Differentiating Between Full Fat And Nonfat Greek Yogurt

By Anthony K

Shopping involves choosing between almost similar products like nonfat and full-fat Greek yogurt. Not everyone can tell the difference, but don’t worry if you don’t. These products are very similar in both appearance and taste.

Source: @life-of-pix/Pexels

You should understand both yogurts to make an informed decision, as it’ll help you save money and time.

Major differences between full-fat and nonfat Greek yogurt include the main ingredients and stages of production. The fat tree or nonfat is made with skim, while the full fat is made using whole milk, accounting for their nutritional differences and viability for various occasions.

Greek yogurt is slightly different from regular yogurt. The former is made by straining to remove whey proteins and sugar (lactose). The absence of lactose and liquid whey helps the yogurt get a thicker and creamier consistency as protein concentration increases.

The Greek yogurt retains high amounts of gut-friendly probiotics but loses its calcium count. Some producers retain higher calcium levels. You can take the full-fat Greek yogurt as a standalone snack with high protein and fat amounts.

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The nonfat Greek yogurt has low-calorie levels making it best for those seeking low-calorie snacks. Improve your Greek yogurt snack with chia seeds, flaxseeds, fresh raspberries, or hemp hearts for additional taste and nutritional properties.

Check the nutrition labels on the full-fat and nonfat Greek yogurt to determine the nutrients your body needs most. You may also consider taste and additional properties like color. Choosing between full-fat and nonfat Greek yogurt gets easier the more you shop in the future.