Husband Uses Drone to Confront His Two-Timing Wife

By Doreen R

Marriage isn’t easy; that’s a fact.  A successful marriage, to most of us, means trusting your partner. But even the most trusting husband or wife can have their doubts. Whenever something seems off with the other, we’re sure they’re doing something they shouldn’t be. That’s more or less what this saga is about.  John and Donna were happily married for 18 years when John felt a strange vibe coming from Donna. He couldn’t put his finger on what was going on, but he knew she was up to something. We all know the saying,’ ‘There’s no smoke without fire,’ which pretty much sums up what drove John to trust his gut instinct. But, it’s what happened after and the result of John’s now-infamous video being uploaded for the world to witness that made this story worth writing about.  So let’s take a moment, watch the drama unfold and judge for ourselves.

We’re sure there won’t be an across the board opinion for or against John’s actions, but it’s all about talking and voicing our opinions. Just so we’re clear, 14 million viewers did have an opinion when this story went viral. We might also find ourselves looking inward and questioning how we would react in a similar situation. Let’s see if we could conceive of taking such drastic measures to get to the truth.

Let’s Meet John and Donna

John and Donna seemed to have it all. A rock-solid marriage of 18 years, a beautiful family, and a lovely home in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. John is a successful photographer with a focus on weddings and happy family events.  John was lucky that he was able to work from home primarily.

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While John was working from home, Donna was working outside the home at a clothing store. However, some things were occurring that didn’t make a lot of sense to John. Donna was leaving earlier some days, returning later some nights. This was not Donna’s usual routine.

Donna’s Not Being Honest

When John would question Donna about certain things relating to her job, she wasn’t as forthcoming as usual. Her answers weren’t making a lot of sense, and John couldn’t get rid of that nagging feeling that something was happening.  He tried to push back on the feeling that she was seeing another man.

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The more he tried to suppress his suspicions, and the more Donna’s odd behavior continued, he couldn’t help himself. He was now starting to picture crazy scenarios of clandestine meetings involving his wife and strange men.  Her erratic behavior didn’t help much, plus she was paying much more attention to her appearance.

John Needs Evidence to Confront Donna

John couldn’t just come out and accuse Donna of cheating; he needed proof. He didn’t need to think too hard on how to gather the needed evidence. As a photographer, John owned the latest photography equipment, including long-range zoom cameras.  

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John also owned several drones that he used for his work. He now needed to plan how he was going to spy on his wife, without her knowledge. If John was wrong, he’d lose face in Donna’s eyes, and he wasn’t willing to risk that. He wanted to be 100% sure before confronting his wife.

From Planning to Execution

John already knew his wife’s daily routine. He knew which way she walked or drove to work.  He also knew that even though drones make noise, they go unnoticed many times if high enough.  That morning as Donna was planning for work, the couple were making small talk.

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During this time, John was playing it all out in his head. He had already gathered the drone he would use, that could take decent images from an extremely high altitude, above 400 feet. The batteries were charged the night before, and he just needed Donna to leave for the day.

Donna Heads to Work

There was no reason for Donna to suspect anything was amiss. She got dressed, got the kids ready and off to school, and was heading out to the clothing boutique, just like any other day. John kissed her goodbye, and as she was heading to the store, John grabbed his equipment and made sure Donna was out of sight.

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John waited a short while and then headed out with the drone. He felt a rush of adrenaline, or maybe it was guilt for not trusting his loving wife. Oh, how John hoped and prayed he was mistaken. All started out great, Donna headed up the street as usual, and John was far behind.

Donna Takes a Different Route

Instead of turning right at the end of their block, Donna turned left. That’s when John decided to make use of his drone. He turned it on and raised it above 400 feet, enough to keep her in view while making sure she couldn’t see or hear it.

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Donna made a couple of more turns that weren’t on the way to the store she works at. It didn’t take long for John’s wife to find herself in the parking lot of an open shopping center. It appeared she was heading into the local CVS pharmacy.  

The Black SUV

Donna stood in the parking lot for several minutes, not heading into the pharmacy. She was simply standing in the empty lot and caught on tape, brushing her hair and fixing her makeup. It didn’t take more than a few minutes before a black SUV showed up and stopped right by Donna.

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After the car stopped, Donna approached the driver’s side of the car and appeared to insert her head into the window, and it looked as if she was kissing the driver. At this moment, all of John’s suspicions and fears were sadly confirmed. He now had the proof he needed to confront Donna.

Donna Drives Away With the Stranger

As John is watching the events unfold in front of him, he’s still unsure what he’s witnessing. But when his wife walked around the car and hopped into the passenger side of the SUV, his heart dropped into his stomach. There was no more doubt or hope that he was mistaken about Donna’s strange behavior of late.

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For those who’ve seen the video online, it’s heartbreaking to hear how upset John is. The realization that his wife is cheating on him is hard to listen to. 18 years of marriage leading to this revelation is more than most people can handle.

John Weighs His Options

John needed to consider his next steps. He wasn’t sure how to proceed after seeing with his own eyes that his wife was having an affair. He needed a little time to let the facts sink in. He decided it was better to hold off on telling her what he knew until he himself knew how he wanted to proceed.

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Donna returned home that evening as usual. John did his best to act normal but was having a hard time. When Donna questioned John on why he was in a bad mood, he blamed it on work-related issues. Donna took him at his word, and the two of them decided to call it a night.

John Confronts Donna

The following morning John is watching and re-watching what he saw the day before. He replayed the video again and again in his home-office and decided to confront his wife. After the kids headed to school, John asked Donna to take a look at a video he just uploaded to his laptop.

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That’s when Donna’s world collapsed around her. She watched the video till the end and it looked like she wasnt sure about what to say.  She figured the old adage of a good offense is the best defense was the way to go. Sadly this didn’t work.

Donna Accuses John of Spying

Donna thought that going on the offensive would play to her benefit, sadly that didn’t work. In an interview with Inside Edition, Donna admitted that she knew John was capable of this and had the equipment; she just didn’t think he’d resort to such a tactic.

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After attacking John for spying, Donna came clean and admitted she had made a mistake. While she swears nothing had happened, she did cop to considering an affair with her boss’s business associate. The two were still in the early stages of flirting, and nothing beyond kissing took place.

The Mysterious Man in the SUV

While Donna finally admitted to seeing another man, she wasn’t copping to having an affair. She argued that she was still in the flirtatious phase of the relationship when she was caught, and other than a few ‘innocent’ kisses, it didn’t go further.

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We never learn the man’s identity in the vehicle, but we do know that he’s a business associate of Donna’s employer. Donna liked the attention, and after 18 years of marriage, she wanted to see what she was missing in her life.

Donna is Remorseful

Now that she’s been caught and can’t claim it wasn’t here, Donna decides to come clean. She admits she strayed in the marriage and tries to explain why she looked elsewhere for love. She made some valid points about the marriage while being good, it was also monotonous.

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John’s hurt and not hearing Donna. When Donna is truly showing her regret and crying while begging for forgiveness, he’s too hurt to see her side. He points out that he’s the injured party, and there’s no going back after what he’s witnessed.

Donna Asks for Forgiveness

Donna decided their marriage was worth fighting for and tried to make it work. She pleaded with John to forgive her. Donna promised it would never happen again; she even resorted to tears. John wasn’t having it; he declared she didn’t have a right to cry and that he was the one that should be bawling, not her.

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Although it was an agonizing decision, the couple decided to split. Donna packed up the kids and moved out. The two filed for divorce and were hashing out the details when John’s anger got the better of him. No one expected what came next.

John is Angry

John was so enraged at Donna’s betrayal, and filing for divorce wasn’t enough. John wanted to share his anger and hurt with the world. He felt that vindication might be gained if he had more people on his side, which is why he posted the video of Donna’s infidelity on Youtube.

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At first, it was no big deal; the video was there, with John’s over the top narration of what he was witnessing. There was screaming and accusations from John about the images on the screen. Even if we couldn’t understand what we were seeing, John was happy to explain.

The Video Goes Viral

But posting the video was a big deal. Within 24 hours, there were nearly 1 million views. Comments from viewers were gaining momentum as well. Viewers were happy to voice their opinions; only they weren’t what John was hoping for.

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Many accused John of lying and making up the cheating scenario. A substantial amount of viewers said it was simply a blurred image where no one can really be identified. For some reason, many of the viewers weren’t buying the story.

14 Million Views!

Within days of John video being uploaded, something crazy happened, over 14 million viewers had seen it. Everyone was talking and voicing their opinion, some supporting John, while others felt it was a scam, and he made up the entire story.

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Whether true or not, people were talking. The conversation turned to an ethical dilemma about spying on a partner. A conversation had started, and it was creating a lot of buzz. The twist in John’s credibility took a hit because now that there were so many views, he was making money off the video.

John is Cashing in on the Scandal

For those who didn’t know this, when a video on Youtube is successful, it makes money. How much money depends on a variety of factors. Depending on the type of video and where it’s located, after say 1000 views one can make an average of 0.18 cents per view and it goes up from there. 

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Just so we’re on the same page here, if one has a video that has a million views, the pay is anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 USD. So let’s do the math, at 14 million views, John earned between $28k and may have even reached the max of $70k.

The Country is Divided

Now that John and Donna’s saga is on everyone’s mind, opinions are quick to form. Those who side with John claim that he was right to spy and shouldn’t forgive Donna. Those in Donna’s corner are quick to support the wife, stating she’s better off without him.

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Many feel that Donna is the injured party. Supporters for Donna are eager to point out John’s controlling tactics and claim spying can never be forgiven. Many urge her to stick to her guns and not return to John. With 14 million views, people were definitely talking.

Did John make the Whole Story Up?

 Like we said, with 14 million views of John’s video, people were talking and saying a lot. But it’s not just talk about who was in the wrong in this story of a marriage that broke down. Accusations aimed at John that the entire story was a hoax is starting to gather momentum.

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A growing number of viewers were leaving comments on Youtube, claiming John made up the entire story to make money on the video. Many comments challenged the video frame by frame.  We’re still amazed at how much talk surrounded John’s video, which runs for 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

 The Media Takes an Interest

The story was gaining momentum and didn’t seem to be easing up. With so many people invested in this story, the media was quick to enter the picture. John was interviewed by many local TV shows and on a national level ‘Inside Edition.’

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On ‘Inside Edition,’ the video was shown again to the entire nation. John was rehashing the months-old story yet again. Why he didn’t want to give his last name has us questioning his credibility as well. The interviewer was quick to voice the public’s outcry of ‘fake news.’

Hurt Husband or Bad Actor?

During the interview, John’s narration on the video was either the sign of a husband in shock or simply bad acting. John was quick to defend his actions and claim he was telling the truth. John remains steadfast that his story is real and that his marriage is beyond repair.

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The saga raised even more doubts when Donna refused to participate in the nationally syndicated show’s interview. John skirted around the issue of the video making money, and refused to answer how much the video did in fact earn.

One Year Later the Story Still Lives

Whether we choose to believe the video is real or not, an 18-year-marriage was broken. John and Donna were heading for divorce. In researching this article, we found that the couple’s marriage ceremony is on John’s Facebook page; as he’s a wedding photographer, it only makes sense.

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As the details of the divorce were being ironed out, the couple begins talking again. They share two kids, they had a long-standing marriage, it only makes sense that they’d be forced to be in a room together eventually.  A year had passed since John posted the infamous video.

What a Difference a Year Makes

John and Donna had begun talking and rehashing the incident that became a topic of conversation to millions of people. They both had regrets and wanted to test the waters and see if their marriage even had a chance of surviving.

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Donna and John began seeing each other and started to feel once again what initially drew them together. They were taking things very slowly and not making any rash decisions. The dates became more frequent, and the hurt feeling was brought up and discussed rationally.

Donna Wants to Try Again

Donna and John were dating and working on rebuilding their relationship. John, although hurt and still angry, felt that 18 years were worth a second chance. Regardless of who was right and who was wrong, the couple felt they still had something to salvage.

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Donna was able to put her feelings aside and forgive John for spying on her. John was willing to believe that nothing physical happened between Donna and the man in the black SUV. He was also willing to give the marriage another try.

The Media’s Still Cares

John and Donna reconciled a year later. It’s how the media found out that has us scratching our heads. ‘Inside Edition’ schedule a follow up interview. This time Donna was willing to participate and share her side of the story.

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The four-minute interview included the retelling of the story, but Donna gave her version of events this time. She admitted that she was considering cheating on her husband but that it never went beyond the kissing stage. She remains adamant that she was still in the throws of an innocent flirtation.

Donna Speaks Out

While Donna isn’t arguing that what she did or didn’t do was right or wrong, she did want the public to understand why she was considering straying. She said that after 18 years of marriage, she was feeling unappreciated and taken advantage of.

Donna goes on to say that the attention of another man may have blinded her. She admits to not thinking about the long term effects of her actions. She is sorry for the hurt she caused but continues to insist it never reached the point of no return.

The Public Remains Interested

After the interview aired and was posted online for the world to see, once again, the country voiced their take on the marriage.  Many didn’t believe Donna, and now the interview video was dissected frame by frame.  Many were quick to read Donna’s body language.

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A large number of viewers felt that Donna’s demeanor during the ‘Inside Edition’ interview pointed to untruths. There were accusations of lying on Donna’s part, and many just didn’t believe what they were hearing. It’s questionable whether Donna was truly remorseful.

Donna and John 2.0

A year after separating and filing for divorce and before making it official, the couple has reconciled. Donna has moved back to the couple’s home in  Honesdale, Pennsylvania.  The family appeared to be back together and were working at rebuilding their relationship.

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They began marriage counseling and were determined to work at restoring the broken trust on both sides.  The couple’s two children are getting ready to head to college, and soon the couple will find themselves with more time together to work on their relationship. Only time will tell if they made it or not.

The Moral of This Story

Now that we know the entire story, we need to look inward and think about how we’d react in the same situation. The questions and dilemmas posed here are something many married couples grapple with.  Maybe had John spoken to Donna about his suspicions, thinks might have turned out differently.

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On the flip side, had Donna voiced her frustration with John before embarking on another relationship, things might have taken a different turn. From how it appears now, John may have saved his marriage by spying on his wife, but we’re not condoning or condemning his actions. We’re letting the readers reach their own conclusion.