And The Award Goes To… 45 Dramatic Moments That Deserve Recognition

By Liezel L

Let’s be honest. Humans are just made to be overly dramatic. Remember that time when you cried over a tiny piece of chocolate your mom wouldn’t give you like bloody murder as if it was the end of the world? Sure, you could say you were a tiny little kid who didn’t know anything else but crying, but we all know that that was one of the finest pieces of over-acting moments we’ve all been through in our lives. We’re just simply born with a little diva in all of us. While most of us learn to shut her down, though, there are those who couldn’t and wouldn’t. And whether they mean to or not, that diva finds a way to take over at the best moments resulting in some of the most golden moments in human craziness. Just keep reading and enjoy all the sass and drama with these overly dramatic moments that definitely deserve awards. 

The Usual Cat Drama

We think we can all acknowledge that cats are the drama queens of the pet world. They simply have a way of not holding back when it comes to showing that you’ve offended them even if you were just sitting and breathing in a corner. And saying this cat here isn’t impressed is an understatement.

image courtesy of

It strongly reminds us of Yzma, though, the purple lady and another drama queen from The Emperor’s New Groove, It’s like another plan of hers to get rid of the emperor failed, and Kronk just offered her another cookie.

Dishonor On You!

There are a lot of people who hate pineapple on a pizza with a passion, and that’s okay. We respect that. But then, there are people who are absolutely willing to sell their souls to hell simply to fight for their cause. 

image courtesy of sandyravage_/ Reddit

Weak? Is she calling us pineapple on pizza lovers weak? Our bloodlines have been fortified by generations of people who have withstood and have come to enjoy the weirdness of fruit on pizza. What have her ancestors done? Cower in fear? That’s right. In all seriousness, though, we love her conviction. 

When You Add More Drama To Sleeping Beauty

If there’s one night in your teenage life where being overly dramatic is perfectly excusable, it’s your prom night. You dress your best, you dance your best, you flirt your best, and oh, of course, you have to make a killer entrance. 

image courtesy of captainpajamas/ Twitter

By killer entrance, though, we didn’t mean be dead and brought to life by your true love’s kiss. That’s best left for sleeping beauty. As cheesy as this whole prom entrance was, though, we have to admire the dedication. Way to modernize the sleeping beauty narrative, right?

That Moment

Everybody knows this. It’s impossible for you not to know or have heard about Kim Kardashian’s controversial lost earrings. At this moment, the reality star had a mini-breakdown over losing her earrings in the ocean. While we do get that losing expensive earrings in the ocean is a huge bummer, we can’t deny that the moment was an overly dramatic one. 

images courtesy of E! Entertainment Television

Even by the looks on her mom and her sister’s faces, you can see that Kim’s relatives are thinking the same thing as us. Kourtney even really set out to make sure to pull her sister back down to Earth. Thank heavens. 

Just Belieb

Fans can be pretty terrifying. And as the world knows, Justin Bieber has had some of the most hardcore fans out there who will do anything for him from getting plastic surgery to look like him to getting hit by his car willingly (don’t worry, they were fine) and apparently, to cutting someone’s hair off. 

image courtesy of cantbeliebit/ Twitter

Just seeing this makes us want to look over our shoulders every time we say something less than favorable about someone’s idol. We get it. They love to show their devotion, but jeez, it’s not like we’re trying to drown their favorite superstar. We just have differing opinions about them. 

Point Definitely Made

Being petty is a special skill that only a few have truly mastered in this world. You can easily take revenge on someone by being rude and mean, of course, but where’s the fun in that? Being petty, on the other hand, now that’s how revenge is done right. 

image courtesy of WhiteCodeine/ Twitter

When it comes to neighborly feuds, there is just no other choice but extreme pettiness. You have to be clever, though, like this guy and make sure to let them know you’re not one to be messed with without actually telling them you’re not one to be messed with. 


See? What did we tell you? Of all human beings on Earth, kids are the ultimate drama queens. They will cry and pout over anything because of anything. That’s just how they are and how we were, too, once upon a time. 

image courtesy of The Meta Picture

Just seeing this kid makes us guilty for our dear parents. We’re pretty sure we weren’t THIS overly dramatic, though, or at least we hope. If this kid already cried over not being able to reach the pennies, though, just imagine all the other, even less than petty reasons children all over the world have ended up bawling their eyes over. Bless parents indeed. 

Cups For Him

Even the manliest, most macho, buffest, bearded man will somehow become a big baby to a simple cold. And their partners would just know that they would have to be prepared for a long bout of overly dramatic moments to come. With mugs like these ones, though, it might make things a little easier.

image courtesy of masculinityissofragile/ Tumblr

The mugs just say it all. If you know your man is prone to these overly dramatic cold antics, better get him a set of these mugs. This way, you can cut the eye rolls, eyebrow raises, and exasperated sighs in half whenever they get the cold. 

The Great Betrayal

Ah, to be a kid when your worst betrayal is to find out that your parents have been lying about the Easter Bunny. That must have been fun times. It makes sense to be pretty dramatic about it all too.  

image courtesy of emrich44/ Reddit

Unfortunately, that is just the beginning of a world of soul-crushing betrayals that will haunt this kid until the end of their life. At least they knew how to express their disappointment in a somewhat healthy manner though. Hopefully, they still do unlike the rest of us.

That’s What You Get

Sometimes, when you’re in a relationship, you have to get a little creative to get your point across without being insulting, mocking, or hurting the other person. Sometimes though, that also means being hilariously over the top like this dude. 

image courtesy of chopstckss/ Twitter

We just love how passive-aggressive this whole thing is. He did clearly give her what she wanted. It’s just that he took it too literally. If it were us, though, we’d probably say, “Yep, deserved that” while still being salty over it. Relationships are complicated like that. 

They Were Concerned

Have you ever had that neighbor who was always up in your business and way too concerned about that one broken plank on your fence or the moss along the sidewalk? If you have, then you might be familiar with sights like this. 

image courtesy of

We greatly appreciate the concern. Snow can really be dangerous, and kids could have the idea of making snowballs and throwing them around. Oh, and heaven’s forbid, it’s in the middle of the pathway! Thank heavens for these thoughtful souls. 

And They Say Humans Are Overdramatic

We, humans, are great at making things seem bigger and more serious than they actually are. It’s a talent we collectively have as a species. Somehow though, it seems that we have also passed it down to our creations. Just take a look at this printer. 

image courtesy of

If you’re handy with a printer, you’d know that it could very well use the color toners to create black and white if need be. Instead, it decided to one-up any overly dramatic moment we might have just had recently. Maybe it’s in its emo phase?

Nothing Can Keep Us Apart!

The romance genre both in film and in books has always been overpopulated with that “nothing can keep us apart” thing, and as great as they are, we think we’ll be choosing the love story between these two kitties over them, thanks. 

image courtesy of Chieres/ Reddit

For a minute there, they had us believing in true love again. It didn’t even take them 2 hours and 30 minutes or 10 000 words to show us that love does conquer all no matter where you are and no matter what challenges you are facing. Bless these two. 

Ignore Me And Watch What Happens

People compare a lot of things to candles and their flames, whether it be the warmth of their love, the light that their love gives to their lives, their burning passion, and whatnot. One person even thought it a good idea to make it perfectly clear just how much like a candle their affections are. 

image courtesy of

As romantic as the first part seems, the latter part just has us worried. If you’re ever on the receiving end of this, you better start paying closer attention to your partner. This might just be the last warning you’ll ever get from them. 

It’s Take All Or Take Nothing

Vending machines are probably some of the most temperamental machines out there. You’ll never know if it’s in the mood to give you your drink or candy or if it has set out to make someone’s day a lot more miserable than it already is. 

image courtesy of

For this one, it seems that the vending machine was either in a very generous mood or in an “I give up. You might as well take everything I have” mood. Anyhow, is there any chance we can also get our vending machines to do this every day?

Exciting From Beginning To End

If you’ve ever looked out your window at 2 in the morning and saw the outlines of a floating headless deer only to discover that it was just a plain old tree in the morning, you’d know the feeling of that plain terror our imagination forces on us. Luckily for most of us who’ve been through that, though, we don’t immediately resort to calling the police. 

image courtesy of qaeokaa/ Reddit

To be fair to this caller, though, if we also looked out our window and saw what looks like a giant black bird with wings that huge, we’d be pretty terrified. We’d have to make sure we’re not imagining things though, before we even think of dialing 911. 

You Were Warned

We’re saying it now. Geese are holy terrors. They are nothing like what the children’s books always say they are. While they may look like peace-loving animals, these little beasts will hunt you down if they want to out of boredom, so if there’s a goose warning anywhere, you better heed that warning. 

image courtesy of bobcats2019/ Reddit

For some reason, when whichever mighty being created these creatures, they put in too many extra bottles of anger in them. These things are just willing to take on anything that crosses their path, no matter the size. They might not win in the end, but you can be sure they’ll give you a good beating. 

The Classic Roommate War

For many people, sharing your apartment with that one horrible roommate is basically a rite of passage. It’s like a test drive of basically what we all have to endure in our daily lives until we hit the grave. We don’t all emerge unscathed, though. 

image courtesy of CakeLikeBeth/ Twitter

Just by the picture, we can feel all of Beth’s rage towards her roommate, which has us wondering what exactly did the poor chap do to make her so angry? And why and how in the world did she come up with this form of revenge, which is pretty brilliant, by the way. 

Grand Announcement

Hell truly hath no fury as a woman scorned. Anyone who has ever been cheated on has probably dreamed of some grand way to get back at their lousy cheating ex but was probably held back by lack of guts, lack of money, or friends. Emily didn’t seem to have any of that, though. 

image courtesy of

She really went ahead and made them a breakup billboard, something that Steven, as well as thousands of other people, wouldn’t miss. If Steven has any objections, he should have thought of it first before becoming a sneaky little slimeball. 

A Bippity Bop

Sometimes, when people are really, really happy and celebrating a milestone event, they can get carried away with a lot of things, including tossing someone so high up in the air and giving them a good old bop through the ceiling.

image courtesy of Jam Press

Apparently, there’s no better way to show your mate that you’re truly happy for him than by making sure he reaches new heights. Unfortunately, the ceiling might not have been in the plans. Hopefully, he does remember how happy everyone was for him at one point. 

Call A Priest

There is always that one office printer that spends more time not doing its job than any other item or human in its office. Still, we don’t think we’d ever have the need to call a priest for one to perform an exorcism. 

image courtesy of

While some printers just give up on life, this printer has taken it up a notch. Now, it’s either the IT guy is just done with this printer, or it has been possessed by a demon. Either way, if it’s printing, we’re pretty chill with it. 

Not Today Linda

Sure, a little work chitchat is good, especially if it’s with someone you actually like. But we all have limits as to the amount of pointless small talk and chatter we could endure, and sometimes, we have to make the boundaries clear. 

image courtesy of

In all seriousness, though, this is just flat-out rude. Sure, the person might not be in the best mood, they might be in a rush to take care of some business, or Linda might just be a plain pain, but there really is no need to become the meanie in this situation. 

RIP Mr. Cricket

Chatty coworkers and office drama aside, office work can be pretty dull and you might find yourself desperate for something to find joy in no matter if it’s that odd printer, those free donuts, or, in this case, a randomly lost cricket. 

image courtesy of

Hilariously enough, it wasn’t even just that one odd employee who had found themselves forging a connection with a cricket. As it seems, it was the entire office hence the totally extra and dramatic memorial for their dear departed Jimmy. 

Is This The Witch From Hansel and Gretel?

Sometimes, no matter what you tell kids, they just won’t listen, even if it is for their own good. No warning or cautionary tale would deter them from exploring the world, but maybe this sign could knock some sense into them. 

image courtesy of

We’re pretty sure this is the wicked witch from Hansel and Gretel who is behind that, though. It’s just that now, instead of luring children with her candy house, she’s waiting for the truly lost and naughty to be her next victim. 

He’s Spot On

There have been so many times that we’ve uttered the words “Not today” in our minds but never as dramatically and as on point as this one. Especially with the pandemic going on, Artemus is basically every single one of us right now dealing with another problem on top of another. 

image courtesy of victoriavandal/ Tumblr

From erupting volcanoes and toilet paper shortages to violence, replacing useless presidents, a freaking pandemic, and so much more, this past year in itself has already served up too many events for us to handle. Artemus is right. “Cannot do the shock!”

Proof That Dad Jokes Are Just The Best/ Worst

Usually, people brand the moms as the overdramatic ones but have you ever seen a new dad fussing over his newborn daughter or a dad who’s really trying to make a point with a dad joke? Well, if not, here is a perfect example. 

image courtesy of

No matter which way you look at it, this dad joke is pretty good and pretty freaking hilarious. And just look at his face; he looks so proud. He went through all the trouble of making a giant straw, and yes, it deserves to be appreciated. 

Pure And Simple Rage

Yes, we think that we can all agree that we are at our most vulnerable of becoming seriously overly dramatic when we reach a point of extreme anger. Some people become Oscar-worthy criers, some become Shakespearean scriptwriters, and well, some become the hulk. 

image courtesy of 9gag

We have to assume that whatever was on that TV must have been pretty upsetting for anyone to throw their can of beer at it. Just a little bit harder, and the beer can could have actually gone through the screen clean. 

Don’t Touch My Milk

It’s common courtesy. Don’t touch food that isn’t yours without permission. Even food needs consent, okay? Nobody likes looking forward to chowing down on some delicious sandwich only to find that the person you hate the most at work has done all the enjoying for you. 

image courtesy of

We can’t blame this guy. Sometimes, we must take extreme measures to protect what’s precious to us. And to think that this could have all been avoided if people just asked nicely. Anyhow, at least now we have another golden tip up our sleeves. Let’s see who’ll be stealing our office snacks now. 

Crying Over Spilled Soup

This picture just says it all. The tears, the hungry lady who was expecting a nice hot meal, the spilled soup in the microwave and floor, the hot soup on her feet – this is the perfect recipe for a perfectly over-dramatic moment. 

image courtesy of

We sympathize with her, but it was completely on her. She can’t blame the microwave or even the heat, no. She knew it was going to be hot when she took it out, and she still went in all brave and bold. Now, look who’s enjoying her dinner. NO ONE. 

Now You Know Who To Blame

Sometimes, it amazes us how much disappointment and judgment our parents can give us over our extra moments when we all know that we didn’t just get it from nowhere. Before giving us those looks, they should take a look at whoever made us in the first place. 

image courtesy of biticonjustine/ Twitter

This dad is just plain hilarious, though. He knows he’s being extra. He knows his daughter knows he’s being extra but does he care? No. And why should he? If he’s enjoying the exchange as much as we are, it’s definitely worth it. 

Caution: A Sinkhole That Will Swallow Your Dreams And Will To Live

We know that some people really just care about everything and everyone around them. They don’t want anyone getting hurt on their watch because, for some reason, they love humanity that much, and well, yes, it’s the decent thing to do. But really, sometimes, these kinds of people can go a tad overboard. 

image courtesy of blandisgrand/ Reddit

Yes, sunken and wonky bricks might cause someone to trip, but we don’t think it’s on a sinkhole level yet. Sure, you might want the ground to swallow you whole after tripping on it and landing on your face, but we’re pretty sure you’ll recover. 

Lesson Learned Yet?

There are people out there who take quite a civil approach to these food thefts. They have a civil conversation with the culprit and tell them not to do it again. Unfortunately, some people are just schmucks. And well, some people have a very unique way of dealing with them. 

image courtesy of PM_ME_YOR_PANTIES/ Reddit

If someone was this serious enough to actually sit down and count the grains of rice in his lunch, it’s best not to mess with them. If they had enough rage to count all those grains, trust us, they’ll have enough left to mess with your life forever. 

Never Trust The Kids Again

Parents can never seem to trust leaving their kids alone at home, and honestly, and we completely get why. They’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into getting that home, and they know that leaving it in the hands of a child is equivalent to burning it down, which apparently happened here. 

image courtesy of

Given that our parents raised us and we’ve spent most of our years growing up with them, they’d know what we’re capable of or, more aptly, what we’re not capable of. Unfortunately, this mom has clearly made an error of judgment. 

Not A Fan Perhaps?

Celebrities must be used to people meeting them and breaking down in tears out of adoration and love. We wonder how many of them have met people who broke down in tears when meeting them because they’re not a fan though.

image courtesy of Laura DiMichele-Ross/ Facebook

Honestly, we’re not sure if this kid is crying out of sheer joy or sheer hate. Anyhow, it’s a great photo, and it’s made all the more hilarious by Bill Murray imitating the kid. But hold on a minute though, is that really Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? 

RIP Fallen Soldier

While we love them to bits and would probably lay our life down for them, we sometimes take a look at our best mates and wonder, “why in the world am I friends with this idiot?” This poor boy must be wondering the same thing. 

image courtesy of benhull69/ Twitter

We sympathize, though. Losing a mate to a relationship can be pretty sad. If we were there, we’d probably start singing Amazing Grace and volunteer to give the teary eulogy. We’d make every bit of it perfect because our friends only deserve the best, right?

Time To Get The Tan On

Isn’t it just annoying sometimes when the weather gets temperamental? Not only can it ruin a perfectly decent outfit, but it can also flip the table on any plans you’ve had for the day. When we talk about sudden weather changes, though, we usually think sunshine to rain or cold to warm and not normal warm to scorch the earth warm. 

image courtesy of

As it seems, people in this area would have to wear bucketloads of sunscreen at 9 in the evening because the sun apparently decided to zap the earth with some solar flares. We wonder how this weatherman explained all that to the audience, though. 

Park, I Dare You

Parking where you’re not supposed to park is probably one of the worst things you can do for yourself and your car. It’s basically asking someone to punch you with a smile on their face. In an effort to stop these people, some establishments have made it clear that there will be dire consequences for those who dare. 

image courtesy of

On the flip side, if you do dare park in their precious parking spot, you get a free sledgehammer, you get a car that looked like it came from an action film (you won’t be able to use it, though), and you’ll even get a bonus criminal record to boot. It’ll seem like you lived the life of an action hero!

The Things We Do For Candy

Vending machines have one job, but it seems that none of them were really made to do that one job properly, so the humans have to adjust, have to get creative, and have to get a little resourceful to get their beloved candy bars out. 

image courtesy of

If that Twix bar were a person, we might have said that they were so lucky to have someone this dedicated to them who would go to the ends of the world just to get them, but the truth is that level of obsession is just plain disturbing. Sorry man, but you have to learn to let freaking go. 

Just Some Sibling Love

Siblings bring out a different kind of rage that you would have never thought yourself capable of. You’re lucky if you and your sibling/s don’t set off a nuclear family war in one of your squabbles. As it seems, though, some people are just asking for it. 

image courtesy of

We’re not saying that this girl deserves what she got, but her brother is a total genius. He really spent all that time and effort crafting this masterful revenge. We’re kind of hoping he also changed the file name and created duplicate files with the wrong content, though. That way, she’d really have to open each and every single file on every folder. Now, that is a revenge of the extra kind. 

Sewer Coffee

Coffee is a lifeline to a lot of us. Without it, we would be floundering about our days lifeless, mindless, and a little bit more soulless. Perhaps that’s why a lot of people have a certain standard when it comes to coffee. Unfortunately for this server, he didn’t meet those standards. 

image courtesy of Hope246/ Reddit

We know bad coffee can ruin someone’s day, but this older person was just a tad too harsh. Saying that they’d much rather have instant coffee than your very own handmade coffee hurts. But who knows? Maybe the server hasn’t had his coffee yet for the day as well. If that were the case, then it wouldn’t be fully his fault, really. 

Apology Accepted?

A lot of people go about their lives not really realizing how extra they are no matter how many countless people point it out. Then there are those who are completely aware and totally understanding of the predicament of the receivers of this extraness. 

image courtesy of OneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUs/ Imgur

The best thing about the people of the latter category is that they not only own their extraness but they also take responsibility for it. This honestly makes us love them more. And well, if you’re faced with a box full of delicious bacon as an apology, how can you not forgive and forget?

What A Romantic Surprise

There really is just no easy or less awkward way to tell your roommate to pay up even if you do get along well with them, isn’t there? A lot of us would try to do it discreetly, like asking for the payment for something illegal. And then, there are those who just cover everything else up with a grand gesture. 

image courtesy of freekyfrogy/ Imgur

This is simply the perfect way to kill the romance in any kind of relationship. First, you prime your victim, and you get them giddy and a little nervous. Then, you add in suspense by leading them in (there was a trail of rose petals to the bed). And then for the blow, you reveal the surprise and watch as their face melts to pure and utter disappointment. You might not destroy your relationship with them, but you’ll never have their trust again. 

Hiding National Secrets

We get people acting like they’re in an exam when covering up their pin numbers at the ATM, but this is something we’ll never understand. What could this woman be so desperate to hide in her bank account that she really has to cover up the entire machine?

image courtesy of AndyTheAndy/ Reddit

Is she afraid people will see the outlandish transaction she has to make? Is she afraid they’ll see the millions she’s stolen from the mafia? There’s also the possibility that they’re out-of-this-world spies and are using the ATM to communicate with their base. Before you get any more confused, though, her husband is underneath the jacket and doing all the secret things she doesn’t want anyone to see. 

No Need To Hide Debbie

Again, eating someone else’s food in the office is a surefire way to create enemies. Someone should have drilled this into Debbie’s head before she went ahead and grabbed a bite out of everyone’s food. Now, everyone’s coming for her. 

image courtesy of

As it seems, it’s only that huge jug of something that is available to Debbie. But what if it wasn’t Debbie all along? What if she was just being framed for all the missing food because someone wants to get back at her for stealing their food once? Now that’s a worthwhile office drama/ mystery thriller. 

There There Kevin

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing ever seemed to go right that extended into weeks or even months? It’s the worst! We feel like life was just made to crush us to the ground, and as it seems, Kevin is feeling the exact same way. 

image courtesy of Doomer/ Facebook

While everyone was out there actually talking about some of the worst gifts you can receive, Kevin was the only one who hit the jackpot. It’s made even funnier that the newspaper really ran his dramatic response with the perfect photo accompaniment making him a perfect centerpiece.