Dispelling Myths About Probiotics

By Anthony K

Probiotics raise several unresolved issues, and while the science behind these products is encouraging, the study is still in its early stages. Some questions include the exact amount of a probiotic product individuals need to eat to have positive health effects, how precisely probiotics function in the body, and which microorganisms and doses are most effective for particular medical problems.

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What can be defined as a probiotic?

Probiotics, also known as live bacteria, have beneficial effects on our organisms. There are immense benefits for your mind and body. They can boost your digestive health, promote heart health, and others claim even reduce depression. Probiotics are frequently used as supplements and you will find them in fermented products.

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Myth: Probiotics are present in all yogurts.

Yogurts are made by adding bacteria. This, however, does not make all of them probiotic. This is because the pasteurization process eliminates the microorganisms instantly. Some brands, however, have labels allowing you to spot the difference between their probiotics and pasteurized products. The labels include “live and active cultures.”

Myth: Medication can be replaced with probiotics.

We have been pried to information off the web where self-proclaimed healers tell us that probiotics can replace medication as they are natural. This idea has been frowned upon by certified doctors and medical practitioners who advise using them as a supplement, not as substitutes. Doctors who propose using probiotics also recommend taking them hours after taking your antibiotics.

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Myth: All probiotic products are basically the same.

According to what we know about probiotics so far, we know that they contain different microorganisms per product. Microbe concentration varies widely in these products. This diversity makes it difficult for scientists to determine precisely how they may work and the different effects on the body.