Sleeping Beauties That Will Brighten Anyone’s Day

By Iulia P

If “Sleeping Beauty” makes you think of a gorgeous blonde girl with wavy hair who is sleeping peacefully in the tower of her huge castle waiting for the kiss of a handsome prince, well, this article is not about that at all. It is about something more beautiful than the character of the Grimms Brothers’ fairytale. It is, in fact, about those that live with us; they protect us, and the deep love they have for us makes them our best friends and companions- Our dogs, we humans love them so much that we can not help but take millions of pictures of them in different situations, especially when they are sleeping in oddball positions. And then we love to share those pics with the whole world to show how lovely or how goofy our little 4 legged fur baby is. So, here are some of the funniest pictures of sleeping dogs you will see today on the internet.


Okay, when we started talking about funny sleeping positions, we never thought things could go south like this so darn fast. We mean, yes, we will show you some pretty weird sleeping positions that we came across when compiling this list, but this one right here gives us instant back pain.

Photo courtesy of Zhou

Definitely not for this pup, though, who looks like he is having the best sleep of his life. It does not matter that his back legs are where his head is; the little guy will most likely wake up feeling full of energy and ready to play a nice game of fetch.

1, 2, 3 sleeping pups…

Life is not always that easy, you know? You have bills that need to be paid, food to buy, and adult stuff to do. And while most of us complain about how hard it is to be a grown-up, here is why we shouldn’t.

Photo courtesy of Smith

Because look how hard it is to be a puppy. Seriously, take a look at how hard these poor little pups have it. Sleeping on leaves, sleeping with their heads in the food bowl, sleeping everywhere they can. This is something no one would want to do, right?!

Beagle sandwich

Have you had your breakfast yet? If not, here is a Beagle sandwich that will melt your heart for sure. It might be really sweet, so before looking at the picture below, make sure you have your ooohhs and aaahhs ready.

Photo courtesy of Hannah

Their sleeping positions might be a bit uncomfortable to us. We would not be able to sleep while there are two other persons on our back. But we are sure that they are keeping each other toasty warm, and they seem to be super comfortable and enjoying the best dreams of their lives.

It’s a perfect 10 from us!

If gymnasts would look at this guy’s picture, we are sure that they would be really jealous. We mean, can you see those perfectly straight legs? And not to mention how straight his back is as well. This is every parallel bars gymnast’s dream.

Photo courtesy of Beadling

Look at this face! He looks like he knows he is killing it on the parallel pillows. It seems like all of this doggo’s hard work and those long afternoon naps paid off. And from us, it’s a perfect 10. Congratulations, doggo!

Looks familiar?

It is a familiar position, right? We know! Because this is exactly how all of us look at 5 pm on Friday after we finish work. Exhausted, relieved, and ready to chill and not move for two days straight. What a life!

Photo courtesy of Grace Pratt

On the other hand, this guy does not know anything about the Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm struggle. His only worries are how long he should nap for and what his human will put in his food bowl at dinner time. Will it be chicken or beef?. Now that’s what we call a good life!


As much as some cats and dogs hate each other, there will often come a time when they will realize they might be really compatible. May it be a friendship, a big love, or just a mutual co-operation. What is the case in the picture below?

Photo courtesy of P. Waller

Here, there is definitely a case of “Frenemies.” These two enemies (from a natural point of view) tease and annoy each other during the day, but when bedtime comes, they will always come together to sleep cozily on their owner’s bed.

Too tired to see

Looks like someone was too tired to take another step and sleep on their dog bed. He may have even been too tired to see just how close his bed even was. He looks like he is having a good nap nonetheless, so who are we to judge?

Photo courtesy of Kaminski

However, we are, in fact, going to judge. And we are out of words because just by looking at this picture, our necks feel stiff, and our heads cannot turn left-right without a very placebo-induced awful pain.

Stay with me!

When her owner started to pack her suitcase for her weekend-long trip, this little muffin found the best way to try to stop her. Not really stopping her from going, but at least she managed to slow the packing process down.

Photo courtesy of Murdoff Sherfey

How you may ask? By falling asleep across both sides of the suitcase, so the human can not pack her clothes. It may have been a bit annoying for her owner, but the cute pose puppy gave her was totally worth it.

When the food is good

Look at this pup in the picture below. If a food coma could be a person or a dog, in this case, this is exactly who and what it would be. As you can see, pup life is one hard life, and not many can do it.

Photo courtesy of Murdoff Sherfey

We can not help but wonder what was in that dog food and how much did this little guy have? He looks exhausted, and we are sure that the power nap he wanted to take transformed into a 12h long sleep.

Scary much?

We do not want to judge by appearance, but right now, we are a bit confused. Sure, maybe for this guy’s owner, this is cute, but when we see those long fangs, we can not help but wonder if this guy uses them or not.

Photo courtesy of Thacker

Let’s hope not! Besides the scary fangs, this guy actually looks cute and silly, too, with his upper lip holding his whole head up. This awkward and quite uncomfortable napping position might not have totally charged his battery back to 100%; we are thinking maybe 50.

Netflix and…sleep

Someone might have spent too much time in front of the T.V and gave up trying to fight of the urge to close her eyes and sleep. This little girl is all of us after binge-watching our favorite TV series on Netflix ( or another favorite TV series platform).

Photo courtesy of Bernard

Okay, she is really cute sleeping there on the couch like the sleeping beauty that she is. But have you seen that fluffy coat and those soft baby puppy paws that she has there? She’s so adorable; we just wanna squeeze her.

Uhm, excuse us!

Doggo, we understand that you are really tired and that you need to rest. But can you tell us where we are supposed to sit if you lie across the whole couch? Sitting on the floor is not an option for us, so move over fur ball!

Photo courtesy of Mialdo Eslao

Can you crunch up a little bit and maybe make some room for us too? Or maybe consider going to your bed where you can lay however you want to lay and do whatever you want to do. Just hurry up; we want to take a nap too!


The first reaction we had when we saw this picture was: “awww”. Look how cute these two Staffies are; all cuddle up while having an amazing power nap. Being able to share a nap with your friend or partner is simply the best.

Photo courtesy of Regul Flanagan

The two stuffies and their cozy sleep made us forget about the poor guy being excluded in the back. You may feel bad that he has no sleeping buddy to curl up with, but you can see his white lovey if you look closer.

No place like here

There no place as cozy and comfortable to sleep than in your beloved human’s soft hand. These puppies can indeed sleep everywhere. And look how deep his sleep is and how relaxed this little fellow looks. We love a photo that can emit pure emotion.

Photo courtesy of Mialdo Eslao

And besides the feeling of coziness and relaxation, we get another feeling when we look at this picture—the feeling of numbness in the arm and pins and needles in the hand. We have a feeling the lady who took the picture may know what we’re talking about.

The Dachshund trio

This might just be the cutest sleeping trio you will see today, or any day for that matter. Not only are they sleeping in their bed (Good job, doggies!), but also they are sleeping together. And sleeping together will only make their power nap more powerful.

Photo courtesy ofél Jamneck

We love this photo and what sweet dreams these three guys seem to be having. It seriously makes us yawn just by looking at them sleeping like this. Oh well, excuse us while we go to have a quick nap too!

How many beings can fit in a bed?

If the question is about fitting in the bed and being comfortable, the response is definitely one. The two owners of the Great Dane can totally confirm it. The big guy looks like he has taken over and made himself as comfortable as can be.

Photo courtesy of Olson

The two humans look like they have gotten used to not being comfortable at all. So used to the idea that instead of waking the big boy up to change his position, one is surfing the internet while the other one is taking selfies. Humans, we would rather suffer in silence than inconvenience our dogs.

Uhm, privacy?

Okay, we don’t know how to feel about this picture. We mean, we get it; the spot might be a good spot to sleep. But it looks like someone is clearly not respecting their mate’s privacy or boundaries, and this is simply not cool.

Photo courtesy of Brooks

Not cool but definitely funny. These guys’ owner was inspired to take a picture of them sleeping like this. This picture is definitely a gem. The type of gem that one would want to hang above the mantle in the lounge room for everybody to see, but doesn’t because it is kind of inappropriate at the same time

Buy a bed they said…

Buy a bed for your fur baby, they said, he will definitely use it, they said. So this big guy’s owner went to the pet shop and got his pup’s the best bed he found. Only for his dog to use it just as a leg rest.

Photo courtesy Rumney

Well, let’s look at the bright side. Even if he does not use it correctly, at least he is using it. We’ve seen some dogs that do not like to use their beds at all, and it’s such a pity. We can only assume how frustrating it must be to spend a lot of money for a good comfy bed, only for your pet to prefer to sleep on the floor.


So far, we’ve seen sleeping beauties in different awkward positions, sleeping in different weird places, but we haven’t yet seen a sleeping beauty napping with her tongue out. So here it is! It may not be the best angle, but you have to admit it is cute.

Photo courtesy of Huston

Tongue out, eyes closed, triple chin thriving, someone is having one good sleep here. And how could he not have a good sleep when lying on that cozy and comfortable blanket? We need to know where did he buy it from, it looks dreamy.

Hard night

It looks like someone had a really hard night. We can not imagine a good reason for this little guy’s sleeping position. How come his back is not hurting? Or even his head? How can he sleep like that and seem so relaxed?

Photo courtesy of Garcia

As funny and adorable as this photo and this guy’s sleeping position are, we feel some type of way about it. This photo is literally giving us all sorts of back pain and all sorts of migraines. Oh, the power of suggestion…

Choo, choo!

Have you ever seen a Great Dane train? If you haven’t, then this is your lucky day made by these sleeping beauties who managed to take over the whole couch. No wonder their owner took a picture. He was left with no place on the couch for himself, so what else was there to do?

Photo courtesy of Calle

Because obviously, waking them up was not an option. They sleep like the cute, four-legged angels that they are. Who would dare to disturb them from their deep, relaxing slumber? Exactly! Nobody could be that heartless.

That face when…

Have you ever been forbidden from doing something but still did it when no one was looking? If the answer is “Yes,” then we bet this was the exact look you had on your face. Satisfied and happy while enjoying doing what you were not supposed to do.

Photo courtesy of Tarver

This cheeky boy pictured above was not allowed to go on the new couch. According to his owner, he seemed to understand, and he stayed away from the couch when she was at home. The picture was taken when his owner returned home from work without him hearing her.

Best place

It is said that the best place to sleep is in the arms of the person you love. And if you have any doubt about this saying, well, just take a look at this guy below. He is the definition of “content.”

Photo courtesy of Crane

Looks like he is enjoying the best sleep ever, and all that, next to the love of his life, his human. You just got to love dogs. They are so good, so selfless, and loyal. And the pure love they have for their humans… Dogs are the best!

Cozy level 100

Who doesn’t love being cozy and comfortable?! Yes, laying on your puffy sofa can make you feel very comfortable and cozy, but you will never be as comfortable as this guy pictured below. He is on level 100 on the cozy meter.

Photo courtesy of Sharma

And this thanks to his human, who made sure he has a comfy dog bed with a soft blanket underneath. And last but not least, a warm blanket on top of him that makes him look exactly like a burrito baby.

Another one

As we mentioned earlier, being a pup is not an easy life. But you can do anything, and people will consider it cute. Sleeping on the floor, on a chair, or even on the food bowl is not even frowned upon.

Photo courtesy of Panuncillon Oresco

It must be hard, right? Meanwhile, as humans, we need to respect certain norms, sleep only in proper places, and certainly, we would be judged if we ever fall asleep with our head on the plate in front of us while eating. Life’s not fair!


Oops-a-daisy! We think someone (definitely mom) might get a bit upset after seeing that their freshly washed clothes are full of doggo’s hair, again. The good thing is, the person behind the camera (the son) does not care about it at all.

Photo courtesy of Williams

As a matter of fact, instead of waking him up to save him from an eventual scold, the son decided to get his phone and capture some pictures of their new addition to his family. The picture made us “awww” so it was the right move in our books.

Instructions, please!

Here, below, we have another dog that uses his big, comfy bed only for his back legs. This makes us think that some of these cute doggos do not know how to use the beds that their humans are buying for them.

Photo courtesy of IsaGrem Lynn

Do these beds even come with an instruction manual? Or these doggos need to figure it out all by themselves? This is not acceptable; the brands should think about those confused pups and make a video tutorial or something to show them the best positions for a fitful good rest.


It looks like someone had a good play with his favorite ball. He played so much he got fatigued, but he did not know if he wanted to go to bed or not. So he decided to do both: go to bed with half of his body and stay next to the ball with the other half.

Photo courtesy of Dillard

That is one option, or we may be dealing with another case of “how do you even use this bed?” again. Here we brought so many pieces of evidence that these pups need their beds to come with instructions. Don’t worry, pups; we are here to fight for your right!


This is the definition of pampered. The owner of this English Bulldog pup made sure her girl, who looks like she is going through that sensitive time that girls usually go through, is all sorted and ready to go to sleep.

Photo courtesy of Dillard

Favorite underwear, manicure, and pedicure all done, plus the fluffy blanket… this girl right here is pampered indeed. We are sure her owner is a girl too. A man could never guess what a girl needs in these “difficult” times.

And the winner is…

And the winner of the award for the most weird, most painful, and most “OMG, what is he doing ?!” reaction goes to this Italian Greyhound. At this point, we doubt that even a contortionist could do what he is doing in this picture.

Photo courtesy of

We can not stop wondering: Is his back ok? Is he healthy? Because a position like this could definitely give one like us a major pain that would last not days but weeks. Seriously now, did he wake up feeling refreshed after this sleep?

Appreciation post

This is an appreciation post for this big guy in the picture below. This thoughtful pup saw that in the family lounge room, the seats were limited, and instead of laying on the whole couch, he decided to be considerate and occupy only one space instead.

Photo courtesy of

So thoughtful! You got to love and appreciate a doggo that puts himself and his needs second to those of his humans. This scenario shows what living in a perfect selfless world would look like. But alas, back to reality, in fact, this doggo sleeps like this because apparently, it is his favorite sleeping position. Now, that’s weird!

So warm…

So the owner of this Shiba Inu pup left his cage right next to the heater before going to work to make sure that her pup will stay nice and warm. Do you think that the pup appreciates it?

Photo courtesy of

To us, it looks like he absolutely did. And not only that, but he loved the warmth so much he fell asleep while trying to get warm and cozy. His owner found him like this, and after recovering from his melted heart, he took a picture to share with us. How sweet of him!

“Ain’t nobody got time for that”

It seems like someone was too tired to jump on the bed, so instead, she decided just to lay her upper body on the couch. This is one weird position, but apparently, “ain’t nobody got energy” for jumping when the level of tiredness is high.

Photo courtesy of

No matter if she is comfortable or not. What really matters is that half of her body made it to the comfy zone and is now recharging her batteries. We don’t know what to say about the back legs, though! They may become numb soon.

The park effect

No matter what breed of dog you have or what kind of personality your dog has, the park always gives dogs the same reactions. Always! Running around unleashed to get back the stick your human threw for you is just a blissful way to pass some time.

Photo courtesy of

Or playing with other dogs, sniffing around, and meeting new friends. All of this is really exhausting. So in case you are still wondering what the park effect is, just take a look at the face of this guy above.

Ouch, again!

This Syd ( Ice Age) looking alike pup’s sleeping position gives us an instant spasm in our neck. Yet, it looks like the position he decided to rest in is nothing but comfortable for him. We don’t see anything comfortable about it but hey, each to his own we guess.

Photo courtesy of

Despite the awful sleeping position, horrible from a neck’s point of view, this pup looks really adorable while sleeping. You can tell he has a good sleep just by looking at his opened mouth. He’s sleeping so good; he’s drooling.

Another award goes to…

It looks like we need to give another award! The second award for the weirdest sleeping position we have seen so far is going to this ball of fluff pictured below. How he can sleep the way he does, we will never understand.

Photo courtesy of awesome

But hey, congratulations on managing to still stand up and be able to run after a night of sleeping in this position. We, humans, could never do it the way you and other pups can do it. The perks of being a doggo…

Cute and scary

Here we are dealing with another case of “cute and scary.” What’s cute? Well, the way this big boy decided to sleep on the steering wheel of that little tractor. And scary- those fangs and all those teeth together attached to that strong jaw. All that is scary.

Photo courtesy of

That or the thought of what damage those fangs can do if this guy gets a bit angry. Don’t get us wrong, we are sure he is a sweetheart, but with fangs like that, we can not help but think about it.

Chicken is served!

When we first saw this picture, the very fist thing that came to our mind and we thought of is a chicken. If you look at the back legs on this little guy, you’d understand why. Then we took a closer look, and we thought that this picture was edited.

Photo courtesy of

We thought that there was no way this picture was not a fake. Well, it turns out that this picture is 100% real and the French Bulldog pictured above is the king of weird sleeping positions. French Bulldogs, they are indeed funny dogs.

Best contortionist

You may be looking at the best contortionist on the internet you, and we may have ever seen. Look at the bend combined with a torso twist. That right there is not something easy to do, and it takes long hours of practice and dedication to reach this level of flexible sleeping

Photo courtesy of awesome

So it looks like for this Boxer pup, too, the long naps and his training during them paid off. Congratulations, pup! While sleeping in a position like this may not be easy, you make it look like it’s a piece of cake.

Parallel bars

Looks like the guy we saw earlier, the one who was good at the parallel pillows, might have some competition out there. Meet this little guy, the one in the picture below, who is an expert in “parallel humans.”

Photo courtesy of awesome

Straight back, straight legs, and a very focused face, he looks like he could win the competition. On top of this, he is still young. He has plenty of time to train(nap) and improve himself. Who knows, maybe in a few years, he will represent the country in the Olympics if Parallel Sleeping ever becomes an official sport.

A scare for days

Imagine wanting to go downstairs to the kitchen only to find your beloved pet baby at the bottom of the stairs lying like that. We personally would think of the worst things that could have happened and call for an ambulance.

Photo courtesy of awesome

Luckily for both the relieved owner and unhurt dog, he did not trip or fall down the stairs. Instead, he decided that it was a good idea to fall asleep in that awful spot to make it look like something bad had happened to him as a prank and as a way of getting snacks from his grateful human.

Hide and… sleep

We are sure you used to play hide and seek with your friends growing up. How fun it was?! Running like crazy to find a good spot to hide, then remain quiet until the other person comes and finds you.

Photo courtesy of

Yes, we loved playin it too. But have you ever played hide and sleep? All you need to do is hide in a good spot and sleep until you’re found. This game would most likely be liked more by the adults than by the kids. Kids don’t love sleeping, but adults surely do.

Wait a second…

What is this picture? Is it an optical illusion picture, ihas it been photoshopped? We need some answers here. Not to mention it took us 1 good minute to find where this guy’s head was. How can any dog sleep the way this dog sleeps we will never understand?

Photo courtesy of

Talk about flexibility and contortionism. Oh, dogs, the things they will do just to be able to fit on our furniture. It looks like the more we tell them that they are not allowed on the chairs or the couch, the more they want to do it, and they will do whatever it takes to make it work for them.

Triple chin for the win

If you are having a bad day, here is a very adorable triple chinned beauty to make you forget about it and put you in a better mood. Be glad that you don’t have three chins like he does, and also that you don’t have an owner who takes pictures of you when you arent looking your best

Photo courtesy of

And one that not only takes pictures of you from all the worst angles and in all the bad moments but also that you don’t have an owner who shares those bad pics with the whole wide world. No matter how bad your day is, out there in the world, there is someone who is having it worse than you. We promise!

Finishing in style

Here we are at the end of our article. We thought that since we’ve seen some really bizarre sleeping positions up until now, we should end up in style and finish our job here with a very fabulous posing sleeping pup.

Photo courtesy of

We would love to be this beautiful and fabulous while we are asleep. But unfortunately, we look almost as bad as the triple chin guy. Oh well, some got really lucky, while some… let’s just say that life was not that fair to them, and leave it at that.