It’s Getting Hot In Here: 45 Stunning Weather Girls That You Can’t Look Away From

By Martina T

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

It might be super-cold outside, but these jaw-dropping meteorologists will send the temperature through the roof in no time! Even if you’re not a fan of watching TV, when these ladies appear on the screen, you’ll have your eyes all over them. But, their appearance isn’t the only thing that you need to know about these beauties. The 45 ladies we’re about to discuss are all highly educated, intelligent businesswomen who know precisely what they want, and they’re not afraid to chase after it. Most of them have bachelor’s degrees in broadcasting journalism, others are Emmy-winning journalists, and some have doctorate degrees! For them, being beautiful is just a huge plus! So, if you want to learn all about these weather reporters, broadcasters, and beauty queens, you better start reading about these stunners who are sweeping your nation with unbearable hotness. 

Maria Quiban

The gorgeous brunette Maria Quiban is the first stunning weather broadcaster on our list. Quiban is one of the biggest feminists on this list, always showing her support for single moms online. When she’s not reporting, the beauty is hanging out with other moms, crafting plans for how to help everyone become successful. 

Photo credits: @mariasearth/Instagram

Aside from being very popular on the screen as a weather lady, Maria has also been a part of several successful movies and TV series. But, the most interesting part is that she also plays a weather broadcaster, the thing she knows best. 

Lissette Gonzales

Lissette is another jaw-dropping brunette that has so much to offer! After graduating with honors for Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University, Gonzales landed her first reporting job and hasn’t left since. She is unbelievably smart, successful, and stunning!

Photo credits: @lissettegonzales/Instagram

Her beginnings are quite different. When she was younger, the Miami native was a part of several beauty pageants and even became Miss Florida and Miss Miami. She even became the second runner-up in the Miss America competition, but her professional life took her to a completely different path. 

Christina Jade Loren

This next blonde bombshell is an iconic weather woman. She’s been on your screens for many years now, but her latest gig has been running since 2015. If you watch RFD-TV in Nashville, then you already know who we’re talking about. 

Photo credits: @christinaloren_meteorologist/Instagram

Loren has an impressive educational history. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, is a certified meteorologist, and has a Master’s degree in Theological Studies. Christina is a successful professional that once blessed TV stations like CBS News Miami. 

Cristina MacArthur

Christina Blackwell, now MacArthur, knew she wanted to be on TV ever since she was a little girl. She first enrolled at the University of Texas at San Antonio, then started seeking reporting jobs when she grew up. One of her internships was at Great Day SA, which paved her path for the future.

Photo credits: @crismactv/Instagram

Her next step was working with Univision. There is no doubt that she’s excellent at what she does. However, Christina still decided to live a different life. She quit weather forecasting in 2019 and is now a social media personality that shares all her passions online. 

Dylan Dreyer

It’s really hard not to recognize Dylan Dreyer because she’s everywhere. After receiving her Meteorology degree from Rutgers University, she started scouting for jobs. Thankfully, many TV stations recognized her talent, and that’s how she became part of networks such as RI and WHDH in Boston and WJAR in Providence.

Photo credits: @dylandreyernbc/Instagram

Currently, you can find Dreyer on NBC News, MSNBC, and Weekend Today. Aside from taking over the meteorology section, she’s also a host of her own show named Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer. The show is currently running on NBC. 

Vera Jimenez

Vera’s bright career didn’t exactly start with her in front of the camera. After graduating with honors from Cal State Long Beach, Jimenez started looking for a job. The first gig she landed was excellent, but it wasn’t as a reporter. Instead, Vera was an editor and organized traffic, which was far from her dream.

Photo credits: @verajimeneztv/Instagram

Soon after, Jimenez got the chance to prove herself as a reporter, and she never failed. Today, Vera is the proud recipient of two Emmy Awards and three Golden Mikes. Aside from handling the weather, the beauty also has her cooking show named Cooking with Vera

Sandra Ryncarz

If you’ve ever been to Poland, you know how cold it can get. Well, it’s never cold for the gorgeous Sandra Ryncarz. The presenter wears exactly what she wants and whenever she wants while presenting the latest weather conditions.

Photo credits: @sandraryncarz/Instagram

People who watch her also enjoy her stunning looks and religiously follow her on social media. The beauty is known for her provocative outfits, love for traveling, and luxury things. Sandra is also a mom to a boy who she sometimes shares with her fans on Instagram. 

Jackie Guerrido 

Jackie Guerrido never imagined she would become a weather reporter. The Puerto Rican beauty started looking for a job as a traffic reporter when she stumbled upon a different opening. After a tough childhood, Jackie graduated from university and accidentally became a weather forecaster sensation.

Photo credits: @officialjackieg/Instagram

The one thing that most people will tell you about Guerrido is that she has the most accurate weather forecast and is one of the biggest professionals in the industry. When she’s not covering the weather, the talented reporter shares snippets of her life with her Instagram followers. 

Mayte Carranco

Mayte Carranco is much more than a gorgeous girl who presents the weather forecast. This TV presenter is also a famous model and Miss Televisa Monterrey. The beauty is very busy and active on social media, especially Instagram, where she entertains an audience of over one million followers.

Photo credits: @maytecarranco/Instagram

You don’t have to follow Cuentamelo Ya or enjoy the weather forecast to know who she is. Thanks to her Instagram presence, the presenter is very popular and collaborates with some major brands as a part of her influencer career. If you can’t get enough of her Insta, you should consider taking a look at her TikTok account as well. 

Janice Villagran

So many gorgeous Latinas make their way to the United States to explore and conquer new territories. One of those examples is Janice Villagran, who comes from Mexico but is also present on the American scene. Villagran is one of the most popular weather ladies, with 224 thousand followers on Instagram.  

Photo credits: @janicevillagran/Instagram

After dominating the screens as a weather reporter, Janice decided to make a shift in her career. Today, you can catch her as a TV host, which means she’s stayed faithful to the screens but in a slightly different capacity. 

Evelyn Taft

The San Francisco native blonde is a force to be reckoned with. After graduating from the University of Southern California, the beauty put her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science into action. Evelyn has had all eyes on her ever since she was only 16 when she received a spot leading her first show on-air. 

Photo credits: @evelyn_taft/Instagram

Shortly after her broadcasting career started, Taft also started working towards getting a Meteorology Certificate from Mississippi State University. This beauty is constantly looking for new adventures, whether it’s climbing a mountain or hiking to discover a new lake.  

Ariane Brodier

Ariane Brodier is an absolute sensation on social media. With half a million Instagram followers, the weather girl is ready to take over the world. Although she’s born and based in France, Ariane is well-known in Europe for her timeless beauty and many successful projects. 

Photo credits: @arianebrodier/Instagram

After working as an animator and TV writer, Brodier wanted to change things up. This was when she became a weather presenter, and her career took off right away. Today, the French bombshell is known for multiple successful acting roles and is a famous comedian. 

Marilu Kaufman

Watching the weather forecast every single day is nothing less than a pleasure, thanks to Marily Kaufman. The stunner is another Instagram sensation with 230 thousand followers. Kaufman is a weather reporter at Mutlimedios Television and Milenio Noticias, where she shares the latest updates with her viewers.

Photo credits: @marilu.kaufman/Instagram

Marilu was born to be a TV persona. You can also see her as a part of various TV shows, as a model, and as an influencer. Her Instagram page is filled with seductive pictures, snaps from her workout routines, daily photos with her adorable kids, and much more. 

​​Sugey Ábrego

Sugey is another Mexican forecaster with a strong TV and online presence. After she had an outfit accident while on air, the beautiful Abrego went viral, and millions of people saw the video with the mishap. The gorgeous star is known for wearing sultry outfits while presenting the weather.

Photo credits: @sugeyabregotv/Instagram

However, Sugey didn’t only stick to reporting about the weather. Instead, she started a very successful acting career and has since played excellent roles in various TV shows. If you’re as obsessed with this Mexican brunette as we are, you can check her out in Como Dice el Dicho, Mujer, and Barrera de Amor. 

Raegan Medgie

From warm Mexico, we move to the center of the world – New York. Raegan Medgie is a staple on Fox 5 News, where she officially holds the title of the sexiest weather broadcaster. Medgie is an amazing and intelligent person who is actively working on becoming one of the best in her field. 

Photo credits: @raeganmedgie/Instagram

The reporter is currently in her last semester at the Pennsylvania State University, earning her Weather Forecasting Certificate. Raegan started attending college during the pandemic and impressively managed to maintain a full-time job while studying to earn her degree. 

Zelenny Ibarra

Zelenny is a Mexican attraction and one of the country’s best weather girls. Even though she never even thought about being on TV, Ibarra is now one of the most recognizable faces. The hot brunette studied International Relations but decided to change majors and eventually received a theater degree at the University of Nuevo Leon.

Photo credits: @zelennyibarra_/Instagram

She started pursuing TV jobs by accident, soon becoming an absolute star. Aside from talking about the weather, Zelenny is also very busy looking for acting jobs. Although she loves what she does, the beauty wants to return to her first love – the theater.  

Chita Craft

Chita, who has a Bachelor of Science, is a well-known face at KHOU 11 News. Every morning between 4:30 and 7, you can see her every morning doing all her wonders while presenting the weather. Although Chita was born and raised in California, she decided to move to Houston after meeting her husband.

Photo credits: @chita_craft/Instagram

Today, Craft has two stunning kids and a husband with who she loves spending time with. The broadcaster is also an avid football fan and is a regular at the Hoston Texans’ games, so we might even see her reporting sports news one day. 

Sheena Parveen

Sheena is another otherworldly beauty from Florida, winning over the hearts of spectators in the United States. After graduating from Florida State University and scoring a degree in meteorology, Parveen fought for her first job as an intern at Tallahassee News. 

Photo credits: @sheenaparveen/Instagram

Her next step was to win over the audience with her charm, which was an easy task. So far, Sheena has been a part of several important stations and has since relocated to San Diego, where she is the weather broadcaster for NBC. 

Alex Wilson

You can find Alex on The Weather Channel, where she hosts the weather each day. This stunner is an exceptionally smart person! Wilson scored a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State and Syracuse University after graduating summa cum laude. 

Photo credits: @twcalexwilson/Instagram

Her next move was a job at FOX, located in Greenville. Three years later, she transferred to The Weather Channel and has been there ever since 2013. It’s safe to say that she’s a staple at the channel and one of the hottest weather forecasters we’ve seen. 

Patricia Jaggernauth

If you watch Canadian TV, then you’re already familiar with Patricia Jaggernauth. The Toronto native has over 335 thousand followers on Instagram and is an Emmy Award-winning TV Host. After getting a journalism degree from Seneca College at York University, Patricia moved to the TV screens, specializing in the weather forecast.

Photo credits: @patricia_j/Instagram

The amazing Jaggernauth is also an entrepreneur and owns a company dedicated to fashion. She’s busy taking roles in movies and TV series when she’s not blessing the viewers with her unique interpretation of the weather. Patricia is a force of nature and won the Harry Jerome Media Award for Best In Media in Canada back in 2016. 

Indra Petersons

Indra, an American-born stunner, has Latvian roots. If you thought that all the weather ladies were very educated until now, just wait until you see Indra’s CV. This beauty has a degree in Atmospheric Physics. There is no doubt that she understands the weather, and that’s why she’s one of the best forecast personalities on TV. 

Photo credits: @indrapetersons/Instagram

Peterson is also a member of the American Meteorological Society. Currently, the reporter works at CNN, Today, and Good Morning America. To prove that she has it all, the LA-born reporter often organizes charities for children who need help. 

Liberté Chan

Liberté doesn’t only present the weather, but she enjoys the weather! Her Instagram profile is filled with adventures, starting with skiing trips to tropical getaways in the Maldives. When she was young, Chan was a competitive figure skater, so she learned how to be disciplined and work hard for what she wanted. 

Photo credits: @libertechan/Instagram

She has a degree in Journalism and Meteorology and later scored a Master’s degree in Public Health. So as you can see, there’s much more behind this face than just beauty. Chan is also obsessed with exercising, which is something you can often see on her Instagram profile. 

Elita Loresca

This is the first Philippina on our list. Elita Loresca didn’t stay long in her native Philippines and moved to America to build a life there. The reporter knew she wanted to be on TV even when she was a child, so she instantly knew where she’d go when she had to choose a college.

Photo credits: @elitaloresca/Instagram

Elita has a degree in Broadcasting Journalism from Cal State Fullerton. But, that wasn’t enough for the overachieving broadcaster, so she went on to achieve a Broadcast Meteorology Certificate from Mississippi State University. In 2005, FHM crowned her as the Sexiest Newscaster in the United States. 

Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia might be one of the biggest online sensations on this list. The brunette seductress has almost 15 million followers on Instagram and is more popular for her super-hot shots in see-through lingerie than her career as a weather broadcaster. 

Photo credits: @iamjanetgarcia/Instagram

Garcia is very skilled and has a powerful TV presence, so her scope goes beyond reporting about the weather. She’s also been a part of several TV shows and is a TV host. There is no doubt that she’s extremely smart because she managed to build an empire online. 

Bri Winkler

The blonde weather girl, Bri Winkler, is here to show you the best time ever when you turn on ABC7 Eyewitness News. This stunner is as intelligent as they get, and she even has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine and Atmospheric Science and a Master’s in Environmental Science and Management. 

Photo credits: @abc7briwinkler/Instagram

As you can already guess, Winkler is a huge nature lover, so she uses every second she has for a new outdoor adventure. Bri doesn’t have millions of followers, but she’s not as invested online as most other ladies on this list are. 

Robin Meade

Did you notice that there’s a trend for former beauty queens to become weather forecasters? All these ladies can brag with their beauty and brains, and the next one on the list is a reporter everyone in America is familiar with. 

Photo credits: @robinmeade/Instagram

Robin Meade is not your regular weather girl. When she’s not talking about clouds and storms, the beauty is a news anchor and a singer. Did you know that she launched a music career and now has two albums? 

Domenica Davis

Domenica might have Italian origins, but she was born and raised in the United States. Her first step towards becoming a weather reporter was getting a Broadcast Journalism degree from Boston University. While she was studying, Davis also interned at various major TV stations. 

Photo credits: @domenicadavis/Instagram

After getting her degree, the sexy brunette applied for a job and became an editor and reporter on Neighborhood Network News. She left her first job to work in various networks and is now happily presenting the weather at WHDH-TV.

Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson is a real multi-tasker. The blonde broadcaster spent her childhood in Michigan and got a Broadcast Journalism degree at Middle Tennessee State University. After that, the doors were open for Johnson, so she started working at various TV stations.

Photo credit: @jackiejohnsonla/Instagram

Jackie has been a staple on the screens for more than two decades now. During her rich and interesting career, she reported for some of the best TV stations and landed roles in movies, TV series, and much more. You can now also hear her on the radio. So is there something that his woman can’t do?

Magda Palimariu

If you’re from Europe or love following smoking hot ladies on Instagram, you’ll recognize this one right away. Magda Palimariu is one of the best-looking Romanian broadcasters with a bright future. The gorgeous brunette has a Master’s degree in Journalism.

Photo credits: @magdapalimariu/Instagram

It would be so strange for Magda not to be a model with looks like that. Well, you guessed right! This long-legged reporter has regular modeling gigs aside from her everyday job. Palimariu has over 130 thousand Instagram followers, which is an astounding number for a personality that comes from a small country like Romania. 

Mary Gamarra

Just like Jackie Johnson, Mary has been on-screen for almost two decades. She is one of the most experienced weather forecasters with alluring physical looks. When she’s on the screen, you can’t look away! Although Gamarra isn’t as popular on Instagram as some of her colleagues, everyone who watches TV knows who she is.

Photo credits: @marygammaratv/Instagram

The beauty is also an actress, and one of her most popular roles is Cada Dia. After her acting career took off, Mary started appearing in telenovelas; she didn’t have as much time for broadcasting. When she’s not filming, the beauty spends her free time with her kids and husband. 

Roxana Vancea

Roxana Vancea is the second Romanian weather forecaster on our list. As you can see, Romanians have some of the best-looking ladies on TV. Vancea looks stunning, and you can quickly tell that she spends a lot of time in the gym to look like that. 

Photo credits: @roxanavancea/Instagram

Her on-screen style is quite unique and revealing. Roxana is not afraid to show some skin, so she often gives spectators a sneak peek of her tattoos and gorgeous body. Vancea is an Instagram sensation with almost half a million followers. 

Diana Alvarado

Diana Alvarado is a multi-talented weather girl blessed with hot looks. After winning the Miss America International pageant, Diana decided to make a living off her popularity. That’s when she became a weather forecaster, and there’s no doubt that she’s excellent at what she does. 

Photo credits: @dinaalvarotv/Instagram

Alvarado spices up her reports with skin-tight outfits that reveal more than they hide. But, of course, you simply can’t look that good without working out. Yes, this beauty goes to the gym religiously and constantly promotes healthy living habits to her followers. 

Llarisa Abreu

Llarisa Abreu talks about the weather in a manner that you actually want to learn more about. Her unique broadcasting skills and hard work even earned her an Emmy Award. After getting a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Barry State, the beauty has worked for several major networks. 

Photo credits: @llarisaabreu/Instagram

Now, she’s studying to get her Master’s Degree in Geoscience Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State. Llarisa is obsessed with hurricanes, loves nature, and is a huge pet lover. Abreu spends her time traveling and posting hot photos on Instagram when she’s not on-air. 

Megan Glaros

Megan Glaros is another iconic name in America’s weather broadcasting history. The blonde bombshell has been a part of some of the biggest networks, including The Talk, CBS Chicago, Good Morning America, CBS New York, CBS This Morning, and more. These are reputable stations where most reporters would die to work. 

Photo credits: @meganglaros/Instagram

Megan has three Emmy Awards and is a fulfilled person on all fronts. The reporter has three kids which she often shares on social media, so if you want to take a peek into her private life, that’s where you should turn. 

Kelly Simek

Kelly never planned on becoming a meteorologist, but faith had completely different plans. The stunner first started going to the University of Hawaii at Manoa to study Broadcast Journalism. However, things changed quickly when she began attending meteorology classes.

Photo credits: @kellysimek/Instagram

Since she was obsessed with the subject, Kelly decided to take on meteorology as her major. Simek is always on the go and loves exploring new destinations. She also has a travel blog where you can read more about her experiences. 

Maria Timmer

Maria has an interesting life story. This gorgeous lady was born in Nicaragua but has spent most of her life in the United States in Florida. Timmer is one of the smartest women on the list. She is a graduate of Columbia University and has a Ph.D. from Central Michigan University.

Photo credits: Wichita KS

Another exciting part of her life is her meeting her husband. Reed Timmer is a professional storm catcher, so you can already tell that it’s never boring in their house. Reed even has his own series that will familiarize you with the unique adventures. 

Araksya Karaptyan

This is probably the hardest name to pronounce on our list, which instantly tells you that it’s made up of ladies from all over the world. Araksya was born in Armenia but now lives and works in America. This stunning face you see on your TV screen has a degree in International Relations and Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University.

Photo credits: @araksyakaraptyan/Instagram

After graduating, Karraptyan interned at KABC-TV in Los Angeles, and it wasn’t long before her career took the fast route up. The Armenian stunner speaks multiple languages, including English, Armenian, Spanish and Russian. Her Instagram is where you can turn if you want to become a part of her online family. 

Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill is a former beauty queen turned weather reporter. When Hill was younger, she took part in all the possible beauty pageants she could find and did very well. However, all of that changed when she decided to go on air and become a weathercaster. Sonya was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, and has a degree in Psychology. 

Photo credits: @sonyahilltv/Instagram

She’s now a weather broadcaster and reporter for KZTV Action 10. The beauty uses her free time to explore, travel, and share all the snaps with her Instagram followers. Hill has done some exceptional deals with major companies like Harley Davidson to prove that she’s not just a pretty face. 

Sabrina Fein

Sabrina was inspired by a disaster to start learning more about weather and forecasters. After surviving Hurricane Andrew, Fein decided she would start studying more about nature, so she got a Meteorology Degree from the University of Miami. However, the Miami native didn’t stop there.

Photo By: @sabrinafeintv/Instagram

At the moment, she’s studying at the University of Florida and is on the way to getting her Certificate in Social Media. What’s even more inspiring is that Sabrina is a mom and has to divide her free time between so many things. 

Jill Nicolini

Jill Nicolini can do it all. You might know her as a weather reporter, but this gorgeous woman also works as an actress, model, and much more. Back in the day, Nicolini was a reality show contestant, so it’s only understandable that she doesn’t mind getting all the attention and on-screen time. 

Photo credits: @jillnicolini/Instagram

Jill was even on the cover of Playboy at one point, meaning that she’s been destined for success no matter what. Today, the gorgeous reporter has two kids and spends all her free time pampering them. Nicolini and her family live and work in New York. 

Lucy Verasamy

As a huge nature lover, there’s nothing Lucy would rather do than be a weather girl. But, if you open her Instagram profile, you’ll see that she’s always doing something fun in the great outdoors, whether that’s fishing, hiking, picking seasonal fruits, or just traveling to explore new places. 

Photo credits: @lucyweather/Instagram

Verasamy has a Geography degree, but she decided she wanted to be a weather forecaster after graduating. That’s when the hot brunette enrolled in classes to train and got cleared as a meteorologist by the Press Association. Lucy has a show on TV called Climate Crisis: Our Changing World

Gaby Lozoya

Gaby is as hot as fire. And what’s even more important is that she doesn’t mind showing extra skin. It doesn’t matter if she’s presenting the weather or taking photos for her Instagram; Lozoya is always dressed to impress. Can you believe that this gorgeous creature has two kids?

Photo credits: @gabylgaxioia/Instagram

Gaby might be young, but she’s been a TV personality for years now. She currently works for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey, where she presents the weather and is a leading anchor. Her Instagram profile is all about her work, with rare glimpses of her family life. 

Vania Manzano

Vania, the Mexican bombshell, doesn’t mind showing everything off on social media. If you open her Instagram, you’ll see that the meteorologist loves flaunting her curves in skin-tight dresses and wearing bikinis. Manzano might be very invested in growing her audience online, but she’s even more invested when presenting the latest weather news. 

Photo credits: @vaniamanzanof/Instagram

Vania is very well educated. She has a bachelor’s degree in business and a degree in tourism. She’s been a TV persona for many years now, and each time she appears on-screen, she looks better and better. She has more than 223 thousand followers, and all of them patiently waiting to see her next move. 

Behnaz Akhgar

Behnaz is from Iran, but she currently lives in Britain. The beautiful Akhgar moved to the U.S. when she was very young and had to learn everything from zero, including the language. The Iranian beauty has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Photo By: @behnazakhgar/Instagram

The second one helped her choose her career path and led her to become a meteorologist. Although that’s what’s she’s most famous for, Behnaz takes over various positions. She’s also the picture editor and a presenter on BBC Radio Wales. 

Ximena Cordoba

Is Ximena one of the sexiest, hottest ladies on this list? If you take a look at the shots she posts, you’ll certainly think so. Cordoba is not your traditional TV host that appears in a classic black suit. Instead, the Columbian model shows up to work in revealing combos that complement her gorgeous figure.

Photo credits: @ximenacordoba/Instagram

Ximena has 2 million followers on Instagram, where she constantly shares videos and photos of her photoshoots, acting career, weather forecasting job, and much more. If you like watching Telenovelas, you can find Cordoba in movies and shows including Prohibir Matar La Violencia and Tomalo Suave