35+ People That Need To Hit The Brakes On Their Car Mods

By Luis G May 20, 2021

With so many car manufacturers, all producing a wide variety of makes and models, it seems like there is a car out there to suit each individual’s needs. From college kids to soccer moms, there’s something for everyone. However, some people still aren’t satisfied with what the automotive industry has to offer, so they modify their rides. This could be anything from changes in the vehicle’s performance to fancy add-ons installed by the manufacturer. And, of course, there’s the car’s exterior.

They say that cars reveal the owner’s personality, and many drivers take advantage of that, often with a custom paint job or bumper stickers. And a select few take it ever further with unusual upgrades, some of which are jaw-dropping for the wrong reasons. Take a look at some of the most bizarre car mods people have spotted cruising around.

Orange Chevrolet Sonic with two speakers

As you and we already know, Boomboxes were a thing back in the ’90s (or should we say 80’s, actually?), and people were all over them. Some people even go to the extent of trying to emulate the feeling of taking the party everywhere inside their cars.

Image source: qJake/CC BY-SA 2.0/Wikimedia Commons

But this man (or woman) over here decided to go full NASA and tried to emulate having a rocket ship in the trunk in the form of loudspeakers. By the looks of it, the taillights that may be a Chevrolet Sonic. Or, in this case, a Supersonic.

Camper PT Cruiser

The PT  Cruiser is an SUV created by Chrysler, albeit it has a Hatchback format. Even though it kind of looks like a car, it is actually labeled as a truck. Crazy, huh? The world is just full of mysteries.

Image source: RKRagan/Reddit

What is even crazier is that this vehicle’s owner decided to strap a full-sized cargo box to the behind. Many people claim that the ‘PT’ in PT Cruiser stands for “Plymouth Truck,” as it was intended to be manufactured by Plymouth. However, others claim it simply stands for “Public Transportation.” Who can tell us?

JDM with large front bumper

JDM is a term coined by the car world, which stands for Japanese Domestic Market, which alludes to the wave of cars manufactured in Japan. These cars usually come more racing-modified from the factory, ready to satisfy their owners.

Image source: grayicewolf3000/imgur

There are different JDM subcultures, but there is one that certainly stands out due to the desire to modify their cars to outlandish extents, like this one. We are cool with the extended bumper, but what is it with that big-o exhaust?

Shoe motorcycle

We have the theory that this vehicle can be some type of strange crossover spawned from the depths of the unknown. Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? Is it both? We are afraid, nobody really knows. Not even us.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

What is even odder is that not only is it a vehicle of its personal league, but it also has a shoe placed on top of it for extra effect. This one may be the one for those with foot fetish.


Batman’ is a comic book created by DC in the year 1939, and it was created by the comic book writers Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The superhero is the alter ego of the millionaire Bruce Wayne, who decides to singlehandedly fight crime on a virtually nightly basis.

Image source: 3uphemism/Reddit

As we all will think, all superheroes who save the day require a superwhip to fight organized crime. In this case, some folk decided to create his homemade version. As we shall feel tempted to subdue the person to mockery, credit should be given where it’s due.

Escalade pole accident

Road accidents are commonplace situations that unfortunately happen every day, and they take millions of lives too. As serious as it is, sometimes it is a good idea to be more light-hearted and try to have fun with not-so-serious happenings.

Image source: [unknown user]/imgur

This individual had the witty idea of linking the name “Escalade,” which sounds kinda stripperish, to the pole incident that befell. And guys, remember, next up is Sierra. Who’s next? Bentley? Or Lamborghini? You are free to use your imagination…

Beige sidecar (VW)

We have already seen previously that the love for both cars and bikes can be merged together into very uncanny yet totally fun ways. In this case, a person came up with a sidecar with a very cool-looking design.

Image source: Sister_Jimjams/Reddit

This is a very adequate shape for those that really dislike the cold weather. You can get in there and feel snug and toast warm. Besides, the matte beige finish really adds up to the overall aesthetic of the bike.

White Opel, exposed engine

Opel has a knack for creating very reliable and affordable cars that are popular throughout the whole world. They are also usual objectives for cosmetic car tuning enhancement. But some people have been known to take things a tad far.

Image source: i2ad/Reddit

This Opel owner straight up strapped a rocket-like engine where the trunk was to create an amazing-looking machine that can bring forward the admiration (and even jealousy) of some and the despise of others. A very unique ride to have.

Orange car in snow with big spoiler

There was a glorious era around the early-to-mid 2000s when the ‘Need For Speed Underground’ game franchise came together (a massive success it was, by the way), and ‘Pimp My Ride’ came to fruition (super successful in its own right too.)

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

This era consisted of basically adding spoilers to every car and their mother with the aim of making it look fast. If the car was actually fast was a whole ‘nother topic of its own. They all looked somewhat like this one here.

Hummer with Ammo

There are a few things that are as American as they get: firearms, guns and big, really big fuel-draining vehicle trucks. This gen here contains both in an over-the-top fashion. To each their own, we guess, as the saying goes.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

This Hummer was customized to virtually fit every single weapon at hand (sorry for that bad pun. We just can’t help it.) And when we say “every single weapon at hand,” we mean business. The Lambo doors are sweet as well.

Saint Seiya huge van, gold and violet

If, in an alternate car universe, The Wizard of Oz and “Saint Seiya” went for drinks (and for some narcotics, maybe. Allegedly.), and had a lovechild after a passionate evening spent together, this one would be the final result.

Image source: 1ildevil/Reddit

This truck/car has so much metal on top of its chassis that it is even impossible to consider moving it from a parking position with a V12 engine. Besides, that violet-and-gold livery really adds up to the whole cheesy imagery. A gem it is.

Green buggy with big wheels

Cars should not be restricted to our imagination. To simply vehicles that can only be driven on even asphalt surfaces. There are other devices like buggies that can comfortably cruise through over all kinds of terrains like sand with total ease.

Image source: piximus.net

While buggies may not be the most appealing mode of transport to look at, it has a very special place reserved in some people’s hearts. Somebody wanted to create an even bigger and bolder look with this green all-terrain land cruiser. Respect!

Vintage red-and-white limousine

Limos and stretches are the fantasy of a ton of individuals. It is often imagined as a vehicle used to transport sports world tycoons or bachelorettes looking for some fun adventures fueled by alcohol, horniness, and a ton of money.

Image source: gsousabarrera/Pinterest

This specimen is a red-and-white, vintage-looking limousine that has a unique appeal, mostly induced by those hypnotizing tailfin-shaped taillights. The chrome rims, with the white stripe detailing on the wheels, really add to the overall result as well. Bravo.

Off Road orange AMC Pacer

Back at it again with the all-terrain vehicles! This car could be labeled as a buggy, but it has a sort of truck aura to it that makes it really difficult to agree upon which category it falls into exactly.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

This AMC Pacer with huge wheels will most likely capture the heart of those with an adventurous spirit – those who have a soft spot for this kind of car and for where they could push it to its limits. This car is the definition of Hot Wheels!

Flame job Hot Rod

Hot rods are a type of car that was supposedly created in the United States of America. They embody the American spirit of bigger, faster, better. They are mostly packed with massive engines and follow varied conducts in regard to appearance.

Image source: Bad Chad/Facebook

This particular sample of the Hot Rod movement contains a chrome engine with a flame job theme paintwork. Those red rims are really good looking too. That man in there certainly looks like a proud owner, as he should.

Green car with makeshift wooden trunk

As we all know, car repair costs can become a pain in the behind when dealing with financial difficulties, and in some situations, the use of public transportation is not a viable option. But some people take things too far at times.

Image source: MSAutoGroup/Twitter

The owner of this rusty blue car came to terms with the situation and chose to take the matter into his/her hands and creatively (but really riskily) opted to solve the trunk issue with some pieces of wood. Absolutely questionable.

Checkered tricycle with big engine

Some people like motorcycles, but they do not like the perceived lack of safety that these seem to offer. So what do they do when they want to enjoy the freedom of these wheels without compromising perceived safety? They do this:

Image source: Safari Cycle Salvage/Facebook

What is this? It is a tricycle! Let not the curious appearance fool you; that thing has got a beast of an engine and a wheelbase to accompany it as well. The checkered paint job ups the ante in the personality department.

Star Wars-themed beat-up car

This Texan Star Wars fan went out of their way to create his/her own Star Wars spaceship to pay tribute to the space-themed saga. It is certainly worthy, and it seems like all the hard work paid off. May the Force be with you!

Image source: malek42o/Reddit

This car hailing from the Lone Star State has got all of the condiments which a Sci-Fi film die-hard fan could ever want from a car: futuristic-looking rims, laser guns strapped to the sides, and R2-D2! Who knows, C3PO may come around the corner too.

Futuristic-looking car (yellow glittery painting with green details)

There are cars that look like Amphibians. As a matter of fact, we recall some time ago that a car manufacturer brought into existence a car that was able to cruise on both land and water terrains somewhat easily.

Image source: QuirkyRides/Twitter

This one over here certainly looks like one of those. What makes it even cooler is the glittery paint job. One downside of that car is the deliberate reduction of storage space, which was sacrificed in order to optimize looks.

Neon Nissan Gt-R (looks like the car in “Tron”)

The Nissan Gt-R is a Japanese-produced sports car adored by many petrolheads all around the world due to its fantastic performance outputs (it goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, so go figure.), hence its nickname ‘Godzilla.’

Image courtesy of thechive user FuGitif

As we have already said, in Japan, there is a knack for extremely modifying their cars. This Godzilla was altered by putting a ludicrous amount of neon lights on the whole body. We shall name it ‘The Age of Godzilla’ hereafter.

BMW Z4 with feathered angel wings

BMW (a.k.a Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) started as an aircraft engine manufacturer that later on in the 20th century switched to birthing bikes and luxury cars. It is common sense to relate the brand to the art of flying.

Image courtesy of thechive user FuGitif

We hope you have your angel dust at hand because here was born a car with an angelical celestial theme, complete with feather-like doors and a bright gold paint job. It can be said that the Z4 depicted above looks… heavenly.

Crappy grey camper

Campers or RVs are a kind of motorized vehicle bought and used by many for its convenience and comfort factor when being on the road, especially while being away on a road trip for an extended period of time. Some people even live in them.

Image courtesy of thechive user Kwallace21279

RVs are not precisely known for their beauty (with the exception of Mercedes Benz. Those guys can make a mortgage payment bill look beautiful), but somebody swung for the fence on this one. Just look at the picture and draw your own conclusions.

Xerxes’ daily driver (full of gold)

‘Dear God.’ That is the first thought that drifted into our minds when we saw that car for the first time. This car looks like the daily driver of Xerxes from ‘300.’ Tacky can be considered an understatement to describe this pimped-out ride.

Image courtesy of thechive user Kwallace21279

Well, who are we to judge? That is our opinion, at least. If you beg to differ, you are within your absolute right to do so. But the person who begot this piece really used a bit too much gold for our personal taste.

Bosozoku pink car (with Lambo doors)

As it has been stated before, JDM culture is one of a kind. People are carefree and really enjoy all types of motorized vehicles, from Honda Civics to these special one-of-a-kind specimens like the bubble-gum pink one shown below.

Image source: ShezanPlayz/Reddit

These outrageous-looking cars are part of a Japanese trend named Bosozoku. It consists of modifying their cars to extreme visual extents. The downside of Bosozoku is that it is often associated with Yakuza gang affiliations. Yet, they are a spectacle of their own.

Car that looks like a weird drop of water

Once again, we would again like to express our thoughts freely. It is up to you to agree with them or not. When we first saw it, we said to ourselves: “This car looks like a drop of water.”

Image source: Apple_Slipper/Reddit

It is the 1957 concept car “Aurora”, designed and built by Father Alfred Juliano, and built on a 1953 Buick. It was an early safety concept. It is not news to anyone that this world has weird people in it. Go figure.

Thailand pink car that ran out of electricity

Judging by the license plate on that car, it belongs in Thailand. While it may not be our cup of tea, it cannot be denied that the color finish and custom paintwork is pretty neat. It also seems to have a plush/felt interior.

Image courtesy of thechive user wm_doe

Having that amount of lights in the interior is bound to make a car run out of battery on the regular. In Thailand, there are many power cuts throughout the year, so this creation is ironic, to say the least.

Texan car with huge spoiler and wide rear tires

Fellas, Texas has done it again and made it on to our list as a repeat offender. Some people like adding racing specs to daily driving cars without actually enhancing the performance outputs of them. This term is pejoratively known as “ricing” vehicles.

Image courtesy of thechive user wm_doe

Although the term “rice,” which stands for Racing Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements, is usually reserved for JDM cars, it has spread to various other cars. This car may not be rice (because of the rear wheels), but the humongous spoiler claims otherwise.

Six-wheeled black Speedster

There has also been another weird trend as of late, which is about adding extra pairs of wheels to cars that honestly don’t need them. The curious thing is that in this case, it is actually a Covini C6W, and it isn’t a modified version.

Image source: coolthings.com

“Live and let live” is what people mostly say. But, the need to add so many wheels on beautiful cars should be penalized by law. Although the Covini comes from the same country as some legendary and fantastic looking sports cars, as we all know, Italian design is well renowned for good reason. We think that Enzo Ferrari might just be facepalming in heaven.

Pick-up truck grey school bus

School buses are a great invention that has solved the lives of many busy parents around the world by effectively being a form of taking their kids to school without parents having to take them there physically. Talk about real convenience.

Image courtesy of thechive user wm_doe

The thing is that a person combined the size of a school bus with the load capacity of a truck. Very practical and smart call. If needed, it is for sale. Why? We do not know at all. Place your bid!

Grey Bumblebee Camaro truck

Drugs are a problem that affects everybody around the world, from Average Joes and Plain Janes to superstar status celebrities. As we can see, Bumblebee from ‘Transformers’ has gone through some rough times. Michael Bay should do something about it.

Image source: [unknown user]/imgur

That poor truck is begging for some divine intervention. As a bare minimum, for a fresh can of car paint. Or some new wheels. Or some new side-view mirrors. But hey, it has not one but two spoilers for extra speed. 

Creepy hand-shaped gear shift knob

Lord on a moped! That is going to be your expression as well when you get to observe the “Creepiest Shift Knob Award of the Year” winner for five consecutive years in a row. Well, we made that up, except for the creepy part.

Image source: northead/Reddit

Some people like customizing cars to very extreme extents, but here things have been taken a bit too far. It is funny in a disconcerting way, anyways. Whenever you want to shift gears, you have to grab the car’s maimed hand. We’ll just stick to auto.

Mini x NASA (towed by truck)

Mini Coopers are cars that are used mainly by soccer mom MILFs with a need for speed and daily use practicality. Imagine if that mom worked as an Aircraft/Spacecraft engineer. The result would be similar to something like this:

Image source: [deleted user]/Reddit

If you haven’t heard the word going around already, what you are seeing is the newest Mini x NASA collab, which can be obtained at your nearest car dealership. Better be quick to get one of your own! Hurry up!

Darth Vader car

Here is another tribute car for all of the Star Wars fans out there. Now we got ourselves a car that has been modeled after the most famous figure of the film saga created by George Lucas, the one and only Darth Vader.

Image source: eight26/Reddit

The car has been deeply personalized, with black paint, black rims with red pinstripe details, an engine hood that resembles the classical console cap, and the most important item of all, the grill that resembles the one belonging to the villain’s mask.

Citroën Xsara with too many exhaust pipes

Citroën is a very popular French automobile brand created in 1919 by André Citroën. They are widely sold on continents like Europe and diverse parts of the Americas too. They are also used by tuners all around the world.

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

This one is a Citroën Xsara, which is a very popular car in Europe, mostly because it is very affordable and quite reliable too. The thing is that this one fell in the hands of an individual who thinks you can never have enough exhaust pipes, bro. 

Kindergarten drawing red truck

Do you guys remember when we were in Kindergarten, and a teacher asked us to draw a car? Well, it is quite clear that most of our designs resembled something more like a shoebox rather than an actual automobile.

Image source: ravisirsi/imgur

We cannot believe that somebody took our childhood designs and brought them into reality. We don’t have much more to say about it other than it looks like a very dangerous ride to drive around in. So, hop in at your own risk!

Batman quad bike

We have already seen Batman’s daily driver further above, but we haven’t asked ourselves: “What is his second vehicle when the main car needs maintenance? Does he have a spare one? Or is that behemoth indestructible?” Well, here is the answer:

Image source: and_r9/Twitter

So, fighting crime ain’t easy, especially when you have to fix bullet holes in your car’s armor on the regular. So what do you do? You hop on your BatTV, obviously. One thing is for sure, he always drives/rides in style.

Light Blue Polaris UTV

Another type of vehicle that is loosely related to cars is the UTV. This acronym stands for “Utility Task Vehicle.” They are basically quad bikes with a roll cage that enable them to carry passengers by their sides — funky little things. 

Image source: JarJarDrinks/imgur

This model belongs to the brand Polaris, a very well-known ATV and UTV brand. For this one, the owner decided to add a sun rooftop and give it a mint paint job. We have to admit that the result is very cool-looking.

Green Ford Mustang with plumbing items

The following vehicle is the result of what happens when you want to own an All American Muscle Car icon, but you can barely make ends meet, and you most likely have a plumbing input surplus to make up for it:

Image source: [unknown user]/imgur

The Ford Mustang is a very iconic car that was created in 1964 by Ford Motor Company. Many have customized it, such as people like the late Carroll Shelby, who later became a symbol by creating the Shelby Mustang, which is a car in a league of its own.

Maxi-pad-covered car

What. In. The. Actual. Fudge. You will not even be able to recognize the following car as it is completely covered up with an unimaginable female daily (or monthly) usage item. As the adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Here is your picture:

Image source: natezomby/Reddit

One has to respect the time and effort put into that prank. The car basically got completely covered up with a ton of maxi-pads. This joke was brought to you by Tampax! Just kidding over here. Or are we?

Off Road red Camaro

Talking about All American Muscle Car icons, the Chevrolet Camaro is a car created in 1966 to serve the purpose of competing against the fellow Muscle Car rival, the Ford Mustang. This particular version was done in the ’90s.

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

For this situation, the owner decided to increase the suspension height, most likely to use it on uneven terrain during Off-Roading. We have to say that the ending result is quite interesting, to be fair. At least it could have been worse.

Planters RV

For the final showcase of freakshow cars, we get to marvel at another RV. This one is particularly unique. We are positive you are going to go nuts about it (a terrible pun indeed, but inevitable on the other hand):

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

For those who do not know, Planters is a brand owned by Planters Nut & Chocolate Company, which creates products made out of processed nuts. Their most famous product is peanut butter. In our opinion, it is quite good. You should give it a try.