From Egg Throwing To Extreme Ironing, Odd Sports That Are Officially Recognized

By Israel O

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For many years, the sports industry has consistently kept its place as one of the drivers of the world’s economy. It has provided jobs, promoted inclusion, and unified millions of people worldwide regardless of background, skin color, and orientation. The impact of sports in the younger generation’s lives is rapidly growing as many young children can be seen imitating superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Brady, Lewis Hamilton, and Roger Federer. Such is the power it holds today. However, it would interest you to know that despite the advancement of sports in recent years, asides from football, basketball, and tennis, there are still many other sports you most likely didn’t know existed. Let’s have a look at these unknown sports that will surely expand your horizons. 


Kabaddi may not be famous worldwide, but it is the national sport of Bangladesh. It is pretty fun, but only if you’re not the one playing. It involves a mixture of strength and pace. One without the other cannot work.

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So basically, you run into your opponent’s half of the court to tag a partner, and then you run back to your team. That is, of course, if they let you. The more opponents you tag without getting caught, the more points you accrue.

Extreme Ironing

The world is constantly changing, and so many things are now being done in many new ways, and this sport is a not-so-typical example. Before now, ironing was a part of our daily lives. Some even saw it as a chore. But now, it is a sport.

Image courtesy of Theredrocket at English Wikipedia/ CC BY-SA 3.0

This sport is classified as an extreme sport as it involves carrying an ironing board to remote locations; to simply press a shirt. Some of its players have taken it to the extreme by ironing while parachuting, mountain climbing, and snowboarding.  

Shin Wrestling

Honestly, we’re as surprised as you are, but it is what it is. People actually leave their homes to watch people kick each other on the shin. That has got to hurt. They must proceed to kick each other until someone surrenders.

Image courtesy of Yahoo Sports/Bettystocker

It is a very brutal game that tests the endurance, stamina, and strength of the fighters. In simple terms, it’s a question of how much pain you can bear. It’s not for kids, so please, do not try this at home.


This sport can also be considered a children’s sport as it is popularly played by teenagers between the ages of ten to 18. It is quite popular in Finland and involves girls running around while holding a stick horse. 

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It’s like horse riding, except the horse isn’t real, leaving the player to act like the rider and the horse. The girls see the sport as a form of communication between them and their unknown horse.

Camel Wrestling

This sport isn’t so popular and with good reason. Aside from pitting two camels against each other, you have to watch as they tear each other apart. Many people have labeled this a sport that promotes animal violence. And, we do not deny that.

Image courtesy of Yaman

When the fighting starts, you don’t want to be in the arena. We’re not sure how they were able to train camels to exude this much violence, but this sport originated in Turkey and is now also practiced in different areas of the Middle East. 


The Bo-Taoshi is a sport that requires 150 players, with each team assuming an attacking or defensive role with 75 players. The rules of the Bo-Taoshi are pretty simple; one team has to defend a pole while the other attacks it.

Image courtesy of DozoDomo -CC BY-SA 2.0/ wikimedia

The Bo-Taoshi is very similar to a capture-the-flag game and was initially played by cadets of the National Defense Academy (NDA) in Japan. To score a point, the pole has to be brought down to a degree lower than 45.

Bunny Hurdle

Who organizes these things? It is quite funny, actually, because at least you get to witness an overload of cute little bunnies running for glory. This sport is very popular in Scandinavian countries, and unlike how it looks, it’s a proper sport.

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There are even cash prizes and judges who determine the winners. So, if you have a fast bunny running around in your room, you might as well make it compete. Who knows, your bunny might just be the next champion.

Bog Snorkeling

This sport is just baffling. It is called Bog Snorkeling, and it involves moving in a 60-yard-long water-filled trench with snorkels, masks, and slippers. What makes it so challenging is that competitors can’t move using regular ol’ conventional swimming strokes.   

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They’re basically asking you to walk in a muddy marshland while wearing slippers and to do so faster than your competitors. It’s not as easy as it looks unless you’re not trying to win. Needless to say, bog snorkeling is vastly different from traditional snorkeling.

Cheese Rolling

If you think running around and kicking a ball in matching uniforms is hard, then try tumbling down a cliff to chase a cheese without protective gear. This weird sport takes place annually at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester, England. 

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Just like you may already suspect, there are usually plenty of injuries in this sport, and it usually involves an ambulance present on site. However, no death has been recorded as a result of participating in this epic cheese chase. 

Tuk-Tuk Polo

The wonders of this world don’t seem like its ending anytime soon. We’ve heard of MotoGP, Formula 1, and Nascar – all sports involving cars and motorcycles, but this is the first time we see one that consists of a tricycle.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Tuktukpolo

Tuk-Tuk polo is a game that involves players in tricycles playing polo. It is by no means an easy sport as players must control their bodies to bend fluidly, so watch out for your waist. It is popularly played in Sri Lanka.

The Lion Dance Sport

You might find it hard to comprehend why this is called a sport, especially when it looks like a dance that occurs at carnivals. It may have started as a dance but is now considered a sport in most Asian countries. 

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The rules of the sport are actually quite simple; you just have to put on the lion costume and jump around like a lion while people cheer for you. Asians believe that The Lion dance wards off evil spirits. 

Fighting Toes

Toe fighting has been in existence since 1970 and is primarily played in Derbyshire, England. It is one of the weirdest sports the world has ever seen. Simply put, it’s adults wrestling with their toes in an attempt to pin their opponent. 

Image courtesy of Koorabia

Who would believe this was a real sport somewhere in the world? Two people fight to pin each other’s toes. Anyone who succeeds in pinning the other emerges as the winner. The things people do for fun… It’s incredible!

Underwater Hockey

So, it’s basically like hockey, but this time, it is played underwater. This sport requires two times the effort you put into regular hockey, except you have to swim faster than your opponent and hit the ball hard into your opponent’s goal post.

Image courtesy of Syailendra

The biggest challenge of this sport is that you will be playing without any breathing gear except for a snorkel. You literally have to hold your breath while playing unless you come up for air. This sport is also called Octopush and was founded in 1954, England by Alan Blake.

Pumpkin Kayaking

Yes, you read that right. An actual sport that involves pumpkins, yeah, we’re not kidding you. Anyways, this sport is not for the faint at heart. It may look like fun, but there’s more to it. You start by hollowing out a giant pumpkin. 

Image courtesy of @knelle via Instagram

So, you are going to need a sword or a knife, whatever works for you, but it just has to be very sharp. If you somehow survive the first step, you still have to transport yourself on water using the pumpkin as a boat. Pheew!

Fierljeppen (Far Leaping)

This sport was originally a method of passage for the Frisian people who had plenty of water drainages. It was properly structured into a sport in 1957, and it involves using a long pole to cross over a body of water.

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The pole is usually 8 to 13 meters long, and the player is required to jump over to catch it before climbing to the tip of the pole, using it as a thrust to fly over the water and eventually landing on the sand.

Sepak Takraw (Leg Volleyball)

Ever heard of a volleyball where legs are used to play and not hands? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Well, this game exists and is quite popular in Southeast Asia. Its name sounds as energetic as the sport itself.

Image courtesy of Yazid

Sepak means “The Kick” in Malaysia, while Takraw means “Woven ball” in Thailand. It’s basically like volleyball, but three players play it on each team, and legs are used to play, not hands. It’s a very funny sport to watch. 


Gross! It’s almost like people just make anything a sport these days. The Ferret-down-trousers is a game where you put live ferrets in your trousers to test your endurance levels. The last person to release the ferrets wins the game.

Image courtesy of Newyorkpost/Donaldkatz

This ridiculous sport was popular among coal miners in Yorkshire, England. It started as a stunt pulled off by the wealthy back in the 1970s to hide their pets. We’re not doctors, but it’s probably not a wise decision to trap a ferret down there.

Conker Fighting

Conkers is a weird sport that originated in Great Britain and Ireland; it was originally a children’s game before it was made into a sport. If you ask us, it still looks like a game for kids, but at this point, what do we know?

Image courtesy of  Shutterstock/ Peter Elvidge

A Conker is the nut of a horse chestnut tree – It is where the name of the sport originates from. It is played by two players who each have a threaded Conker, before taking turns in smashing them. The first one to break loses.  


Bossaball is a strange sport that unifies volleyball, football, gymnastics, and music into a single sport. The word “Bossa” means style, flair, and attitude in Brazilian Portuguese, while the name of the sport “Bossaball” means to combine sports, music, and vibrations.

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This sport is played by two teams on an inflatable court that features a trampoline on the side. It started in 2005 in Spain. You’re awarded points for scoring when the ball touches the floor or trampoline within the court’s boundaries. 

The Beard Sport

It looks like you can finally put all that beard you’ve been growing into good use. The World Beard Championship is a competition that features men with the longest beards and mustaches coming together to compete for the best beard crown.

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The first edition of the World Beard Championship was held in 1990, Hofen-Enz, Germany; the latest edition will take place in New Zealand. You just have to keep your beards, let them grow, mold them into a cool shape, and you could be the next beard king.

Egg Throwing

In case you were wondering why these sports never gained worldwide fame like the others, we hope you have your answer now – They are simply too ridiculous. Anyways, to win this bad boy, you simply have to catch and prevent your egg from breaking. 

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It takes two people to play this sport, with each person holding an egg. The aim is to throw it so fast that your opponent can’t catch it. Who would have thought throwing eggs at people would be a sport.  


Another ridiculous sport joins the list, and it involves paddling on water in a bathtub. We’ll never understand why they didn’t just stick to using boats and canoes. Nevertheless, it’s a sport and, surprisingly, lots of people compete in it.  

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So, the rules are straightforward and direct. It’s just like a traditional paddling contest, except for this time, you’re paddling in a bathtub. It might look like it’s the same sport, but canoes, boats, and bathtubs all move differently on water. 

Lawnmower Racing

Lawnmower racing is a motorsport that involves players racing in a modified lawnmower. It is a fun sport that people of all ages can play. The engine of the lawnmowers is retained. Only the sharp blades are removed as a precaution. 

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There is usually a lot of dust flying around during this race, and competitors are strongly advised to dress up in helmets and thick clothing. Most people go into Lawnmower racing to compete and have fun. Thankfully, it isn’t taken too seriously. 

Dog Surfing

We might be wrong, but we think people are simply coming up with new sports as a way of making money. Anyways, surfing with your dog is quite adorable, and we can understand why people would enjoy this sport. 

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You already share a house with your dog. You might as well share your surfboard, too. Most of the dogs that compete in this sport are well-trained. That way, they don’t misbehave and make their owners lose the competition. 

Man Versus Horse Marathon

We are truly baffled. We can’t believe people participate in sports like this. Why would anybody want to compete with a horse? In a race? It is common knowledge they’re faster than humans. Were they actually thinking they are some kind of superhumans?

Image courtesy of Parry

However, it’s a marathon and not a direct race. Even though horses have a natural advantage, there are records of humans winning these races. When you think about it, it is an incredible achievement. The sky is truly the limit. 

Cockroach Racing

Just when we thought we had seen it all, another one comes up to completely raise the bar of ridiculousness. Why are we organizing races for rodents? Anyways, it is called Cockroach racing, so may the best cockroach win.

Image courtesy of Shalimoff

As ridiculous as it may look, it is a sport founded in Australia, and it involves two opposing teams battling it out for glory with each of their rodents. It just had to be Australia, where everything they do is always different and where the craziest bugs exist.

Urban Golf

We admit this one seems even more interesting than actual golf. The rules and method of playing are the same. The only difference is where it is played. While traditional golf is played in a course, urban golf can be played anywhere.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/Andreamoss

This is why it is such a fun game; there are no restrictions to where you can play. Also, just like golf, a club and ball are employed to play the game. However, the ball used for Urban golf is non-destructive, thank goodness.

Hotdog Eating Championship

Finally, a competition made to satisfy our cravings. No matter how you think about it, in this kind of competition, you never really lose. Even if you don’t win the first position, at least you ate some hotdogs. That’s a win, too. 

Image courtesy of /shutterstock./ a katz

This contest takes place annually on the 4th of July in Coney Island, and the rules are pretty much simple. The one who can eat the most hotdogs in ten minutes wins the game. The contest separately features a male and female event.

Apple Racing

At this point, nothing fazes us anymore. We’ve accepted the cold hard truth that half the sports that are practiced today are ridiculous.  Sadly, apple racing is one of them. To think that someone came up with this sport is shocking. 

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The game involves different players racing a slice of apple to win the grand prize, as its name implies. This sport is popularly practiced on the island of Tasmania and is a yearly event. The apples are launched from the bridge at Huon-Ville. 

Sleep Racing

We swear we’re not making this up. There is a sports competition where all you have to literally do is sleep. What’s more to life? You get to sleep, win a championship, and get loads of cash prizes. We are truly speechless!

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However, nothing is as it seems when it comes to these sports. To be the sleeping champion, you might be asked to sleep for 60 hours straight and wake up at a set time.  We never said it was never going to be easy. 


The Buzkashi is one of the oldest sports in the world. It started in the 10th century by the nomadic Asian tribes and, to this day, is still officially practiced by countries in central Asia – Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and more. 

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It involves men on horses, running around to place a headless goat in a goal. It could also be a calf. However, this game can get very rough and violent as players tend to whip each other with their horsewhips.

Baby Olympics

This is not a drill. There is an Olympics for babies between the ages of two and four. So, if you’ve already decided on what your baby wants to do, you can enlist him. Who knows? He could be the next Usain Bolt. 

Image courtesy of CC BY-SA 3.0

The efforts from the organizers of this sport to bring the Olympics to the grassroots are commendable. It’s a brilliant but ridiculous idea. Just imagine babies competing in races, gymnastics, and weightlifting instead of playing around in the garden. 

Mud-Pit Belly Flop

To play this game, you have to forgo your hygienic mentality because you’re going to get down and dirty. If your definition of fun is jumping face-first into a pond of filthy mud, then this sport is for you. 

Image courtesy of Paramount Plus

As easy as it looks, it takes guts to jump into a mud puddle face-first. This sport is fun if you can get past the dirty aspect of it. We know you know, but try not to sniff or drink the muddy water when you’re inside. 

Camel Jumping

This is one of the most dangerous sports you’ll find today. We’re not sure what they were thinking, but you have to be careful when participating in camel jumping. You could damage your spine if you’re not paying attention. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@mizan_project

Camel Jumping involves jumping over three horizontally placed camels. To be a part of this sport, you have to travel to Yemen. There’s a reason why sports like this aren’t popular. The risks associated with them are just too significant. 

Unicycle Hockey

This sport is another example of humans trying to do things in new ways. The problem is, we just don’t see the essence. If something works, why try to change it. Unicycle hockey is played like traditional hockey. We just can’t decide if this is more dangerous.

Image courtesy of  VALANRUS/Shutterstock

The only difference is this time, you’re riding unicycles and not horses. Unicycle Hockey is in some ways harder than professional hockey because riding a unicycle during the game requires more focus and consumes a lot of energy. It can be pretty stressful. 

Duck Race

Duck racing is another sport most people don’t know exists. Otherwise, they would treat their rubber ducks even better than they do now. This sport is a race that involves a myriad of ducks competing for the top position. And let us tell you, there is a lot of competition. 

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The players of the game inscribe their names on the body of their ducks for easy identification, after which the ducks are then thrown into the river to begin the race. When you eliminate logic, the duck race can be entertaining.

Globe Riding

If you have dreams of riding the moon, then you should try Globe riding. This sport is also known as Zorbing; it is a recreational sport that involves its players rolling down hills while wearing a transparent globe-like plastic.

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Globe riding is generally done on gentle slopes and level surfaces, but it can also be done on water, provided the globe is adequately inflated and well-sealed. In 2001, “Zorbing” officially became a word in the Oxford Dictionary, making it hard to question whether or not it’s a real sport or not.  

Baby Crawling Racing

The Baby crawling race is very emotional, especially if your baby is a participant. It involves a group of babies crawling from the starting point to the endpoint; whoever reaches the finishing line first wins the game as the fastest crawler.

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The baby crawling race is enjoyable as you get to witness parents and families wave toys, food, and any other items that can get their baby’s attention. It is the most exciting part of the sport. 

Fire Football

If you think you’ve seen all shades of crazy, then you need to rethink. There are certain things you’ll behold that will instantly send shivers down your spine. Fire football falls into this category. If it were just regular football, it wouldn’t lift any eyebrows.

Image courtesy of kumachorou

But adding fire to the ball is indeed weird.  A group of “normal people” meeting up to play football lighted on fire. It is mostly played in Indonesia. The point of this sport is to test your endurance level…how crazy!


A beer-drinking sport? That sounds truly great and also really dangerous. We would be lying if we said we were surprised it only takes place in German-speaking countries. Beer is to Germans what vegemite is to Aussies. It’s a common fact. 

Image courtesy of Express and Star

The Kastenlauf is pretty simple. A team of two is given a crate of beer to lift from the race’s starting point to the end. However, you are expected to drink all the beer before reaching the finish line.