Couple Hits the Gym Together, 18 Months Later They Are Fitter and Happier

By Sam s

It is never too late to change. If you are unhappy about your life then you need to take control of things. 

The Reeds decided to take matters in their own hands and now they are giving a new ray of hope to people all around the world.

How are they doing this? read on to find out more:

How The Problem Started 

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Lexi Reed always had weight issues. She was heavy in her childhood but she never let it bother her despite her many unsuccessful attempts at weight loss. She knew she was overweight but she did not let it make it feel low.

Lexi was 382 pounds at just 25 years of age. She realized her weight issues were making it difficult to live her life the way she wanted to live it. But she did not have much of a choice, or at least she thought so.

She Found Love 

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Lexi met Danny Reed and her life took a u-turn. The two fell in love and Lexi found her happiness. She had finally found a man who loved her for who she was and didn’t care for her looks.

Danny did not make Lexi’s appearance an issue. He did not criticize her or look down on her. He, instead, made her feel special. However, Danny’s life was far from perfect.

He was going through the same thing. He was living an unhealthy life and had weight issues.

This helped the two of them come closer to each other.

What They Had to Quit

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Denny, who was a little older than Lexi, was battling his own but similar problems. He weighed about 280 pounds. Without seeing faults in one another, they indulged in more unhealthy habits and things took an even uglier turn.

Eating out and ordering their favorite foods became their favorite thing to do and they soon gained more pounds. They both did not care much for health at this point as they were used to living their lives like they had always lived it.

This healthy lifestyle soon created more problems for the couple.

And It Continued 

Lexi had always lived an unhealthy life. She grew up in a poor family and they could not afford to eat healthy food. The family opted for processed food since it was easier to prepare and cheaper to buy.

Things did not change after they got into a relationship. They would binge-watch their favorite shows and eat unhealthy foods day and night without realizing the side effects. This affected them as they both started to put on more weight without even realizing it. Within no time, they were both heavier.

The Barriers 

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Being overweight stopped Lexi and Danny from living their lives to the fullest. They could not do or enjoy the things they wanted to do. They couldn’t go out and enjoy each other’s company. Long walks and hiking trips were just a dream. All they did was watch TV and eat.

Lexi realized her weight was the issue. While it did not make her unhappy or send her into a state of depression, she understood the need to take control of her life. 

She looked around but she didn’t know what to do. She had no guidance or motivation and then…

They Got Engaged 

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Danny and Lexi got engaged after Danny decided it was time to take their relationship forward. 

“He never saw me as my size, asked me to change, or made me feel as anything other than beautiful,” Lexi posted on her Instagram account.

While she was happy about the things happening in her personal life, she knew it would be difficult to find the perfect wedding dress. She weighed about 485 pounds.

Feeling disappointed about her struggles, she posted this to her Instagram account:

“Nobody knew how to make me feel like a bride, and not my size. Thank god I was strong enough to know my worth, and kept searching for my 34W dress even though I questioned if I would ever find one,”

And They Tied the Knot 

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It took a while but Lexi finally found the right dress and the two decided to tie the knot. However, this was only the beginning of their problems. 

They loved each other but they knew they’d be facing a lot of challenges together and they were ready to take on ’em. Danny’s love was always there for Lexi and Lexi also made sure to never make Danny feel sad or lonely. They were enough for each other and all they cared for was each other’s company without paying attention to health or looks.

Time to Start a Family

Lexi and Danny wanted to live a normal life. They wanted to have children but Lexi knew it could be difficult due to her weight issues. Doctors told her trying to start a family could put her life in danger.

It can be very difficult to be pregnant and give birth when you are overweight. There can be medical problems including serious health concerns. It does not only put the mother at risk but the baby as well.

They knew it was very risky to start a family at this stage. This motivated her to think of a solution and take control of things.

There Were More Challenges

Starting a family was not the couple’s only concern. They also faced challenges in experiencing normal couple things. 

Lexi wanted to travel but her weight was making it a challenge. She wanted to go to Universal Studios in Orlando to live her dream of visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

However, it wasn’t possible as she was too big for the plane. Plus, the rides at the park were not designed for a person her size. 

Florida was at a huge distance from her home state, Indiana. Despite all the hardships, she didn’t give up.

New Year New Challenges

Within the first year of their marriage, the couple realized things would not change on their own. Lexi saw all that was wrong with their lifestyle and decided to make a move.

On New Year’s Day in 2016, Lexi decided to start her weight loss journey. She wanted Danny by her side but he was hesitant. He wasn’t sure of the plan and how things would go but Lexi was adamant.

Instead of feeling disheartened, she decided to motivate Danny and convince him to give it a try.

And Danny was on Board

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It did not require a lot of effort to convince Danny. He was used to eating and sitting home but he was ready to help Lexi achieve her dreams. He knew losing weight would make her happy and it would be beneficial for their relationship as well.

Since he was also overweight, he knew this would help him as well and bring the two of them closer as a couple. Hence, he decided to wholeheartedly support Lexi and the two started to prepare for their fitness journey.

Friends and Challenges

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Their friends were quick to challenge ’em after hearing of their New Year’s resolution. The deal was simple. The couple agreed to stay away from alcohol, soda, and unhealthy meals. They also made a deal to have no cheat meals or night outs for a month.

They were also serious about gyming and accepted the challenge. They agreed to hit the gym five times a week for at least 30 days. It may not sound like a big deal to some, but for them it was quite a challenge.

Gym is Love

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Lexi and Danny signed up for a gym membership and made sure to go to the gym everyday for at least 30 minutes. They were not the fittest of people and the gym routine proved to be quite difficult for them but being there for each other helped them get started.

It was a small gym in Terre Haute, Indiana. They did not have access to a personal trainer and there were not enough machines or suitable machines for the couple, especially Lexi. However, they did not let a lack of facilities shatter their dreams.

The Couple Dreams

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Danny and Lexi did not want a lot from their life. Their dreams were simple. As a couple, they wanted to travel together, take part in activities, etc. They did not want the most lavish life full of luxuries and all. They only wanted to enjoy their life and they knew their weight was a hurdle.

Also, starting a family was on their mind. Lexi knew her weight issues could prevent them from having a family and she did not want to take a risk. All this was giving her the motivation she needed to keep going.

Being Uncomfortable

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Lexi was not comfortable at the gym. She was conscious of herself and what others may think of her. Her current gym was very crowded and a lot of people there knew her or her partner. She always felt that people were watching and talking about her. This made her worried and distracted her.

Lexi did not want unwanted attention. She went to the gym with one goal and did not want to concentrate on other things. She wanted to achieve her goals hence she decided to move to a new gym.

Looking For The Right Gym

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The couple started hunting for a new gym and finally found a less crowded place with great equipment.

Lexi got a free trial and fell in love with the place. She was able to find a great spot where she could workout without having to worry about other people. Plus, the gym also had machines that were suitable for someone her size. 

She was 485 pounds and most machines were not made for people her size. Hence, she was glad to have finally found the right gym.

Diet is Important, Too 

The couple knew going to the gym would not be enough. They had to change their eating habits as well. They decided to start cooking their food. Since they were both used to eating out, it was quite a challenge. To make things easier, they made a pact to cook and ea together.

This decision motivated them and proved to be quite beneficial. They decided to say no to all unhealthy meals and concentrated on healthy foods. It was not an easy decision to make but they were quite determined.

The New Lifestyle

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Lexi and Danny did not consider these changes as temporary steps to lose weight. They were serious about changing their life and were ready to welcome a new lifestyle. They did not only want to lose weight and look good. They wanted to be fit and healthy and knew they were in this for the rest of their lives.

They decided to stick to the new routine no matter what. They also knew it would take quite some time to reach their goals and they were ready to wait. Seeing results was quite a motivator.

In this Together

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Lexi was the heavier of the two but she never felt this way because she had Danny’s full support. He never made her feel as if he was doing it for her. They were in this together. Lexi has often talked about Danny being her biggest support and how she might not have been able to do it without him by her side.

It can be quite challenging to suddenly stop eating your favorite foods. Some people can feel sad and depressed during such testing times but Danny and Lexi did not feel so as they had each other’s support. 

Entering the Second Month

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The first month passed without much difficulty. Danny and Lexi were proud of their achievements. They knew they would be able to achieve their goal of getting fit and leading a healthy and happy life.

They won the bet but they were still far from reaching their end goal. Their journey had just started at the weighing scale had gone just a little lower. They knew they would have to continue to put their best food forward in order to move ahead. They were both ready to do it.

Seeing Results and Gaining Confidence

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Lexi and Danny soon started to see results. Now, they were not putting much effort into going to the gym. It had become a part of their daily routines.

Moreover, Lexi was more comfortable at the gym. She started to make new friends and open up to people about her goals and challenges.

Gym was no more boring or difficult. They were finally having fun. Plus, the results were also there. Lexi lost about 20 pounds within a month but as time passed, it got harder and harder to lose more weight.

They Lost it in 24 Months

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Danny started the program at 280 pounds and lost about 100 kgs in just 24 months. He weighed 190 pounds and felt a lot fitter, healthier, and happier. 

On the other hand, Lexi had lost 312 pounds in 18 months. She looked like a different person, one who was happier, more confident, and fitter.

Lexi very fondly recalls the moment she first realized the difference. She could fit into chairs more comfortable and did not have to worry about what people would think of her.

Instagram Celebs

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Lexi decided to join Instagram in 2016 and found immense success on the platform. Her account ‘Fat Girl Fed Up’ received thumbs up from not just people struggling to weight but also fitness trainers.

With over 1.2 million followers, she is now one of the most popular Instagram users. 

Her bio says:

“28. Looking to change my life.

⬇312lbs naturally by diet/exercise in 2 years!”

Her profile is full of motivational quotes, her workout regimen, and before and after photos.

A Standing Ovation

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The couple received a thunderous response on not just Instagram but in the real world as well. Their story got picked up by news channels and TV stations. They were soon busy giving interviews and sharing their journey. They even got featured on an episode of Rachael Ray!

Despite all the fame, they are very humble and friendly people. Lexi also often replies to her fans and followers and shares stories on Instagram.

The couple even attended some major events together. Lexi was chosen by TNT Drama and L’oreal Paris as one of their inspiring strong women.

The Beginning of a New Life

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Lexi and Danny together have lost about 400 pounds in less than 2 years. They both felt great and re-lived their memories including revisiting the beach where Danny first asked Lexi out.

This visit, however, was different. They had no limitations. They ran down the beach and had fun with each other without boundaries. They could finally do everything that they wanted to do. They clicked more pictures, smiled more, and created more memories. For them, this was the beginning of a new life and they were ready to welcome it.

Dream Come True 

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Now that Lexi could fly, the couple decided to visit Florida and make new memories together. Lexi and Danny had a great time at Universal Studios, especially at the Harry Potter World park. They had no trouble trying different rides and they came back with a lot of great memories. 

They are also planning a family now that it would be safe for Lexi to welcome motherhood. Lexi keeps her followers updated about all the happenings in her life including personal life and how things have changed since the great transformation.

Happier Than Ever 

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Both the partners are now extremely happy and proud of their decisions to change their lives. Lexi was first to take a leap of faith but now they are in this together, living a healthy lifestyle. Lexi maintains that they will continue to lead a healthy life and motivate others to do the same now that they are aware of the benefits of being fit and healthy.

They do not only look different but they also feel different. Their friends are proud of their achievements, especially now that their story is motivating thousands around the world.

Lexi Has a Suggestion

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Having gone through an amazing transformation, Lexi is now busy guiding and motivating people through social media and other such means. She maintains that her journey isn’t over, rather it has just started.

Lexi suggests to “start small — small changes add up to big results — and focus on each day, not how far you have to go.” 

She also suggests to be friends with people who motivate you to do better in life. According to Lexi, our friends can motivate us to do the right thing. Hence, it is important to be careful about who you spend time with.

Change For the Right Reason

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Lexi emphasizes on the importance of body positivity. She does not want men and women who are overweight or underweight to feel inferior or depressed because of how they look.

She wants people to realize the importance of fitness and the happiness it brings to life. She maintains that losing weight hasn’t only changed her appearance, but it has also changed her perspective towards life.

The couple’s story became so popular that they received an invite to the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

“I learned how strong and capable I am as a person. I thought it would take me over three years to lose 300-plus pounds, but I was so determined and hardworking that I did it in two,” she said while motivating others to never give up.

Can’t be Thankful Enough

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“I have nothing but a newfound happiness for this life I am living. I no longer am a prisoner in my own body and instead of just existing in my own life, I’m finally alive,” said Lexi while talking about her new life.

Danny and Lexi credit each other for what they have achieved.

“Every day I wake up is a blessing. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and this new life that I’m living. I saved my own life, and for that there are no words — only gratitude,” thinks Lexi.

Different Timelines for Different People

It took Lexi and her husband about 2 years to reach their goal but it may take you longer or shorter based on where you stand today.

People are different, what takes you one month may take someone one week or two months based on their rate of metabolism, overall health, etc.

Just because it took Lexi and her partner so long to reach their goal, it doesn’t mean it will take you this long as well. Do not let the timeline scare you. You will never be able to make a move if you do not start.

It’s All About Being in a Calorie Deficit

According to science, losing weight is all about being in a calorie deficit.

A calorie deficit is defined as a state when your body consumes more energy than it receives. Since our body cannot make its own energy, it counts on the food that you eat and the energy that is stored in the form of fats and muscles. 

When you do not consume enough good, your body has no option but to turn to the energy stored in the body and you eventually begin to burn the fat. Hence, reduce your calorie intake.

But Exercise Goes Hand in Hand

While a calorie deficit is important to lose weight, it alone will not benefit you. You must take part in physical tasks such as working out, running, swimming, etc., so that your body continues to burn more energy than it consumes.

If you have no physical activity then you will not be able to burn enough calories and even being in a calorie deficit will not offer you many benefits. Instead, you may end up feeling weak and fragile.

Hence, it is important to pay attention to your overall routine and not just your diet.

The Struggle Actually Continues

Lexi emphasizes on the importance of sticking to a healthy routine even after you have achieved your goals. It is very easy to get carried away.

It should never be about losing weight for an event or a short period of time. Your aim should be to choose a healthy lifestyle and not let temptations steal your thunder.

Lexi suggests to make a diet plan and stick to it. That’s the easiest way to ensure you remain on the right path. Moreover, take out time to go to the gym or take part in other physical activities.

Don’t Shy Away From Professional Help

If you are not able to get the desired results then make it a point to consult a professional. Lexi could not afford a personal trainer when she started her journey but she agrees that things would’ve been better or faster if she had a professional by her side to guide her.

Nonetheless, she did make it a point to jump to a better gym – one that was better equipped and more comfortable. Such small changes can make a major difference to your journey, hence do not shy away from visiting a dietician or hiring a trainer to guide you.

It’s Important to Not Give Up

The most important thing is to never give up. It can be very difficult to stick to the routine, especially in the beginning when you see no results.

Most people quit within the first few days of dieting and working out due to the challenges involved. In fact, Lexi had quit several times before she finally decided to give it her best. 

Everytime you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you started in the first place and you will get all the motivation that you need to keep going.

Dieting Doesn’t Mean You Stop Living Life

A lot of people make the mistake of turning to crash diets in order to lose weight quickly. While it’s a quick way to lose pounds, it is not very healthy. In fact, crash diets can have serious negative effects on your health. Plus, the results are also temporary.

You should diet but in the right manner. Reduce the amount of calories you intake. Also, have a cheat day once a week to keep your temptations under control. This is a proven way to ensure you do not end up cheating on your diet. 

Having Goals Always Helps

Set goals for yourself, it can be as big as losing 100 pounds in a year or something as small as losing 1 pound in a week.

We suggest that you first start with small goals as they will make it easier and possible to reach bigger goals.

Also, your goals do not always have to be ‘weight’ related. For example, Lexi’s goal was to travel with her partner and start a family. This kept her going whenever she felt low.

You can also have a similar goal so that you never feel like giving up.

Know When to Stop

You should be very clear about how much weight you want to lose. Do not go into overdrive as it is important to maintain a healthy weight. If you diet too much or lose too much weight, you will begin to appear weak. It can even affect your life and mood. Hence, know where to draw the line.

Do not run after celebs. You also do not need to aim for the size zero figure. Your only aim should be to reach a point where you look and feel healthy and fit so that you enjoy your life to the fullest.

Motivate Others, Too

A major reason why Lexi’s story is so popular is due to her ability to connect with her readers and motivate them to lead a healthy life.

Her weight loss journey is helping people all around the world feel positive and better about the possibilities. Also, Lexi isn’t only motivating women but men as well.

She is working with Danny, her husband, to spread body positivity. Thanks to her efforts, her story has reached millions. Her Instagram is full of positive comments from people she has motivated.

If you are starting your weight loss journey, you can also try something similar to keep you going. When you have the responsibility of motivating others, you will be less likely to give up.

Not Doing It For Fame

Lexi might be a recognized figure today thanks to her TV appearances and ever-growing Instagram profile, but she insists that she did not decide to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle with the intention to gain fame. 

Her only intention was to lose weight and live a healthy life. She had realized the harm the extra weight was doing to her and she did not want to carry the burden any longer.

If you’re starting your weight loss journey, remember that you have to do it for yourself. Fame is just a byproduct!

Lexi Isn’t Your Only Example

Lexi isn’t the first or the only person to have lost hundreds of pounds by working out and eating clean. 

You will find many such examples out there including many celebrities who used to be heavy in the past. In fact, her husband can be a good example of someone who turned a new leaf thanks to hard work and dedication.

This proves that it is possible to be healthy if you stick to the right path. If others can do it, then you can do it, too. Make a move today and you’ll get the desired results.

Find Someone Who Supports You

Lexi had her husband by her side. He kept her motivated and going but if you do not have the support of a friend or loved one, then you may give up too soon.

Weight loss can be difficult, especially when you are very heavy and used to living a specific lifestyle. You need the constant push and motivation of your friends and family members to keep you going.

This is why it may be a good idea to make friends who share similar goals so that you two can motivate each other.

The Right Time is Now

Do not sit down waiting to hit the gym tomorrow, you need to make a move today. Lexi wasted some precious years of her life, you do not want to make the same mistake.

It does not matter how young or old, heavy or light you are, if you feel unhealthy then you need to make a move today.

A very popular post on Lexi’s Instagram reads: “Don’t be ashamed of trying. Every journey has to start somewhere.”

Just because you are too heavy doesn’t mean you have no chance. You may take a little longer to reach your goal, but you will reach it for as long as you continue to move in the right direction.

Be Proud of Yourself

Lexi is proud of her achievements but she maintains that it is important to be happy with how you look. You do not need to feel sad just because you are heavier. Plus, you need to be comfortable around people.

It took Lexi a while to be able to talk to people in the gym and handle them with confidence. She was very conscious in the beginning but once she found her confidence, there was no stopping back.

Now, she proudly shares her story including before and after photos and her loose skin from her legs and other parts of the body.