Talented Animals That Can Sleep Almost Everywhere

By Ish Bautista

Where’s My Guitar?

This has got to be one of the strangest places to fall asleep. And also, the perfect place for this specific breed of dog. His neck and head fit perfectly on the guitar’s fretboard while his body is nestled safely in the case.

Image Courtesy of imaddieonthings

Talk about the perfect sleeping spot! It looks like his owner’s totally fine with storing his guitar somewhere else and letting his dog take his case as a permanent sleeping spot. This would also make a fantastic design for a dog bed! Don’t you think?

The Toilet Will Do

Here’s a quick fact about golden retrievers: they’re athletic dogs that are well known for their eager-to-learn attitudes. They’re one of the best dogs who can fetch and play around with you in your backyard. They’re also incredibly easy to train!

Image Courtesy of ImQueative/reddit

If you have a golden retriever, you’ve got yourself a wonderful dog. This golden boy decided to take a nap under his owner’s toilet. Of all places! It looks like he had a long day of training, albeit this sleeping spot looks a tad cramped.


More often than not, dogs are rearing to go outside after spending most of the day inside. This dog, on the other hand, had no other choice but to lie down on the path after a trip to the park. It looks like his owner tired him out!

Image Courtesy of imgur/kpetey15

With her running shoes on, it looks like they went for a brisk walk at the very least. This dog wasn’t having any of it and just wanted to stop and snooze. Seems like it’s time to wrap up this walk and head back home!

Something up My Sleeve

We wonder first of all, how this kitty got into his owner’s coat? It looks deliberate, but one can never be too sure these days. Since it’s wintertime in this picture, the cat found a toasty napping spot right next to his human. Smart thinking.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

This coat must be comfy because he passed out in a jiffy. If we were this guy, we’d make sure not to make any sudden arm movements. After all, cats need sleep too. Hopefully, he woke up when they arrived at their destination!

Look What I Can Do!

This is one of the cutest animal sleeping positions out there. After all, if there isn’t room in the table to rest, a handstand should suffice, right? It looks like this little guy can sleep virtually upsidedown! From the picture, he seems to be a young pup, so its understandable that he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

Image Courtesy of imgur

When babies are born in general, they tend to sleep more. Young animals also require a lot of rest and recuperation. After a long day of playing, this adorable pup decided to strike a yoga pose. It looks like some of the animals here are well-versed in stretching.

Where are We Going?

This lil’ guy passed out after eating a lot. Just look at that bulge of his belly. It’s so adorable that it seems like he just went into a food coma. We’ve all been there. There are times we’ve had one too many pizza slices with our friends that we have become as immobile as this doggo.

Image Courtesy of imgur/kpetey15

Excessive food can transform even the most active being into a couch potato. Case in point with this dog. This English Bulldog pup isn’t going anywhere, and, unfortunately, neither is his owner if he doesn’t move off the gear lever.

Let Me Be

This corgi has won our hearts. And that view, adds to his dramatic sleeping pose. Perhaps a wild night out? This dog looks how we feel after a long day’s work or maybe a night partying out with friends. It seems that he will need a big bowl of water when he wakes up!

Image Courtesy of mcovington45/imgur

This Tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi is neatly stretched out on his owner’s ledge. A rather high location for a restful sleep, but a magnificent view nonetheless. If he was this drained, we wonder why he didn’t just stay on the ground? Go figure!

Living on the Edge

Since some people can sleep standing up, so can animals! This little kitty decided to go climbing but half way up, decided that she would rather curl up in a ball on the ground. Without the energy to get back down, she decided to take a break midway.

Image Courtesy of imgur/kitschdelaney

We’re fascinated by how these animals can sleep anywhere. If only us humans had this superpower! Imagine being able to sleep in a tree, and we wouldn’t even need a treehouse. Hopefully, she wasn’t feeling too afraid up there and managed to climb down safely.

The Purfect Spot

We can all agree that cats are just aliens in cute furry suits. Those beady eyes are misleading – they’re actually contortionists with an agenda to get the most cuddles and to sleep in the most unusual of places, such as this one.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

There’s a saying that goes: “cats have nine lives,” which translates perfectly in this image. This cat is truly living on the edge with this sleeping spot. If she and her buddies were playing a game of hide and seek, she’d win first place!

Prickly Patch

Hedgehogs are garden creatures, but they can also make great pets. Many people have hedgehogs lurking in their backyards, but even though they look imposing and a bit scary with all those sharp and pointy quills, they actually look adorable, especially when they are sleeping.

Image Courtesy of imgur/alkynesofthings

This prickly guy found his perfect hideout in a cactus patch. Don’t worry about him getting hurt! He’s not in any pain at all. His quills keep him nestled on top of the spikes to prevent any injuries. Now that’s a cool tidbit of info!

Shoe Headrest

We’ve all been this cat at some point in our lives. We’ve had moments of pure exhaustion where we collapsed on our beds, or even on our desks. In Japan, it’s acceptable to pass out almost anywhere because hard work is seen as an honorable act.

Image Courtesy of imgur/alkynesofthings

This little fluff ball found a place to rest his head: in a shoe. We’re not sure how comfortable the shoe must be, but by the looks of it, she doesn’t seem to be complaining at all. The shoe looks like it smells clean, and the exterior appears spotless. Rest away, young one.

Cosy Cosy

This baby squirrel is one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen. It would look so different in its natural habitat that crawling into a mug was a unique sight. The owner calls his squirrel Rob and claimed it was orphaned.

Image Courtesy of ironammonitephotography

He took him under his wing and now takes care of him. Don’t worry, though! He’s safe and snug in this seemingly uncomfortable position. Many people mistake him for being a chipmunk, but lo and behold; squirrels can have stripes too.

Book Blanket

We’ve had times where we told ourselves right before bed: “just one more page.” then this happens. This little puppy is pooped from waiting for his owner to finish reading, so he decided to hit the hay first. It seems he didn’t find the latest novel to be gripping at all!

Image Courtesy of imgur

We love how the book acts as the perfect sized blanket. Sometimes all you need for a good night’s rest are two things: a good book and a comfy bed. The look on his face is so peaceful, and it seems like he’s well into dreamland.

Clean up on Aisle Fur

This cat somehow found himself in a convenience store, and it was waiting for his human to finish doing the weekly shopping. He got tired of hanging around in aisle 3, so he decided to pass the time by taking a well-deserved nap.

Image Courtesy of mcovington45/imgur

That arch, that elegant arch, we only wish we could curl the way he does. He nails this sleeping yoga pose 10/10! Hopefully, he didn’t have to wait for his owner for very long, as we know, supermarket napping isn’t comfortable.

Sleeping Beauty

This baby golden retriever just took the place of his owner’s child. Sorry, kiddo, there’s a new dog in town. We kid. It’s adorable how he fits into the baby’s car seat perfectly. The light is hitting him in all the right angles, and he’s naturally glowing.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

Now, if only everyone could look as angelic as this sleeping puppy. We wonder how many months he could fit in that seat before outgrowing it! Golden retrievers are known to grow very fast, so he’ll probably need to find a new place to sleep in the car soon.

Don’t Grill Here

No sane person would choose the grill as his designated sleeping spot. This feline crawled into his favorite place. We’re just wondering how he was able to contort his body between the lid and the grill with his paws sticking out.

Image Courtesy of imgur/xDaniPhantomx

In some ways, cats are very similar to humans in their mannerisms and ways of sleeping. Although people can’t fit inside grills, we’ve had at least one friend in our lives who had a crazy drunken night and ended up passing out and doubled over on the floor. Just like this guy!

Extended Puppy Pose

We like to call this yoga pose: the Extended Puppy Pose. Yes, that’s an actual yoga move. If you want to be as peaceful as this puppy, you’ve got to give this yoga pose a try. All you’ll need is an exercise matt or even a towel. Go to tabletop position while you’re on all fours.

Image Courtesy of funny/reddit

The next step is to exhale gently and arch your back area skywards- making it slightly rounded. Afterward, make sure you have a small arch and extend your arms. Note: don’t flare your ribs. Hold the pose for a minute or two, and you’ll feel instant calm.

Comfy Here

This little runt was the smallest out of all the kittens. Might we add that her peaches and cream color is beautiful, and she reminds us of just a little bit of Garfield? Too bad we can’t see the rest of her, all huddled up in that boot!

Image Courtesy of imgur/kitschdelaney

Some kittens like to curl up beside their owners. Others are lone soldiers and prefer to fly solo. This little kitty decided that the best place to curl up is in her owner’s boot. Looks like she discovered the perfect place to enjoy some alone time.


We’ve come up with a potential story for this animal. The cat was having a grand time at home while his owner was away and made a massive mess in the kitchen. Toppling over milk cartons and cereal boxes. The owner then decided to give the cat a timeout when they got home and saw all the chaos.

Image Courtesy of Vapinlikeafool/reddit

Little did he know that the cat was exhausted from his daily rendezvous. So he was actually looking forward to using his time out in the corner as an opportunity for a quick nap. How could he get upset at a face like that? We’d let him rest and give him a friendly pat on his head when he wakes up.

The Plank

With all these animals nailing perfect yoga moves, we’re itching to start doing yoga too. They make it look so easy. While this may seem easy for them, in no way is this as easy as it looks in real life. A strong core is needed to hold a pose for at least a minute.

Image Courtesy of imgur/kitschdelaney

This doggo has no problem sleeping in a plank position. Must have been a tiring day of running around the garden! With his legs perfectly straight on a chair and his head propped up on the couch, it seems that he found his perfect afternoon nap spot. Good on him!

My CDs

This little kitty found his nap spot in his owner’s CD collection. Now, why aren’t we surprised at this point? This seems like a perfectly normal place to snooze compared to some of the other animals’ sleeping spots. At least his body isn’t propped up on two different objects.

Image Courtesy of imgur/xDaniPhantomx

We’re guessing that if he were bigger, this wouldn’t be possible. Since he’s fun-sized he can fit virtually anywhere (for now!) Poor guy, looks like he had a long day. Since his owner looks like a gamer, he should invite him to sleep on his lap the next time he plays Call of Duty.

Better Higher Up

We’re starting to notice that cats and dogs love sleeping in high places. Go figure! We can’t fathom how uncomfortable it must be sleeping on this elevated edge, but this cat’s facial expression says otherwise. Sometimes we just can’t make assumptions and have to accept that cats are peculiar animals.

Image Courtesy of imgur

Her head looks fully supported by the ledge, and her legs are dangling off as if she’s stretching far and wide. This could pass for another yoga move. Reverse savasana, maybe? We have to give her credit; sleeping on your stomach can be comfier than lying on your back!

I’m Melting

If this cat were a painting, it would be the Melting Clock by Salvador Dali. Just look at its body pouring out of the brown basket. It’s kind of tempting not to want to scoop him up and place him back in the basket, all safe and sound.

Image Courtesy of imgur/xDaniPhantomx

It seems like this cat just couldn’t make up its mind. It wanted half of its body in the basket and the other half on the table. This is what happens when you’ve dozed off, but you’re still unsure where to go. Besides looking like a melting painting, he could also pass for a deflated toy cat! What do you see?

Puss in Boots

We’ve found the original Puss in Boots. He’s found his way into his owner’s BearPaw boots, which are known to be delightfully comfortable. Many people attest to the fleece being incredibly soft and cozy. It looks like the ideal place to get some uninterrupted zzz’s.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

This little kitty thinks so too! Just imagine being wrapped in a warm fleece blanket, that’s how it feels like to be this guy. Some cats like to sleep suspended in trees while others prefer to crawl up in shoes. It’s all about preferences. Shucks, we’re gushing at his adorable face!

Just Chilling

It looks like this good boy decided to use the nightstand as a pillow. After all, it must make logical sense to a dog right? We’d find this position terribly uncomfortable unless we were inebriated. But this dog knows just the right spot to have a restful sleep.

Image Courtesy of harlequinnheart/reddit

This dog is lucky enough to be allowed on the bed, but maybe he is forbidden from using the pillow, which might be the reason for his choice of places to rest his head. We aren’t sure, but he seems to be pretty happy none the less.

Hang 10

Most cats are known to sleep inside their cages and not the other way around. This ginger decided no one puts him in confinement and showed them all up – by choosing to sleep on top of it instead.

Image Courtesy of ImQueative/reddit

Another fun fact about gingers is their intelligence. They like to find unique places to crawl in and make the most of. Just like this cage! Why be inside when you get a better view from being on the top, he is a clever chap after all.

Time For Catch

This little one wanted to take a nap in his owner’s glove during the game. He visited him for moral support but ended up passing out. Looks like he got too tired from all the excitement and decided to take a break during half time.

Image Courtesy of harlequinnheart/reddit

With his little belly button upturned, he looks like he’s dreaming of chasing bunnies. Sorry little guy, but the human need his glove back. We wouldn’t want to miss out on an important game! Someone find another place for this little boy to continue napping.

Corgi Down

What’s cuter than a corgi? A sleeping corgi. More specifically, a sleeping corgi on someone’s desk. This little guy couldn’t wait for his person to stop working, so he took the opportunity to take a nap -passing the hours until it was hometime.

Image Courtesy of BakaKuroNeko/reddit

Either that, or he just spent too much time outside in the sun, and he’s pooped. Corgis are some of the most adorable dogs out there, their short little legs carry the weight of their bodies well, and they’re just so gosh darn cute!

Eye Wide Open

Okay. We cheated a little with this one. This fluffy kitty is half-awake and half-asleep. It looks like he was in dreamland when his owner walked in to photograph him sleeping. Since he’s a hunter by nature, the sudden movement woke him up.

Image Courtesy of res1m/imgur

Should have tiptoed to the bathroom instead! Because this kitty doesn’t look to happy about the fact that he was disturbed. We love how only one of his eyes is open, it makes for a creepy picture that screams: “don’t you dare wake me up again, human!”


We’d like an order of catpuchino, no foam, and with soy milk. But please, hold the cat. This little tabby found its way into his owner’s mug collection. Or is that a bowl? It almost looks like a perfect Fibonacci sequence.

Image Courtesy of jacquiep/reddit

With his tail curled and his head tucked, we surely wouldn’t want to disturb its dreams. We’ve noticed that cats are more into the out of the normal sleeping positions than dogs, this being one of them! Just look at his peaceful face. Precious.

Ender The Conure

This conure is happily nestled in his human’s clothes. Conures, especially green-cheeked ones, are notorious for being big talkers. They can string together a few words after hearing people speaking, but they aren’t as well-versed as their cousins -parrots.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

They make for great pets, and they’re easily trainable. Qualities that make them great at-home buddies to have. They’re not huge fans of being in cages, though, and will end up banging on the sides of the enclosure to be let out-hence why this needy little bird needed to find a secure place to sleep.

Mommy’s Tired

Hey kitty, didn’t you hear this sleeping spot was already taken? There’s only space here for one head, and it’s not yours! Just kidding- well, not really. The expression on his owner’s face is one of discomfort and of someone who just wants to be able to sleep alone in peace.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

This little kitty doesn’t care about personal space and boundaries and does what she pleases. If it fits, I sits she says. She’s marked her territory and will not move an inch. Her owner probably has the same fight with her for pillow space on a nightly basis.

Table Top Naps

We agree with this cat; sleeping on tables is pretty comfortable. Sometimes we’ll be so tired that we’ll fall asleep on our desks, or maybe at the lunch table when we were kids. This sleeping spot is one of the more obvious places that cats can sleep on.

Image Courtesy of harlequinnheart/reddit

Sinks, ledges, BBQ grills are quite unique, but this one looks kind of comfy, and her facial expression says it all. With her paws widespread, she’s having the nap of her life. Her whole body is relaxed, and she is dreaming away. Sweet dreams Kitty.

Guard Dog

This loyal and eager little pup wants to be a guard dog when he is all grown up- and is already in training for his future career. By napping right up against the door- he is protecting his human from anyone trying to get into the room. This is one time when sleeping on the job is forgivable.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

Poor little guy, we hope his owner gives him a special treat in appreciation. He doesn’t look comfy at all! Time to give this guy a break and call training over for the day. Good job, buddy. There is a spot in the K9’s waiting for you.

Me Time

This little cutie is in the perfectly prepared for a long car ride- she is cozy and supported on a layer of blankets.- Not even driving over a huge pothole will wake this baby with all the shock -absorbing layers of wooly fleece underneath her.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

Unlike the other animals in this article who are sleeping in uncomfortable positions, this princess has her body propped up and looks super- comfy in her napping style. The best way to get through a long drive -is to sleep right through it.

BBQ Dreams

This tired guy decided to unwind on top of his owner’s grill. With so many cats finding their resting spots atop grills, we’re wondering why more BBQ’S don’t come with their own designated cat nap spots! That product would be a hit- and one that we would definitely buy!

Image Courtesy of Bigdaddydonavan/reddit

His owner’s boyfriend took the photo capturing this adorable moment. Best to let him snooze it and wake up on his own rather than frightening him with sudden movements and loud noises by opening the grill. We’re guessing dinner time will be delayed for a while.


This Tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is sprawled out on the desk splooting. What is a sploot you may be wondering? It’s a type of doggie stretch, much like yoga, but corgis usually do it. It’s when they lay with their legs outstretched with their bellies touching the floor.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

It’s known to be very comfortable for corgis and also makes their back legs feel wonderful and stretchy. This pup is demonstrating the full sploot, although the half sploot and side sploot are other variations. We could learn a thing or two from the way this cute doggo sleeps!

Vacuum Buddy

While its owner was vacuuming the house to make it spick and span for visitors, this cat decided to put a stop to all cleaning activity. By using its body and placing it strategically in the hose of the device, it was able to make a perfect little spot to crawl into.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

Pretty smart move. Not only do cats sleep in high places, but they also come up with the most creative ways to get attention from the people around them. Now, if only she would move so her owner can get back to cleaning.


This husky has claimed his spot and marked his territory by leaving his white fur all over the sofa. A classic dog move to keep his place and dissuade others from wanting to scoot him of the couch. I mean, no one really wants to sit on a pile of dog hair.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

His face illustrates pure happiness, and he seems to be having a grand time in his dreams. Maybe he is dreaming of being part of a sled team in Alaska or running through the snow after a ball, We don’t know- but he seems to be extremely content on his chair.

Where’s My Scissors?

Whether it’s bring your dog to work day or sneaking your dog to work without the boss knowing, this owner nailed it. He managed to bring his dog in and provide a comfy zone for him to rest. After all, he is still a baby and needs the most snug sleeping place possible.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

We love how he has a chew toy right above his head to keep him company. His innocent face makes him look like an angel. We surely wouldn’t want to disturb him by grabbing anything from our desks. Need the stapler or pair of scissors? Borrow your co-workers.

The Floor Is Mine

Some dogs look so cherubic when they’re sleeping. But this cute doggo doesn’t care about grace, and he isn’t trying to be cute either. Comfort is the only thing he cares about. But he failed in his plan- he is adorably cute no matter what position he is sleeping in.

Image Courtesy of jacquiep/reddit

With his arms outstretched, he looks like he’s ready to hug his dreams as tight as possible. The look on his face is priceless; it’s a mix of contentment with a touch of “I’m so done with today.” We can totally relate to him.

Stretching or Napping?

We’re starting to notice a pattern here with these animals—especially the differences in sleeping positions of cats and dogs. Dogs seem to love to sleep in outstretched positions, just like this guy. This Great Dane puppy is ready for his afternoon siesta.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

With head slightly bowed down and legs stretched out. He has impressive flexibility for a baby Great Dane. When he imitates the same sleeping position a few months from now, his owner might need a bigger chair. Since most males grow to be about 32 inches tall! Wowza.

Quick Break

Cats can find a comfy sleeping position in almost anything, even wedged on a desk holding up a laptop. This chubby kitty was taking a break after his large dinner of tuna. He didn’t have the ability to make it back to the floor and needed a comfy space to digest.

Image Courtesy of lullypop/reddit

So instead, he sought refuge next to his owner’s laptop. It also gives his owner more reason to work since he won’t be able to put his computer away. This little kitty has marked his territory and he will not flinch or waver!

Are You In or Out?

We’re struggling to figure out if this dog is halfway in his bed or halfway out? We’re leaning towards the former. It seems like he couldn’t make up his mind on which angle to choose, or maybe he just likes keeping his options open.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

This is one of the funniest positions we’ve seen on this list. By giving himself the best of both worlds, we think he is beyond cute. Indecisive much? We’re guessing he was chasing something in his dreams, which could explain why his head is dangling out from the bed.


Sleeping is a serious business. One should find the right sleeping position to try out without disturbing the space around. His owner’s coworker decided to snap a pic of this tired pup chilling on his desk. Now that’s a good reason to take a break from work.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

Moving this little puppy to get to the keyboard just seems wrong, He seems to be enjoying his dreams so much that we think work can wait for just a little while. Even the boss would understand if he saw this sleeping pup.