40+ Photobombing Dogs With A Perfect Sense Of Timing

By Jo Arazi

In this digital age, taking pictures or selfies has become a vital part of our day-to-day lives. Most times, we always want to save important moments – or not so important moments – for posterity’s sake. What best way to save history than by taking a picture. Regardless of the moment or time, there’s every chance you’ll cherish that picture when you look back at it. However, a priceless moment can get better, especially if your furry family photobombed it. Although we are not sure if they are aware of this, it isn’t important because the outcome is nothing short of amazing and funny. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of pictures that will leave you rolling with laughter; let’s jump right in.

What do we have here?

As they say, curiosity kills the cat, but in this case, it’s the dog we have here. Most pet owners know first hand about how inquisitive and clingy our pets can be. Your pet can develop a strong bond with you.

Image source: breakbrunch.com

The bond can be so strong that they want to go everywhere with you, eat what you’re eating, and do the things you’re doing. In this case, this doggo’s mummy wanted to take a picture, but like a good boy, he just had to be included.

Not impressed

Remember we talked about how hard it is to impress cats? Well, we didn’t have to wait that long, did we? Before we go further, can you guess what this cat is thinking? Without a doubt, you know it’s definitely not good.

Image source: cute-overload.blogspot.com

You can see how unimpressed he is- looking at his furry partner as he laps up praise and adulation from his human parent. To the cat, this dog is fooling himself when he’s supposed to be acting like a god that should be worshipped by their hooman.

What’s that smell?

One good thing about dogs is the fact that they have a powerful nose. This is one thing that makes them stand out among other animals. When trained, they are very useful in law enforcement, helping to sniff out various substances.

Image source:thechive.com

Well, on this beautiful day at the park, this doggo had been suspecting something was off, but he couldn’t place the smell. At first, he thought it’s his human brother at work, only for him to realize the horrible smell is from his armpit; imagine his horror.  


Have you ever heard the saying it rained cats and dogs? Well, that’s because it is the only thing that can adequately describe how wild and heavy that rainfall was. You’ll understand this analogy better when you see a cat and dog fight.

Image source: hillspet

Except when they have grown up together right from when they were little, cats will often avoid dogs as much as possible. They hardly ever get along but the cat right here seems to have other things in her mind or she just doesn’t care that the dog stole her big photo op.

Happy Boy

There are some mantra’s you need to adopt in your life and home. One such one is that of soldiers who say you mustn’t leave any of your comrades behind. These are wise words to live by, and it applies to many situations, including taking family portraits.

Image source: persianpet.org

Well, this family wanted to take a picture without their furry son, but he was having none of it and decided to take charge of the situation. What better place to position yourself in the family picture than right in front of the camera with a huge smile on your face?


To a certain extent, babies nowadays can interact with mobile phones, iPads, and other tech devices. Right from the time they set eyes on it, they are attracted to it and want to have it in their hands at all cost.

Image source: pinterest / maricelperry

Not wanting to be disturbed, momma decided to give her baby her phone, and the little one seized the opportunity to take a selfie. Although her baby was on her best behavior and was in the mood for pictures, her furry brother didn’t want to be left out of the shot.

Not too happy

It takes a lot to impress some animals, especially cats. But dogs, on the other hand, are enamored by their human parents and siblings alike. Whatever you do is perfect in their eyes, and they’ll always love you regardless.

Image source: dogtime

You can see the look of adoration in the eyes of the mother dog as he looks patiently at his human parent. There’s every chance they were told to pose for a picture with the reward of a treat, but little doggo can’t wait.

Out of bounds

Dogs have a special diet, but you’ll realize that they will eat almost all every food humans eat except for some. Even though chocolate is pretty harmless to humans except taken in large quantities, it’s extremely dangerous for dogs.

Image source: healthline

Well, they don’t know that and will probably try to take a bite if you don’t stop them from doing so. One thing we can be thankful for is that dogs can hardly hide their feelings and this doggo is already salivating at this peanut butter and chocolate.

Not here

Training a dog requires a lot of patience and treats. Getting your dog to sit still for a picture is considered an achievement for some and there are people who don’t mind spending all day taking pictures of their furry pets.

Image source: demotywatory.pl/user/Alcard/ulubione

Well, there are times when the perfect picture is ruined -but this particular picture is funny at all levels. The dog in the frame is serious, concentrating on the task at hand while his partner decided that it was the perfect time to ruin the picture and do his business.

Is it working?

There’s always this moment of pride for every parent when they see their kids reaching a milestone, trying something new, or getting something right. At that point, you know you’re doing your job well, and you can sit back while you bask in the euphoria of the moment.

Image source: tapiture.com/am-i-interrupting

This is a perfect example of such an instance. After graduating college, this girl’s parents wanted to commemorate the moment with a photo; however, the family dog had really missed her while she had been away at school and wasn’t missing out on being in the pic for anything.

Let’s play

Dogs are naturally playful animals, so you can imagine what will happen when they have a companion that’s just like them – then you are about to have a group of energetic over-excited dogs that will keep you constantly entertained.

Image source: imgur.com/WyeD1GY.jpg

This doggo right here just discovered his party trick, and it has to do with his eyes, but it can only be done with his head upside down. His trick is so cool that he can’t wait to show it off to his friends, who look in amazement.

Inquisitive Much?

In life, having priorities is important, and everyone has different ones. What matters to some may seem insignificant to another. Some people will give an arm and a leg to have a ride in a helicopter, but this doggo has other ideas.

Image source: pinterest / @seemslegit

Flying in the air has little to no appeal to him, but there’s something in the distance that caught his attention, and best believe he’s going to find out. Upon closer inspection, he realized it’s nothing he can eat, so he decided to just photobomb the moment instead.

Unhappy cat

There’s scientific evidence that shows that in Ancient Egypt, humans used to worship cats as they considered the animals to be Gods. This must have been embedded into their DNA to the point that they still feel like royalty to this day.

Image source: reddit.com/user/hatefacelives

For that reason, they demand they should always be treated as such. No matter how much influence you hold, the power dynamics in the home is dependent on the cat, and you can see how upset he is at the doggo that’s acting like a peasant and ruining his photo op.


There are times when all a doggo wants is to be the center of attention, which is not too much to ask. In fact, they deserve that and more, considering the laughter and joy they bring to everyone in the home.

Image source: Charley Lhasa/ defused.com

For this reason, this doggo has decided to be in every picture this wonderful couple takes, but the camera doesn’t seem to agree. Maybe it’s because of the dog’s constant motion; he landed up ruining a great photo by trying to sit himself right in front of the lens at the exact wrong moment.

Bed time

Going to bed when you have a lot of energy to expend is a little difficult for kids. They’ll try every trick in the book to stay up an extra hour and will pester you till you give in – and in most cases, they win.

Image source: holidogtimes

This dad must have had a long day and couldn’t wait for his baby to close his eyes so he can get some much-needed sleep. Unfortunately, his child wasn’t ready to sleep, and his furry brother wasn’t helping matters either.

Scary side eye

Being ignored by your family hurts on a different level, especially when it comes from those you give so much to. Now, put yourself in the shoes of this doggo that has always given his all to his wonderful humans.

Image source: theimperfective

Not that they don’t love him, but he’s finding it difficult to understand why they left him out of the family photo. Worst still, they are all smiles and loved up, and yet, they completely ignore his existence. His only means of expressing his displeasure is to photobomb their picture with his menacing side-eye.

Don’t leave me

There’s this deep-seated fear in all of us that one day our loved ones will leave, and it’s a moment everybody dreads. What about other moments too? We still don’t want to be left behind irrespective of the activity in question.

Image source: /thechive.com

This is an ideology this dog took to hear as he’s not ready to be left out of anything, even the family picture. Realizing he won’t be visible enough if he’s on all fours, he decided the best pose for this picture would be on hind legs.

The Wailer

Sibling rivalry will always happen whether you like it or not. The funny part is that it’s not limited to humans alone, as other creatures can feel the intense pain of caring and giving more attention to a younger sibling.

Image source: pinterest / doggyloot

Thankfully, this priceless moment was caught on camera as this overly dramatic dog couldn’t stand that his mom wasn’t paying him any attention. He probably thought, maybe if he whined at the top of his voice, she’ll notice and do the needful…

In motion

This picture is kind of confusing in several ways. We have so many questions that need urgent answers, but at this time, we’ll settle for just one important one. Why does the dog seem to be flying in the air when the picture was taken?

Image source: huffpost

Or, is the dog one gigantic dog that is running away from the camera, but unfortunately, she still gets caught in the crossfire. The look on her face is priceless, and it shows she’d rather be anywhere but here with this noisy group of girls.

Show off

One thing about having pearly white teeth is that you won’t be afraid of smiling anywhere. Some might consider you a show-off or that you’re unnecessarily friendly – It doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy.

Image source: imgur.com//GreatDaneGirl

This is exactly what this doggo is trying to make his dad understand. So he found a better way of passing his message, and in truth, it worked perfectly. He showed off a smile that Scooby-Doo would be proud of and managed to get himself in the photo all at the same time- double mission completed.

Enduring love

When you hear people say they fell in love at first sight, they were actually referring to what happened between this doggo and his little brother. You can see how ecstatic he is to the point where he couldn’t hide his joy.

Image source: hiptoro

From this picture alone, you can be sure that a forever bond has been created. Even though the baby looks quiet and peaceful, the dog can’t wait for it to grow up so they can explore the world together and do silly things.

Get a room

It’s not easy getting privacy of any kind when you have kids. They literally follow you everywhere, even when you’re in the restroom. The funny part is that their needs are always urgent, and you must attend to them ASAP.

Image source:hiptoro.com

This is something this couple have gotten used to and have accepted to live with. Just because they need some privacy does not mean their furry child will give it to them, even if it’s just for a picture alone.

Selfie anyone

One advantage we have with cell phones is the fact that we can always take high-quality pictures anytime and anywhere we want. A general rule is that the tallest person in the group takes the selfie, so everyone is captured.

Image source: .buzzfeed.com/natalyalobanova

As enthusiastic as everyone is about this picture, the little dog is having none of it. Although one of her siblings is trying to convince her by giving her a reassuring pat, it doesn’t seem to be helping in any way.


Right from when we were little, we all have dreams of being a superstar, rich, famous, and happy. In truth, these dreams are not limited to humans alone as we can see from this picture, animals have the same aspirations.

Image source: memebase

This doggo has always told his momma that he wants to be a ballet dancer, but she paid little attention to him. Thankfully, a golden opportunity presented itself, and the good boy took it in all its glory to impress with his version of flying pirouette.

Sneak Attack

How can a family photo be complete without their furry child in it? Try as you might, it’s not going to happen even if you all move from the sitting room to the stairs; this doggo is determined not to be left out.

Image source: lumenlearning

Some people may find it difficult to locate the dog at first, but if you look intently, you’ll realize that he did a perfect job of sneaking himself into the picture. Now is the time to consider him for other covert operations.

Perfect Side kick

We all know every superhero needs a sidekick, just like the famous Batman and Robin. However, this little pup was not about to be left behind especially when they are about to take pictures after yard work.

Image source: thekennelclub

He didn’t want to appear tiny compared to his counterpart, so he decided to find the perfect position that will make him feel like he’s on top of the world. Thankfully the spot he chose ensured he was the head.

Shell Shocked

One thing we can say all parents worldwide have in common is that they are always on the lookout for the kind of clothes their kids will approve of. You can’t leave the house wearing something outdated and uncool with them as you’ll be forced to change it.

Image source: dogshaming

There are times when roles change in life, and for this man, it has come full circle. Now his dog is more than concerned about him; he’s absolutely shocked his dad wore those pants outside even after several warnings to not leave the house dressed like that.

Bone Tired

No matter how good a technology is, it’ll definitely have its good sides and bad sides. To some people, social media and cell phones with cameras have just brought out people’s narcissistic side, which can be a tad annoying sometimes.

Image source: Louvin/defused.com

Some people can take about a thousand pictures only to delete 98 percent of them. This can be frustrating for those around, and this dog is not hiding his feelings anymore. Getting tired of his partner taking pictures, he decided to take a nap.

Unbridled Happiness

One thing we admire about models is that they have an amazing way of communicating a lot of emotions with just their facial expressions. By looking at a picture, you can tell the message they are trying to convey.

Image source: avaxnews.net/Photobomb

These dogs have given it their best shot and have been able to convey as many emotions as they could for this picture. However, others are unbothered about such things as they’re enjoying playing in the snow and are paying no attention to the serious scene unfolding in front of them.


We all have that friend that’s always playful no matter how serious the situation on the ground is. This kind of person is important in your life because they tend to bring joy in an otherwise gloomy world, and you should be thankful for them.

Image source: reddit.com/Silversilent

However, it can be annoying sometimes because they often cross boundaries they aren’t supposed to cross and will feel no remorse about it. We’re sure that’s the kind of friend the second dog is; you can literally hear him tell the other dog to lighten up.

I want to watch

Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, dogs love it when you give them attention. Some may gently go to their corners and find something to play with or go to sleep if you ignore them. But some other dogs won’t give you that luxury.

Image source: shareably

An example of such a dog is the one above. He’s been ignored for way too long by his parent who seems to be distracted by something on his screen. Now, he wants to know what his dad is watching that’s not giving him time.

First time

Remember the first time you tried your hand at something that looked impossible to you. Remember how tentative you were and how scared you were of making mistakes. After a couple of tries, you got the hang of it, and now you’re a pro.

Image source: reddit.com//2dg5e8/

The same principle applies to everyone, including our furry friends. You can tell which the veteran is and the newbie from this picture is. You can see how relaxed the bigger dog is and how curious the smaller dog is looking.

Time to chill

Nothing compares to taking a dip in the swimming pool during the heat of summer. The feeling is so refreshing and mind-blowing that you know you’ll come out feeling better than you were before after just a few minutes in the pool.

Image source: catinfofacts.com/

This activity is even better when you’re are hanging out with your friends. To immortalize the moment, this man asked his furry friend if he could help take a selfie, and the good boy obliged without the slightest hesitation.

The perfect picture

Who says the perfect picture doesn’t exist? It’s apparent that the person hasn’t come across this picture as we can’t think of any other picture that will beat this for a long time. Starting from the background to the arrangement of the people…

Image source: hiptoro.com

Down to the position of the dog photobomber, standing front and center of the group, everything is ordered in perfection, and it is simply amazing. One thing is for sure during this hike, a lot of wonderful memories were made, and new bonds were created. 


That moment when you are asked to pose for the camera, and you give it your best shot only for someone to photobomb you at the last minute – you can’t tell if you should be genuinelystunned or angry at the bomber.

Image source: huffpost

From what we can decipher in this picture, the big dog is not too impressed but seems to play it cool. The small dog, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care at all and he’s enjoying every bit of attention he’s getting.

Nice spot

In life, perspective is very important. The way we approach or assess a situation may completely differ from how another person will view that same situation. To some people, this dog may be ruining this couple’s perfect picture.

Image source: 3milliondogs

To the dog, however, the couple is ruining his precious bathroom time and invading his personal space. Besides, it is known that dogs are vulnerable in moments like this, so they need as much privacy as they can get.

Happy boy

There’s no greater joy than seeing your dog happy and all smiles. At that point, he’s willing to do anything you ask of him as he’s in the mood to please his parent, even if it’s to the detriment of his sibling.

Image source: hiptoro.com

Even though the only thing we can tell from this picture is that this dog is happy, there’s every chance he must have irritated the other dog who walked away in anger and refused to take pictures with his annoying “fur-frenemy.”


Although this dog has been tasked to watch over his little brother, he knows how nerve-racking it can be watching over him, especially when they are out in the open. To make matters worse, he can’t do his job when he’s he is being distracted by the camera.

Image source: thepaws

Thinking he can finally take a nap, he surprising hears his little brother say he’d like to go for a stroll without him, you can see the shock on his face and the mischievous smile on his brother’s face.

No cares

Cats are beautiful, no doubt, but they can be very proud and pompous too. They aren’t easily amused, and they also get mad very fast with any species that isn’t towing the line the way they want. A good example is this cat. 

Image source: gamekult.com/blog/donald87

If she were to have her way, she’d unleash the entire force of the universe on the dog beside her, but she’s restraining herself from committing a crime. The dog, on the other hand, has little to no cares in the world and is happily ruining her big photo op.

Looming trouble

Yes, cats and dogs can be friends, but that does not mean they tolerate nonsense from anyone. Not even their parents, let alone their furry siblings. It took a special grace to get this cat to take this picture….

Image source: pinterest /dogdotcom

Only for the dog to jump into the frame at the last second. Thankfully, the camera captured his reaction, which shows he’s realized how much trouble he’s in. The next few minutes will be an interesting one.

Not a care in the world

There are times when you know you just have to answer the call of nature and ignore every other thing around you. When you know it’s time to go to the bathroom, then it’s time, nothing else in the world seems to matter.

Image source: awkwardfamilyphotos

Even though this is a precious moment he wouldn’t want to miss for anything, this dog absolutely needed to relieve himself. In hindsight, he didn’t make a bad decision as he was still captured in the picture – albeit in a not so good position.

What do you see?

Still pictures are nice, but when timed correctly, motion pictures can be better. The dog in the background has been practicing to be a runway model and has been at this for several hours only for his sibling to ruin the perfect shot.

Image source:buzzfeed.com/stephanieanderson/

On another note, if you look closely, there’s nothing wrong with the picture as we can only see one dog covered by a huge mass of fluffy cloud. Sometimes, the best pictures aren’t planned, and this is a good example of that.


As humans, we are expected to know better due to our higher level of reasoning. But this can be hard at times for our flurry siblings who can’t simply comprehend why we do certain things, just like this man that’s climbing.

Image source: hiptoro

You can see the look of incredulousness on the dog’s face as he watches his dad climb higher and higher. For the first time, the doggo won’t be participating in this kind of nerve-wracking activity as it spells danger.

What’s that?

Is that a bird or a plane? No, it’s a happy boy whose wish was finally granted. For a while now, he has been disturbing his parents that he wants to go to the beach, and today his wish was granted.

Image source: awesomeinventions.com

This shows that his happiness cannot be contained, and he’s going to enjoy every moment of this outing to the last. For now, not only does he believe he can fly, but he also believes that moments like this don’t last forever, so he’s going to enjoy it while he can.