Unique Doormats People Have Been Greeted By

By Jhoana C

How do you make a first impression on visitors before you even open the door and see them? By putting a quirky and entertaining doormat! They can act as your personal billboard and they can target different demographics, so to speak. They can talk to delivery guys, visitors without invitation, family members, and all other types of people. If you want to make a statement and show your personality, you should definitely look for a unique mat. If you need some inspiration, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of pictures of some of the best doormats on the Internet you could ever put your feet on. There’s no room for plain and dull here. Each doormat is unique and speaks volumes.

#1 A doormat made for a favorite cat

When you see something that looks just like your beloved pet, wouldn’t you be convinced to buy it? We know we wouldn’t let the chance pass us by. It’s always a joy to get something for our pet or something that resembles our fur baby.

Image courtesy of Evaleenora/Reddit

This is why we understand why this pet parent immediately took the doormat to the cashier. It looks just like her beloved black cat at home. She knew her cat would be happy to have it. Just look at the cat on the doormat and the actual cat. They’re twins!

#2 The delivery guy got the message

Do you know why Amazon earned so much money during the pandemic? People were basically imprisoned in their own homes and, for lack of anything better to do during endless downtime, went to shopping sites and added many, many items to their cart.

Image courtesy of Parker_Larsen/Reddit

Didn’t matter if they need those things or not; adding to the cart was a great exercise. Husbands found themselves asking “Again?” every time the delivery guy knocked on their doors or rang their doorbell. We think this delivery guy got the message loud and clear.

#3 Say hello to the dire wolf

Most of us only got introduced to the dire wolf through the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. They were the near-mythical creatures found in the north, and the Stark siblings even kept them as pets. But it turns out that there are still a few, although they are extinct.

Image courtesy of Raven’s Teeth/Reddit

The extinct canine is one of the most famous prehistoric carnivores in North America. Although not a dire wolf per se, this beautiful dog can certainly pass for its bigger and fabled cousin. He definitely looks wolf-like and right off the set of Thrones.

#4 A doormat for everyone

How many times have you gone out of the house to drive to work only to return a few minutes later because you forgot your wallet or other important things? You’re not alone; plenty of us have been through that at least a few times in our lives.

Image courtesy of guylikestoast/Reddit

Our loved ones won’t always be there to remind us, and people who live by themselves have no one to go through the ‘leave house’ checklist. This doormat is a lifesaver. Every time you are ready to go, you’ll remember to check if you have wallet, keys, and other necessities.

#5 Mirror images

No matter what other people think, we still say that dachshunds are some of the cutest dogs on Earth. They look like walking sausages. How adorable can a dog get? Their famously long bodies, low silhouette, and bold personalities have made a lot of lives better.

Image courtesy of martanje/Reddit

The word, Dachshund, means “badger dog” in German, and it has a history that goes back as far as 600 years. They were bred to hunt badgers, foxes, rabbits, and other tunneling animals. If you have a sausage dog in your home, this is the ideal doormat to get. Your dachsie dog will love it.

#6 Heed my words

After having spent endless months in our homes, we might start to become anti-social very soon. Or perhaps, some people were already anti-social, to begin with. We’re so used to our own company that we won’t know how to act in public.

Image courtesy of Nickel Designs

This doormat is exactly what you need if you find yourself disliking the company of people you used to love before the pandemic. Plus, it comes with a soundtrack too. We can almost hear the band Journey in the background. 

#7 True 90% of the time

This doormat speaks the truth, and the people outside who are about to knock on the door or ring the bell should think about its message. They shouldn’t be upset if it takes about 10 minutes before someone can come to the door.

Image courtesy of radbrad7/Reddit

We’ve been used to staying at home so much that, truth be told, sometimes we don’t bother to wear pants anymore, especially if we’re all alone at home. We don’t have anyone to impress, and meetings are pretty much through Zoom too.

#8 A doormat for Math geeks

We don’t know about you, but we dislike Math so much and computer programming that we won’t be purchasing this doormat anytime in the near future. However, we think this is something that Math and computer geeks alike will love.

Image courtesy of JamLov/Reddit

How do you say Welcome in binary? Well, it turns out that the message is a mouthful of ones and zeroes. We’re going to stick with English because we can’t imagine deciphering all those numbers. We don’t have the energy or the knowledge to do so.

#9 You better wear good undies

Don’t underestimate the importance of wearing good clean underwear. It can make you feel better about yourself and can increase your confidence levels too. And if the wind accidentally blows your skirt in a direction you don’t want it to go, at least you don’t have to be embarrassed.

Image courtesy of moviebusinessman/Reddit

You’ll be confident that people won’t laugh at you or talk about you. If somebody ever takes a video and uploads it on the internet, at least you’re wearing your La Perla. If you happen to visit this house, you’ll know that what the doormat is saying is true.

#10 A doormat for anti-social people everywhere

When we say anti-social, we don’t mean people who have been diagnosed with the disorder, but rather people who would rather stay at home and be by themselves instead of going out and mingling with others. There’s this anti-social being in all of us.

Image courtesy of youarealonesalt/Instagram

Sometimes it rears its ugly head, but sometimes it doesn’t. However, if you find yourself preferring your own company more, then perhaps it’s about time you get this doormat. Put this on outside, and you won’t be bothered ever again.

#11 Heed the warning

Get a dog, it’s going to make your life happier, and you can be assured that no matter what happens, there’s always be someone right there for you. A dog won’t forsake, won’t ignore you, won’t betray you, and will love you unconditionally.

Image courtesy of andrealeightorres/Instagram

However, before you adopt a dog, you need to fully understand everything that owning a pet entails. One of the things that’s part and parcel of getting a dog is having dog hair everywhere. You’ll see hair on your couch, your clothes, and pretty much everywhere that hair can go.

#12 Yup, there are lots of them

Since we’re already talking about dogs, let’s take it a little bit further. Some people find that they need the love of more than a single so they have a whole pack at home. A case in point is this household which has at least four dogs, we think.

Image courtesy of _Kumiho_/Reddit

If you think that a single dog is a handful, you better be prepared to deal with four. Four dogs mean four times the hair, but you also get four times the loving and affection, four times the companionship, and four times the loyalty. Don’t forget to get a doormat that says so too.

#13 Now, this is a unique doormat

You can either settle for the mundane in life or stand out from the rest. There are plenty of ways to do that, and one of them is to get a doormat that is uniquely you, a doormat that conveys effectively who you are as a person.

Image courtesy of atomicpete/Reddit

If you’re someone who likes Math or angles, in particular, you can get a doormat that lets everyone know just how much geometry rules your life. This fellow wasn’t afraid or shy to let everyone know, so he got himself a doormat that measures the door’s angle.

#14 For the hermits

Most people fall into one of two distinct categories, introverts or extroverts. Introverts mostly focus on their feelings rather than on outside sources and prefer small groups of chosen people rather than crowds. It is estimated that up to 40% of the population consider themselves introverts.

Image courtesy of memoriesbymonkeyfly/KInstagram

This doormat is something we feel that introverts will love. Had enough social interaction for the day? Go home and ensure that you have this doormat outside so those who might want to come and see you can do so on another day.

#15 What a surprise, not!

Owning a dog will potentially change your entire life for the better. For thousands of years, canines have been by our side, staying as loyal as they can be. Dogs can help boost your mood, help you recover faster from illnesses, and they also make great companions.

Image courtesy of greentree428/Reddit

If unconditional love is what you’re after, you should definitely get a dog. But prepare to have a few things in the house damaged from chewing, such as shoes, furniture, clothes, and even the doormat. This doormat wasn’t chewed, but it looks like someone had been adorably gnawing on it.

#16 A doormat that judges visitors

This doormat is mean on so many levels. Or maybe we shouldn’t be hating on the doormat but instead on the people living in the house. At least the occupants in the house do not mince words, and they don’t even attempt at any fake politeness.

Image courtesy of Leftover_Spaghetti/Reddit

While waiting for the door to be opened, you can read the message on the doormat and calculate by the number of minutes you have to spend standing there if you’re a good friend or if you’re someone that the homeowners would rather not see.

#17 For newly single women out there

Being in a relationship is hard; it takes patience, compromise, and understanding from both parties. If no one is willing to compromise, then it won’t work. However, if the relationship isn’t working, then perhaps it’s time to pull the plug and move on.

Image courtesy of Cake3384/Reddit

If you’ve recently ended your relationship or know someone who just has, perhaps you want to gift them this clever doormat. Not only will it make her laugh, but it’s also funny revenge of sorts for the failed relationship.

#18 Always know where you are

Are you good or bad with directions? Do you know how to read a map? Can you point exactly where you are on a map? If you answered yes to all those questions, congratulations. Not many people can say the same.

Image courtesy of Furyful_Fawful/Reddit

This home has the perfect solution for those who are lost. They’ll tell you where you are exactly with their extremely informative doormat. Now you don’t have to wonder where you are and how far you are from the nearest Starbucks.

#19 A doormat for those who love extraterrestrials

Do you believe that the incident in Roswell, New Mexico is real? Do you think that there’s any grain of truth about alien abductions and aliens experimenting on people? Do you think that aliens made ancient structures such as the pyramids and Stonehenge?

Image courtesy of Ramin Rahimian/The New York Times

If your answer to all questions is in the affirmative, then you will love this doormat. It says “Welcome all species,” so it’s definitely welcoming to all, including your extra-terrestrial friends. Who knows, one might just show up on your doorstep?

#20 The do or do not doormat

One of the most memorable characters in the Stars Wars series is Yoda. The fictional character first appeared in the 1980s film The Empire Strikes Back, and since then, the small green, humanoid alien has served as the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.

mage courtesy of DeltaBravoFT/Reddit

Yoda’s distinct characteristic is that he likes to talk backward. One line we’ll forever remember from him is “Do or do not. There is no try.” If you happen to be a fan of Star Wars and an even bigger fan of Yoda, this is the best doormat for you.

#21 Take a peek

When someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, do you instantly open the door to see who it is? Or do you shout from somewhere in the house and ask exactly who’s at the door? Or do you take a peek through the blinds or the peephole first?

Image courtesy of ShopJosieB

A word of advice, don’t open the door right away. It’s better and safer to take a peek first, so you know exactly who’s there. You want to make sure that it’s someone you know, trust, or someone who looks as if they’re not going to harm you. While you’re in the process, you might want to put this doormat outside too.

#22 Yup, you really should

Live, laugh, and love. That’s a mantra we should all live by. Life is short, and we shouldn’t make it any shorter by hating on people and living our lives with regrets or a frown on our faces. However, when it comes to people invading our homes, it’s an entirely different thing.

Image courtesy of aspenblueco/Instagram

This is especially true if you’ve had enough visitors and want to call it a day to enjoy some quality alone time. Visitors? Don’t live, laugh, and love. They should just live, laugh, and leave. Want to drive the point home? Get this format.

#23 We welcome all dogs

Dogs are just adorable. Anyone who says otherwise is not going to be our friends. We won’t even say hi to those people. Furry, loyal, affectionate, and playful, they make for the best of friends. For most dog owners, dogs are not just pets but family members too.

Image courtesy of Coach_HD/Twitter

Dogs can lift you up when you’re sad, and even though they can’t talk, they understand exactly how you feel and can convey their feelings in other ways. If you’re a self-confessed dog person, this is the perfect mat for you.

#24 Yup, it’s me yet again

Don’t you just hate it when people keep showing up to your house even though you’ve told them not to? There are people who you love to be with, but there are those you’d rather not see, and we figure that this doormat is for the latter.

Image courtesy of Mecius/Reddit

You again? The message is clear and concise. It doesn’t beat around the bush, and it doesn’t pretend to be something other than it is. If people still don’t get this, we’re gonna start shaking our heads. You again? Yes, the doormat is talking to you.

#25 No warrant, no entry

If someone says they need to search your property, you shouldn’t just let them in; you should ask them to show you their warrant first. It is an order by a judge that gives police the authority to search for specific items at a specific time or place.

Image courtesy of Schikelgrubber/Reddit

This woman values her privacy so much that she won’t let anyone in her house without a warrant. She wants everyone to know that, and she’s purchased a doormat that conveys her feelings effectively. No one is gonna miss it.

#26 Dogs know you’re there

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, as they have up to 300 million olfactory receptors. On the other hand, we humans only have around six million. The part of their brain that analyzes, as well as processes scents, is 40 times greater than ours.

Image courtesy of atlasbellestudio/Instagram

This is why they can tell that something is coming or approaching even before we do. They can sense when a storm is coming even before we have any idea about it. They also know when somebody is at the door even before the doorbell rings.

#27 Yes, the doormat doesn’t lie

If you find it difficult to articulate your feelings, you can always rely on the doormat to do the job for you. They don’t say much, but they say a lot, you know what we mean? If you don’t feel like seeing people, you don’t have to worry.

Image courtesy of ColsprintAmazon

All you need to do is get a doormat that doesn’t mince words, such as this one. Of course, there’s the risk that people will think you’re a grouch, but who cares, right? This would only make them stay far from you. Win-win.

#28 Time to get creative

If you look hard enough, you’ll find plenty of creative doormats. Now is not the time to be boring. Try something out of the ordinary and get yourself a doormat that will tell people just what you’re doing day and night.

Image courtesy of maxington26Reddit

This clever doormat greets visitors welcome during daytime, but during nighttime, it’s a little too revealing. The L suddenly disappears from the mat during nighttime. We’re not sure how they did this, but it’s a mat you don’t see every day.

#29 This homeowner doesn’t like visitors very much

If you don’t like visitors very much and would like people to stay away from your house, except maybe for the delivery guy who has all your online purchases, you should get a doormat that lets everyone know how you feel.

Image courtesy of damngooddoormats/Instagram

If you’d rather be discrete about your ‘leave me alone’ message, you can get this subtle mat that doesn’t seem so subtle at all once you decipher once it says. This spells out the message in sign language, so it doesn’t seem rude.

#30 Now, that’s one clever mat

We can’t decide if this mat is hilarious or if it’s just plain boring. Sure, it serves its purpose of being at the door ready to greet the homeowners and visitors. It has clever wordplay, but it doesn’t say much, unlike some of the other mats on this list.

Image courtesy of mad.hatters.lush.party/Instagram

Well, sometimes being simple and straightforward is preferable to a lot of idle chit-chats. If we happen to drop by this house, we’ll be sure to simply acknowledge Mat with a simple “Hey, What’s Up?” rather than trying to get into a full conversation.

#31 Short and sweet

Sometimes we’re so afraid of offending people that we find ways and means of saying no politely. Invited to the barbecue at the neighbors but would rather spend an evening at home? You’ll probably come up with an excuse that you have a prior appointment.

Image courtesy of ShopJosieB

But sometimes, it’s just good to just be honest and not come up with excuses. If people found it offensive that you said not to their invitation, it’s not your problem. Be like this doormat. Short and sweet with your message.

#32 Yup, we’re looking for you

We should start saying no to boring doormats. Times are already challenging enough as it is so a little fun here and there is always welcome. Speaking of a doormat that’s a whole lot of fun, this one is something we’d like to have.

Image courtesy of locknessa/Imgur

This is another doormat that comes with its own soundtrack. You can tell that the homeowner is quite the fun guy too. He even drew Lionel Richie, and we must say his drawing skills are not that bad. Yes, we’re looking for you.

#33 Cat with an attitude

Cats have a reputation of being harder to train compared to dogs, but they can still be taught. We’ve all seen felines who jump through hoops and behave well. However, it’s evident that it takes more effort to make them do so.

Image courtesy of chuggada/Reddit

Cats seem to have an attitude too. Don’t believe us? Just look at this doormat. The cat is trying to communicate with people on the outside just how it’s being treated. At least it’s getting some relief by destroying some furniture in the house.

#34 Aussie, Aussie, Oi

Australia, the Land Down Under, is famous for its huge spiders and scary reptiles. When it comes to wildlife, there’s nothing like Oz. but, of course, there’s a lot of other reasons to visit Oz, aside from the wildlife.

Image courtesy of AtomicCypher/Reddit

Aussie hospitality is renowned all over the world too. Look at how they greet people. We find this very funny. Not only do they let people know that the doorbell is busted, but it also instructs visitors what to do instead of ringing.

#35 A doormat for Monty Python fans

If you love the Monty Python movies, especially those that involve quests, then you need to show it through your doormat. Wear your heart on your sleeve, or in this case, put it on your doormat for all the whole wide world to see.

Image courtesy of tdotdo/witter

This guy’s wife is letting everyone know her love for the films and skits. This is a house we’d like to visit. We just have a few questions, though. Do they have a trap door? Or perhaps a spring-loaded platform? What type of swallow are they asking for? Guess we need to rewatch all Monty Python material!

#36 Don’t say you weren’t warned

Some dogs are very friendly, but other dogs really don’t like strangers coming to their doorstep. They’re so territorial that sometimes they become aggressive. It’s, of course, the homeowner’s responsibility to warn visitors if there is a guard dog on duty in the house.

Image courtesy of darlingdoormats/Instagram

This thoughtful pet parent has taken it upon himself to put out a doormat that warns visitors. But, how are you going to let them know that you’re outside? Maybe you should call them first or send them a message first before coming over.

#37 Our dog goes crazy for the doorbell too

What is it with dogs and doorbells? Most of them start barking as soon as they hear the doorbell. This is because for dogs this means that a stranger is about to encroach in their territory and they don’t like that at all.

Image courteys of emilanov/Reddit

However, not all barkers are afraid or dangerous. Sometimes, they’re just excited to see who’s there. They run straight to the door with their tails wagging. We think that this homeowner’s dog belongs to the group that likes doorbells and people coming round.

#38 Just knock on the door

Speaking of dogs who get excited or scared of doorbells, sometimes homeowners just don’t want to risk it. So, they tell visitors not to ring the doorbell because their high-strung canines are going to go berserk and will need time to calm down.

Image courtesy of girlbank/Imgur

We know some people who could use this doormat. A message or a call before coming over would be of really great help. Getting the dogs involved sometimes results in disaster. The last thing you want to do is agitate them.

#39 No, there’s no need to ask

The message on this doormat is true. If you ring the bell, the dog is gonna come barking. There’s certainly no need to ask because it’s quite obvious, Canines won’t bark at people they’re familiar with, and that means members of the household.

Image courtesy of heyCharley/Reddit

Fortunately, there are things pet parents can do when dogs bark at the door. Never yell over a dog’s barking and remain upbeat, calm, and positive. Another option is just completely to ignore your dog when Fido starts barking.

#40 The perfect gift

Do you have a significant other who loves aliens or anything and everything weird? This is the perfect gift for them. Acknowledge their quirkiness and celebrate it at the same time by letting them know that you accept them for who they are.

Image courtesy of W0NdERSTrUM/Reddit

This friendly doormat welcomes one and all and accepts them for what they are, no questions asked and no judgments. Isn’t it great to meet someone who just gets you without explaining yourself? It’s even better when they get you this doormat.

#41 Doorbell broken

Don’t you just hate it when you stand outside a house trying to ring the doorbell, and you’ve been there for a few minutes, but no one comes to the door? Then you start thinking to yourself if they’re expecting you or not?

Image courtesy of thatsmynewusername/Imgur

Are they trying to ignore you? Perhaps there’s something wrong with the doorbell. Wouldn’t it be better if they put out a sign that said so? Like this homeowner. He was considerate enough to let everyone know to yell “dingdong” instead.

#42 Let them know buddy

There are certain people you’re excited to see, and then there are people who you’d rather not hear from. People that belong to the first category are the guys from Amazon with your online purchases and the guy from the local pizza shop.

Image courtesy of brettbauerfittv/Instagram

People that belong in the second category are salespeople and other unwelcome visitors. Let everyone know just how you feel about them with this doormat. They will surely get the message from it.  We love the fact that the homeowner has an adorable dog too.

#43 Life with a baby

Life with a baby is all sorts of indescribable joy you never knew you needed. However, it can also be very challenging. You have to wake up at certain times to feed the baby. You have to change the baby’s diaper, burp the baby, and bathe the baby.

Image courtesy of shopjosieb/Instagram

You have to catch Zzzzs whenever you can because the baby will wake up anytime it’s hungry or uncomfortable. Now, imagine all those things but multiply them by two. That’s what life is like with twins. So, you better warn everyone with an appropriate doormat.

#44 No wine, no entry

Ah, wine, it’s the alcoholic drink we need at the end of a day, especially a long and exhausting day. Numerous positive health benefits have been attributed to red wine, such as reducing the chances of having a stroke and developing Type 2 diabetes.

Image courtesy of shopjosieb/Instagram

They also say that a glass of red wine every day is helpful. This homeowner understands the importance of wine; that’s why they don’t accept visitors who don’t bring any. Plus, their security is tight too. Just look at those pups!

#45 They only allow clean paws to enter

Nowadays, it pays to be clean and to demand cleanliness, especially if you have older or sickly people at home. The last thing you want is for someone to bring bacteria and viruses to your home and affect members with weak immune systems.

Image courtesy of georgia.cookie.and.rita/Instagram

It’s only practical to ask visitors, if you’re accepting any, to wipe their paws before they enter your home. You can even ask them to leave their shoes outside. This cute doormat not only looks nice, but it’s also helping in keeping the place clean.