45+ Times Co-Workers Left Funny And Petty Notes In Their Offices

By Peace L December 12, 2023

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Many people that work in offices will tell you that their work lives can be very hectic. But just because it can be hectic, it does not mean that there are no fun parts. Coming up with a little entertainment where things can be so serious is not bad, is it?

However, because of the environment and the facilities of most offices, workers need to have fun in subtle ways. This is probably why some people write funny and passive-aggressive sticky notes to cheer up their co-workers.

It might not be easy to convey humorous thoughts to co-workers through small sticky notes. However, these people managed to pull it off. Hopefully, the co-workers understood these jokes or at least had fun reading them.

Below are 45 petty sticky notes that workers put in the office to tease their co-workers. 

Last Sung Five Days Ago

We all get excited when a cool new movie is released. In fact, getting the soundtrack out of your head might even be difficult. It is normal to find yourself or others humming the songs in public, either consciously or unconsciously. 

Image courtesy of perthguppy/Reddit

If you don’t like the soundtrack and others are singing it too often, it won’t be very pleasant. This note was put up by someone that felt that way. His co-workers must have been excited about the Frozen movie. Hopefully, they can hold it in for more than five days before they let it go. 

Please, Come In

Teachers will always try to keep an open communication line with their students so that they can ask questions. Many times the teacher will even allow students to meet them after lectures, but the students still shy away, afraid of disturbing their teachers. 

Image courtesy of briacoboni/Reddit

These teachers, however, put up this sign to let their students know that they’re welcome and pose no disturbance. This friendly sign will probably have the students in and out of the teacher’s office. Hopefully, these teachers will find time to rest after this.

One At A Time 

While there are a lot of funny notes just for the humor, there are some that actually matter. The note in the image below is a good example of that type of note. Apparently, using both microwaves at the same time will blow a fuse in the office. 

Image courtesy of Jackofhearts94/Reddit

While a blown fuse will cause both microwaves to stop working, the extra comment under the message makes quite a lot of sense. If the two microwaves can’t work simultaneously, why are there two microwaves there in the first place? 

Ice Machine? Icy Comeback

We all have plans that we expect to play out in certain ways, but sometimes they don’t work how we expect. This is a good example of that. This co-worker wanted an ice machine back and asked for it with this passive-aggressive note.

Image courtesy of aerodynelove/Reddit

The response, however, was not an ice machine. Contrary to this person’s expectations, they only got a cold response asking them to be more direct with their request. We mean, that’s quite harsh for just an ice machine, but maybe we’d need more context to understand the interaction.

Ice From Home

Reaching for some soda and ice to cool down during the summer is a refreshing way to deal with the heat. Having some ice close by is a good way to always stay refreshed, even when stuck in the office. 

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

This person brought some ice from their house to the office and put this note asking co-workers not to steal his ice. The small note attached that has “you are strange” written on it is probably from the ice thief. 

Or The Pen Gets It

There is always that one co-worker that follows you around when you borrow their pen. It can be annoying having them breathing down your neck till you return it so that it doesn’t get missing – all that just for a pen. 

Image courtesy of katie0928/Reddit

The person that made this note must have been fed up with such a co-worker and kidnapped their pen. We don’t know how the pen was able to escape such tight security, but this note would have had the owner laughing at themselves!

The Joker

Nobody likes a co-worker who steals their or anyone else’s food, especially when everyone’s hungry during lunchtime after a hard morning. The owner of this strudel must have been livid when they found this sticky note on the door of the fridge. 

Image courtesy of Ape_X/Reddit

Even after putting in a detailed note asking the culprit not to eat their meal, the culprit did not care. This co-worker even went as far as to make one of those untraceable notes, like in comics and movies. It’s totally something that the Joker from Batman would do.

Say No To Spoilers

No matter how hard you try to avoid spoilers in movies or TV series these days, you will likely fail if you’re not extra careful. Popular movies and series are especially popular topics among social media users. And most people don’t care about giving spoilers.

Image courtesy of JustCosmo/Reddit

This person did not want to listen to all the talk about Game of Thrones while at the office, so they added this note to their wall to discourage people from discussing spoilers around them. Hopefully, they don’t get carried away and forget about the note. 

Just Steal Everything

While nobody likes a food thief, there’s something much worse than that. When someone takes a few bites out of your meal and leaves the rest, that’s usually the worst thing. It’s almost as if they’re trying to rub their mischievousness in our faces!

Image courtesy of humansoftumblr.com

Imagine the kind of expression this person had on their face when they discovered that not only had their pizza been eaten, the culprit had even left some crumbles. Hopefully, the culprit finds the note left by the owner and finishes the slice. 

Rasta Printer

One of the common things to happen in an office is for the office printer to get jammed or get faulty. Imagine how upsetting it is when you’re rushing to print an important document or letter only to find out that the printer is not working. 

Image courtesy of maskedme/Reddit

Usually, a simple note would be sufficient to warn other co-workers about the faulty printer, but this person was obviously being extra. Naming the printer after reggae artist Bob Marley and even using Bob’s lyrics to give the reason for the name – that’s simply hilarious.

Please, Spray Gently

Too much of anything can become bad. Take deodorant, for example; no one likes to be around a person who uses too much deodorant as the strong smell can be choking. Too much air freshener can also make you feel suffocated.  

Image courtesy of spotlightstories.co

The person that wrote this note has had enough of the “coughing and struggling for breath” experience. As in most offices, there is always that one person who likes to make fun of everything. In this case, the person decided to print the iconic line from Spider-Man but adapted it to this scenario.

Cake And Chaos

We all like it when there’s a celebration at the office that calls for cake. Whether it’s a retirement party, a birthday, or a Christmas party, as long as there is cake, there are bound to be smiles, especially when everyone gets a piece of the cake.

Image courtesy of AbuQina/Twitter

Usually, while getting a piece of cake, people cut along the already-created slices. This person, however, decided to cause chaos. Instead of following the order, they cut from the middle of the cake and even left a note. Now, that’s how you assert dominance.

Clean Your Dishes, Please

When dealing with other people, we should always be careful not to upset them. But sometimes, when you’re trying to be subtle and hint at things to protect people’s feelings, you might not be able to get your message across. Being direct is the best for that. 

Image courtesy of kstrudel/imgur

This person was tired of being subtle and decided to be as straightforward as possible in their note to the culprit that kept leaving dirty dishes on the rack. Hopefully, the culprit does better after seeing this note. If they don’t, it just shows what kind of person they are. 

Pens Or Lollipops

We’ve seen people do the most to protect their pens from being misplaced or stolen at the workplace. Some find a way to tether it to their desk with a string or write their names on it, but this is possibly the most bizarre method we’ve ever seen.

Image courtesy of GeorgeTakei/Twitter

This person, according to the sticky note, licks all their pens. We don’t know if we should be disgusted or applaud them for thinking of a way to get people uninterested in their pens. Considering that they still have three pens in that jar, we’d say their method is working.

Don’t Clog The Toilet

Different things have been flushed down toilets either by mistake or intentionally. Someone at this place must have tried to flush a hand towel down the toilet and ended up clogging the whole thing, so the workers put up this note. 

Image courtesy of Meagan Nantwich/Noteabely

The image brings up a lot of questions. We’re so confused by the fact that somebody drew a literal face on the toilet. It must be so weird to sit there and do your business! Maybe the person was scared when they saw the toilet face and dropped the towel. 

Will You Marry Me? 

Most of the sticky notes that you will see around an office will usually contain important or serious information. However, reading serious notes all day might become monotonous after a while, which is why this person’s creativity is quite entertaining. 

Image courtesy of rocketgeeks.com

The note asking people not to use the deadbolt was intentionally misinterpreted because of the word choice. This office prankster made a small joke by printing a note asking to be engaged to the deadbolt. The co-workers must have had a laugh seeing this for the first time. 

Proceed With Caution 

Nobody likes to be distracted when they’re concentrating on something. We have seen many notes and signs discouraging people from disturbing workers, but this is a new concept. While a ‘do not disturb’ sign won’t deter most people, this person decided to be extra cautious. 

Image courtesy of moejike/Reddit

This programmer decided to put up a sign that not only asks people not to disturb the workers but also exaggerates the reactions that the programmer will have from being distracted. The person then directs people on how to approach them, making this an incredibly detailed note. 

My Name Is Dave 

We have seen different ways people try to prevent others from taking their things from a shared fridge. One of the most common methods is to put your name on your meal or drinks, and while it works in some places, it does not work here. 

Image courtesy of Kitteh666/Reddit

After leaving a note asking if the person who kept taking his drink was also named Dave, he must have been surprised by the reply. The culprit is indeed named Dave as well and left a note saying “Daves for life.” Hopefully, ‘victim Dave’ finds his missing drink. 

War Of The Fonts 

Notes left in the office tend to be formal and follow certain conventions. One of the unspoken rules is to use formal fonts, but seeing the same fonts over and over can become boring to the eyes, which is why some folks innovate every once in a while. 

Image courtesy of explosion.com

This person decided to lighten up the workplace by spicing up the font on a note and using a whimsical-looking font. We do not know if the person who left the other note is joking or really takes their fonts that seriously.

Fridge Beef

Most of the time, the petty fights and arguments that take place in the office are due to things kept in the office fridge. Some people fight about stolen foods and drinks, while others complain about someone having an intense-smelling meal. 

Image courtesy of the sun.co.uk

This person is complaining about the milk taking too much space in the fridge with a sarcastic note asking the milk owner why he did not just bring the whole cow. Hilariously, the person did just that and put in a cow with milk the next time.

Feed Your Walls

Notes usually contain information that people at a place ought to know. They are especially important in offices to pass certain information to workers. This note has some very necessary information for the workers, but someone still managed to find humor in it.

Image courtesy of rocketgeeks.com

To prevent accidents, someone at this office decided to put up a note telling others about the weak walls. The response in green marker telling people to feed the walls might be a good idea. After all, a well-fed wall will have strong bones, won’t it? 

The Never-ending Note

This is one of the most contradictory signs we have ever come across. The first note asks people not to use a thumbtack on the wall while the note itself is held to the wall with thumbtacks. While that’s not too unusual, it led to something crazy.

Image courtesy of Pfarn/Imgur

While the first sign might have been pinned with tacks without notice, the others were obviously a joke. The other sticky notes say things like ‘no sticky notes on the sign’ while adding a sticky note on the sign was meant to troll the person who put up the first sign. 

Push Harder To Print Faster

Suppose you observe people having problems with electronics. You will likely notice that they usually tend to press buttons harder or hit things to get them to work. While the device might later work, it was probably not due to the extra force used. 

Image courtesy of worhoose/Twitter

The people at this office might not have known that and have pushed this copier’s print button till it is almost buried in the printer. Hopefully, the sarcastic note attached to the printer will make the workers careful with the machine. 

Please, Date The Food Cans

Romance is one of the most difficult things to find in society these days. That’s why we put ourselves out there by joining dating apps and asking family and friends to help us find suitable dates. But technology doesn’t always help us find love.

Image courtesy of conditionalcognition/Reddit

While this person put a note telling co-workers to date their food cans to prevent eating spoiled food, some hopeless romantic decided to leave their own note behind. Of course, the cans aren’t going to date you. Hopefully, the person will take the original seriously.

The Philosopher 

We all know a person that always tries to make everything seem deep and philosophical. As long as they’re not too negative, they can be hilarious to watch, especially when they try to convince you about how your sneeze might have a deeper meaning. 

Image courtesy of reinwaz/Reddit

This office printer was moved to this location temporarily, and this note was added to notify others of this. Still, the philosopher co-worker decided to add their own little note saying that, in the grand scheme of things, we are all here temporarily. 

Mom Was Here

When kids get older, they naturally want to move out and explore the world on their own. Because of their new lifestyle and activities, keeping in touch with their parents might become less frequent, and sometimes the parents might not like that. 

Image courtesy of tallyrue/Reddit

This parent is obviously one of those that misses their kid, so she goes over to visit them, but when she does not meet them at home, she does the dishes and leaves a note before she leaves. She’s such a caring mom. 

The Fight Over Perfect Coffee

When it comes to coffee, different people have different opinions about what could be considered the perfect coffee. The person that put up the first sign would probably not have expected such strong responses to their note. After all, each person has a different taste.

Image courtesy of ranker.com

We don’t know if the notes were exchanged between two people or if multiple people were commenting on the first note. While some support the first note, some prefer the Starbucks approach, which leads to this image of hilarious notes.

Sniffing Out The Office Rat

Having your lunch stolen at the office is one of the most painful things that can happen to you during a stressful day at work. It doesn’t take much to overreact after having your meals stolen. We honestly don’t judge the victims for pulling stunts like these.

Image courtesy of comedy.com

The person that left out this chicken leg obviously had a plan in mind. By putting out this chicken for the office rat, they are inviting the meal thief to take the chicken where everyone can see them, which is also admitting to being the office thief. 

The Complaint Board

Sticky notes are a good way to notify your co-workers of important issues. The fun colors can make even the harshest requests seem positive. Some people also use these sticky notes for complaints. It seems like this board was created specifically for complaints.

Image courtesy of jimthehacksawduggan/Reddit

A food thief is one of the most annoying people ever, so these co-workers decided to complain about them with the sticky notes on the fridge. Apparently, this food thief has been eating everything, from hot dogs to yogurt and even juice. He even left a note of his own asking for more variety. 

Fake Apologies

We all have that one petty passive-aggressive co-worker, but it is pretty rare for them to admit that they are that person. This person did it on a note! But it looks like they didn’t achieve the expected results, as someone decided to mock them.

Image courtesy of Brodoor/Reddit

While this person meant well by admitting that they were petty, it did not encourage the co-worker leaving their food around to do better. Rather, they decided to be passive-aggressive as well and write an apology in ketchup. How petty!

The Forbidden Microwave 

While many try to be nice and easygoing when giving out instructions for some problems, some people will rather be as direct and simple as possible. This person used the second approach to warn co-workers about the broken microwave in the office.

Image courtesy of bugzrrad/Reddit

Someone else decided to draw a second note about how much they wanted to go against the first note and use the microwave while also facing the potential consequences. The fun cartoons make light of the whole situation, but we do advise against using that microwave!

Extra Petty

No one likes it when a co-worker monopolizes a section of the fridge. This person obviously does not know how annoying it is, or maybe they do, and they just don’t care. They even added a note to protect their meals. 

Image courtesy of spotlightstories.co

One co-worker decided to reply to the fridge section holder with possibly the prettiest note we have ever seen. By saying that the rest of the fridge is for everyone else, they made it obvious that the co-worker was being selfish. 

Scoop The Spoons With The Spoon

Having someone touch clean spoons with their dirty hands is very icky, and nobody wants that, which is why cutlery is generally separated into different compartments in the drawer. Washing your hands before picking a spoon is also highly important, especially in public spaces. 

Image courtesy of Sinc3rIT/Reddit

This workplace, however, goes one step further. According to this note, the workers are not allowed to pick up the spoons with their hands. Instead, they have to use a special spoon scooping spoon. This is a perfect idea, and we hope everyone has been using the spoon scoop.

Farewell Cake

When a co-worker is leaving or retiring, it is an emotional day for lots of people. Offices usually throw a party to show the person leaving how much they will be missed and how much they are cared for. At said parties, the cake is one of the most important items.  

Image courtesy of fatboyslim27/Reddit

This person decided to bake their own farewell cake with a little humor written in icing. The confidence in their self-worth makes the cake much more special. We bet that this person was probably the life of the office and will be deeply missed.

Wrong Order 

This note looks quite simple, asking people to close the door so that Rusty does not get out. Rusty, in this case, is probably the office pet. But if you look closely, you will notice some extra writing on the note. 

Image courtesy of myhealthgazette.com

The extra note tells people to close the door so that they won’t let the AC out, which is not bad. And the other extra note reminds people not to let “Jay” out. We’re assuming that Jay is a person, so why would someone want to keep Jay inside?

Clean Me

Cleaning up after preparing a meal can be bothersome. However, if you don’t clean up after yourself, you’ll leave a huge mess behind. The only thing that might be more stressful than cleaning up your own mess is cleaning up for others. 

Image courtesy of passiveaggressive/flickr

This person is most definitely tired of their co-workers leaving their almost empty or empty milk bottles lying around. Asides from breeding roaches, the smell is also gross, so they decided to leave notes for the bottle owners to do the right thing. 

The Eternal Hair Strand

Usually, after a long day of work, the office is tidied up by cleaners in preparation for the next day’s work, but sometimes the cleaners don’t clean properly. In such a situation, do you ask nicely or demand that the office be cleaned? 

Image courtesy of funnyjunk.com

This person decided to be passive-aggressive with their approach. Instead of being direct, the person asked if anyone else noticed the hair strand that had been there for six months and mentioned that the cleaners obviously didn’t. Would it be so hard to get rid of that strand, though?

Wrong Move

While being passive-aggressive might seem like a good idea, there are situations and times when it’s better to be straightforward. This person is a perfect example. They thought they were being intelligent with their idea, but their plan seemed to backfire. 

Image courtesy of fetchsport.com

After having their meal stolen, this person decided to keep their banana in the fridge and put a note on it. Little did the person know that putting a banana in the fridge would ruin it. They should thank the person who added the other notes for saving their food.

Tony, The Tuna

It is very gross and disgusting when co-workers leave leftovers of their food in the kitchen sink, especially when it has tuna or any other kind of fish. The smell of the meal can be vile. Don’t be that kind of person, please!

Image courtesy of iOgef/Reddit

The person that put up this note was tired of the smell of rotten fish and decided to notify other co-workers about proper kitchen hygiene. With the cute blue fish Tony telling people not to leave leftovers in the sink, many people will be cleaning up after themselves. 

Please, Don’t Touch my Mug

We all know that one super hygienic co-worker that doesn’t share anything or those that are too possessive. For whatever reason, these people have decided that they won’t share their things with others, especially spoons, forks, and cups. They left this note.

Image courtesy of Pistolfist/Reddit

The person that put up this note is one such person. They put it up to discourage people from using his special reindeer mug. Unlike their expectations, however, their co-workers made a new note with a picture of everyone touching the cup. It’s kind of hilarious.

Do Your Dishes

One of the most annoying things that happen at a workplace is when a co-worker leaves their dirty dishes in the office sink without washing them. The smell of stale food is unpleasant to anyone, and no one likes the culprit. 

Image courtesy of Stephanie Linning/DailyMail

The person that made this sign was tired of having to deal with dirty dishes, but instead of flipping out or being passive-aggressive, they decided to use a meme to pass the message across to whoever kept leaving their dirty dishes behind.

Spelling And Grammar Check

Most of the time, being blunt and straightforward is not bad. But being passive-aggressive once in a while is not bad, either. When working in an office with difficult co-workers, knowing how to be passive-aggressive is always a good skill to have. 

Image courtesy of Potaaaytoe/Reddit

Before putting up a passive-aggressive note, however, you should probably do a grammar and spelling check so you don’t make mistakes like this person. Imagine getting humbled like this by the person you’re trying to accuse! We would never complain again.

Printer Teaches Patience

When there’s only one printer in the office, it can take a while for you to get to use it because there’s usually a long line of people who want to print stuff too. Sometimes, after waiting for hours to use the printer, it might run out of ink or get jammed. 

Image courtesy of yellowarrior/Reddit

One person decided to be positive and post a cute note saying that their prints would be ready one day. Well, we’re keeping our fingers crossed about the delayed printouts. Hopefully, they will come out soon, and this person will finally get to move on with their duties. 

I Know Who You Are

Stolen meals are to blame for many of the fights caused in the office, and that’s precisely why food thieves are frowned upon. Notes left to discourage these culprits are a good source of entertainment to their co-workers – and to us as well. 

Image courtesy of InsideView Inc./Pinterest

This person decided to threaten the food thief by saying they added Oxy to the soup and dared them to take a bite. Whoever suffered the consequences of eating Oxy would be considered the culprit, but the truth is that now the owner of the soup himself won’t get to eat it either.

Hard To Please 

While most employers want to make the most money through their employees, no matter the stress, some offices try their best to make their workers as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to please everyone, and this note illustrates that perfectly.

Image courtesy of yourdestinationnow.com

The office has great staff welfare and even provides pop and juice for its workers. While most will be happy about this treatment from the office, the person that scribbled at the bottom of the note obviously was not. Why do people always find something to complain about?

Beware Of Debbie

Most times, the notes left on meals in the office fridge are meant for the unknown meal thief/office rat, but what happens when the person that steals your meals is well-known around the office? That is exactly what happened at this workplace. 

Image courtesy of johnny0/Reddit

At this office, Debbie is the known office rat. Debbie must have taken the meals of her co-worker so much that everyone seems to label their meals as “Not Debbie’s” just to keep her away. But will that really keep her away from their meals? 

The Best Way To Apologize 

While some people are extra possessive about their meals and other possessions, it isn’t convenient for most people to have their things taken without permission. Co-workers that steal meals ruin people’s days and should be banned from the office fridge when caught.

Image courtesy of bobert_the_wise/Reddit

This person, however, gets a second chance or even a third or fourth. While the owner of the drinks might have been initially upset about their missing drink, the replacement pack will definitely lift their spirits. The little note from a side observer makes it even cuter.