40 ‘Killer’ True Crime Memes For The Wannabe Detectives Out There

By Sachin P

The interest in true crime has swept the globe in recent years; there is something really inexplicably compelling in watching true-crime programs, which we can’t even explain (we’ll leave the experts to give their two cents here). There is something really strange about being enthralled by any crime, but it’s simply one of those topics that we all seem to have been fascinated by and can’t go anywhere without discussing. There’s really no guilt in that – there seems to be an online community out there that is totally obsessed with these shows, and if you’re one of them, you’ll like the accompanying memes and tweets that add some humor to them, which have been specially curated just for you! So scroll forth and enjoy!

Drake approves this

Many people spend their entire lives searching for a soul mate. They could have passed those days watching true crime films instead! It’s their own fault. Oh, obviously, we’re joking. Romantic happiness is wonderful. However, it is not suitable for everybody.

Image courtesy of murdermurder.com

Some people aren’t hopeless romantics. Other folks think that seeing a true crime film and afterward debating it would be the dream relationship. We have no idea who this girl is, but we adore her. You get what we mean by that.

Well aren’t you captain obvious?

Yet again, we think it is imperative to consider the sheer melodrama of real crime docs’ dramatizations and commentary. The following tweet perfectly expresses what we feel whenever a commentator says that what we’re watching is actually not real. Offer the spectators a little respect, if you will.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@goldengateblond; Photo courtest of @avreyovard/Instagram

We understand true crimes shows are a recreation. We understand this is a reinterpretation! But, we suppose, keep reminding us…? Nevertheless, real crime storytelling will still be a favorite of ours since it provides us with the unnecessary spice that seems to be missing from our daily routines.

Put some elbow grease into it

Now, we’re huge fans of unsolved mysteries like everyone else. But, we despise it as well. We despise unsolved mysteries as they force us to spend the rest of our lives pondering about them during the most random moments, trying to figure out what actually happened.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

As a result, we adore Unsolved Mysteries more than almost any program! It’s a hard sensation to describe. The above meme, on the other hand, perfectly captures our rage. It depicts the moment we discover the show we’re watching is called Unsolved Mysteries, for Pete’s sake!

That’s like the most basic thing in the book

A similar meme concerning true crime enthusiasts’ expertise may be found below. To be frank, it’s amazing how so many true crime tales we’ve seen follow this next meme so accurately, in which the perpetrator keeps forgetting to do something important.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

Real crime experts never would neglect to do such a thing! Since we’re lying on our cushy sofa, it’s so easy to accuse everything that occurs on television. However, where would all the fun be if we didn’t see these things happen in the show?

It be like that, most of the time

The best part about being a true-crime show lover would be all the knowledge you’ve collected that runs through your mind. All of it is connected to mass and real-life gruesome murders. All of which have previously happened. There’s also a disadvantage to becoming a true crime aficionado.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

And that is it’s hard to think or care about other things happening in the world. This hilarious meme beautifully portrays this situation. We never could say it any better than this meme. What more is there to say? Except that we are so connected to this that it hurts!

All aboard the paranoia train

Do true crime content creators and television episodes leave all of us a little jittery and suspicious? Potentially? If you have ever started to truly analyze – or overanalyze – normal things that happen on a daily basis, then you fit into this category.

Image courtesy of Twitter/humannaaron

Because of your genuine crime addictive behavior? Here’s a tweet that you might enjoy! Picking out the groceries at the supermarket can quickly turn into a terrific opportunity to overanalyze your present conditions. No wonder they said too much of a good thing is bad.

Truer than true

Serial killer or true crime documentaries could be reassuring as well as peaceful for many of us.  We’re sure many of you watch these prior to bed and afterward fall asleep quickly. Horror films, on the other hand, present a quite different argument, as this meme demonstrates.

Image courtesy of The Chive

We’ve not come across a meme that sums up our feelings towards horror films and serial killer docs as well as this one. We’ll rest comfortably late at night if we’re watching a serial killer program instead of a horror movie that’s not based on real events. That’s as true as it gets.

Each to his own

Maybe you’re one of those folks that find true crime programs to be strangely relaxing? That would be a strange sensation to have, is it not? It’s a challenging sensation to describe to people who don’t follow true crime on a regular basis.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Parkerlawyer; Image courtesy of @addisonrae/Instagram

But it’s a very genuine one. True crime docs can be a place of happiness when you’ve seen enough of them. It’s hard to describe. On one level, they’re frightening and unsettling, while on the other hand, they’re fascinating!

She does have a point you know

It’s difficult to do some activities you could have performed without considering the consequences once you’ve thoroughly immersed yourself in the realm of true crime. We talked about just how strange some of our ideas may get, like something as mundane as sweeping the backyard.

Tweet courtesy of @jordanshrinks; Image courtesy of A Cup of Kellen

We can’t stop ourselves from overthinking anything these days! True crime enthusiasts know that you will never offer free data to would-be assassins, which actually means people you meet on the internet.  True crime lovers would never do anything so rash.

‘Bout to get on the hype train

We know what we’ll be doing this Saturday and Sunday! Streaming seems to have developed (or remade) the true-crime phenomenon; they’re true crime’s gurus. They got the information, whatever it was. It’s really the subject of a film or a miniseries.

Image courtesy of ebaumsorld.com

So, each subsequent miniseries is based on the previous one. So, how can we say no directly when a new true crime shows premieres on Streaming services? We’re powerless to stop ourselves. The allure seems just too good to let go of.

Michael Scott knows what’s up

Once you’re a true crime enthusiast, you could probably spend the whole day working to solve an unsolved case, regardless of how much time has passed. Any time is the best time. Sometimes, you may discover yourself doing it in the dead of night.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

If you can’t go to sleep, they may start creeping up in your mind. The earlier cases, at least for us, appear to be the most intriguing. How come years have passed with no additional evidence to aid in the investigation? All you need are the explanations.

Nothing to worry about

Serial killers have a number of character traits. They’re commonly described as introverts who are lacking in social abilities, have really no friends, and have a history of behaving strangely in social circumstances. We all know this as real crime lovers.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

So, it is with this understanding that we come to a strange insight about ourselves. Really, do not fret. Just because you’re awkward in socializing and would rather devote your Saturday night to watch true crime docs at your household means nothing!

Say what now?

And yet again, we’ll say this with emotion: true crime narration is priceless. Occasionally it’s quite melodramatic, and on other occasions, it’s ridiculously hilarious. It sometimes sounds like the narrator is introducing a comedy when examining the people involved in homicide cases.

Image courtesy of @adamgreattweet/Twitter

We couldn’t have articulated it any clearer. And it is always amusing and intriguing when somebody is defined as a lovable, decent person… just when he is obviously the opposite of this! That’s where the punchline is, as we see it.

Imma act like I didn’t hear that

How can anyone explain to a newcomer that they are completely enthralled by true crimes and mass killings programs? And that they enjoy true crime programs and subscribe to them as much as they can, no matter what they’re about?

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

Then again, we might not want to appear as oddballs. Whenever anyone questions us about what we like doing, we generally feel exactly the same way as this meme illustrates. True crime is indeed a pastime, as well as a serious one, nonetheless.

Lend an ear!

We’ve arrived at yet another meme that explains why regular folks engage with true crime enthusiasts. We believe we’ve probably had all these shared experiences at this stage. There really is no other explanation for why there are so many hilarious jokes!

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

This is both correct and excellent. Good pals let you blabber on about this true crime craze or even the newest serial killer hypotheses. Even if they’re not engaged in such issues themselves, it’s always nice to have someone listen.


How many of you have bypassed a Forensic Files segment since it was uninteresting, or perhaps the incident didn’t grab your attention right away? We’ve all tried it, and here’s a tweet to make you happy about that and perhaps make you think twice.

Image courtesy of @ittybittywh***/Twitter

Think twice before bypassing shows in the future since things “aren’t fascinating anymore.” This is hilarious, primarily since we believe we’ve probably missed at least one segment that we thought wasn’t captivating or entertaining. When you do that again, we’re sure you’ll remember this post and think about it carefully.

Anakin subtly foreshadowing

It is really great to meet folks that are just as fascinated as you are about true-crime series like Forensic Files. That’s always a blast! The Clueless Padme meme is now one of the most famous memes on the internet lately.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

That’s due to the fact that you can use it in every circumstance. We especially like the way they incorporated it into this one. If you have ever noticed when you talk about your favorite topic, like watching true crime dramas, for example, you come across as somewhat odd?

You just have to put one and one together

We have quite an amusing meme of how in murder mysteries, the spouse is most often the culprit. This is almost all of the time! We true-crime lovers can usually spot this a mile away, anticipating how the show will finish even before we start watching it.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

Yelling at the TV screen, on the other hand, isn’t going to help anything. Once in a while, another true crime case surfaces wherein the spouse was not the perpetrator of the murder, which really is extremely startling when you think it’s the other way around.

Awakward alert

It’s difficult not to talk about something you’re passionate about. If nobody else is interested or enjoys the issue about what you are passionate about, it’s indeed difficult to keep your yap closed and just not express how you’re so into it.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

You want everybody to like that kind of thing because then you can talk about it with your buddies, relatives, and coworkers. And who knows, maybe they’ll resolve cases jointly. We’re positive we’ve probably blathered about the newest podcast we found to someone.

The truth is out there

True crime dramas and podcasts have such a way of extracting your interest and holding it. They’re obsessive in the notion in which you have to watch each show to try to determine what happens in the end. You simply have to know everything.

Image courtesy of @blessthismesspodcat/Instagram

But they tend to throw us a curveball whenever it’s time to retire again for the night. They’re quite astute; writers sense when to throw in a surprise to keep you interested for yet another couple of juicy episodes.

Charlie Day gets it

Who said watching true crime programs isn’t beneficial? Granted, it may make you worry or create difficulties to believe others, but it really is a smart method to spot trends and devise getaway strategies in the event you suddenly find yourself in a scenario.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@BriHallOfficial.com

A scenario that necessitates such thorough planning. It really is a great idea to be ready. “Be prepared,” as the girl scout slogan goes. You never know what will come. Therefore, it’s a wise option to be ready for everything.

We feel you, we feel you!

This is yet another parody about how true crime enthusiasts can question their society and surroundings from time to time. This is especially the case whenever we hear of a fresh unresolved homicide investigation in which the perpetrator was never apprehended!

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

This meme eloquently expresses how we really feel when we hear about such incidents! True crime podcasts are a great deal of fun to engage with, particularly while you’re out in the open. Everything becomes quite vivid all of a sudden.

What planet were you on in the 70’s?

People constantly reflect on just how terrible the 1970s were as a period in time. There had been a great deal of crime and violence, and also a large number of mass murderers that seemed to flourish. What was the reason for that?

It’s a bit intimidating to consider. This meme properly encapsulates the situation. There had been a high crime rate back then, as there is now. So, why did it appear there were so many insane people and mass murderers in the 1970s?

Dumb and Dumber alert!

Look, we understand that killers and serial murderers are nasty people who, because of whatever reasons, like to put themselves inside the line of vision of the authorities. Although they were obviously wanted felons, we understand that several violent criminals in the past were familiar with authorities.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

We’re still convinced that these assassins opened themselves up! Can a killer believe that by simply getting involved in the inquiry and actually getting to know the cops, they might avoid being a culprit? Extraordinary! What led to this thought process? We will never know.

You try holding in your emotions!

Is it appropriate for us to listen to true crime episodes in a crowd? Is it increasing our paranoia? Do we appear strange to bystanders when we’re absorbed in an episode? We can’t get enough of these true crime programs, and we know you feel the same!

Image courtest of @domesticmothman/Twitter

We want to listen to them everywhere! These memes, which feature Jim from The Office along with all his wonderful emotions, absolutely capture how we appear while listening to true crime podcasts around people. We really can’t help it because these podcasts are that intense.

We can see this happening

How many of you have seen mass amounts of hours of The Forensic Files that you started to believe you can help resolve unsolved murders? Yes, we’ve everyone had to experience something similar at a certain moment we can relate to.

Image courtesy of @ObiWanPunobi/Twitter

This tweet exemplifies how concerned we can indeed be… if we have to solve a real-life issue. After all, how we could actually resolve a crime is a different story. Yet, we believe we can – and we believe you. We just need to believe!

Put some effort into it

After you’ve begun watching a bunch of true crime dramas – or listened to plenty of podcasts – you’ll feel like a criminal expert. The experts can easily be recognized apart from the novices. This is why this meme is just so amusing.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

Every true crime lover has been in this situation at some point. You’ve probably experienced something similar while viewing a true-crime drama or listening to true-crime audio. After all, what person doesn’t have an opinion on what they find interesting?

Big brain time

We go into the stage in our true crime fascination when we believe as though we’re detectives at some moment. We’ve been through this before. We’ve probably been in such a situation. And what happens if you figure out who the murderer is just before the program does? Superb.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

An unforgettable experience, unlike anything. Whatever you like to call this, the thrill of finding out the truth behind the crime is incredible! And, we truly believe we have the potential to be investigators! That is if we put forth the effort.

Finally, Hallelujah!

Unsolved Mysteries is both lame and the greatest true crime program. It’s difficult to put into words. We go through these episodes understanding things won’t be solved, yet we’re still disappointed whenever the episode’s conclusion arrives, and it’s still unsolved.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

Then, there are the segments with details on the crime’s resolution, which is a lovely feeling, as this meme above illustrates. It relates to our insatiable desire for completion. It’s easy to become enraged when we don’t know exactly what happened.

Why you lying?

It is indeed real, you see. It’s usually the spouse who does it. It’s important to keep in mind that people are usually killed by someone they love and admire or someone they were close to. That person is often their companion.

Image courtesy of @bren_palmer/Twitter

As a result, when a spouse professes his affection for his now-deceased wife and declares that he’d never harm her, he is spewing lies. We understand. You feel exactly the same way each time you listen to a spouse or wife says something like this.

Yeah, right!

“That’s not happening to us,” we enjoy thinking if we see or overhear anything horrible that has occurred. It feels surreal to imagine such a disaster might happen to anyone. However, the reality is that anything can happen, whether it’s our next-door neighbor or us.

Image courtesy of @RiaWojo/Twitter

We can never predict what will happen to us. That’s what true-crime docs teach you. The individuals included in the program usually claims that they’d never expect anything like this to occur to themselves, but the audience at home knows otherwise.

This hits closer to home

Some of the craziest aspects of becoming a true crime enthusiast are nobody appreciates anything you enjoy doing – except for other true-crime aficionados. But, we suppose that goes for any pastime. This meme depicts how everyone else perceives your tiny pastime.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

This is extremely relevant. Whenever it relates to how others see true-crime fans, there’s no greater meme than the one above. Nope, we’re not always looking to fix problems, despite the fact that many of us believe we can.

Truth is stranger than fiction

True crime podcasts are just so addictive that it is indeed easy to overlook that these are all real stories about actual crimes that previously happened. The wonder of everything, along with the melodrama that is usually involved, overshadows everything else going on in your life.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

They can rapidly make something feel surreal. As if it were fantasy. Then you eventually realize that the narrative you’re trying to listen to is completely true. This meme is an excellent representation of how many of us behave when listening to a murder podcast.

A simple yes or no question

Is there anything else we can say about the notorious Carol Baskin? You must certainly watch Tiger King if you’ve not already. It’s a fantastic docudrama with everything that you desire in a wacky documentary. You’ll finish all the episodes in a jiffy because it’s that entertaining.

GunatanamoEbay / Reddit

You’ll most likely get a lot of thoughts about Ms. Carol Baskin. When most people hear of Tiger King or Miss Baskin, they ask questions such as this one. The topic is always brought up. Are you convinced Carol Baskin murdered her hubby?


The offenders are frequently the person’s dearest to the victims, as countless real crime programs have shown us. As a result, whereas a friend or acquaintance could be the killer, the spouse or wife is frequently who everyone is searching for.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

So, this meme is hilariously accurate in capturing how we really feel while viewing such programs. We do not even trust the spouse, after all! However, as we’re all obsessed with true crime, we will hear what the spouse has to tell us that’s so important.

What are friends for?

There’s a new something on the way, guys! And it is always enjoyable to tell your buddies regarding your true crime interest. It’s a great feeling when you can discuss your true-crime fixation with folks, some of whom are passionate about this issue.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

Aside from that, it’s always a good idea to have a common interest with your buddies. Unfortunately, we could all come across people not understanding why we’re curious to know more about mass murderers. Are you in a similar predicament?

Now is also a good time as any

What’s among the most aggravating aspects of being a true-crime enthusiast? Those crimes have yet to be answered. You know, the ones where the murderer isn’t discovered and the murder isn’t resolved at the end of the last episode or story arc? Horrific.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

There is literally nothing else in the universe that keeps us awake as much as an ongoing mystery. Because of that, we know that you’ll adore this meme. We believe that the Jon Benet Ramsay incident has kept many people up at night, even now.

Sort out your priorities

How many of you have prioritized true-crime audio over all other obligations? Like, for instance, family meetings, scheduled get-togethers with buddies, and even work? We’ve probably become so engrossed in a television program or some other activity that we place it ahead of other priorities.

Image courtesy of @truecrime.memes/Instagram

No? Is it only the two of us? Look, we’re sure we’ve all forgotten about our duties because we can’t wait to complete podcasts we’ve started listening to because we want to figure out who the killer is. This is everything we need: finality!

Attention to detail

Here’s some other post about just how we, as ordinary true crime viewers, usually understand more than the killers who are apprehended. You usually know things better than just the culprit that got busted after you’ve seen or heard plenty of murder mysteries.

Image courtesy of @killingfloor96/Twitter

That’s why this post is so amusing! We guarantee you’ve had feelings like this before. You can’t claim to be a true crime junkie if you haven’t totally evaluated the killer who made a mistake and was apprehended over something so awful.

Paranoid, much?

These are some of the unfavorable consequences of a genuine crime addiction.  Worry, overcomplicating, and anxiety are all symptoms that might accompany it. But, it’s largely worthwhile. This post eloquently and hilariously captures how almost all true-crime aficionados can think and act at times.

Image courtesy of @MattTheBrand/Twitter

Is it possible that we’re really consuming too much information about real-life homicides? Maybe. But, at some moment, will all of us ever come to a halt? No, most likely not. This is really a fun little pastime for us, but it’s mostly risk-free.