Daily Habits That Are Damaging Your Teeth

By Toby T

Proper dental care goes beyond how hard you scrub your teeth every day or how long it takes you to brush your teeth. Simple daily habits and choices are enormous contributors to the state of your dental health.

You’ve probably flouted many of these dental health tips more than you can keep count that you have started to think that ridiculing them does no damage after all. The truth is that eventual damage is usually a result of cumulative efforts of these seemingly harmless habits. 

Image courtesy of onhealth.com

We compiled a few of these habits that go on to affect your dental health.

Consuming A Lot Of Sugar

The most hazardous substance to your dental health is sugar. This assertion is a result of scientific studies. Sugary items remain the root of teeth, encouraging bacterial activities that lead to tooth decay.

You should run away from edibles like candies. Why? Candies stay for much longer than other sugary items. 

Eating Too Many Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like raisins do not do you any good. They are also harmful to your teeth. 

Their adverse impacts are way too evident than ignored. Hence, you should keep your distance from dry fruits. Go for fresh fruits instead.

Frequent Soda Intake

Whether it is sugary or non-sugary, soda can never be an excellent dental companion. The intake is acidic and affects your dental health gravely. 

Drinking Alcoholic Drinks

This habit also affects tooth care. Alcohol is also very acidic, and acidic contents are not exactly friends with your teeth.