45 Unsettling Photos That Make Us Say, “Alright, Enough Of The Internet Today”

By Arvyn B

The Internet can be such a beautiful and entertaining place sometimes. It can bring a smile to your face on a bad day, help you connect with loved ones around the world, and help you learn many interesting things. But, for every funny picture or hilarious video, there are a hundred other images that might freak you out. Some of them are just so mind-boggling and unnerving that you might want to just cry looking at them. In this article, you will stumble upon a few of the strangest pictures on the Internet. They all make us want to say, “Thanks, but I hate it!” and we cannot believe someone decided to post them for the whole world to see! Let us know which ones are the most cringe-worthy!

More Ross

Who among us has not seen an episode of Friends before? Probably not too many. It may not have aged the best, but there’s no denying that it is a pretty hilarious show! But there’s something you might not know about Ross…

Image Credits: NBC / YouTube

Well, if you swap Ross’s face – David Schwimmer’s – with the other famous actor, Nicholas Cage, somehow you end up with someone who looks even more like Ross! We don’t know how to feel about it, but it comes off as uncanny.

Fire Nation

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling pretty annoyed with your roommates or freezing cold, then you could always try this technique out. It is definitely extremely dangerous, so you will need to be very careful if you decide to try!

Image Credits: the15thphantoms/Reddit

We are not sure how someone figured this out, but at least it beats lighting other things on fire. We strongly recommend that you do not try this unless you have a death wish, as the results can be unpredictable.

Spooky SpongeBob

SpongeBob Squarepants is a cartoon character loved by adults and children everywhere. The jokes in the show are just hilarious! But we think that this version of Spongebob does not look so friendly – if anything, he is terrifying!

Image Credits: -Tilde/Reddtit

It might just be a model that is pressed up against a dark window, but that does not make him seem any less nightmarish. We certainly would not like to visit him at his house! He is way too spooky.

Vision of Love

If you are a fan of horror films or Halloween, then you certainly would have seen the Halloween film series. Even if you didn’t, Mike Meyers has become such an iconic character that everyone knows him. But we bet you won’t be familiar with this version!

Image Credits: Mr_PepperGuy98/Reddit

We are not even sure how or why someone figured this out, but it is pretty incredible and a massive insult to the Queen of Vocals herself, Mariah Carey! We have a feeling she does not appreciate this comparison.

Fish Feeder

A relaxing way to spend an afternoon is feeding the fish in the pond at the park. There is nothing quite as calming as listening to the water gently flowing and watching the fish eat some food. This one isn’t so cute, though…

Image Credits: Swenzarr_/Reddit

Instead of waiting for the food, this fish decided to try and eat the woman’s hand instead – how disgusting! We have a feeling that she has probably decided to never feed fish again, in case they do it once more!

Dastardly Dutch

If you didn’t know, toilets in America and Australia are designed differently from each other. There have been plenty of debates on the Internet about which toilet design is better than the other. But nobody thought about the Dutch toilets…

Imge Credits: @marth_burton2/Twitter

They are really disgusting! We have absolutely no idea why the hole is so close to the front, as it makes entirely no sense to us. It seems to make it harder to flush your business away. How utterly bizarre!

Cheesus Christ

On the one hand, this is absolutely awful, and we are not really sure why someone would create this kitchen utensil. On the other hand, this is a pretty clever pun, and they deserve some applause for thinking of it.

Image Credits: viktor72/Reddit

This would be of perfect service in a church or by anyone who is really religious. They even took it one step further by adding a cheesy logo to the packaging. It seems that the puns just never end with this one!

Curly Eyelashes

There are some concepts in the universe that we are honestly are so shocked and surprised at. This post is definitely one of them! Just who on earth ever thought about “curly eyelashes?” The person who considered this is super strange!

Image Credits: @ashomellow/Twitter

We feel like this image is going to haunt our dreams and keep us up at night. It looks absolutely revolting! Thank goodness this is just a bit of Photoshop and not at all real. It would be too weird!

Gym Socks

When most of us go to the gym, we like to keep ourselves out of the spotlight while we use the machines. After all, who wants to be seen panting and looking sweaty? Of course, there are other people…

Image Credits: amlisonT-two/Reddit

…such as this guy, who was determined to have everybody looking at him while he was working out in these socks. They have chicken legs on them, and it seems like a bird is doing the exercise instead! He is certainly confident, we have to say.


Bees are a really beautiful part of nature, and they are so crucial for our ecosystem on our planet. Not only do they help plants to grow, but they also give us delicious honey – yummy! These bees, however, are not cute.

Image Credits: @sairaspooks/Twitter

Instead, they look absolutely horrifying! This beehive decided to form on the head of a statue, transforming it into something from a horror film. We will be sure to stay as far away as possible from this malicious beast.

Bean Donut

There are some words or phrases that you feel surprised by and don’t make sense. This time, it is the phrase, “bean donut.” Yes. You read that right! Some crazy individual decided to fill a batch of donuts with baked beans.

Image Credits: @juannisaac/Twitter

Whoever did this certainly need to change their whole palate. It is utterly revolting and should be offered anywhere! We have a strong feeling this person was inspired by beans on toast. Or maybe it was a messed-up prank.

Florida vs. Australia

In case you’ve missed it, creatures from Australia are some of the most resilient and bewildering on the planet. On the other side of the equation, we have the “Florida Man” that thinks he can take on any challenge.

Image Credits: IntellOyell/Reddit

Who would win the battle? Well, according to these users, they would end up breeding instead! We just hope that this never actually becomes a reality, as that is just too scary to even imagine. The creature would be unstoppable!

Froggy Winner

Some people are incredibly talented at art, and they win many awards. Of course, nothing good comes easily, and gorgeous pieces of art can take many hours to create. We can not help but feel sorry for this user.

Image Credits: @thegallowboob/Twitter

They entered a competition for the best “frog” drawing. Their picture looks almost like the real thing! But unfortunately, they lost to the pathetic picture on the left, which people voted using a “like” system. This must have been so frustrating!


Whenever you want to seal a deal at work, it is pretty normal to shake hands with your client. Sometimes, you might even do it outside of work! But who has ever heard of a “foot-shake” before? Certainly not us!

Image Credits: what_r_u_whereing/Reddit

We completely agree with the person on the left – there’s absolutely no way that we would want to do something like this. It is so disgusting! Whoever decided to do this and take a picture needs to be locked up!

Scary Reindeer

Watching out for animals when you drive can be a pretty tricky task, especially on a dark night. To try and fix this problem, herders have begun spraying the antlers of these animals to make them glow in the dark.

Image Credits: @kakslauttanen/Twitter

Unfortunately, this has resulted in some pretty strange pictures and sights during the night. We would be pretty terrified if we saw these huge antlers coming towards us! This probably caused more people to be more distracted than before.

Yassified Friends

Recently, there has been a social media phenomenon called the “yassification” trend. This highly popular fad of heavily editing a picture of something to make it look like an influencer, complete with heavy makeup, is sweeping across the internet. Some of the results are funny…

Image Credits: ibiZas_/Reddit

…and some of them are downright disturbing, just like this photo of the cast from Friends. Seriously – who thought that this would be a good idea? Each of these ‘friends’ looks more like enemies. They seem really terrifying!

Three’s A Crowd

There is no experience more nerve-wracking than a first date. You are constantly freaking out and trying to make sure that you do not embarrass yourself. The only thing that could possibly be worse than that is a blind date.

Image Credits: BlanketMage/Reddit

This one sounds like a blind date no one wants to be in! The woman brought along 23 members from her family and tried to get the date to pay for them. Naturally, he refused – we are honestly not surprised. The nerve of it!

Eye See You

Self-driving cars are steadily becoming more of our reality, and we would not be surprised to see them being a part of daily life in the next few years. But there are still some people who do not trust these things.

Image Credits: @qikipedia/Twitter

To try and tackle this challenge, the car company Jaguar has decided to put ‘eyes’ on their vehicles instead so they can make eye contact with people. Funnily enough, we think this is not going to be very successful.

Stressful Geese

It’s a fact – being in university is a really stressful experience. There are so many things that you need to do, from exams, studying, and socializing. This university in Manchester, England, thought of a way to help students relax.

Image Credits: @BantshireUni/Twitter

However, something tells us that this idea did not go according to plan. Instead of relaxing the students, it seems that the geese are attacking them! That is just one more thing to stress about to add to the list.

Cheesy Conundrum

One thing you should be very careful of is carrying food in your bag, especially if you have important or valuable things inside. The food could go everywhere and completely destroy your belongings! Or, you might have this strange problem…

Image Credits: @BanditMulla/Twitter

This user had a bottle of parmesan cheese in their bag, which somehow ended up getting stuck inside the ports of their MacBook! That is certainly one way to learn this lesson. Hopefully, they managed to fix it soon.

Is It A Mammal?

This one is pretty strange because it is not exactly wrong – we just cannot possibly believe that it is right. In case you did not know, a mammal is a type of animal that has hair and produces milk.

Image Credits: Thedepressionoftrees/Reddit

This user took this to the extreme and said that, technically, a coconut is a mammal then! We absolutely hate this idea because it seems so right. Obviously, a coconut is not a mammal as it is a plant.

3D Printer

When 3D printers were first introduced to the world, they were meant to be a way of helping everyday people solve their problems. However, we have a feeling that, after seeing this picture, the inventor probably regretted creating 3D printers.

Image Credits: jacksknight/Reddit

We don’t understand why on earth would anyone decide to keep their drill heads on something that looks like this?! Yes, it is a pretty clever idea, but it is also absolutely horrifying as well. They need to fix this quickly.

Reindeer Or ‘Rain’-deer

There are plenty of things you need to be careful of when going for a walk in the woods, from wild animals to poisonous plants, bear traps, and dangerous people. Apparently, you need to watch out for raining animals, too!

Image Credits: coffeetable213/Reddit

That is because leopards like to hide their unfinished food at the very tops of trees. If it is a pretty windy day, these meals can end up falling straight to the ground. It must have happened quite a lot!

Secret Photos

Elon Musk is probably one of the biggest names out there at the moment. He is known for being the CEO of Tesla and part of the SpaceX project. You might think that he is always dressed to impress.

Image Credits: @crypt0e/Twitter

Apparently, that is not true, as this picture proves. Elon looks like such a mess that he tried to get this picture ‘erased’ from the Internet! Of course, something like that is never possible, and people still share it today.

Hairless Cat

A cat’s toe beans are easily one of their cutest body parts because they look just like the toes of a little teddy bear. However, you might be surprised to see just what these adorable beans look like without fur.

Image Credits: @delaneykingrox/Twitter

Instead of being cute, they look more like a dinosaur’s claws or something equally terrifying! Let this picture be a lesson to anyone who wants to buy a hairless cat. You will have to see these ugly things, too!

Farm Simulator

Virtual reality technology is also massively becoming part of our daily lives. It can be used in so many different ways. It seems that the animal kingdom is also joining the virtual world, as this Moscow farmer has proven.

Image Credits: @samthielman/Twitter

They decided to strap on a VR headset onto their cows to make them think that they were in a field. Apparently, it relaxed the animal and made it produce great milk. This feels just like something from a post-apocalyptic movie!


There are just so many things wrong with this image that it is honesty difficult to know where to start. The biggest mistake for us, as this user said, is the fact that this woman is wearing boots without socks.

Image Credits: farrukhsshah/Reddit

That is an absolutely ridiculous thing to do, and it freaks us out more than the fact she is wearing transparent boots! Why anyone would need boots like this is a complete mystery to us, as is her sock-wearing habits.

Window Watching

If you decide to watch a horror movie all by yourself, then we have to admit that you are much braver than we are. You would never catch us doing something like that! This picture is a great reason why.

Image Credits: Altaiz/Reddit

This user saw something in the corner of their eye and freaked out, thinking there was a horrifying nun outside the window! Luckily, it was just the reflection of their TV screen and nothing too awful. It could’ve been worse!


Hairless cats are pretty unusual animals on their own, and we are not too sure why anyone would want to get one. Not only are they expensive, but they are a real hassle to look after and keep clean.

Image Credits: rainbowpeonies/Reddit

However, this user took things to the next level when they decided to dress up their cat like a little girl. The results are truly skin-crawling – it looks like a little girl from a nightmare! We wish we’d never seen this.

Cow Insides

Some advertisements are really clever and leave you thinking about how someone was able to be so creative. Then, there are others that leave you with one thought – “why?” This one from Mercedes-Benz definitely fits the last category!

Image Credits: woodside37/Reddit

We wonder who decided to use a cow’s insides to advertise their bright headlights. The user who commented on this post was right, too – headlights this bright will make it so hard to see. There are just too many errors!

Run Away!

Airbnb is one of the latest hotel trends for people who are looking to do some traveling. You can get some pretty great deals on there! However, we have a feeling that this one was definitely not worth the price.

Image Credits: potassium0101/Reddit

We completely understand this user’s fears. Why on earth would someone have a room like this in their house, and why would they rent it out to other people?! If we were the guests, we’d be running out of there!

Twisted Peas

This picture is just all kinds of weird, simply because it makes absolutely no sense. If you take a look at this balanced-looking of food, it seems relatively normal, right? Well, take a closer look at those peas…

Image Credits: @SpottyLen/Twitter

Notice anything strange about them? Yep, that is right – these peas are upside down, for some utterly bizarre reason! We cannot think of any explanation for why someone did this, and it genuinely makes us feel creeped out.

Smooth Bar

We’ve all tried eating a chocolate Mars bar at one point in our lives or another. One of the things that makes them so unique is the cracked line at the top. But have you ever seen one without it?

Image courtesy of Pau1rw/Reddit

There is just something so strange and unnatural about seeing a Mars bar like this. It looks completely wrong, and we want to burn it with fire instead of deciding to give it a bite. Get it away from us!

BBQ Bookend

Mark Zuckerberg is another instantly recognizable businessman. He recently did a stream where he explained the concept of a “metaverse,” a universe using virtual reality. Strangely, virtual reality was not the weirdest part of the video. Take a look…

Image Credits: Zuzuofthewolves/Reddit

It was actually the fact that he used a bottle of BBQ sauce as a bookend for his shelves instead – seriously! We wonder whose idea it was, as there is absolutely no way that it was an accident.

Ding Dong…What?

Ding Dong Ditch is a popular prank for kids all around the world to play. But did you know that it actually has a ton of different names? People on the Internet are divided over what the ‘real’ name is…

Image Credits: DriftedSpice/Reddit

…though we can all definitely agree that it is not something with a name like “Knicky Knocky Nine Doors.” This really does sound like something from an old Charles Dickens novel and is almost too good to be true!

Painted Beards

Another trend at the moment is for girls to shave off their eyebrows and paint them on instead. To try and match this, these two guys decided that they would do the same make-up trick but to their beards instead.

Image Credits: Sensitive_Quail_3636/Reddit

Honestly, we think this is absolutely terrifying and a perfect example of the saying, “Just because you can do something does not mean that you should.” It looks really weird and makes us feel super uncomfortable to look at!

Wait, What?

An important part of being a successful business is making sure that you have a logo that is recognizable by people. There are plenty of iconic logos that we see every day that you just become so used to them.

Image Credits: MatuRO/Reddit

However, these logos just look completely unnatural. Sure, there is nothing all that wrong with them – after all, they have just swapped the text around. However, that does not make us feel any less weird when we look at them!

Banana Bread

Banana bread is quite a popular dessert in several places around the world. In case you have never tried it before, it tastes just like a fruitcake but with more banana than anything else – definitely not like this picture!

Image Credits: 12345-12345-/Reddit

We are seriously hoping that this was somebody’s idea of a joke and that they did not actually try eating this. It seems too revolting to even think about! Though judging by the bite marks, they did try it…


Most bees are pretty cute insects, and we always enjoy trying some of their deliciously sweet honey. However, you should notice that we said most bees and not all bees. Something like the vulture bee came straight from the underworld!

Image Credits: PrincessBeepBop69/Reddit

These insects use the meat from dead animals to create ‘meat’ honey, which is absolutely vile. In case you wanted to know where to avoid these horrifying creatures, they live in South America, and their honey apparently tastes “smokey.”

Not At All Real

If there’s one thing that we all agree on, it’s that clickbait thumbnails and headlines are truly the worst. They try to bait you into reading or watching something that is completely pointless! It’s worse when they don’t try…

Image Credits: DanFlaylen/Reddit

…like this user on YouTube. There’s absolutely no way that a beach like this exists in the world – it is all just photoshop trickery. They are clearly trying to make people click on this video by using this fake image.

Crocboy Boots

This pair of boots is another absolute disaster for our eyes, and we honestly feel offended just looking at them. Crocs alone are an awful style of shoe but mix them with cowboy boots, and you have something even worse.

Image Credits: buschbeer/Reddit

What is the name of these beastly boots? Crocboy boots, of course! Seriously – whoever decided to invent these shoes needs to be locked up and have their art license taken away from them. It is not a genius idea!

Meat-Ghetti and Spag-Balls

It is now time for another horrifying plate of food that some disturbed soul decided to cook up in the kitchen. You have probably tried spaghetti and meatballs at one point in your life, but what about the reverse choice?

Image Credits: idontlikejokes/Reddit

Yes, that is right – meat-ghetti and spag-balls. We have no idea why someone would even try to make this in the first place, let alone take a photo of it afterward! It honestly makes us want to be sick.

Candy Hair

We are not sure what is worse about this picture – the fact that this woman is so pleased to have this candy in her hair or that they wasted so much food to do it. It is gross!

Image Credits: Regian24/Reddit

Not only that, but this is also sure to attract a ton of bees and other unwelcome insects. Just imagine trying to wash it out! This picture is proof that some people are completely crazy, and we don’t understand them.

Meat Softener

Old advertisements are really weird for a bunch of different reasons. That’s why this prank ad really had the internet stumped. It took some investigation by Snopes to settle this one. It may be fake, but it definitely takes the cake for being the most bizarre.

Image Credits: KindainDifferent/Reddit

We are unsure which part is stranger – the product itself or the little ‘girl’ in the image. With the help of some Photoshop, some jokester online gave us a creepy-looking child that will haunt our dreams for a while. And don’t even get us started on the product!

Amusing Adele

Being someone as famous as the singer Adele has got to be difficult, so we think she deserves lots of respect for deciding to bring up a child in that world. That being said, we cannot help laughing at this!

Image Credits: @Edgewalker81/Twitter

We would like to think that this is exactly how that conversation went down, though something tells us that it probably was not as simple as that. Even so, this makes us hate track five on her newest album.