Some People Just Can’t Hack It: 45 Photos Of Cursed Computer Setups

By Israel O

When you own something, it doesn’t matter if it’s a phone, shirt, or computer, as long as it legally belongs to you, you are free to design and personalize it to suit your preferences. That’s how the world works, and that’s what ownership means. However, we weren’t expecting people to take advantage of it with the most ridiculous, and in some cases, dangerous, computer setups you’ll probably ever see. You know what they say about the wall having ears. It turns out it also has a phone, a huge narc-ing tendency, and a Twitter account called “Cursed Computer Setups.” It is where you’ll find jaw-dropping images of computer users and their strange setups. Some of them are downright strange. Let us take you through a few!

Game of Keyboard Thrones

Arguably the most-watched TV series of all time, Game of Thrones is highly revered. It is honestly not surprising to see this young boy recreating the throne in his dad’s office. What a creative way to make your own throne!

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest/March Matron

Game of Thrones is so loved that many people are naming their newborn children after its characters. However, as much as we understand this young boy’s sentiment, we really have to hope his dad shares the same enthusiasm for the show.

An Evil Computer 

If fiction was real and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles truly existed, we’re guessing their computer wouldn’t look like this. The fire on the head of the system unit and the wallpaper that says “Doom Eternal” clearly points to the work of a villain. 

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Noyceebru

Just like the name of the Twitter account “Cursed Setups”, We’re beginning to think there’s more to this than unusual personal computer setups. Maybe there really is a curse, because a system unit on fire shouldn’t even be working.  

Surfing in the Sun

If surfing the internet in one of the hottest regions in the universe was ever a thing, one would expect to get notifications like this. And actually, this temperature is hotter than the surface of the sun. This error message is just humorous.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/r.softwaregore

To be more specific, the surface of the sun is exactly 5537.778°C. However, the screen says 8125°C. To achieve these numbers, this person would need to be nearly inside the sun. Yes, we know how crazy that sounds. Silly computers.

Cold Night in the CPU

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all. An adult knowingly went out of his way to make sweaters for his computer. And he made a cute little one for his mouse too. Just how paranoid can computer geeks get?

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/milkslushy

It’s like this computer is the baby of the house. Okay, okay, we know it’s a stuffed toy computer. But it’s so cute and ridiculous, we had to tease a little. For a toy, it’s pretty detailed. Can we get one, please?

Anti-Toad Virus

An unlikely visitor in the unlikeliest of places. It would have gotten away with spreading the virus were it not for the Anti-toad-virus installed in the computer. It got caught in one fell swoop, just before the damage was done.

Photo Courtesy of The Chive

However, this is strange because toads are known to crawl on walls and surfaces with enough space. Playing around in an enclosed system unit is very un-toadlike. Let’s hope it wasn’t deliberately trapped there, because that would be very disturbing.

Mobile Computer

You’re probably wondering why he needed to go to such lengths just to play a game. You may question the methods and even the reason behind this setup, but there’s no questioning the brilliance and level of creativity. And the determination.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Sizelu

This lad is obviously obsessed with keyboard gaming, and since his computer screen is faulty, he decided to use what he had. If you ever find yourself without a computer screen, don’t beat yourself up. Just do this. Worked for him.


Why anyone would meticulously arrange important documents and folders in this manner is very strange. It’s an arrangement that frustrates the eyes, and makes searching for anything very difficult. We wonder if this person found documents and folders any faster. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/wihelde

There is not even an inch of space left on the display screen. This is really going overboard. Looks to us like this person made a shortcut for every document and folder and song and app and… well, you get what we’re saying.

Puss in Engineer’s Boots

Cat’s are cute little creatures. They make for good pets and make fewer problems compared to other animals. However, this one seems to have studied computer engineering alongside his owner. That would explain its obsession with the CPU. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/CatLoversMx

Look at his face. You can tell this isn’t his first time. There’s a little mastery and swagger about the way he’s moving. He knows what he’s doing and if you asked him he would tell you, with the right tools, he can fix it. 

Made in Krypton

First off, we’d like you to know that we have never seen anything like this. The only reason we’re calling it a system unit from Krypton is because Krypton doesn’t exist on earth, and this looks like it could be alien technology. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/girinsujang

We admit this is truly disturbing and how someone could have this at home is just unimaginable to us. We might be wrong, but it bears a striking resemblance to the heart structure of Cyborg from Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The Receptionist finding Reception

We understand how annoying a slow Wi-Fi connection can be, especially when you have a lot to do. However, that does not justify leaving the office with your entire computer system, including the office chair, to find reception in the woods. 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/that_meme_guy_named_ed

How is she unfazed? An average human being would find it strange there’s good reception in the woods, let alone drop by with office property. For all we know, there could be a bear or a snake or two out there.

The Garden of Eden-board

We’re guessing the price of flowerpots must have skyrocketed, seeing as the owner of this computer transformed his keyboard into a mini garden. It is creative nonetheless, and bears the marking of a computer genius. Probably. But it’s also weird.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/pcmasterrace

Most people would usually have flower pots in their houses, construct gardens in their backyards, and even go through the trouble of planting their flowers. But maybe it’s different for computer geeks. No one can understand what’s going through their minds. 

Cart’s got helping hands

We’re guessing this isn’t his bedroom, and that he should be in class, not in the storage room playing video games. He has a lot of work to do on his priorities, but good improvisation from him with the cart. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/hayattakioan

Don’t be too surprised when he gets called to the principal’s office though. When you secretly play video games alone in a shed, you’re bound to have yourself a few enemies who will narc on you unless you let them play. 

First Glass

Everyone likes home furniture made of glass, but only a few can maintain it. Plus if you live in areas known for earthquakes, you’re already at a disadvantage. Just like what just happened here, this is usually how it ends, in pieces. 

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest/ebaumsworld

It’s one thing to own a glass house in an earthquake region and it’s another to put your computer system on a glass table in that same earthquake region. It’s almost like you’re begging to see things fall and shatter.

Hideout: A Fugitive’s Story

This laptop can only be owned by someone hiding out or running away from the cops. It’s a strange place to find a laptop, and judging by the number of empty cans, this person has been here for a while. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/chewwybeans

Whatever this person did, one thing’s for sure, it is very much illegal. They could be a thief, a fraud, or even an assassin. Or he could just be a hiker taking a break and trying to check his Twitter. 

Water over Control D

We don’t know what this man has to hide or who he’s hiding it from, but one thing is certain, his secret is safe. If you can’t trust formatting or recycle bin, you can trust your hose and its water. 

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Alfatango109

With the police on his heels and a whole bunch of documents to delete, he thought fast and hard about the alternatives he had before deciding on watering his system unit. Not that we approve of evading the law but, smart move.

System Microwaved Unit

If we had only the system unit in this photo, we would call it a microwave because that’s what it looks like. But how is this person’s system unit on fire and his only thought was to take a picture of it? 

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/r.gaming

Let’s forget the system unit on fire and concentrate on the extremely flammable air freshener sitting pretty beside the computer. This person must consider clout chasing to be more important than his life. Or maybe he just has a death wish. 

Aquaman’s Computer

We’ve seen divers recover remains of skeletons and lost items underwater, but we’ve never seen a complete, well-arranged computer system before. Someone had to have been using this system and our guess is Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/CursedSetups

Laugh all you want, but considering everything we’ve seen here, Aquaman surfing the internet underwater doesn’t even come close to our top 5 weirdest list. Plus, if you rule out the fish, who don’t have hands, there aren’t many probable options left. 

Creaming the CPU

Oh boy, this kid’s in trouble. No way he dipped his dad’s only working CPU inside that dip. But how did he get a hold of it? A CPU isn’t something you’d find lying around unless it was left lying around. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/CursedSetups

If there’s an downside to being a parent, it’s days like this. You can buy them pets, stock up on toys, it doesn’t matter. They’re still going to play with the most expensive gadget in the house and spoil it. 

Acer turned Hey-sir

We don’t believe Acer made this, because unless they have real plans to completely restructure their name and reputation for the worse, they wouldn’t do this. We’re not even done learning everything there is to know about the usual computer setup. 

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Pcmasterrace

Placing the mouse pad above the keyboard is like telling everyone to go back and learn how to use a system all over again. While little kids may have no problem adapting, the same cannot be said for the older generation.

Televised Computer

We might be wrong, but wasn’t this TV around during the Vietnam War? How it is still working and integrating with a keyboard needs to be thoroughly investigated. Guess this is proof that technologies are always connected, even across generations.

Photo Courtesy of

It’s not every day you go out and buy something new. Sometimes, you can just check around the house and find something you thought was dead is still useful. We still think this person should get a real monitor, though.

Drink Responsibly

We’ve seen it in advertisements, we’ve heard it in churches, schools, and even during pep talks. Still, we never learn. They’re not saying it because it’s fun, it’s so you don’t plug the monitor in the power source like this man.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Pcmasterrace 

He was so sure he did everything right. He had already called the retail store where he got his computer and scolded them for selling him a bad computer. He woke up the next morning and realized he was just drunk. 

Debunking your Computer 

As cool as this setup is, you shouldn’t place your computer in a spot that high. If it falls, there’s a high chance you’re going to need a new screen. And it won’t look so cool then. Also, the angle of this photo makes us a little sick.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Blursedimages

A computer looking this new and neat should be placed on a nice table and not on top of a bunkbed. Besides, if you’re not careful you could find yourself crashing down on your roommate because you exceeded the weight limit.

Resting your Computer in Peace

They say the earth is filled with all kinds of people, but we didn’t think we’d find someone like this man. This is just outrageous, if you ask us. Even the Undertaker would be shocked at the ridiculousness of this morbid computer setup. 

Photo Courtesy of Unrealitymag/Computeraddiction

We humans have come to accept the fact that we’re all going to die eventually. As true as that may be, we still do our best to stay away from coffins and anything death-related. Except for this man. He fancies it. 

Crime Scene

We might be wrong, but this looks like an active crime scene. It looks like someone crossed over a police line. Why would anyone set up a computer system in a creepy way like this? We’re not even sure what we’re looking at.

Photo Courtesy of

This is why you stop your kids from watching too many horror movies. So they don’t go around turning their room into a scary movie. We’re not trying to freak you out, but what if this was an actual crime scene? 

World Heavyweight Computer Champion

Yes, you’re seeing it correctly. A computer with a keyboard and a system unit standing in place on a man’s shoulder. And he’s not ripped like John Cena, the Rock, or Brock Lesnar. He’s not even fat. Just a normal guy. 

Photo Courtesy of Slideserve/Brent

It’s crazy what we can achieve when we put ourselves to the test. However, while this may be impressive, it is not necessary. Just like they say in WWE, don’t try this at home. Get a table and set up your computer properly. 

Deadline day

The ultimate cure to procrastination. What makes it so effective is that there isn’t much reason to leave this particular room. Looking at how this man is set up to work in his bathroom, he clearly can’t afford to waste any time. 

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/nerdyvaroo

You don’t need anyone to tell you his job is on the line. It’s pretty obvious. We could feel sorry for him, but the truth remains that we are questioning his life choices and aren’t at all surprised he’s under scrutiny.

The Computer Manager

This computer looks like it has outlived its successor, especially the system unit. We’re sure if he paid close attention to his computer and listened, he’d hear it saying, “please let me go. I can’t go on this any longer.”

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Images of Canaada

If you’re on the hunt for someone to manage your money, business, and assets, you can’t go wrong with this person. Even if things go sideways, you can count on him to try to tape it all together. 

Watching Mr. Bean

We’re seeing it, but we can’t believe it. We’re stuck in between thinking he was trying to warm up his beans or if he actually thinks if he slots it in, he’ll get to watch some episodes of Mr. Bean

Photo Courtesy of

No matter how you look at it, there’s no denying that he is not in the right frame of mind. The only rational explanation would be that he was dared to do it. And he didn’t want to lose. The pun potential is pretty great, though.

Teenage Dream

Deny it all you want, but there was a time we all would have thought this was very cool. The truth is, we all loved Ben 10, and Cartoon Network was our favorite channel. It’s not something to be ashamed of. 

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/gaming

We all gave our parents a lot of grief whenever it was time for our favorite cartoons. However, if you weren’t born in the 1990s, you may not be able to understand why an adult still wraps his computer with Ben 10 stickers. 

Duty Calls in Sahara

When duty calls, it’s not important where you are or what you’re doing, you just have to respond to it. While he had the option of fittingly ignoring his work, he chose to do the exact opposite. That’s really above and beyond.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Pcmasterrace

A different breed, a true loyalist, that’s who this man is. Now that we’re done with the praises, how is he in a desert with his favorite chair and his entire computer system? Maybe he can predict the future, where we won’t need electricity to power our electronics.

Computer from Pizza Hut

Before we start laughing, let’s take a minute to appreciate the creativity of this guy. An empty pizza carton from Pizza Hut was duly transformed into a working computer. Man, that is some innovation. Just how did he pull that off?

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Blursedimages

If he made this in a science competition, he would probably take home the grand prize. However, as it stands, the only thing he’ll be taking are electric shocks since he has decided to leave a lot of wires open 


For someone who can’t seem to get out of bed, this would be the perfect setup. The keyboard and monitor are properly positioned to suit his height on the bed. Plus there’s a cute little cat to ensure he’s not bored. 

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Sadcringe

Setting up your computer on your bed is ideal when you have a lot of work and you’ve resigned yourself to sleeping and working all day, or if you can’t get up. A really thoughtful setup that’ll help you stay focused and complete tasks.

Cheap Wood

If you’re going to spend a lot of money getting brand-name computers and quality equipment, you have to make sure you’re placing them on top quality shelves and tables. Just because this man got lucky doesn’t mean you will. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/alejnwn

Even though we can’t see him, we’re pretty sure his hands are on his head and he’s looking up to the heavens saying “Thank you, Lord.” That’s how close he came to forking out another huge sum of money on repairs.

Last of their Kind

These computers look like they had just survived a huge blast. Plus, the other computer looks like the face of an alien. Whoever owns these computers had a whole lot of explaining to do when Homeland Security showed up we bet.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/Blursedimages

Computers like these aren’t sold on eBay, which means they are either stolen from a blast site, or have been kept and passed down through the family for ages. If that’s the case, what an interesting heirloom we’re seeing here.

A Geographers Computer

This geographer just can’t get enough. He is so into to studying the earth and its features that he can’t imagine sitting for hours in front of a flat monitor. Hence, why he got a globe and projected his research on it. 

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Gundarian

Scientists and researchers often turn out to be creatures of habit. They can be very conservative and will likely do or use things they’re used to. While this may look strange to you, to them they’re simply in their element. But they should see to that blue screen of death.

Toilet System Unit 

Every time we begin to think we’ve seen it all, someone else comes up with something ridiculous to completely blow us away. The human mind is said to be really powerful, but we need to rethink what we use that power for.

Photo Courtesy Reddit/Cyberpunk

Infusing your system unit in a toilet tank is already a weird thing to do, but placing it on display? That’s a red flag. We’ve tried to think of theories to justify this, and so far it has been pointless. 

Surviving the Roommates

From this picture, you can tell those were hard times. This man had to find a new home because he was scared that he could get into more arguments with his roommates. he had to move back home to the basement.

Photo Courtesy of

His new home wasn’t exactly the best of homes. He had to find a way to stay connected to the world just so he could get updates on what was happening outside. We guess his parents weren’t on top of the latest technology.

Studio Apartment Browsing

No, you won’t find many studio apartments that are this small, but all studio apartments have the same problem of space. Although, this is quite new for us. We’ve never seen an apartment that could only fit one chair and a cabinet.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/CursedSetups

So basically when he wants to sit, he drops his computer on the floor to sit, and later when it’s time to work, he sits on the floor and puts the system on the chair. It’s a pretty sad life. 

Man from Broke-lyn

When a grown up man uses his laundry baskets as a chair for his computer, you just know things aren’t going so well for him. But if his monitor also sits on top of an oil keg, just know he’s broke.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/CursedSetups

It’s normal to be broke at some point in your life, but no one wants to reach this point. He can’t even afford a casing for his system unit. He actually might be better off if he sold his computer. 

Cooling off 

When a system unit is faulty, the problem, often, is overheating. It’s caused by the malfunctioning of the internal fan. You just need to get it back up and running in a normal manner, or you can do it like this guy here.

Photo Courtesy of

As annoying as a malfunctioning system unit can be, we did not expect him to stick a standing fan to the side of his system unit. Judging by the how heavy we know fans to be, the tape must be really strong. 

The prison you can’t break

Even Michael Scofield might have a hard time breaking out this guy’s computer. We don’t know what crimes they’ve committed and if they were given a fair trial. We just know they’re imprisoned, and they’re not getting out anytime soon. 

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/Devhumor

It would seem that he has seen his fair share of burglaries and that has made him a bit paranoid. We just hope he knows they don’t need to open the cage, they can just take the whole thing. Maybe we won’t tell him.

Never Grow Up

Walt Disney is responsible for many beautiful childhood memories for most of us. Their movies and TV shows have helped shaped many young minds over the years. It would be weird if some kid didn’t have a computer like this. 

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/S***tybattlestations

It would however be a bit disturbing if this laptop belonged to an adult. We admit it still looks cute but come on, really? Out of a bunch of laptops you could have picked, you picked the one from Hanna Montana. 

Back to Work

When you’ve been out of work for months and finally get a new job, it’s normal to be excited. Just try not to overdo it like this guy here. A setup like this was probably going to land him in trouble.

Photo Courtesy of

So basically, he threw out a good working system unit for a basket with lights and taped a DVD player to it. It’s the “why” part that always gives you headaches. His employer has a tough decision to make in the coming weeks.

Just a joke

Yes, we can see it, too. It’s not a microwave computer, nor is it a computer that looks like a microwave. It is a regular old microwave, and the pressing iron is acting as the mouse in this ridiculous picture. 

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/anqari 

Teenagers! They play way too much. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do to be the funniest, or the most popular, among their peers. Hopefully, everyone that sees this is smart enough to tell it’s a microwave and not a computer, and just laughs along.

Back from the Dead

This system unit here has seen many lifetimes. To find who the true owner is, we’re going to need Sherlock, Enola, and full access to the NSA. How did she even come by it? It should have long been donated for scraps.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/CursedSetups

Guess her grandpa was a real softie. He couldn’t let go of his dad’s computer and had to pass it on to her dad. Let’s hope she doesn’t continue the tradition, and puts the system unit out of its misery.