Debunking Myths About Psoriasis

By Kiko M

There are a lot of myths surrounding certain conditions in the world of medicine. These notions have thrived because of unfair misconceptions since most people have no idea what these conditions entail.

One of such health conditions with a plethora of myths is Psoriasis. Even those that deal with this disease every day, still go about peddling these myths. 

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There are enough problems caused by this disease in everyday life. Why then must you add courageous ignorance to the list?

Stop believing the following myths and stay informed. 

MYTH: This disease is only a skin ailment. 

TRUTH: That is wrong because the condition is capable of wreaking havoc to the  whole body. It has even been linked to autoimmune disorders. 

MYTH: Vaccination should always be the means adopted to keep those affected by this disease healthy.

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TRUTH: The truth is that there are peculiar vaccinations for different types of this ailment. Some of these vaccinations are not safe for others. The treatments are case-specific and sensitive. 

MYTH: A person affected by the disease gets itchy only through skin lesions from Psoriasis. 

TRUTH: This assertion is another myth as the absence of any psoriasis skin lesions can still leave a patient itching. Itching due to this disease is not a function of its skin lesions. 

MYTH: The disease has no impact(s) whatsoever on the mental state of a patient.

TRUTH: This myth is not valid. Debunk it! There is a doubled risk of those affected by this disease getting deep into depression.

MYTH: You control Psoriasis easily when you stick only to medications.

TRUTH: This assertion is false. To treat this infection, you must combine a healthy change of lifestyle with the right medicines.

MYTH: If the immediate treatment a patient proffers to this disease on the advice of the doctor, a new measure comes in handy. 

TRUTH: The procedure is not as fast. It will require some extra time and patience to see it work.