the laces turned out to be the perfect DIY job in fixing this panel! Sure, the lines don’t align in a few places but hey, like you got schooled before, if it is stupid and it works, it is not stupid! So good job on giving this car a corset!

Because reasons!

Well, most of you would head out straight to the dealership or a car parts shop to have a broken door handle replaced to avoid any inconvenience while getting in and out of your car. But not this lad, he went straight to the kitchen!

Image courtesy: Superlol

This person replaced the broken hook with a bottle opener, and because why not? Why not make your car a friendly place where you and your mates can relax, watch a few games, open beer bottles right at the side of your front door!

Duct Tape Always Works!

Duct tape has been a man’s best friend, after dogs obviously, for decades now and we have mended almost everything with duct tape. So why not try some on a car door? Who says it won’t work? Can someone please explain what happened here?

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Looks like the person driving this drove right through a couple of landmines and ended up a few minor but also a few human-sized holes in the side of the car! But apparently, there is no damage duct tape can’t fix! Some say that duct tape even fixes a broken heart!


While some of the fixes we’ve seen today are rather subtle or temporary ones and nothing major. But looks like we’re at the point where a person has just taken it too far and needs to STOP!

Twitter/dented cars

This is just wrong, the complete frame looks like it has taken some serious damage and will probably fall off under stress! And what is holding that bottle? That does not even look like legit duck tape. Please stop, take it to a shop and get it fixed!

Not Again!

Some people are just repeat offenders, they cannot keep it together no matter how hard they try. Same goes for drivers, they would get a brand new car and bump it, get it fixed and then do it again! And this vicious circle continues forever.

Image courtesy: Interestingengineering

Well, at least this person took a moment to recognize his own mistake and put up the ‘OOPS’ sticker at the point of impact, probably to remind themselves to be more careful in the future every time they take a look at the car.

Superheroes were here!

Ever wondered what happens to the public property getting damaged during the fight sequences you see between superheroes and their enemies? This right here surely does look like the consequence of an epic fight between the Avengers and Thanos.

Pinterest – Dented Car

Assessing the damage looking at this image, it only makes sense that this is the outcome of an Avengers fight sequence, what else could have caused this damage? And the placement of that POW sticker from comics surely does add to the list of possibilities. Let your imagination come up with its own theories for this one.

The cars can feel too!

If you’re into cars, then every time you put on even the slightest of scratches, it feels like that scratch appeared on your soul too. And if that’s not enough you can actually feel the car being sad about the cosmetic damage as well. The following representation of pain however is not convincing enough though.

Image courtesy: Reddit/dented cars

Barefooted, with a mullet and the van says OUCH! Hmm… Makes you wonder what is more painful for the car, the owner that did an awful job in showing emotions for the vehicle or the fact that a repair job seems a far fetched idea here?

Here’s one for your troubles!

Band aids are pretty famous when it comes to hiding scuffs and scratches on cars, we’ve already seen an example of that, but this owner went a bit too far with that idea. First things first though, where did you find this?

Image courtesy: Brightside

This one dent is probably so big that normal band aids in hundreds would have probably covered the whole area. So the genius owner went on to purchase the biggest one available on the market, but it’s pretty safe to say this wasn’t mean to be used for medical purposes from the beginning.


We all know martial arts legend and a very famous screen figure, Bruce Lee, passed away in 1973, a bit too soon perhaps. So when this Jeep owner blames this mishap on Lee, you know its lie!

Image courtesy: Twitter/carliars

Now the car isn’t really old enough to have been around when Bruce Lee was still alive, it surely is a bad hit for this poor 4×4 and there is no amount of duct tape and lies that will make it any better.

It’s just a scratch!

Some car owners take damage to their vehicles too lightly and shrug it off with the usual ‘oh its just a scratch!’ But this one seems like the driver drove right into a brick wall at a 100 miles an hour.

Pinterest – Dented Car

If this would have been duct tape, it would have been a lot more convincing to be honest. But using the regular tape to hold the hood in place, not the brightest of ideas. Plus, we would have used clear tape instead of brown.


Okay, first it was Chuck Norris, that’s understandable, but Bruce Lee, no, and now Kung Fu Panda? Like HELL NO! How dare you blame the most lovely and cute panda on the planet for one of your own mistakes?

Image courtesy: Reddit/dentedcars

I mean the Po would never do this and if the owner meant Jack Black, the guy who was the voice for the panda, well its not possible. No, just no. Its about time you guys stop pointing fingers and own up your accidents!

Music makes it alright

No filler cap no problem! Nowadays, when CDs are old news and nobody uses them anymore, why would you just discard old CDs in your collection when it can perfectly take the place for the missing filler cap on your car?


Just look at this guy. Probably stuck his favorite disc of Back Street Boys to the filler cap opening. Not only is the music from this boy band period correct to the model of the car, its probably soothing for the car as you drive along your favorite road.

27. Somewhere, a barn is missing!

If you live in the countryside on a farm, you would know the pain of losing a barn fence and having your goats run off. Well if you’re looking for a missing fence, look no further, we have found it for you.

Image courtesy: Pinterest/creativecars

For the owner, we’d like a few questions to be answered. How is all that metal clinging to the bodywork? Have those intricate lines helped improve the aerodynamics of the car and does it go any faster now? Are there any rattling sounds? Please write to us.

Snack attack

Snack pack not only keep our favorite crispy munching pleasures safe inside, but can also replace the rear lights on your cars now. Don’t believe it? Have a look at it for yourself.While some might call it the ghetto brake light, the owner was pretty optimistic with his genius plan to use a red Doritos packet to cover up the gaping hole in the rear end of this car.

Image courtesy: Pinterest/weirdcars

However, one must be very careful, you never know a hungry for snacks driver might end up making another hole in this car by driving into it in pursuit of the crisps!

Wait what?

Things never look what they are from a distance and what seems to be is usually not there even to begin with. Have a look at this car here, what are you supposed to find here? Found it yet? Well, pretty sure you can think all you want but wouldn’t have guessed this one!


This isn’t a silver car, it a car that has duct tape all over the body! We already know duct tape can fix literally anything, but how did this start? Did this start out as a fix for a single dent that went on to cover the whole car that was damaged? Whatever the case, this car is fixed forever.

Print that!

Optimism is a wonderful trait, it will help you turn the most unusually frustrating situations to your favor in a minute. But the owner is dangerously optimistic for sure. It is one thing to 3D print a part for something…


but 3D printing a headlight would not be an easy job. So when this person decided to print out a headlight for the car on a piece of paper, it does serve a purpose, and the name of the purpose is a bad illusion!

Howdy Partner!

Western Classics have been a big part of Hollywood history and the depiction of taverns with wooden doors has been a crucial part of showing old school western cultures. So when the opportunity presented itself, the owner of this truck was quick to repond!


You can be country but you’ll never be as country as this guy who let’s in his passengers through an old saloon door on his truck! And adding that golden chain and door handle, dude now you’re just showing off!

Nailed it!

Car enthusiasts will go to any lengths to have that perfect part fit on their rides. And especially for track days, the extra set of bigger and wider wheels provide just the right amount of road grip to give you the extra edge over the competition.


It is not uncommon to roll your fenders to make bigger wheels fit into the fender for the right fitment, but this person probably for the lack of tools or time, went ahead to and cut the wheel well to make the big wheel sit in correctly. Well we can send our prayers to him that he got that extra grip he was looking for but please, fix that fender!

Cool shades bro!

Once again, another broken car, another missing side view mirror, and another optimistic owner who took things a tad bit too far. Sure its not stupid if it works, but hey, this is right at the point of borderline stupidity.

Image courtesy: Carponents

Sure you’ve got an extra pair of sunglasses but please, this is too big a risk to take with yourself and others on the road. It is certainly a unique DIY fix, but please do not take inspiration from this dude!

A proper DIY!

Its not everyday you see someone doing a proper DIY project with the resources they have at their disposal. Take a look here, this owner went on to stick a huge mirror as a replacement to the broken one.

Image courtesy: Carponents

Sure it is not as flashy or classy looking as the previous guy’s sunglasses hanging on the side of the door, but this surely would work a 100 times better than the shades. With just the right amount of tape this will definitely ensure the driver sees whatever is behind him without missing any crucial points.

Hand built!

In the olden days, cars were all hand built, the engines and the chassis were made by the manufacturers and they were sent off to select coach builders that built the seating compartments as per the specifications given by the owners. Well, the owner of this car took some inspiration from the coach builders for sure.

Image courtesy: TheSun

When the front end of this ride went missing the owner had an epiphany and he imagined the car with a wooden front end. Lo and behold, before long he had it completed and now he’s out and about his business, in his very own, hand built car!

The performance filter

Car enthusiasts are always on the hunt for the perfect parts and for most people, the car’s air management system is where it all begins. The easiest thing to gain a few extra horse power is to change your air filter and looks like this person found the perfect one.

Image courtesy: TheSun

A popcorn tub turns out to be the perfect fit on this cars air intake system. Since popcorn gave humans the much needed energy to sit through a 2 to 3 hour long movie, the tub can surely put in an extra 9 or 10 horse power into that engine.

Crucial Technology

While modern cars are just now showing up with the first implementations of cameras and screens for side view or rear view mirrors, the owner of the following car was probably living 10 years ahead of his time when he placed that aged iPhone as a side view mirror.

Image courtesy: Imgur

We can all agree that’s a pretty decent job there and it will certainly serve the purpose. But the real question is, for how long? iPhone being notoriously bad for battery life it is just a matter of a few hours before the battery runs out, or worse, someone spots the phone and nicks it while you’re away from the car.

That Need For Speed Life!

Need for Speed games along with the Fast and Furious movie franchise developed a really serious culture of car modification that was not just limited to performance mods, but also extreme visual customization. But what to do if you’re broke and can’t afford it?

Image courtesy: Imgur

Well, you fake it till you make it. The Toyota Celica is a very capable car and is very famous among the tuner community across the world. But this fellow just couldn’t wait to save up and buy the mods so he had to improvise. Not sure how the others would feel about it but as long as the owner is happy, its all good!

The Abomination

People love pick up trucks, every region on the planet has their own favorites and while some are meant for serious load hauling and go anywhere situations, others are meant to rip the tarmac just like any sports car would. However, the following car will surely make you look twice.

Image courtesy: Twitter/dented cars

Why would you do that? Did you not love it enough? Is it not worth loving? What happened to compassion? This is an absolute abomination, a hate child between a sedan and a pick up truck wouldn’t even look this bad. Sigh.

Landing gear malfunction

Somewhere an airplane has a landing gear malfunction and after the crash landing an investigation takes place that discovers that one of the landing gears was missing! Nobody knows where it went until this image went viral on the internet! #NOTatruestory

the sun

Truth must be told, this has to be one of the most ingenious ways to fix a problem using a wheel off of a plane. Sure, it will not be making any fast trips like it used to but at least it still works and lets you make the grocery runs.

Just do it!

If you break a door handle and you’re broke, don’t worry, here’s one image we all can take inspiration from the next time we break the access handle on our cars. It’s quick and easy but it might not do the trick in the long run. But hey a temporary fix is a-okay.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

This is an absolutely genius fix, just a small stick and some duct tape and voila, you get yourself a door stick! One might say why is it this such a genius fix, but well it’s simple, if you do not have access, how will you drive? So door stick for the win!

Let there be light!

Without headlights, the cars would lack a true purpose and in the dead of the night nobody would have ever dared to go out in a vehicle. And since now we’re all used to headlights, living without one is impossible.

Image courtesy: Twitter/dented cars

One might look at this and say that is of no use and probably a bad idea, but this surely does make the difference in the owner’s life when it gets dark and the only way to reach home is provided by the lights of these lamps!

Hulk Smash, Again!

Old cars usually don’t get as much affection as newer ones do unless the owner is a true car fanatic and holds sentimental value for his ride. But when the damage is deemed to much to be repaired, Hulk seems to be the only reasonable choice out there!


When this guy ended up crashing his daily beater, he saw Hulk as the perfect suspect to blame the damage on. And who can blame him, only Hulk has that super human strength to deal a blow as devastating as this one. Nonetheless, the car has surely seen better days and is in dire need of some love.

Let me fix it!

Humans and duct tape, still a better love story than Twilight. And why not, we already know duct tape can do wonders and has always been a worthy companion to fix everything so why not a ripped seat?

Image courtesy: Drivetribe

New seats would definitely cost a lot depending on the make and model of the car and since we all love to save money why not have duct tape solve the problem, once and for all! This seat is now certainly good for a lifetime now and would probably still be in perfect condition even when the car’s engine dies out!

German Engineering!

Germans are known for their engineering marvels and that holds true even in the case of automobiles. However, when your lovely BMW shows signs of old age and certain components start to run bad, the amazing engineering comes with a lengthy bill under repair costs.

Image courtesy: Pak101

The replacement viper on this BMW X5 would have probably cost a bit too much for the owner to even consider buying it. So a spare straw broom lying around in his house-made its way to the back of the rear window and seems to be doing a good job in clearing just enough dust for the driver to look back through the window! Impressive.

Trust me, I’m a pro!

Hunting is an expensive hobby no doubt about that. You have to invest a lot of time and money into it to buy the correct equipment and ammunition for a successful hunt. But what about hunting as an extreme sport in a situation where you don’t have the resources for buying the right equipment?

Image courtesy: Autojosh

Well, it is one thing to be a hunter and another to be tired of explaining to people what happened to your car. This owner certainly has a very interesting story to tell about how he ended up scoring a deer kill in his car. As for the damage, let’s just call it battle scars.

Pirate of the Sahara

What’s scarier than seeing a big Cadillac roll up behind you in your rearview mirror? Seeing a pirate Cadillac roll up behind you on the freeway! The owner could have gone to an auto shop nearby to get his SUV fixed but he decided not to and choose to become a pirate!

Image courtesy: Drivetribe

Say what you might about this cosmetic change thanks to an unwanted accident the owner must enjoy peaceful roads ahead of him as people would jump out of his lane instead of having this pirate follow them down a curvy road.

Where do you find these?

So we’ve seen a couple of creative uses for band-aids and the last one we saw was actually a huge one that was probably not meant for any medical uses. But what about this one:

Image courtesy: Drivetribe

This is even bigger and looks bulkier than the last one and the added effects of the blood marks just make it even more creepy. The poor car probably had a bad hit but this just amplifies the pain it might have undergone.

A fallen hero!

A picture is worth a thousand words and no image would be more painful for a car enthusiast than the following one. Despite the correct use of duct tape this one seems to be beyond repair. Time to chuck it into the car smasher or perhaps send a letter to Pimp My Ride?

Image courtesy: Shareably

It is certainly a total loss and any amount of fixing this wouldn’t bring it even near the structural soundness it requires to withstand another crash, but we admire the owners resolve here to try and salvage this red friend with duct tape.

The real Outback!

If you’re a fan of Subaru, you are certainly familiar with a certain model from this manufacturer named after the wilderness of Australia’s vast uninhabited lands. The Outback is a true crossover SUV and sports wagon that can haul your kids to the school in the morning and tear up the dirt tracks around the countryside in the afternoon!

Image courtesy: Shareably

This right here is the most epic rear bumper anyone can ever attach to an already amazing car! The name Outback truly comes into life just by looking at this bizarre sight and the owner doesn’t even need to worry about a broken bumper anymore.

As long as it works!

Humans are intelligent, we’ve come so far with the help of our scientific advancements and technology beyond imagination. But some of us are just happy to keep things simple as long as it works!

Image courtesy: Interestingengineering

When the owner of this truck had a flat tire and couldn’t find a replacement, he went a very unorthodox way – A sack trolley with two tiny tires. This Nissan truck surprisingly seems to be driving down the road very well – but let’s hope they aren’t picking up any heavy loads or driving around at high speeds.

One hell of a trunk

For most of us, the car’s trunk is where we can safely store emergency items, tool kits, and even precious cargo that we need to transport. But seems like the owner of this Honda Civic wanted to do some weight reduction and go faster instead.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Honda owners are notoriously known for absurd weight-saving measures just to make their cars go faster. Is this a case of Need for Speed syndrome or the car legitimately had a broken trunk? Well, only the owner knows. We can just hope the trunk is kept empty or the whole road will be littered with stuff from this trunk.

At least it won’t rust!

Old cars are prone to rusting since the years of beating under extreme weather conditions render them vulnerable to deterioration. So when he time came to replace a window on this car, the owner had a few bright ideas.

Image courtesy: DailyTelegraph

Honestly, it would have been close to an impossible job to find a replacement window for this car, probably because the manufacturer would have stopped making parts years ago. However, now that there is wood on there, it most certainly is not going to rush away like the remaining panels on the car.