40 Odd And Freaky Vintage Easter Bunnies That Brought Anything But Cheer

By Sachin P

Upon snapping these old pictures, none of these kids have been seen again; they were just too afraid to return to the mall for fear of running into yet another terrifying Easter Bunny! These parents were simply trying to give their children something to remember about the Easter season. Never mind how scary it looks; it was the effort that counted! Did you know that perhaps the hare that later became the Easter Bunny was connected to religion because many people thought it had to be male and female? Indeed, the thought that a bunny could procreate without sacrificing its chastity led to many associations with religious iconography! Glancing at these antique photographs and with this connection in mind, don’t get too scared yourself! We bet that you or your children have similar photos with people dressed in costumes. Most parents want their children to take pictures with the Easter Bunny or characters at Disney Land, even usually against the kids’ wishes. Take a look at these cute but scary photos of families with the Easter Bunny throughout the years.

Donnie Darko vibes

The bunny looks like a close relative of the bunny in Donnie Darko. The chance of you having seen Donnie Darko is slim as it is a cult movie, but if you have, good on you, human. You have a niche taste.

Nancy Roppolo-Snow /Pinterest

Enough about Donnie Darko. Okay, so the rabbit costume in that also has these evil-looking buck teeth. Plus the kid sure has to be under the influence of an anesthetic because there’s no way that she’s smiling here, naturally.

Bunny Burglar

Really? Of all the possible Easter Bunny costumes that could have been made, they went with this? This is like something you would expect to come from an alternate dimension, like in Stranger Things and the movie, The Mist.

Katelyn Rae /Pinterest

They could have at least done something for the eyes. It looks like this was put together quite hastily. Even the little girl is not impressed. Even she knows that this could have been done at least slightly better. Come on, guys!

Stephen King presents

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who let Eli Roth, Stephen King, and James Wan design an Easter Bunny costume? Because this looks legit scary. Kind of like the main character you would expect in a horror movie. Yeesh! Just look at those eyes!

Ragingbonoboboner / Imgur

Forget the kids; this will give the parents nightmares! Those buck teeth and that placement of the eyes speak of some sinister plotting. This child, like all children, is blissfully unaware of what is happening around her. What a ride this is!

Completely done

Eyelids droop like they have been attached to blocks of concrete. Overall sleep-deprived vibes, coupled with a puffy face. All of these facts point to one self-evident thing. It means that this bunny has probably engaged in adult activities prior to making his appearance.

nymrawd / Imgur

Maybe it’s because it has problems that we don’t know of like all people. That is why you should not hasten to judge someone based on their appearance. But since this is the bunny’s job, at least a bit of decorum is advised.

Take it down a notch!

There are Easter Bunnies, and there are “Easter Bunnies.” We don’t know what kind of inspiration this person took to apply the makeup to impersonate an Easter Bunny. But we have this hunch we could find it in Necronomicon.

Benjimus / Reddit

You know, the book is heavily featured in the movies The Evil Dead and the Army of Darkness. The movies starring Bruce Campbell? Well, if it does not ring a bell, we won’t blame you at all. Cult classics they are.

Oh dear lord!

Like the previous post, the propensity to bring up vintage cult movie classics is high as we progress. Now, this reminds us of the killer rabbit of Caerbonnag from the cult classic comedy movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


In that movie, an innocent-looking rabbit would attack anything and everything in its path. Now this iteration of an Easter Bunny is giving us more or less the same vibes, you know? Even the kids are scared of what this represents!

Did I leave the stove on?

This is somewhat an accurate representation of the facial expression we would adopt if we forget something important. Like if we were racking our brains to remember what it is exactly that we forgot. Pray it not be the stove!

zabbyr /Reddit

Who would want their house to go up in flames, eh? Or else, this particular bunny here is freaking out about something else by the look of his cartoonishly large eyes. Whoa there Bugs, go easy on the innocent kids, huh.

Is that IT?

Wait! Now don’t go by telling us that this is Bill Skarsgard, a talented actor from the Skarsgard brood? Because we are at a level to accept that particular fact, no matter how ludicrous it sounds. Just look at this guy.


It is as if Pennywise, the clown, just decided to morph into an Easter Bunny to scare some unsuspecting kid with a phobia. Just look at that expression and those buck teeth. You would bet your bottom dollar on that being Bill!

Donnie Darko strikes again

Now, this is the mask from the cult classic movie Donnie Darko. We mentioned this in an earlier post as well. But after seeing this, this does take the cake in being remarkably similar to what was seen in that movie.

KellyAlyce24 / Reddit

Okay, movie props aside, we have to talk about the sibling dynamic we see here. We have one child who is crying, which is sensible to do. Her sister, on the other hand, is posing. Have to watch out for that one!

Easter Chipmunk

If you asked a person who has a very foggy recollection of what a rabbit is, this’s the result. It looks more chipmunk than a rabbit, and we would like to know this… In which state do they celebrate Easter with a chipmunk?


Even though they were scary to boot, the previous attempts did resemble a rabbit, at least in some way. This is like Alvin and the Chipmunks trying to infiltrate a bunny convention in secret. A bit more effort is needed here, guys!

Ah, gots you now!

We can’t help but picture a very bushy mustache on this Easter Bunny. It would have been a perfect use of facial hair if one were present on its chevy chase. It would have made him look more western, maybe even with a cute hat.

Jessica Pitre / Facebook

Like an old-timey sheriff who is no-nonsense and who just loves to dish out the maximum punishment for all outlaws. No wonder the kid is scared out of his wits. Maybe he was an outlaw in a past life? Truth is stranger than fiction, mind you!

Doo doo bunny

The brows kind of gives us the impression that this is a creation of Dalí. You know, Salvador Dalí, the world-renowned surrealist painter with a mustache unlike any other. Plus, the guy kept an anteater as a pet! Eccentric is an understatement.

Claude Riley Leitner Junior / Facebook

Well, saying Dalí designed this would be a bit overboard. But that mustache and those bushy brows indicate as such. Plus, look at the kid. He seems utterly bewildered. Or it seems like it’s time to change his diapers. ASAP!

That’s a wrap!

Who in their right mind gave the A-OK for this photoshoot? The parents/guardians really need to consider the optics of this photo. It looks like this bunny is trying to drag this little child to feed her broccoli. Really, what is happening?

VosCacas / Imgur

She’s disgusted and is crying to show her displeasure. These aren’t tears of sorrow but tears of protest. Kids hate broccoli. That’s a fact. Maybe if y’all made it into a dish rather than forcing the raw thing, kids would eat it.

Let me tell you something, kid

This bunny has no business whatsoever being in such close proximity to kids. Or anyone to that matter. Just look at him, with that generic evil smile plastered all over his mug. He’s more suitable as a Despicable Me villain.


Yeah, with that attitude and those facial expressions, this guy or girl would be a legit villain. The kid would make a great sidekick/minion in our opinion. Look how comfortable the little guy is with the bunny villain. A true natural!

Plague bunny

If you are a bit partial to history, you must have heard about the black plague that spread in Europe during the mid-1300s. It devastated the European continent, and in all that mayhem came the plague doctors. Who are they?


Well if you remember seeing men with bird masks, wearing black cloaks and a black hat, that’s a plague doctor. They would stuff herbs in the beaks to stave off the stench. Now, this bunny looks like a good contender for that role!

Keeping it real

Well, we have to be honest. Of all the candidates that we have seen so far, this iteration of the Easter Bunny is the least scary. He looks pretty studious with his bottle-rimmed glasses. A bunny professor, if you will.

Bobby Rustad / Facebook

But why are the kids scared? They are crying like they are being taken to the doctor. Well, could be because the bunny professor told them about jobs, taxes, and how hard it will be when they grow up. Great!

Judge Bunny

Hey! It’s the sheriff bunny! He is back. And he is…jacked! Glimpse at the proportions of this fella right here. The kid can fit on one of his palms. We stand on the hill that this bunny really needs a bushy mustache.

Brandice Coletta / Facebook

Just look at the vibes he is giving out. Sprawled out on that chair like a full-on authoritarian. He has that judge, jury, and executioner vibes all checked out. Outlaws, beware of Judge Bunny. He ain’t out to play!

Stay Puft Bunny

Remember the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movies? Who wouldn’t? Well, he managed to grow up to giant proportions and was revolting through the metropolis. This scenario right here reminds us of that particular event from the movie.

Courtney Blair / Facebook

Granted that this guy is not as scary as the other individuals we have already come across. But still, he has that, “gotcha” look on his visage. Maybe that’s what is driving these kids crazy with fear. One has already toppled from the lap!

Eyes that speak

In life, we encounter eyes that hypnotize us. We are sure some of you might remember the photo of the Afghan girl that was published in the National Geographic magazine in 1984. Acclaimed photographer Steve McCurry was behind this fantastic image.

sketchybunnies /Tumblr

Her eyes spoke volumes about the hardships that she had to face. Quite haunting in a way. So, what’s the relevance of that photograph to what is happening here? Just look at the bunny’s eyes, and you have your answer laid out.

Sudden realization

Whoever said that a picture speaks a thousand words was really speaking from experience—just one look at this image, and it is pretty evident how true that statement really is. Focus on the little cherub, you’ll see why if you do.

Angelia’s Photography

He’s all happy to be with his siblings or his cousins. He has no care in the world. Then suddenly, he realizes that he is on someone’s lap. He looks up, only to be scared out of his little wits based on that realization.

Hypno bunny

Speaking of eyes, we are suspicious of one thing when we see this version of the Easter Bunny. What’s with those red eyes? It’s like the bunny is trying to expand its will on these unsuspecting kids. Eat your veggies!

Rebecca Ruddle /photographer

Carrots are your friends! Broccoli is good for you! Have some cod liver oil at least every other day. Something the kids back in the day absolutely hated. Cod liver oil? Come on! It looks like the bunny succeeded in controlling one kid!

Blue Bunny

Out of all the newfangled and straight-up weird Easter Bunnies that we have seen, this one takes the cake. Why is it blue? There could be many theories as to why this particular specimen is blue. Out of all, one is prominent.


Cyanosis. That is the name given to the condition where the body turns blue when the blood oxygen level is critically low. Or it could be that this bunny has a part in the Blue Man Group, from Arrested Development, that is.

Oy vey!

Oh, for crying out loud! He’s wearing pink long johns and what seems like spring onions for whiskers? Man, the seventies were one of the really weird eras for sure. We don’t condemn low effort, but this looks like there was next to no effort.

realtree23 / Imgur

No wonder the kid in this picture looks absolutely dejected. He is embarrassed more than scared. How on Earth could this malnourished elephant-esque costume pass on for an Easter Bunny, of all things? We feel your sadness, kid.

Easter Possum

Okay, it’s called Easter Bunny, not Easter opossum. Whose bright idea was it to introduce an opossum instead of a fluffy bunny? No wonder the child is scared out of her wits. Poor thing, she walked into this catastrophe with no clue!

Morgan Hand / Facebook

They could have at least done something with the eyes to make it look less; umm, how can we put it? Less witchcraft-like? It looks like this bunny was summoned from a different dimension. Oy vey indeed when you look at this photo!

Not the ideal bunny for the job?

The bunny here seems like he is not overly comfortable with a child. It is perfectly evident from the blatant look of realization he has got on his face. He’s like, “I could be overseeing the production and distribution of more eggs.”


And that level of contempt has flown from him towards the kid. The kid wants nothing better than to get the heck out of dodge. Maybe, next time, hire a proper bunny that brings joy and happiness to the kids?

The BunnyFather

Why does this bunny look like he’s a mob boss? He has that side glare perfected to deliver a non-verbal understanding of who he is, on a social level. He’s like, “you better keep your distance with me at all times.”

Someecards /Pinterest

Also, we have the kid here, perfectly selling what the mob bunny has to offer. Just look at him. A natural. Unfazed and a little haughty because it seems like the kid has an understanding as to who this guy really is.

Mr. Easter Bunny

Okay. We have to make a clean breast of this because we have to tell the obvious truth. When we compare this bunny with the previous renditions, we can’t help but feel safe with this guy. Just look at him!

kim32856 / Reddit

He’s wearing specs for crying out loud. You can’t be serving judgment on a guy that’s wearing specs. If we are being frank, we find the kid more frightening than the Easter Bunny. Even though he is a little guy, he looks like he has some chaotic energy in him.

Is it or is it not?

We are pretty sure that there is no one inside that Easter Bunny. Look at those lifeless eyes. We are confident that it was built like a scarecrow so people can just pose with it and take pictures. Like this.

Mary Rivard Tantillo / Facebook

No, wait. We would like to take back what we said. Behind those dead set eyes is a person. Just look at the small kid on the lap. She’s been held by a hand. Man, that’s unnerving. You expect this thing to be lifeless, and then boom, it moves!

Every Villain Is Lemon

If there ever were a villainous Easter Bunny, this guy would take the top spot. No competition at all. He just has to walk to the podium and get his award. You could literally hear the Pink Panther music playing in the background!

Luiz Foernges /Photographer

This is a boiled-down version of nearly every single generic villain trope to ever grace media. No wonder the kid is spooked. He’s feeling the cartoon mayhem right into his tiny bones. Look at that comical leer on him also. Classic!

Now you listen to me, bunny!

This one is not as half as scary as compared to some of the individuals we have seen. But there are certain startling aspects that we don’t see at first glance. One of the kids has noted this and is crying.

Kelly Lynn / Facebook

But look at the other one. She’s in control of the situation, and if you look closely, you can see that she’s muttering something. The pink-eyed, dazed easter bunny appears to be listening to what the other little girl has to say. Boss mindset!

Reality shift

If there’s a bunny who is fed up with being nice to kids, well, this could be that bunny. He looks like he just wants some peace and quiet in his life. He wants to go home and rest with his feet up.

stink_pot / Reddit

He wants nothing disturbing him, and he can watch the game on the TV with a cold drink. He can’t do that because of these little ones. He was pretty enthusiastic about this job, and now he’s questioning everything.

ET Bunnies!

Who let those two ET bunnies operate on Earth with younglings? They just don’t have the permits necessary to operate with Earthly beings. Somebody get a hold of the Men In Black as soon as possible! We have a situation!

thisisevan / Reddit

These two happen to be the most extra-terrestrial rabbits we have seen. That is saying something as we have come across some pretty colorful individuals so far. None of them fit this bill, though. They’re even doing that “we come in peace” salute!

The Milk

There really ought to be a labor code with these Easter Bunnies. This one looks like he also partook in illicit substances. It’s time they went easy on the milk. The unions really ought to have stricter codes when it comes to milk.


It’s perfectly okay to have milk during their downtime. That’s their right. But to be like this during a photoshoot while a client is present is highly unethical. Even the client is aware of this and wants to get to her mummy ASAP.

Officer bunny

We wonder how this plump fella would look with a mustache. That would have been a fantastic usage of the beard if one were to be visible on its face. This would have given him a much more continental appearance.

Andrea Turek / Facebook

Like a vintage deputy who is no-nonsense and loves to prosecute all offenders to the fullest extent permitted by law, it’s no surprise that the kid is terrified. Maybe he was an outcast in a previous life? Mind you, the reality is unbelievable!


What seems to be happening here, folks? Is this fluffy bunny trying to grab a piece out of the kid’s head? Or is he trying to give a kiss to his head out of love and affection, which all Easter Bunnies have plenty of!

bradybluhm / Imgur

We don’t know. But the kid seems to know something and wants to get the heck out of this place, as soon as possible. We won’t blame the kid at all. We would be doing the identical thing in his place!

That’s one happy bunny

Throughout the United States, Easter Weekend festivities frequently include the Easter Bunny. Young kids put up their Easter containers (store-bought or a delightful homemade Easter basket design!), seeing what kind of chocolate eggs and other special goodies they’ll receive!

Christy Caldwell Randles / Facebook

The fuzzy, legendary bunny has left goodies for them overnight. The enigmatic bunny, like Father Christmas and December, has no evident ties to the Christian holy day which follows Lent. Then why has it become quite a common symbol in contemporary festivities?

Be strong for mother, brother!

According to Time, one rationale for the roots of the Easter Bunny is that it came from ancient pagan traditions around the March equinox. Pagans praised the deity of morning and abundance, Eostre, who’d been commonly portrayed as a hare or an egg.


Also, they would honor the spring regeneration of creation. So, because the vernal equinox and the commemoration of Resurrection of Christ fell at about the same time, the festivities around the equinox may well have combined with the commemoration of Resurrection of Christ as Christianity spread over Europe.

What is real?

Although there is no genuine rabbit that functioned as the famous hare, historical background claims that the fabled egg-laying bunny was introduced to the USA by German immigrants throughout the 1700s. Youngsters would make a home for Oschter Haws to lay an egg in.

Sylvia Ragina Badillo / Facebook

The hare’s gifts later turned into chocolates, candies, and little snacks, and the nesting was supplanted with hampers with shredded “grass” as the custom expanded across the United States. This is the basis for all those easter egg hunts you see today.

Whoa there buckaroo!

Based on the pagan origins symbolizing abundance and regeneration, the bunny and the egg have become interchangeable with the spring festivities. It’s likely that these ideas integrated into the German legend egg-laying bunny rather than a (suitable) chicken.

Maria Cristina Carbajal Schut / Facebook

According to history, eggs are a popular Easter motif that has come to signify Christ’s departure from the grave and rebirth, irrespective of who is laying them. One view is that eggs were adorned so that they could be relished on Easter morn after the Lent fast was finished.

He looks okay

Each year on Easter, a creature with very long ears and a cotton-like tail is said to hop from home to home, delivering spectacular hampers full of sweets, toys, and delectable candy to children and hiding colorful eggs for them to find!

Jen Hank Brubaker / Facebook

The Easter Bunny has become a well-known and beloved emblem linked with the religious festival, alongside many cherished Easter customs such as warm crossed pastries and thrilling egg hunts. Things that make us giddy with excitement!