Checking In On Friends And Relatives Is Highly Important, And Here’s Why

By Anthony K

How do you feel receiving a text message, call, or mail from your friend or relative checking up on you? Reaching out to friends and relatives every time may seem like disturbing those who wish to be left alone. We try maintaining contact through social media platforms, but unprecedented events like COVID-19 interrupt social order leading to complications like increased loneliness.

Source: @simonmaage/Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic proved that keeping up friendships may require more effort, especially when distance exists between you and your friends. Other factors threatening friendships include changing priorities at work and classification in different life stages.

Calling or sending a text message may seem hectic, especially when you fear imposing into the personal affairs of others. However, recent research claims that calling or texting your friends is vital to keeping your bond and worth the risk every time.

The study determined that most people appreciate unexpected check-ins. The authors involved over 5,900 participants in 13 experiments monitoring simple social interactions.

Most people are likely to hold back from texting or calling their acquittances, fearing the awaiting response of the effect of the communication. Reaching out helps friends build confidence in each other while waiting to meet after being apart voluntarily or involuntarily.

Source: @wildlittlethingsphoto/Pexels

You can build stronger bonds with friends and relatives by checking on them regularly without expecting them to check back on you at the same frequency. One should also appreciate others that reach out to check in on you after hours, days, weeks, months, or years.

Increased use of mail, text messages, social media sites, and phone calls may make your circle stronger.