35 Things We Would Have Liked To Learn Growing Up But Nobody Taught Us…Until Now!

By Aakash M

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

It’s safe to call our lives an ‘elaborate learning experience.’ However, these experiences are not fully good or bad. Throughout our lives, we learn many good things and experience some amazing things. Similarly, we also go through some experiences that we never want to experience ever again. We wish to unlearn or unsee some things as well.

But it’s life, and things happen. This time, we’d like to focus on the good lessons. Luckily, there are some guides that can help us throughout our lives. The plot twist here is that these things aren’t normally taught to children by their teachers or their parents.

But it’s never too late to educate ourselves, especially with the way it’s so easy to find things on the internet! So, let’s take a look at some of these things that should’ve been formally taught to us!

Settling in

We wouldn’t call a person inconsiderate for thinking that their new furry friend would adapt to its new home right away. Animals have certain reputations, so it’s normal to expect something that might not happen. The real deal is that it takes time for a dog to settle in its new home.

Credits: Reddit/regian24

In the initial days, the dog might be scared, but with time, they will know that you are their new family and that you mean no harm. Although we have a list, it’s always important to remember that all dogs take their own time to feel at home.

You’ll never lose if you never quit!

When we take up a new subject, it could seem exciting in the beginning, but we can find ourselves losing interest along the way, given the difficulty of learning it. So much so that you could even give up on it. But you should never quit!

Credits: Reddit/tropicalsquash

The learning curve can be frustrating and tedious, but once you’ve put so much work into it that things start making sense, you’ll realize that all the hours you spent on it were completely worth it. Your education only begins after you realize that you know nothing at all!

At the roundabout, make a turn

This sign can be beneficial to educate new drivers and eventually reduce traffic accidents. Also, roundabouts aren’t present in every city in the world, so many people live their entire lives without ever dealing with a situation where they need to understand how these things work.

Credits: U.S. Department of Transportation

It could seem really confusing, but navigating through a roundabout is pretty much like a 4-way stop. This sign will help you out if you still have difficulties! But, irrespective of what you know, you should always remember that the worst thing to do in such a situation would be to panic.

Croc safety

Everybody knows that Australia’s where you’ll find most of the world’s dangerous creatures. It’s surprising how the people over there have managed to exist with these animals for so many years. But there have been some ugly incidents as well.

Credits: Reddit/SpaghettiMafia

Due to the ugly incidents, signs such as the one in the image are necessary. With around 1,000 kills per year, crocodiles are one of the deadliest animals on Earth. The top way to keep yourself safe from a crocodile attack is simple. Keep a safe distance and obey the signs! 

Playing possum

Seeing this sign makes us think that possums are really adorable creatures. It’s true that seeing an unfamiliar animal could lead to a confused and unwanted reaction. But it’s always good to learn about the local animals and how to not get in their way.

Credits: Reddit/Super_Tmart

It could be that seeing a possum could rattle you a bit, but not all wild animals are as frightening as they seem to be. These creatures just want to have their space and privacy, like most of us do. They’re not asking for much, are they now?

Common sense

This conversation is part of a very debatable topic, but let’s deal with the facts here. Stats show that gun violence has significantly increased over the years, and one reason behind the increase is the attitude people have toward guns.

Credits: Reddit/aGuyFromTheBayArea

The truth is that many accidental gun injuries would’ve been avoided if only a set of simple guidelines had been considered and followed. Safety should always be a priority, and when dealing with a gun, there should be a certain sense of maturity in the person dealing with it.

Pet hygiene

It’s actually surprising that so many pet owners don’t get their pets’ nails trimmed because of uncertainty. They are too concerned about the fact that it might hurt their pet, but what about the scratch marks they’re giving you? You’re doing your pets a favor by getting their nails trimmed!

Credits: Reddit/big_macaroons

It is understandable that all of this could be frustrating. Still, it’s necessary, which is why these guidelines about trimming your pet’s nails are so important. They’re extremely helpful if you’re going to trim your pet’s nails at home. When it comes to your animals, you need to always prioritize their safety and hygiene! 


Let’s face it. Most people spent the majority of the last two years locked in their homes. After having a lifestyle that involves commuting to one’s workplace, this was a huge change. There was a lot of time to kill, so people had no option left other than picking up new hobbies.

Credits: Reddit/legalheartbreaker

Talking about hobbies, many people took up knitting to save money on their gifts. We bet that their lives would have been easier had they known about this guide at the time they started knitting. Without this guide, trial and error is the only way you’ll know how much yarn you need.


First of all, knowing that a bee’s lifespan is just around a month is a shock in itself. Without even referring to this guide, we had an impression that bees are productive creatures, and we’d guess that you’d have the same impression.

Credits: beekeepingbasic.com

This guide is a lesson for us. A bee doesn’t bite you for no reason! It has its responsibilities, and when you get in the way of that, it has no other option left other than attacking you! These guys work from the day they are born until they die. Never quit!

The little differences

We live in a world that’s full of different species. Although we might just label a moth as a butterfly or vice-versa, it’s fascinating to know the difference between these guys. On top of that, there’s a third creature too! We, for one, had skipped the skippers until now.

Credits: Reddit/Kiskadee65

This is for those who don’t know what skippers are and for those who can’t differentiate between a butterfly and a moth. Most of the time, you won’t have to look deeply to know. Still, it’d be weird if you randomly see somebody fiddling with a cocoon to know what creature is inside of it.

Caffeine guide

Customers aren’t very helpful to the baristas. They’re either in such a hurry that the barista can’t even hear them, or they take a lot of time to decide what they want. For some, it’s about the taste, so they just want their usual coffee.

Credits: Reddit/stockyman

Similarly, some people are often concerned with their beverages’ technicalities and content. For them, this caffeine guide could be helpful in tracking their caffeine intake. It’s good to understand the contents of your drink because when it comes to caffeine, there’s a limit to how much you can/should drink in a day!

Strong roots

This particular guide was eye-opening because we actually thought that frequent and light nutrition for plants was the best option. Turns out we were wrong, like most of you who thought the same. Either way, it’s essential to learn how to water a plant for the best results.

Credits: mastergardener.ext.vt.edu

There’s some science behind watering a plant infrequently but heavily. Because the roots chase the water that feeds them, the plants get thirsty for the water, which will make the roots dig deep for it. If the roots go deep, they’ll build a sturdy foundation for the plant!

Signs of a stroke

This sign should be made available to every household for their safety. Life is uncertain, so a stroke could occur anytime, anywhere. Sadly, the warning signs are very few, but it’s still enough for you to take a call and dial 911.

Credits: Twitter/@stjoes_health

These things should be taught to children, and they should also be a part of emergency courses. Also, there are introductory first aid courses that cover all the facts about strokes and even other diseases. These courses also teach you about what to do if you are in such a situation.

Being understanding

Watching a loved one suffer can be very hard. Still, it’s unimaginably hard for the person suffering from it, especially if it’s a disease like dementia. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for this dreadful disease yet, but there is a way to make the lives of those who have dementia a bit easier. 

Credits: Reddit/Sabyn123

This list is helpful for those living with someone who has dementia or similar conditions. It’s basically a guide about being more patient, understanding, and empathetic from within. While it won’t ease the symptoms, it’ll make the person feel slightly better. We hope there’s a cure for dementia soon.

Checks and stripes

Just as we pay so much importance to choose the perfect wallpaper for the sofa background, selecting the perfect tablecloth is equally important. It might not be a major aspect, but it’s still integral in ensuring your house’s interior decoration is on point.

Credits: Reddit/shedirty

Choosing the perfect pattern isn’t just about selecting a stripe or a check. As this guide describes, there’s a lot of detailing that goes into it. Also, the difference isn’t just with the color. It also has a lot to do with the line thickness, angles, and spacing.

Up your sleeve

Every morning, most of us are met with a choice – which shirt should we wear today? Most of the time, we don’t decide by checking the shirt’s sleeves. But that’s the case for some people because they are actually concerned about matching sleeves.

Credits: Twitter/@themakeupcoverss

If you care about matching your drop shoulder with your stilettos or your shirt sleeve with the new hat you bought last week, this figure might help you out. Also, this list just includes the common types of sleeves. There are way more sleeves that we’ve never even heard of.

You’d wish you learned this as a kid

We honestly wish we knew this little hack as kids. Math would’ve been very easy then. Anyways, our childhoods are over, so we hope that every school-going kid having difficulty dealing with Math reads about this particular trick. It’s sad how books have so many complicated problems but not such tricks to solve them.

Credits: Reddit/Alexray1

No matter how long it takes for you to find a shortcut that simplifies the complex problem, it will still do its magic once you become aware of it. There’s always a simple way to deal with things, and this hack can help you in your daily life, even if your school days are over!

A better way

Employees and freelancers often deal with such conditions when answering a question can become pretty uncomfortable. For them, this guide is a goldmine. On the other hand, it’s wrong for employers to think that it’s okay to ask people to work for them without charging a penny.

Credits: Reddit/beybabooba

Everybody is trying to make a living despite all their problems, and most of all, people tend to forget that time is money for every person on this planet. So, working for free isn’t an advisable thing in almost all situations. Be careful when responding to clients!

Therapy problems

Nobody’s perfect, but when it’s about your mental health, it’s essential that you make the decisions that lie in your best interests. For example, if you’re going to see a therapist, make sure that you don’t see any of these warning signs with them.

Credits: Reddit/Bearnow/Crazy Head Comics

Now, there might be a few red flags here and there in some cases, but it won’t be that bothersome because they fade away quickly. But, if one thing after the other starts falling apart with your therapist, it’s time for a re-evaluation.

Easy to remember

Learning to play a musical instrument could be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, given that you dedicate yourself to learning that instrument. Otherwise, it’s just a dropped hobby. Anyways, it’s still a difficult task, and it takes a lot of time to master an instrument.

Credits: Reddit/Chedapayyan

People come up with different ways to make remembering the notes and the names easier. This list of food items paired with musical notes might seem gibberish to those who don’t know about music and instruments but let us bridge the gap by telling you that it’s really helpful for those who understand. 

Keep it confidential

Everybody’s scared of the fact that somebody could gain access to confidential information about them. Your information is out there, but it’s unlikely for something like that to happen. But the irony is that the people who fear these things are also the same people who are unknowingly handing their information out.

Credits: Twitter/@fletusposton/Richland Police

We bet you didn’t know that even bumper stickers, vanity plates, and all these things play a huge role in this. Thanks to this illustration, people will be more mindful when placing stickers on their vehicles. Some signs are necessary, but most of them just give out unwanted information. Beware!


Honestly, without even differentiating them, we would’ve labeled all these images as a marsh or a swamp if it weren’t for this image. If there’s one thing common about these lands, it is the dangers waiting for those who step on them.

Credits: Reddit/FioDC

If a person doesn’t know what they’re getting into, their survival could be jeopardized. So, knowing about wetlands and their types before getting into them could make a difference in a life-threatening situation. No matter which wetland you’re in, watch out for the creepy crawlies!

Mineral knowledge

A geologist would easily be able to talk about the hardness of the minerals that can be found on our planet. But what about the vast majority of people who aren’t geologists? All we know is that diamonds are the hardest of them all. 

Credits: geologyin.com

Thanks to this guide, we have an idea of mineral hardness. However, this image could still be gibberish, so here’s some information. On this scale, our nails are a two or a three. A penny could fall anywhere between a three and a four, while a steel tool is 6-7.

Similarity? Europe

The world map helps us identify many countries, but some areas still confuse the living daylights out of people. Did you know that Great Britain and the United Kingdom aren’t the same entities? Most of their members are the same, but they’re different!

Credits: Reddit/kushnair

Anyways, when the world map confuses you, there are other sources. Guides like these help those people who don’t live on the west coast of Europe. This guide could confuse you too, but we ask you to patiently look at it, and we promise you’ll memorize this in no time!

Understanding cats

It’s easy to understand a dog’s tail, but we can’t say the same about a cat’s tail. Although they’ve been around us for such a long time, we don’t really have an idea of what our furry feline friends are trying to say!

Credits: Reddit/jshifro

Although we don’t know what they’re saying, their body language is helpful to us. But for that, you need to know how to read their body language. Well, their tail is the key to learning their body language. Also, watch their ears to know more!

The perfect match

Your experience of enjoying your meal can be greatly improved if you also involve beverages. People often focus on matching their steaks with a special wine that pairs perfectly. The reason they do that is to make sure that the flavor is at its peak!

Credits: craftbeer.com

But it’s not just wine and steaks that go well with each other. Pairing certain foods with beer also guarantees an experience of a lifetime! So, the next time you see somebody not enjoying their beer, show them this guide politely.

Protect the paw

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility, and you should think of it as you welcome a new family member to your house. Think of it as if you have another small kid in your house. The only difference is that this kid doesn’t speak. Regardless, you need to understand your furry friend’s comfort levels.

Credits: Reddit/LA_Grip

Talking about comfort levels, your dog could feel very uncomfortable walking on the road with you when it’s really hot outside. In that case, signs like these can be a blessing. As a reminder, you should always have a set of dog socks to make your walks comfortable!

Change in demand

These days, there are a lot of options when it comes to learning a foreign language. It’s a good thing, but when you’ve to decide on which language you need to learn, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed. Back in the day, English, Spanish, and French were the most desired languages – but times have changed.

Credits: Reddit/pdxtraterrestrial

If you knew which languages were the most desirable back in the day, you’d be shocked to find out about the languages that are rising up the charts in terms of their demand. With the way things are changing, learning a new language is definitely a wise thing to do.

Hot and cold

Cold shower vs. hot shower is an age-old debate. Some people like cold showers in the morning and hot showers at night, while others just don’t like how the cold water gets you shaking in the morning. We’re not going to take a side, but it’s helpful to point out the benefits of each shower!

Credits: Instagram/@starathletes_

There are some people who’d never take a cold shower because it makes them feel uncomfortable, and there are some people who always stick to cold showers. But, if there’s one thing we can learn here, it is that they’re both beneficial in their own ways. What matters is your hygiene!

A guide to happiness

It’s time for some science. The four chemicals responsible for our happiness are serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, and oxytocin. Each chemical has its approach of being activated and doing its job. Our point is that the world would be happier if people knew more about the activation of these chemicals. 

Credits: Reddit/naturalenergyy

We took on the responsibility to educate more and more people about how to make themselves happy. Luckily, there are a lot of ways! Holding hands with a loved one can make you happy, and even laughing out loud can make you happy!

Unclear skies

We don’t really think about these things a lot, but let us point out that a lot goes into the design of a city. There’s an insane amount of research and hard work involved, and each detail holds equal importance. But there’s one detail that seems to be left out.

Credits: Reddit/Narendra_17

This detail concerns light pollution. Everybody loves gazing into the starry sky, but sometimes, you won’t have such a clear view because of the reflective darkness caused by the streetlights. If the responsible parties were a bit considerate in this particular area, things would’ve been much “clearer.”

Educate yourself, save a life

Most people don’t look deeply into these things because there’s a misconception that only the elderly are prone to suffering from heart attacks. That’s not the case, though. Our bodies are strong and enduring, but there are times when they can be fickle as well.

Credits: Twitter/@CDCgov

As scary as it sounds, it is true that at any moment, one of our body parts could malfunction without warning. If that part is the heart, there’s nothing worse. If you know how to recognize a heart attack, you can actually save a life, yours included.

Tally problems

There are hundreds of countries in this world, and they’re all different in their ways of conducting their lives and doing things. For this one time, we’ll look at how differently they tally their numbers. Well, as far as the method is accurate, it’s good.

Credits: Reddit/TheBigGlizzy

Most of you might only be aware of one kind of tally mark, but it’s shocking to see how there are different ways to keep track of numbers in different countries! The Chinese way looks complicated. Imagine stepping into a betting shop in China, and you can’t read Chinese!

Soothing or not so soothing?

Your response to the sounds of chirping birds could depend on your mood and the time of day. If you wake up to the sounds of chirping birds, it’s a very pleasant experience. But, if your sleep breaks in the middle of the night due to the same sound, it’s not so pleasant anymore.

Credits: The Spruce

One way to not be bothered by these sounds, regardless of the mood, would be to soundproof your house. But, for the curious minds, we have a guide about the birds that sing at night. It’s just like they say, “Always know your bird that’s singing outside your house at night!

Employee’s happiness = Company’s happiness

Well, this is the guide every henpecked employee (who is efficient) could use to take a jab at their boss. Just kidding! In practicality, when work becomes very hectic in a company, there’s often some tension between the bosses and the employees.

Credits: Reddit/Working_Class_Pride

Therefore, sometimes bosses could lose their cool, or they might not be very considerate of their employees. No matter what, this guide could very well help the decision-makers realize if they’re underrating their employees. And if they are, it’ll help them eventually appreciate their staff.