Laughs In Spellcheck: 35+ Epic Typos That Had Us In Stitches

By Amy M December 14, 2023

This article was originally published on healthandwellnesnews

As much as English is considered the world’s most prominent language, it can be a bit tricky to master. Don’t believe it? Just go on social media, and you’ll find hilarious videos that make fun of the outrageous spelling and grammatical rules that make up the language.

There are two types of people in this world: those who get an A+ for English and those who can’t spell to save their lives, misuse words, and misquote sayings. These are the peeps who will take center stage today.

They may not have a future in teaching English, but at least they’re making people cackle with their language faux pas. Every cloud has a silver lining, or as they would probably say, every clown has a silver lying! So, folks, if you’ve got a case of the blues and need the best medicine, start scrollin’.

Camel Meal Tea

You know what sounds so good right now? A nice warm cup of “Camel meal” tea! We never noticed that chamomile kind of sounds like ‘camel meal’ until now. Pfft, it’s a shame that autocorrect couldn’t come to their rescue here.

Image courtesy of Devbrostated/Reddit

After reading it for the first time, you might assume the box contains camel food. We then imagine curiosity would get the better of you, so you’d then decide to open it, only to be greeted by numerous packets of chamomile tea!

Yummy Blubbery Cheesecake

Who wants a slice of “Blubbery” cheesecake? That would pair nicely with the “Camel meal” tea we just discussed. Anyway, this BLUEBERRY cheesecake does indeed look blubbery since the layer at the top could pass for whale fat. Well, to those who don’t know what it looks like! Yum!

Image courtesy of fluffychonkycat/Reddit

We wonder if all the other sweet treats are misspelled, but honestly, we don’t think anyone cares. When there’s dessert in front of us, spelling and grammatical errors don’t really register. We’ll be focusing on the blubbery; we mean blueberry cake.

Cardigan Arrest

Help! Does anyone have the number for a sweater doctor? It sounds like this person has a cardigan emergency. All jokes aside, we hope they are okay and were not actually going into, to use the correct word, cardiac arrest.

Image courtesy of Scaulbylausis/Reddit

If this wasn’t a hilarious joke, do you know what would be more concerning than their language skills? The fact that they would tweet about their medical emergency instead of calling for help. If you really were experiencing a health emergency, 911 is the only way to go.

It’s a Doggy Dog World

Have you read the idiom it’s a doggy dog world in the dictionary? We’re guessing the answer is nope. That’s because that is not the right saying. With this one, we’re thinking because Snoop Dog tweaked the saying to fit his lyrics, it stuck, but who knows?

Image courtesy of SilentNyxx/Reddit

Maybe this guy is simply a massive fan of all things Uncle Snoop. However, the sentence that follows also raises some eyebrows with regard to tenses. Though they may have a point, everyone was too distracted by these hilarious language mishaps to concentrate.

Sometimes You Have to Live Life Bi-curiously

Woah, this one took an unexpected turn. We don’t know whether to laugh at how this girl said “bi-curiously” instead of vicariously or cry about how she is losing her dad to an illness. Never mind, here come the waterworks.

Image courtesy of nickyfrags69/Reddit

The creator of the video had to turn off her comments because people were brutal in light of her mistake. Seeing as there are sensitive topics mentioned here, as for us, we wish her dad all the best and hope the OP gets her wish when it’s her turn.

Damsel in a Pretty Dress

Most of us, not all, have heard of the damsel in distress trope, which is basically when a young lady needs rescuing by a man in a story. Welp, this damsel did end up needing some help because her text didn’t do what it was supposed to do!

Image courtesy of OmenLW/Reddit

Did you know there is actually a clothing store called “Damsel in This Dress?” Maybe our OP saw it and thought that was the saying. Anyway, they should consider picking up a book once in a while to avoid another failed attempt at flirting!

Can’t Handle My Corks

Here, we have someone who likes to collect corks and has a hard time finding a partner because of it. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? What they meant to say is that they have quirks, like how they think the word is corks!

Image courtesy of KataeaDream/Reddit

We are sure that they will meet someone one day who will love them for them and appreciate their quirks. But they must be patient if they want to find someone who is just as special and will accept them, corks and all!

Mear, Mear

Mirror, Mirror on the floor, who’s the worst speller of them all? Well, it must be the person who thinks the word mirror is spelled “Mear.” Some Americans pronounce it like that, but one shouldn’t always use phonetics when you spell.

Image courtesy of JephaHowler/Reddit

Especially not in English because you’ll regret it, trust us. This person might’ve been in a rush to put their “Mear” up for sale, but they could’ve at least googled how to spell it. Oh well, Marketplace is filled with people who can’t spell, so we’re sure the customers are used to it by now.

In Some Near is the Worst

Did you know that lack of sleep can affect your concentration? You probably did, but did you also know it affects one’s linguistic ability? Here’s the proof. If you don’t go night-night, you’ll become like this person and think insomnia is written as “in some near.”

Image courtesy of paininmybass/Reddit

If it weren’t for the comment below, it also would’ve taken us about twenty reads to realize what they were trying to say. Oof, imagine how awful it must be to text this person. We would probably never know what they’re talking about because they’re too tired to spell correctly!

Forbidden Love

What is orange on the inside and considered a very hydrating fruit? It’s a cantaloupe or, according to this person, a “Can’t Elope.” That is a knee-slapper. From now on, that’s the only way we are referring to this fruit!

Image courtesy of abjectHaggler601/Reddit

There’s the possibility they might’ve put “Can’t Elope” as a joke so that people would be distracted by the fact that they were not actually getting a great deal. So, either they’re just terrible spellers who didn’t notice cantaloupe was written right there, or they’re marketing geniuses.

Exhausted Fan Needs a Break

This exhausted fan is, to quote Reba McEntire’s song, “A single mom who works two jobs, who loves her kids and never stops.” Anyhoo, this is a humorous mistake. They were so close to using the right word, though. They just needed to drop the “ed.”

Image courtesy of truc_de_ouf/Reddit

Since it says, “Exhausted Fan,” it makes us think of the viral TikTok sound, “I’m tired of this grandpa.” Shame; the fan must actually be tired from being used all the time. Electrical appliances need breaks, too, so they’re not entirely wrong.

Toe Food is Toe Lickin’ Good

This toe food tofu mixup is toe-tally hilarious. We know that finger foods exist, so that could be the reason why this person thought toe food was a thing. That said, we love how their quirky, funny mind really works.

Image courtesy of vintagepop/Reddit

If you just eat plain tofu, we think most people will agree that it can actually end up tasting like toes, or to quote Ross from Friends, “It tastes like feet.” But marinated and seasoned tofu is actually finger-lickin’ good.

Duck, Duck…

Can someone recommend a good handyman for this person, along with an English teacher? Confusing ducts and ducks is a pretty common mistake, but when you reach the age that you’re worrying about cleaning ducts, you should know the difference.

Image courtesy of AH_Nastyface/Reddit

It does “quack” us up when people write duck instead of duct. That said, did you know that duct tape was originally called duck tape? But air and dryer ducts weren’t originally called ducks, so they’re still incorrect. Anyway, we hope they got someone to help them. And hopefully, it wasn’t a quack!

It’s a pitta me

Let’s play a game; try not to laugh challenge. Try not to laugh at how this person wrote epitome. It’s impossible not to cackle at that. To quote Shakira, “When you talk like that, you make a woman go mad,” although in this case, it’s more like you make a woman laugh out loud.

Image courtesy of WalterLeDuy/Reddit

If you ever fail at saying or spelling something correctly, know that your friend probably won’t hesitate to post your embarrassing mistakes on the subreddit BoneAppleTea. So, if you don’t want that to happen, just remember, when in doubt, Google it.

“Any Nut Shall” this is Hysterical

This mistake is going to crack you up. We promise it walnut disappoint! Okay, this may not be the most rib-tickling pun, but hear us out. When someone wants to say in a nutshell but says any nut shall instead, it is going to be hard to keep a straight face.

Image courtesy of swaggo666/Reddit

Most people hate it when someone corrects them, but we would’ve had to immediately hit them with, “It’s in a nutshell.” We don’t know how their friend managed to respond without commenting on their amusing misquote. Maybe they didn’t want to punch a friend while she was already down.”

That’s Chimp Change

Don’t you find it absurd when someone says something with so much confidence when they are actually wrong? Well, here’s one of those stupidly confident people. Well, we will at least give them some points for using the expression correctly.

Image courtesy of the_vince_horror/Reddit

This convo reminds us of the episode in Friends where Joey says it’s a moo point instead of moot. If you’re a fan of the show, you probably remember how confident he was saying it. Hmm, is it just us, or does chimp change also make sense? A chimp’s change would be insignificant.

Mitch’s Civil Cutlery

And the award for the worst speller goes to the person who wrote this ad. We have never seen anyone confidently post an ad like this before. Not to sound too harsh, but we’re surprised that all the other words were spelled correctly!

Image courtesy of CuteCanary/Reddit

Unlike their “civil where” people are not going to be civil when it comes to judging their spelling. Oh well, it’s not like buyers can’t make out what the person was trying to sell, and we all got a good laugh, so a win is a win!

Raw Cookie Dough = Salmon Vanilla

Breaking news: If you eat raw cookie dough, you can get salmon vanilla. While that is true, the medical term doesn’t sound as amusing as that. It is actually called salmonella, and it’s not something you want to trifle with.

Image courtesy of tastyhotdog245/Reddit

If you still insist on eating raw cookie dough, beware because the vanilla may taste good, but the trips to the bathroom aren’t worth it. There’s also the motto, once on the lips, forever on the hips, which in this case also comes with two days in hospital. Just don’t.

Sick in Bed with Brown Kite Is

Well, we’ve had someone who said they didn’t care if they got “salmon vanilla,” and now we have someone who says they have “brown kite is.” Wow, just wow. Guess we know which two people didn’t go to medical school (or any kind of health class).

Image courtesy of cityandshannon/Reddit

The person who posted this said this was a conversation between them and their stepdad. Apparently, they never know what he’s trying to say, so this was nothing new. However, seeing as he posted it, it must have been the funniest one he’d come across. Or maybe the only one he was able to understand!

Criminals and Criminal English

This just in: Twin brothers commit a crime in a parking lot. You wanna know what the real crime is? The way this person wrote catalytic converter as “Cadillac Converter.” The correct spelling is written there, though. Oh, and that’s the only issue here, they also wrote “Two twin brothers,” which is redundant.

Image courtesy of Tw1ch1e/Reddit

This news station probably needs to consider hiring more qualified writers and editors for their social media page – this post doesn’t look very professional. It’s just fodder for the internet to come at you. “Cadillac Converter?” How did they not notice that? 

Catholic Converter For Sale

Next, we have yet another person who doesn’t have the word “catalytic converter” in their vocabulary. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is on a list of “Most Forgettable Words” on some website. First, we had Cadillac, and now Catholic converter.

Image courtesy of Tighnari/Reddit

If that doesn’t make you laugh, then the other person’s Chrysler comment should do the trick. Catalytic may be a difficult word to remember and spell, but we don’t see how someone can think religion has anything to do with a car part. The “Cadillac converter” actually makes more sense since it’s a car.

Ethereal Vs. Urethral

Ethereal: someone or something that is delicate, heavenly, or otherworldly in nature. Urethral: relating to the urethra, or to quote the person from this image, it’s where you pee from. The first word is what they should’ve used, but the second is what they said instead. That’s unfortunate.

Image courtesy of AgreeableAd9816/Reddit

This comment section is the funniest thing we have ever come across. This person just wanted to compliment an influencer but failed miserably. Well, now they gave us a word to add to our vocabulary. We are going to start describing people as urethral!

The One with the Pond Shop

For this one, we are going to channel our inner Dora the Explorer. Hola, soy Dora! Can you spot the mistake? The error is the man said pond instead of pawn shop. “We did it, we did it, we did it, yay!”

Image courtesy of casttocoast/Reddit

We almost didn’t notice the man said pond shop because we were too busy wondering why his wife sold his ring. Now we feel sorry for him. We don’t know if it’s appropriate to make fun out of this. Did they pay her in fish? (sorry, not sorry).

Color Green is Good for You

Always remember to eat your greens, especially your color, correction, collard greens. That is what this store is selling. They were meant to write collard, but for UK English spellers, the real mistake here is that it should be spelled ‘coluor.’

Image courtesy of notcoolcoffee/Reddit

For a second, we didn’t realize that they were trying to say collard – we thought that they were just labeling the food like that. For example, the bananas would say ‘color yellow.’ Anyway, we hope all their other veggies are labeled correctly.


Oh my, there is a lot going on here. Let’s ignore the fact that the car looks like it’s about to fall off the edge, and turn into Judy and judge the person who doesn’t know that it’s rear-view, not review mirror, and the other person who said would of instead of would have.

Image courtesy of JoojKarlos/Reddit

We know we were being judgy before, but we must say that the two people in the comment section might need to work on their English. That said, their language skills surpass the other person’s driving skills. Maybe they just need more practice.

Neckless Necklace

Here we have a phonetic speller – they wrote necklace as neckless. They didn’t take a picture of it on someone’s neck, so technically, it is neckless. You know what, the only thing that should be less here is the price. 20 dollars? That’s kind of pricey.

Image courtesy of bradido/Reddit

If anyone ever wants to sell their neckless, we mean necklace, they can get inspo from this person’s spelling error and write necklace is neckless and looking for a home on someone’s neck. Isn’t that super funny? We think so.

Stomach Made out of Paper Machete

This person is allergic to milk and, apparently, spellcheck as well! They clearly avoided using it, hence the machete typo. What they meant to say is their stomach is made out of paper mache – we’re guessing because it’s sensitive.

Image courtesy of Murky_Part_6318/Reddit

We don’t really blame this person for thinking mache is spelled machete. There are plenty of English words derived from French that are spelled with a silent T, like bouquet, ricochet, croquet, and ballet. Language is super hard, isn’t it?

Who’d Say No to a Pick Neck?

Someone took their client out for a nice pick-neck. Are they like Edward Cullen? Are they vampires?! Well, the one thing we’re sure of is they are terrible at spelling. So, there was probably no sparkling skin seen during the picnic.

Image courtesy of sirskiddledims/Reddit

When they said pick neck, we thought vampires did exist. Don’t judge us. We see the word ‘neck’ and any suggestion of an outing, and our minds are immediately taken back to that hilarious scene on Twilight. Hopefully, the client doesn’t mind the atrocious spelling.

This Egg has Been Nasty

Eggs Benedict is the perfect meal to enjoy at breakfast. Though most people would describe their first time eating them as memorable, the name seems to be a struggle for some. This person thinks they’re named after a swear word and not, according to legend, Mr. and Mrs. LeGrand Benedict.

Image courtesy of supermav27/Reddit

If they need help remembering it, they should just think of the famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Hopefully, they won’t start calling it Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch! But that is way better than calling them eggs been a d**k, wouldn’t you agree?

Fire Exists People

In the event of a fire, the people in this building are supposed to look at this map that shows them where all the exits are. And yeah, we all know that’s just a typo, but they’re not wrong; fire does indeed exist.

Image courtesy of l1b3rtr1n/Reddit

We don’t know how people can spell words wrong when the correct spelling is right in front of them. The word is written there twice, “Emergency Exits” and “Exit Routes”. But as we mentioned before, though these mistakes are sometimes shocking, they are always hysterical.

Mr. Bob Wire

This is Bob Wire, also known as Robert Wire. We were not sure whether he is related to barb wire, but we’ll probably find out soon! In all seriousness, even though some people pronounce this as “Bob wire,” that’s obviously not the correct spelling.

Image courtesy of lewdlySmell46/Reddit

For those who will continue to say bob wire, you do you, but just remember, if you ever have to type it out or find yourself in a spelling competition, it is spelled barbed wire. Note that it is covered in barbs, not bobs.

Lawn and Order: Special Grass Unit

Who’s not good in the English department? This guy who thinks it’s lawn enforcement instead of law enforcement. We don’t call it lawn and order. Also, the part where they said, “Of has them I have to find” is just gibberish. Seriously, what were they trying to say?

Image courtesy of alxmartin/Reddit

Did you know that there is actually a lawn care company that is called Lawn Enforcement? So maybe that’s what they were talking about. Maybe there exists a police department that solely deals with crimes committed against lawns, like putting up gaudy outdoor decor!

Shiny Sequence

Ooh, look at this gorgeous dress. It is so regrettable that this person’s English isn’t as good as their taste in clothes. It should say gold sequin dress, not sequence. While we’re here, it’s not sequins dress either, which is a common mistake.

Image courtesy of WelshBathBoy/Reddit

This reminds us of the time Roxxxy Andrews, a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, said, “Sequins dress… Is that wrong English?” Yes, yes, it is. However, in such a case, we bet the person who put it up for sale still got some bids.

AI Jena

This person wanted everyone to know that mid-90s cartoons were “COMPUTER JENA RATED.” Does that mean they were made by a computer named Jena? What makes it funnier is that they used shouty capitals, which just made their mistake more noticeable.

Image courtesy of AntonK2439/Reddit

Be careful what you post online. Even if you delete a comment that you made, someone can screenshot it and post it on Reddit for everyone to see and laugh at. “Computer Jena Rated” is going to be on the internet FOREVER.

Fire Distinguisher Collectors Item

Next, we have a cool antique item. We bet this fire “distinguisher” was owned by an “extinguished” gentleman. Ha-ha! It is used to help you identify what type of fire you are dealing with: gas, electrical, or a grease fire.

Image courtesy of joe_ve_wan/Reddit

If this person didn’t mention fire and just wrote antique distinguisher, we bet no one would have a clue what they were selling. At least with “fire distinguisher” written there, we can figure out what this is and what they meant to say. But you never know; some people might still be confuzzled!

Ease dropper Eavesdropper

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s the “English” police, and they’re not happy that you said ease dropper instead of eavesdropper. This person should actually thank their friend for correcting them. At least now they won’t go around saying the wrong thing.

Image courtesy of AgentOfMediocrity/Reddit

But this person isn’t the only one discovering things here. Though we knew that it was eavesdropper, we were today years old when we discovered that it originally referred to individuals who listened in on a private conversation while standing near the eaves, which is the extension of a roof.

And Down the Rabid Hole They Go

This is a good example of a mishearing –  it happens quite often. If it was going down the ‘rabid hole’ instead of the ‘rabbit hole,’ Alice in Wonderland would have been a very different story and probably not as popular.

Image courtesy of sendintheotherclowns/Reddit

According to users on Reddit, this was actually an inside joke, and everyone joined in on the fun. It started when someone on the BMW subreddit posted a picture with the caption, “I’m down the rabid whole with this one.”

Nip a Butt

Ever heard someone say, “nip this in the butt”? Well, that is completely wrong. It’s funny how people say things but never stop to think, “Hey, that doesn’t make any sense.” How would you put a stop to something by nipping someone in the butt?

Image courtesy of TheDriver458/Reddit

If you are wondering where the correct idiom originates, it comes from gardening. If you nip or cut a plant’s bud, then you prevent it from growing. See, that makes sense. Nipping a butt, whatever that means, sounds like something kinky!

Bomb Breakfast Table

This breakfast “nuke” is the bomb! It’s being sold at a pretty good price, so we’re sure the person who bought it immediately celebrated, probably saying, “Boom goes the dynamite!” Moving on, this should’ve said nook, not nuke, which is short for a nuclear weapon, for those who are wondering.

Image courtesy of disco Santa/Reddit

Nuke is also slang for heating or cooking something in a microwave. So technically, you can enjoy a nuked breakfast at the breakfast “nuke!” Anyway, you can probably tell we’re glad they made this mistake because we had a “blast” making jokes about it.

Woolly Mammoths are Instinct

This person is stressed that “instinct” woolly mammoths will once again roam the earth. However, we would say they have more important things to worry about, like their language skills. They clearly don’t have a good instinct when it comes to English.

Image courtesy of struggle_bus_nation/Reddit

We identified another mistake. “Scientists are reincarnating the woolly mammoth.” ‘Reincarnating’ is the incorrect word to use in this context. The better word to use here would be resurrecting, which means to bring back something to life. Anyway, the only thing that should be extinct is grammatical errors.

So Close

Here, we have a person who wants someone to stop taking photos of them before their cone has been sent. Sounds quite perplexing, right? Well, they meant to say that the person mustn’t take photos of them without their consent.

Image courtesy of Accidentally_Lee/Reddit

Some people would argue that that individual’s actions are way worse than this person’s English. That said, this isn’t the worst mistake we have seen. It could just be a typo. Maybe they were angry texting and didn’t notice what they had said, or autocorrect simply decided to do them dirty.

In Meta Pause

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s not Superman, it’s English Man, here to correct people’s English mistakes! It is known as menopause, not meta pause. If this wasn’t a joke, we hope someone corrected the OP in the comment section.

Image courtesy of oliviasacat/Reddit

We wanted to say that, unlike their English, medicine is pretty advanced, especially in this day and age. So, to answer their question, yes, there is a chance this lady could have a baby at a mature age despite being in “meta pause.” 

It’s an Active Clause

If you ever want to know anything about the Act of God insurance clause, you could try and ask this person. However, we don’t really know how accurate their information would be since they don’t actually know the proper name of the clause.

Image courtesy of GoatBuster01/Reddit

This person obviously misheard the word “act of,” which resulted in them thinking it was “active,” which sounds pretty similar. That, our friends, is what is known as an “Eggcorn,” a mishearing of acorn. Yep, that’s quite unusual, but that’s English for you.

Dear Resistance of the Building

Can you spot the mistake on the sign? If you said the word should be resident, not resistance, then winner, winner, chicken dinner, you are correct. ‘Resident,’ ‘resistant,’ do those two words sound similar to you? Hmm, this doesn’t sound like another eggcorn.

Image courtesy of Exodias_Left_Nut/Reddit

This sign could be replaced with one that doesn’t have mistakes, but the resistance, *ahem* we mean residents, probably love to make fun of it every time they see it, so we imagine they would want to keep it. We certainly wouldn’t want to get rid of it.

Cyst and Desist

We are ending this post with a tweet from a TV personality that appeared on Teen Mom. She hilariously said “cyst and desist” when the correct phrase is cease and desist. At least she got the second word right; we’ll give her that.

Image courtesy of RaquelsNosePasta/Reddit

She also tweeted, “I made a word choice mistake that was completely ignorant, and I’m not proud of.” Could she be talking about the “cyst and desist” mistake? Anyway, we hope this whole thing made you realize how good an ally spellcheck and Google are.