Corona Life Hacks: What You Need to Know

By Kiko M

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

In these trying times, our thoughts can become our actions. Staying informed on the latest news and ways to stay clean and protected is crucial right now. As people are rushing to buy toilet paper, there are a number of reasons to resort to other tried and tested methods.

These ideas will certainly kick you out of your home slump and put you in the groove!

Learn how to make dumbells stuffed with sand or your very own face cloth mask! These out of the box ideas will unleash your inner artist and even teach you a few life hacks.

It’s time to get creative and productive!

What is the Corona Virus?

The coronavirus also known as Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic quickly sifting through the earth currently.

The World Health Organization has recently confirmed that people need to be tested for corona to further hasten its spread. This virus has taken many lives and can be contracted through droplets produced by humans when we sneeze or cough.

These droplets then land on surfaces where people eat on, touch where people are able to transmit this virus. Malls, institutions and educational centres are slowing down to mitigate the spread as being in large public spaces aren’t recommended.

Make Your Own AlcoGel

Alcogel is surprisingly not that difficult to make. It’s handy to bring around with you anywhere and you’ll surely be protected from potential germs and viruses.

Looking to make your own alcogel or hand sanitizer? Here’s how you can make it at home with a few simple ingredients! It’s simple and easy to make and if you don’t have all these ingredients you can just simply use 3: rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel and tea tree essential oil.

Ingredients You Need to Make Your Own Alcogel

After you’ve got all these ingredients now we’ll do the next part. The assembling!

Benefits of Essential Oils in Your Alcogel

Tea tree oil is a great ingredient for your alcogel since it’s a known antiseptic. Besides helping to reduce the appearance of large pores, it can also tighten the skin and remove dry skin. Lemongrass essential oil is great for lemony kick while lavender helps promote calm and relaxation

Image Courtesy of Medical News Today

Since tea tree oil is used in many hand sanitizers and face washes already, then adding a few drops to your alcogel can increase its strength.

Why not add lemongrass while you’re at it for that lemon kick? Mixing with 2 or 3 more essential oils will make your alcogel smell fresh and clean.

The Process

Image Courtesy of CBS News

Voila! Now you have your own alcogel to bring with you on the go!

Make Your Own Tissue Paper

Making tissue paper at home has never been this easy. All you need is a notebook paper. Tear out a piece of paper from your notebook or any journal.

Make sure it doesn’t have ink since the ink has chemicals. Take a paper and crumple it once, then lay it out straight then repeat the process until the paper has achieved the texture of tissue paper. Extra tip: make sure not to cut the paper with your nails!

Extra Tips

After crumpling the paper around 5-6 times and opening it again, make sure to smooth it out each time you open it. Check out the images below to see how they should look like.

Image Courtesy of Arjun Rana

Make sure to crumple the paper as hard as you can and repeat the process this should help you to achieve the texture for your tissue paper. Achieving the texture is key so take your time to prepare it.

The Outcome

Feel free to use it for the dining table and even for light spills. We don’t recommend using this as toilet paper because this area tends to be more sensitive.

Image Courtesy of Arjun Rana

You can impress your friends by showing them your new tissue paper making skills! After all, making tissue paper is quite easy after all. You’ll be surprised by how many things you can make at home instead of buying them outside.

With all the chaos of people rushing out to buy toilet paper, you’ll certainly have a stock on hand whenever you need it.

Make Your Own Face Mask

No, we aren’t talking about those face masks. We’re talking about cloth masks.

These can potentially protect you, your loved ones and friends. It’s a fun activity to do with your family members in this time.

First, locate a piece of cloth. Cotton would be much better and more gentle for the skin. Fold it in half then fold it again lengthwise. Take 1 inch from the left side and fold it inwards and repeat with the right side.

Look for a hair tie or piece of string and voila! Your very own cloth mask.

Wash Your Hands

There’s a lot of news online about how to wash your hands. This tried and true method is the one to follow!

Make Your Own Food

Bread is known to spoil much quicker and it has a shorter shelf life. If you’re looking for a fun task to do during these times why not try making bread? Instead of purchasing bread that gets mouldy soon.

Image Courtesy of Marina Vaamonde/Fox

It’s also a life skill that you can use in desperate times. Cool idea huh? Now’s the time to get cooking!

How to Make Your Own Bread: Ingredients

Making bread requires a couple of ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen.

Gather these ingredients first then proceed to the next step.

Baking the Bread

Don’t forget to let the bread cool down for a few minutes! Around 10 minutes or so. Then you may dig in. Pair it with some olive oil for a delicious kick.

DIY: Jump Rope

Have you ever thought about making an exercise tool? Well, this might be the best time to learn a new life hack. An exercise life hack at that!

Making your own jump rope is one of the niftiest things you can do while being quarantined or under house arrest. Not only will you learn a new skill but you’ll also be able to use it after and several times. Maybe you can even turn it into a product you can sell if it becomes effective enough.

Benefits of Jump Ropes

Not only are jump ropes great for strengthening the knees but they also help you to become more flexible and agile. Not to mention, it raises your heart rate and is great cardio.

It doesn’t require much except space for you to flail the ropes around and after a few minutes, you’ll be short of breathing. Instead of following a Youtube home workout, this is quick and easy to make.

Tools You’ll Need

First, you’ll need some nylon or leather rope. Hemp should work fine as well or even plastic.

Next, you’ll need a measuring tool for the length of your rope. And then you’ll use some beads (if you want beads on your rope). Also, you’ll need extra strong glue.

If you’re feeling more advanced you can buy aluminium ferrule stops and washer to make your jump rope look more professional.

Image Courtesy of HNX Media

Last but not least, you’ll need two plastic handles that you can find in sports stores or in your usual crafts stores.

How to Make it?

First, you’ll need to measure your rope (make sure to double its height. Then you can insert the rope into the bottom of your handles and glue them inside. This is the easy way.

For the more complicated way, put your rope through the stops and then add the washer to lock it in place. Stretch the rope through the bottom of your handle and lock it in place using the shower. This should keep it secure.

Image Courtesy of HNX Media

Afterwards, make sure you insert it back into the handle. Pull back the rope and let it click into place. You should be hearing the washer click into place.

The final step would be to test it out and make sure it’s long enough for you to use. Make sure the wire you measured is at least twice your height so the rope doesn’t hit you.

Do Absolutely Nothing

This might be one of the hardest things to do during this time but the best we can do sometimes is to do absolutely nothing.

By doing nothing we tune into ourselves more.

By doing nothing we are quieting the mind. Take this time as a Vippasana retreat of some sort where you focus on yourself and what bothers you during this time. We recommend doing nothing under the sun while at the same time social distancing.

DIY: Vegetable Disinfectant

Making sure your vegetables and fruits are clean before cutting them up and using them is important. Instead of buying a vegetable disinfectant why not make your own? We have 5 words for this recipe:

Apple Cider Vinegar and Water. Remember the ACV your mom had in her kitchen or your grandma? Well now’s the time to shell it out. You’ll be surprised by the many uses of apple cider vinegar!

What You Need

This recipe is as simple as piecing together an 8 piece puzzle. You’ll simply need:

Image Courtesy of Bonaippetit

You’ll find that you have most of these ingredients in your home and if you don’t you’ll probably just have to pick up 2 more tools.

Making Your Own Vegetable Disinfectant

Gather 3 parts water and 1 part apple cider vinegar. Place it in your mixing bowl. After gathering all the wet ingredients mix them well and pour it down a funnel directly underneath your jar.

Image Courtesy of Bonaippetit

Now you have your very own vegetable disinfectant. Make sure to soak your vegetables in this rinse or to wash them with warm water and this rinse. To remove any chemicals and to make sure you’re only getting the good stuff.

Youtube Home Workouts

Are you itching to exercise your triceps? Now is a good time to check out workouts on Youtube. Chloe Ting is amazing if you want killer abs in 2 weeks.

Image Courtesy of Hollywood Life

While most gyms are currently closed, people are resorting to exercising in their homes. You can even spread out a yoga matt and type in Vinyasa Yoga on Youtube for a quick home workout. Not only is exercising important but it also helps you to not become a couch potato.

Meal Delivery Because Why Not

Meal delivery services are there for a reason. They’re for you to comfortably receive all the nutrients you need without lifting a finger. Well to pick up the phone but you get to cut your preparation time in more than half!

Eating meals has never been easier with meal deliveries. Check out our past article for some of the best places.

DIY Dumbells

If you have some extra time and no dumbells at home why not create your own? If you have extra bottles lying around or even gallons of water you can make your very own dumbbell set.

image courtesy of Rom GD/Youtube

Or one dumbbell at least. These easy tips will help you create your own dumbbells at home. Because exercise is crucial during this time, these bottles will surely come in handy. You can use them even in between your work meetings!

“Hang on boss, I just need to do some weights!”

What do You Need?

You’ll only need a few tools to help you build your dumbbell set. Two main tools are necessary: sand and a water bottle. For specifics, read on if you’re feeling crafty.

image courtesy of Rom GD/Youtube

You’ll need:

How do you Make it?

First, check to see what type of water bottle or container you have ready and on hand. No need to go out and buy new water bottles if you have existing ones they should work just fine. Fill them to the brim with sand. You can collect sand or dirt outside of your home or perhaps in your backyard.

image courtesy of Rom GD/Youtube

If you’d like to weigh it then the scale comes in handy if you need 5-10kg weights or even more. Seal the top of the dumbells with the lid it came with and voila!

You’ll be looking in tip-top shape in no time.

Drum on Surfaces

Are you musically gifted? Do you like music anyways? Now’s the time to bang away on surfaces even on your table! Don’t worry about making too much noise because drumming on surfaces is way more annoying for your neighbours than drumming on actual drums.

Image Courtesy of YouTube Cajon Drum beat box demo

Got a desk? Drum away! Do you have old boxes that you can use? Maybe you can substitute one of them for a hi-hat? The possibilities are endless. Now’s the time to let your imagination run wild.

Make your Own Spice Jar

Here’s a great hack for you: a spice jar. You can combine a number of spices to make a curry mix or even a vegan scramble mix! Make different spice jars depending on the dishes you make. You can make curry mix jars, pad thai jars or other assorted spice combinations

Spice jars are great for saving up on time and if you’re on the go. You can bring them anywhere with you and you can even bring them when you go camping!

What do you Need?

If you have existing spices then you’re good to go. These spices are also a great combination when mixed together:

Image Courtesy of Reluctant Trading

Measure out an even amount of spices. One spoon each and put them in a jar. Shake well and then add to your preferred dishes!

Learn A New Course

Recently, 250 Ivy Leagues released free courses online. Courses such as contemporary poetry and multiple courses in the social sciences have recently risen. Courses in mathematics have surfaced as well as the sciences.

Image Courtesy of The Teaching Professor

Since you usually have to pay for Coursera, there are free courses you can take online. Are you a computer programmer? Or perhaps into cryptocurrency? Then this is one of the best ways to hone your skills.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language while at home can be tricky. But luckily there are apps like Duolingo to save the day. You can download this among many other language learning apps.

Image Courtesy of Fluent TLV/Facebook

Want to learn Spanish? How about Italian? Then Duolingo is the perfect app for you. You can also ask your local communities if they’re holding language learning lessons online.

Time to Recycle

Have you ever thought about segregating your bins? Now might be the best time to do so. Since we have time due to the coronavirus, why not sort out your trash?

You can even do it the “Marie Kondo” way and throw out or give away objects that don’t serve you. Do you have a blanket that you don’t need? Then organize them in a box and when the situation mellows over you can donate your clothes or drop them at your local charity house.

Sort Out Your Trash

One of. the best ways to. beat the home bug is to sort out your trash into recyclable and non-recyclable. Don’t you think? You can put labels on the boxes such as “biodegradable” and “non-biodegradable”

Instead of sorting out everything all at once then maybe start with the trash in your living room then move on to the bathroom and bedroom. You’ll be amazed by uncovering objects you thought you lost forever.

Sharpen Your Brain

By doing Sudoku or even crossword puzzles, you’re keeping your brain active during its stagnant state. Since sometimes our bodies are less prone to movement during the quarantine times, it’s best to focus on specific goals you want to achieve.

image Courtesy of Harvard Health

Want to try out the Rubiks cube? Go for it! There are a few sneaky hacks online to beat the cube. Who knows, you might even set a record if you set your mind to it!

Take a Picture of Your Fridge

Why do you ask? Great question! Next time you leave your home to visit the supermarket, you’ll know exactly what ingredients you’ll need. Instead of wasting paper on lists, now you can just take a picture of your fridge and you won’t forget what ingredients to buy after. Need milk? Checked!

Need spinach for that smoothie? You got it. Here’s a life hack you can certainly follow in the months or even years to come. Now grocery shopping has never been this easy!

Create Social Streaming Accounts

Social streaming accounts are a great way for you to interact with friends around you. Without having to be directly beside them. Although this sounds like a scenario from Dean Koontz’s’ book “The Eyes of Darkness” it’ll be a fun activity to do with your friends.

If everyone is making a discord and interacting online, then the world will feel much less lonely. By interacting together and even playing games together via voice call then your days will be filled with laughter!

After all, who wouldn’t want to cuss at their friends for destroying their warlock character?

Try out Tik Tok

You may have heard about Tik Tok on the news or on Instagram posts. This app is a portal for people to share their dance moves, who they are and their interests.

It’s also a great way for influencers to bond with the people around them without having to meet them. If you’re an aspiring singer, dancer or if you have the talent to share with the world then Tiktok is the place to start! Because, why not?

Go Live and make an IGTV

IGTV is considered Instagram’s live streaming service. Think Facebook stories but live videos. IGTV has been rising at an unprecedented pace with movie stars, normal people, moms and beauty influencers grazing the scene.

Image Courtesy of Moradam

Got a new mukbang video? Or a breakfast recipe you’d like to share? Now’s the time to share your talents with the world and a few hacks that might help people.

Make a Youtube account

Remember all those times you said you wanted to post videos? But instead, you recorded yourself on your phone and kept it for later?

Image Courtesy of Niga Higa/Youtube

Now’s the time to fulfil your long lost dreams! You don’t have to spend hours watching niga higa anymore or Nas Daily. Why not create videos promoting ideas you resonate with? Maybe you’re an aspiring chef who knows a pest sauce recipe that no one knows.

Or perhaps you’re a prankster who enjoys throwing a few jokes to friends, either way setting up a Youtube account will bring you places and you might even be able to monetize and earn from it.

Play Games Online

If you’re into playing games, then this is the best time to be a gamer. There are many games on Facebook and online which you can play with your friends virtually.

For example, there’s one-night ultimate werewolf where you can interact with your friends and play different roles such as the villager, the mason or even the werewolf. It’s a quick game that only takes a few minutes of your time. Playing online games with friends is a great idea!

Make an Instagram Filter

Instagram filters are in. You’ve probably seen your little brother, your niece or nephew or even your mom trying one of these. Why not make it a fun activity by downloading Spark AR Studio on your computer and making your own filter?

Image Courtesy of Snaphoto

You can take a pre-existing filter and amp it up or even create face distortions that make you look like you just took some psychedelics.

It’s a fun activity to even do with your friends on who makes the coolest filter!