Rude and Quirky Notes That’ll Make People Laugh or Be Annoyed

By Kiko M December 14, 2023

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In the earlier part of your life, you were either a victim of mean remarks and gestures in high school or made those gestures or remarks yourself. Or maybe you were one of those rare wallflowers who minded their own business and hung out with friends. Fast forward to the present times, a lot of adults have grown up with anxieties. Some of them take out their mean sides on people on Twitter with very insulting comments or tweets. Some of us don’t! We have fun reading through these pieces of savagery for our own pleasure. One way or the other, you either perpetrated some textual show off of your mean side, or you were a victim of such. This list of absolutely mean insults will crack you up in many ways — or make your blood boil.

Judgment At The Hands Of The Highlighter

In solving cases in the office, as we said earlier, there is that need to be precise. Here is another clear case pointing at this fact. The original writer of the note has an issue with the office microwave and made a move at solving it.

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This attempt at solving the microwave disturbance does not seem to go down well with someone in the office, though. From the mean reaction on the note, you are sure Carolyn knows a thing or two about the office disturbance. She felt attacked, and so, she left judgment at the hands of the highlighter.

Why Steal Even In Abundance?

Avocados are full of omega 3s and healthy fats. They’re great for your eyes and your hair too. Mix a spoonful with honey and you’ve got yourself a homemade face mask! People love avocados so much that they’ll even resort to stealing them. Shocker.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

There is more than enough to go round, why then must anyone rob another of their lunch? The effect of this action is evident in the note left by the victim of this theft. Hopefully, the thief stops after seeing this note and he better returns those avos to their right shelves.

Problem Half Solved

What you must understand is how a problem in a public place can be tough to handle. Whoever makes an attempt at solving such issues must be as critical as possible. Never leave a stone unturned or a possibility “unthought-of”.

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This is a confusing sign. Why are there two microwaves? The more there are the more confusing things can get. This isn’t cool, it’s a fire hazard waiting to unravel. Guess we’ll have to don our fireproof clothing for work starting from here on out! Thanks for the heads up.

Steer Clear Of My Lunch

If you are familiar with the communal use of electronic appliances and break rooms, you must know how bad things can go, especially with your meals. Starting from how drinks go missing to how canned meals scheduled for lunch also disappear, it can get ugly.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

The writer of this note just discovered his Diet Coke is nowhere to be found. And from the contents of his messages, he took his time to shade the thief all the way down-home. But why did he have to bring mom into it? Oof, things just got personal!

How Inconsiderate Can Humans Get?

Whatever it is out there that makes humans get at each other’s throat must be a general phenomenon. As there is always a reason for butt-kicking at the workplace, there is also a reason at home. A thoughtful message just got passed through a seemingly unpleasant medium.

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Right here, someone showed how selfish we all could get at times. You took the last bottle of water available, why then would you not get it replaced? That is why we all have a reason to dispute from time to time. If you’re not filling up the water whose job is it? The magic elves?

Not The Spoiled Milk You Know

Sometimes you don’t want your honest message misconstrued. Even if it is only going to happen in a few cases, not a sincere attempt to help as the first note here. The first note only wanted to save the milk from getting spoiled. And they added a friendly gesture to help, but this note just looks a tad condescending.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

A creative response twists the whole message completely. The world already has a lot to deal and now this?! Milk should not spoil in that manner; this spoiled milk is sure to make its rounds when people forget to close the door. We kind of like this mean note. It isn’t as brutal as others!

A Way To Lighten It Up

With the reaction this person got from cans, it is safe to say he was not built for relationships. On the more serious note (the first note), there was an instruction that sounds quite strict and a bit rigid. Seems like someone is still bitter from his last romance.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

Thanks to the intervention on the lighter note (second note), the mood is down to some humor finally. Wait a moment, does the second note really mean someone got ditched by food cans thrice? Say it ain’t so! We only hope his humor is as good as the women he chooses to date.

Wanting Nothing But The Best

Whenever restaurants put up notices for their staff, a little bit of clarity will do a world of good. You do not want a customer to get stranded for over an hour because they misunderstood your message. This sign is misleading and it makes for a good insult note.

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This customer must have coveted just the best of services from this restaurant. Whoever this customer is, he sure must be a fan of five-star services or they might be pretty high maintenance. We’re glad we’re not dating them. Better get an attitude check.

Subtle Shades

What do you think a life without human companionship will be like? Truly, pets like cats are one of the best companions anyone can have around, but this note seems to state something that might seem slightly offensive to ridicule people who own cats.

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Or, they could actually mean it as a good thing. Are we reading it too deep? With “amazing” capitalized, it leaves a lot more to know. How much companionship can you get from a pet that cannot talk back, to pass off as “amazing”? That shade is genuinely subtle, and it’s pretty striking.

When The Grammar Is Not Clear Enough

You can relate to the fact that most workers are known to often take undue advantage of the emergency exit privilege to take an unscheduled break. This is not right at all, and the office just did what’s just! Any office would have taken the same steps they did.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

Putting an alarm on the door seems like the right step to stop its inappropriate use. But the warning note just added vagueness to the picture. And the note in response further clouds the message. Is the door alarmed or does it simply sound off an alarm when opened?

Possessing Just Enough Spots

Taking up spots seems to have become a bane in most parking lots around town. Our advice is, no matter the haste, spots are not a luxury, let’s be less greedy with them and try to give other people way. As a driver, it’s important to be respectful and if you aren’t you’ll probably end up with this note one day (we hope not!)

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

Whoever had gifted this parker an additional “spot” definitely tried to park his vehicle. Still, it couldn’t fit it into the tiny space left. And this mean note he left, for us, is an infamous way of correcting societal ills. It wasn’t as mean as we thought and we’d rate it a 5. At least he taught them a lesson!

Countered Sarcasm

It sure feels good to have a good sense of humor passing around in your office. It feels even better when it borders around sarcasm, or should we say “sacarsm”? This person needs to download Grammarly, stat. Or ask a colleague for help when writing documents. He probably just needed more coffee that day?

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For one, the management or whoever had taken up the idea of setting up this sarcasm counter should know it would be rough terrain. You don’t go about diving into challenges like that without at least being sure of your spelling!

Simply Cold-blooded

Boba Fett is the favorite Star Wars character for so many of us nerds. So, to hear that someone like him is a subject of a cold-blooded insult note like this one only sounds like a personal feud. How could you hate Star Wars characters? Unless you didn’t watch the movie or dislike it of course.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/jetpens

This note on a bathroom wall leaves room for no reaction also. It only allows an avenue to pour out such unusual, cold-blooded emotions. There is no end to how mean people can get really. After all, Boba Fett is a crucial character in the original trilogy — and The Mandalorian too. Why are you so upset?

When Being Inconsiderate Gets Awarded

Judging from our previous case of parking discrepancies, we can boldly say that most of us never settle well with people eating up too much space when we drive into a parking lot. This funny note has earned everyone’s attention in the parking lot. We feel bad for the person who received this note.

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But it is even more annoying when this amount of parking space is taken up by just a little vehicle. Little wonder this inconsiderate parker just earned himself an infamous recognition. He probably won’t be grazing around that parking lot anymore.

Learning Lessons Within A Timeframe

We know we’ve said enough about parking wrongly already. But, it happens that this act is a leading reason behind the dark sides of most people and the insult notes they leave behind. This one was sugarcoated or should we say, flour coated?

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This car is not in the right spot. And there is no mincing word saying the owner of this car is about to learn his lessons in the cruelest of ways and in a short period if not corrected immediately. Next time, he might be getting broken eggs instead of bread!

Walking In The Steps Of The Master

While others rack their brains to come up with these mean insult notes, some others just take examples from legends who led the pack in times past. One of these legends is none other than the phenomenal Harry Potter writer, J.K. Rowling.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

She, unarguably, parades an excellent style of writing. A fan of hers decided to tread her path by using an exact monologue from her book to warn his colleagues at work to stay clear of his meal, stressing the danger that abounds. A message passed, without stress. We smell a Potterhead!

Not Compliment Worthy

We’d love to say that, having used a lot of footwear, there has been no other as built for function as the crocs footwear. They come in very handy during both cold and hot times. Some people, on the other hand, absolutely detest them.

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However, the last thing any person wearing crocs should expect is a compliment. You can enjoy all the footwear has to offer but not compliments. So, we think it is safe to say that this means the note is not as startling what it seems to be.

When The Warning Doesn’t Ring Through

Nothing can be as annoying as when your personal mug is made communal. This can feel so wrong. We guess that is why the owner of this mug left a warning note. Maybe he should get a new mug that looks like a normal one to avoid contact?

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But leaving a mug in such a public place only leaves a possibility of this happening again repeatedly. This reason explains the response note everyone else in the office left for the mug owner. This response is as funny as it is mean.

The Eagle’s Eyes Watching

Just as you are there thinking of your next action, it might interest you to know how vigilant people are around you. This is what necessitates the famous phrase, “Watch Your Back”. You do not know who is crawling up right behind you.

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Right in this note, it is clear a driver just hit a car parked along the road. He had no idea anyone saw him, so he zoomed off. Sadly, he’s in for a bumpy ride. Literally. People who drive and ditch are some of the most horrible kind. How can you hit a car and not acknowledge it? Take some responsibility for your actions, man.

How Worthy Is Your Arts Degree?

Devaluing the worth of a degree is a mean gesture. As long as you had to sit for exams to get a degree, you deserve some respect! This might have a special connection with art degrees as people want to know their actual worth.

Image Courtesy of Acid Cow

The note on this toilet wall just provided a somewhat witless answer. Yes, it is mean, and it is an insult on the holders of this degree and those that award them, yet, the labor market speaks volumes of its resemblance to a toilet paper. Art degrees are one of the most expensive in the world and this person decided to take out their pains on art students. Not cool.

Not A Clan To Mess With

 This note is yet another effect of parking incorrectly. The drill is that since you also get really pissed when others park poorly, there is no reason you should not do likewise. Some clans are not just to be messed with. What clan are we talking about? The one of the spud variety.

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This parker has just angered the potato clan with their inconsiderate parking. The note the clan supposedly left reads out the danger. We’ll be thankful if the parker escapes this wrath with his life intact. You got off easy on this one, but next time the potatoes might come smashed!

Paying Good With Evil

We cannot stress the fact that office matters are exceptionally delicate, and they demand just a similar application of carefulness. This situation is true of this office issue with employees littering the office space with trash, causing foul smell all over.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

A notice for everybody to use the trash can in the hallway more constantly just seems like the best move. Yet someone pained by this move decides to strike back with the same ketchup. Foul play? We think so. Good thing they smeared it on paper though and not on the wall!

When The Wrong Hits So Right

Some wrong attitudes hurt so deeply that your reaction to them seems like you’re getting ahead of yourself. In such cases, you feel so pained that your reaction spells out “HURT!” in every language. Is this a poem? It’s far from it we’re afraid.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

We can’t overstress the emotional impacts parking wrongly can cause for others. It is simply the only reason this mean note spells out this amount of hurt. Inconsiderate parking seems to hurt this writer so badly — seems like he’s come across many during his visits to the parking lot!

Don’t Provoke The Boss: Park Wisely!

Inconsiderate parking can get a lot worse, especially in the office environment where there is a hierarchy, and you’re not just up there yet. You do not want to cross lines with your boss in this regard. Park beside your best coworker, that’s your safest bet.

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The parker in this note just did, and the boss left a funny message to express their displeasure. As amusing as the note may sound, it does not seem like it will end here still. More trouble looms for whoever parked this way!

How Far Can You Go To Right The Wrong?

The constant lack of sympathy in the parking space drives a lot of people nuts. Obviously, not everybody can handle the situation calmly. Some people go as far as they deem necessary. Case in point: this cute little note that’s tinged with a hint of spite.

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How much more can anyone do to prove to everyone how badly wrong parking affects them? The writer of this note went as far as giving their own insult note a proper design and the most graphic of words. At least the note was softened by the cute drawing on the side?

A Change Of Ways Along The Way

Most notes just reflect how dirty, mean, and even creatively rude most of us can get. We do not care who our notes might address eventually. But it seems like there is a different case here. He wasn’t trying to be mean; he just wanted him to spend quality time with grandma!

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An insult meant for the grandmother drifts off swiftly to become a friendly reminder of the need for us to embrace family more. Maybe, the fact that the recipient might be a grandma made the writer change his ways literally. We never know who might be on the other side of the note.

How Mean Can A Correction Get?

The situation with office duties can really get strange most times. Certain times, the actions employees put up leaves room for questions as to why they made those choices. Clearly, they could act differently. This note might have been the ultimatum.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

This employee hoped to correct the cleaners. They seem to be lagging in their duty. But pinning the hair they found to the wall and leaving such a mean note alongside is nothing but a cold mode of correction. Now we’re wondering, is the hair still hanging? We sure hope someone plucked it and threw it out.

Reign Of The Rebels

Every office space is “blessed” with their own supply of rebels. And it is not every day in the week that they get to have their way. Some moments come in perfectly for them to reign. This person made a grammar mistake that people decided to take advantage of.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This situation is clearly one of those situations. And, it is unlikely for us to see a stop to this reign anytime soon. The rebels seem to have the day all to themselves. Shall we just let them have their way? We’re waiting to see how long the sticky note river grows!

When The Shades Get Dirty

If you are going to shade someone, you should at least leave no room for a clap back. In situations like this, people display the bees they have stored in their bonnets for some time. They find the perfect time to call people out, usually behind their back or behind the comfort of a screen.

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Just while the first insult was thrown, maybe out of anger, impatience, or language incompetence, there was a clear goof! This goof made it easier for the responder to do a clap back that must have hit dirty. You or you’re are honest mistakes. Cut the person some slack and don’t call others stupid, stupid. We’re kidding.

Ending It Nicely

You have probably seen some showboating as well as some very nasty cruelty in action. It is only good that this list is rounded off on a lighter note. This bathroom wall note in particular leaves a lot still to understand.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

Referring to a friend’s mom as “a nice lady” is more than just a compliment. It means a lot more than that. There is, therefore, no surprise about the response that follows immediately. As that looks like a supporting response, it also means a lot more.