50 Times Entitled People Revealed Their True Colors And Were Put In Their Place

By Peace L

Some people are convinced they inherently deserve special treatment or privilege. People with a high sense of entitlement believe that the world needs to cater to their needs without considering the thoughts or feelings of others. Such people love to use others as a means to get what they ultimately desire.

How do they do this? Well, it’s simple. They bargain for everything little thing. If you’ve ever had a customer start complaining about trivial things, from discounts to the store’s temperature, this is precisely what we are talking about on the most simple scale possible. Nonetheless, many people will go to any length to save just a little more or change their current situation for their own sake, oblivious to others. 

That said, it’s natural to desire a great deal! Hey, what’s life without a little bargaining and reasoning. However, we couldn’t help but compile a list of those who took self-entitlement to the next level, getting themselves into humiliating situations. And here we are taking their humiliation up a few notches. Let’s dive in!

Quality Over Cost

Some people’s audacity can be quite entertaining. This woman messaged an artist on Instagram and requested that the artist draw her. No one with a professional skill would give up their valuable time to create something for no monetary gain, so the artist proceeded to name their price.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The young lady demanded a free drawing of herself. Why would anyone expect an artist to do a portrait for free, primarily if you’re not related to them or even close friends with them? The artist was gracious enough to comply, offering the lady the quality of work for what she “paid for.”

Guilt Trip The Seller Into Accepting Your Offer

This mother wants to get her children something they want for Christmas. The seller purchased the product for $2800 and decided to sell it for $1200 because it was fairly used. Even if they can’t sell it for the same price they purchased it for, it’s natural to want a good deal.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The woman offered $800, which was $400 less than the seller’s asking price. How do you expect someone to sell something they paid $2800 for $800? She offers to toss in some jewelry in addition to her offer. The seller wasn’t having it or her lame guilt trips.

Free Food

Some people have hidden agendas. We may never know if they are genuine. This kind gentleman asked this lady out on a date. She agreed. The guy assumed things would go smoothly, and he was thinking maybe he had found the love of his life. So he asked her out again.

Image Source: trashy/Reddit

But, the lady only agreed to go on a date with him because he was paying. All she wanted was some free food. After rejecting his relationship proposal, she takes to social media to brag about it like she is proud of her manipulation. Talk about one big walking red flag.


This lady was out on a date when the guy ordered her water instead of a drink. She snaps the meal and posts it on social media, stating that he is broke cause he chose her water instead of a drink.

Image Source:  BlackPeople/Twitter

Someone commented, calling her out for her ungratefulness. He states that she is the one that is broke for depending on someone else to pay for her meal. Instead of being appreciative of the person that wanted to enjoy a nice meal, she was rude and insulted the poor guy.

Time Is Valuable

This person thought it was necessary to post a notice calling attention to his frustrations. This notice is dedicated to everyone who is out there trying to cut costs as much as they can unreasonably. Nobody wants to be paid peanuts for a skill they spent years learning and perfecting.

Image Source: ChooosingBeggars/Reddit

Whether someone takes less time than average to complete a task or not, everyone’s time is valuable. Period. Even if a person can complete their task in 30 minutes, the fee includes the years slaving away to learn that craft.

Absurd Bargain

The way some people think about the world is beside us. This person responds to an ad for a 19,000-dollar car. This buyer asks the seller if he would rather trade the car for a riding mower. The seller was quite confused as to how the value of a riding lawn mower is equivalent to a car.

Image Source: FaulerHund/Redding

Giving the buyer the benefit of the doubt, the seller inquires whether the lawn mower is made of genuine gold. The buyer responds by saying no and that the mower is red. Even the most expensive lawn mowers cost no more than $4,000. It might have sentimental value, but that doesn’t mean it counts as a fair exchange.

Social Media Influencers

Some people who claim to be social media influencers contact brands and ask them to collaborate. These influencers do not pay for the merchandise used to create content for the brand’s promotion. Not all influencers are creative or have a large following. This person devised a solution to avoid losing money when the influencer fails to deliver as expected.

Source: r/ChoosingBeggars

Talk about cheap! This person suggests to influencers interested in collaborating with them that they purchase the merch that will be used to promote the business. The influencers will be given a coupon code to post, and if the code is used at least ten times in 30 days, their purchase will be refunded. An influencer has never accepted the offer.

Sticking To Budget

This individual saw a Craiglist ad for a smart tv and contacted the seller. The buyer inquires whether there is room for negotiation, and the seller agrees. The seller’s original asking price was $400, but this individual offered to pay $150, $250 less than the seller’s asking price.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The seller declined the offer and reduced the original asking price by $50. The buyer flatly refused the discounted price. Instead of countering the offer with a more reasonable deal, the buyer said that the seller had wasted their time and ended the conversation.

Why Pay For It When You Can Get It Free

Some people resort to bullying and emotional blackmail to get someone to manipulate others into giving them what they want. This person tried to get a co-worker in their office to make them a luxurious cake for free after hearing from someone that the person baked a cake for a coworker for their birthday. 

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

This person then asks the co-worker to bake them a cake for free. The colleague offered to make a cheaper cake or a box of cookies for free. This person refused, stating that the co-worker should consider it a birthday gift. It’s incredible how a simple no can cause someone to go out of their way to make someone else’s life miserable.

Not Gently Used 

Someone posts on social media that they are freely giving away some items they are no longer using. This individual then comments on what they want from the pile for free and their unwanted thoughts on the condition of the items.

Image Source: @hotpepperspraha/Twitter

The individual claims the items appear to be in poor and not gently used condition. They also demanded that they be delivered free of charge to their location. And if free delivery is not an option, the giver should not waste their time. They were not only unappreciative; they interpreted this kind act as an opportunity to be rude and downright ungrateful.

Miracles Happen

Everyone loves free things. Why work hard when you can get things for free by just posting about what exactly it is that you need, and a good samaritan will come along. With the average cost of a high-quality grand piano starting from $40,000 and above, we doubt anyone will find one for free.

Image Source: thechive.com

Did this person take that one saying in the bible that goes, “you have not because you ask not,” literally? This individual must have a supernatural level of belief that we mere humans cannot begin to fathom with just logic. Who wouldn’t like a free, high-quality grand piano? 

Trade By Barter

Instead of paying cash for something, sometimes it’s acceptable to trade for something similar in value. It is reasonable enough that sometimes people will undergo swaps as an alternative to a cash transaction. With all that, this person goes on social media and announces they need a Kenmore washer and dryer.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The individual says that the washer and dryer must be in working condition, but they can’t afford them. However, anyone willing to contribute can receive their old dryer and washer as payment and sell them as scrap metal. How these people act so innocent is beside us!

An Unusual Offer

Never underestimate the power of negotiation. This individual decided to put their bargaining skills to the test. The buyer told the seller they couldn’t afford the asking price for the product. The seller was willing to do business and offered to reduce the price to $2000 with the condition that the buyer pays on that same day. 

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The seller reduced the original asking price by $300. Instead of responding with a more reasonable offer, the buyer offered $1000, which was $1300 less than the seller’s asking price. To sweeten the deal, the buyer offers to throw in a baby crocodile in addition to the $1000. Seems reasonable, right?

Unreasonable Requests

Again, no one with a professional skill would give up their valuable time to create something for no monetary gain. Not only are you paying for their time, but also the experience. This lady took to social media claiming she needed a photographer for her wedding.

Image source: Dear-Investment-8856/Reddit

She proceeded to list her requirements, among which is that the photographer will be working for free for his eight years of experience and not breaks. Oh, AND bring their own food. This is a whole other level of entitlement!

Login Information

In this century, it is pretty common for people to share their account passwords. Many know no boundaries and share passwords freely. This increases the chances for other people, such as scammers, to gain easy access to their information.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

This person had access to someone’s account for a while. The owner changed the password because, why not, and this individual had the guts to message the account owner for the new password. Even the individual knows their reaction is absurd.


What an awkward situation to be in. This mother puts up a notice that her daughter just joined her school band and plays the violin. Anyone who owns one and no longer uses it should give her one for free. She would greatly appreciate the gesture.

Image Source: thechive.com

Someone who had previously given her a violin commented on the post, saying that if her daughter isn’t using it, they should return it. The woman is ungrateful and undeserving if she couldn’t even reach out to the first person who literally gave her a free instrument.


Babysitting is not an easy task. To get stuff done, parents hire babysitters to watch their kids. This woman puts a notice on social media that she needs a babysitter to watch over her four kids. The babysitter must work seven days a week, 10 hours a day, and will receive a weekly pay of $175.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

Someone breaks down the payment in the comment section and tries to confirm if the calculations are right. So the woman is offering to pay $25 per day for a 10-hour job, considering the minimum average per hour is already low. Expecting anybody to do this is insulting and basically slave work.

Unreasonable CEO

Every company states the job conditions and requirements when posting an ad. This individual took to social media to state his displeasure about two employees that are good at their job and how they don’t like that their commitment lasts for work hours only. 

Source: [deleted user]/Reddit

The CEO seems to be having second thoughts about the working conditions. Although they are liable to changes, he proceeds to ask what to do as a CEO. He thinks they are also entitled to their worker’s commitment outside work hours. Employees also have a life – the entire reason why they work in the first place…


We are quite as shocked as the seller in this next case. The seller puts up an ad on Kijiji in order to sell his 1999 Camry for $1200. The buyer who saw the ad decided to message him in hopes that there was room for bargaining, of course. 

Image Source: onsizzle.com

He asks the seller if he accepts $60 for the fairly used car. If only fairly used cars were that cheap! The buyer’s counter price is $1140 less than the asking price. The seller, in disbelief, asks the buyer if he seriously wants to pay $60 for a car. We’re praying it was a typographical error.

Work Within The Budget

In a post, a parent mentions that they are looking for a playhouse for their children and refuse to buy the one available at Home Depot because it costs $500. This parent lists the specifications for the playhouse they desire and that they want delivery only.

Image Source: [deleted user]/Reddit

Someone replies to the post saying that they have one that satisfies all the criteria and that the parent should get in touch with them to arrange delivery. The parent returns to protest that the number the alleged vendor dropped belongs to Lowe’s. The seller responds, saying the poster should take the hint. Genius!

Bargaining Went Wrong

The seller put up an ad for a dining table, going for the price of $135. This buyer sends a message to the seller asking if they would accept $90 for the dining set, which is $45 less than the seller asking price. 

Image Source: CapiTurtleDoesOllies/Reddit

The seller agrees to sell the dining set for $90. The buyer proceeded to counter the offer again, seeing as the seller agreed to the previous counter offer. To see how far he could stretch it, the buyer asks if the seller is willing to accept $70. Offended by the action, the seller raises the asking price to $100.

Poor Tactic

This lady who happened to be craving Korean bbq asked a guy if he was willing to take her out and buy her what she was craving. The guy tells her he just ate with friends but is okay with getting drinks or something else.

Image Source: plaid-knight/Reddit

The woman declines, saying that the only thing she wants is Korean barbecue. She then threatens the man, saying that she won’t meet with him if he doesn’t get her the exact meal she wants. She only intended to use him to obtain a free supper. This makes out stomachs queasy.

Used Fish

An Oscar fish was advertised for sale for $25. This buyer decides to message the seller in the hope that there will be room for bargaining. He counters with an offer of $10 for the fish. The seller declines, stating that because they have successfully reared the fish and it is significantly larger than usual, they cannot go lower.

Image Source: ieremias_chrysostom/Reddit

The buyer mentions that the fish is fairly used, and the seller has had it for two years, so it’s not worth the asking price. The seller tells the buyer that the age of the fish is not a means to lower the price. The buyer decides to purchase the fish from a pet store—end of the conversation. 

Be Persistent Until You Get What You Want

This individual messages a seller to confirm if he is still selling the laptop that he advertised on their story. The buyer confirms and states that he can only sell the laptop for 80 dollars and is unwilling to accept anything lower than that.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The buyer points out that the laptop is old and not worth 80. The seller was not phased by their asking price. The buyer counters with an offer of $50 for the laptop and a mouse that was in the ad. The seller rejects the offer but agrees to meet up with the buyer so they can discuss the price. We wonder how that went!

Absurd Customer Expectations

How does someone expect 63-footlong subs to be made in under an hour? This grandma went to a Subway and ordered 63-footlong subs, and she gave the subway a one-star review for waiting for over an hour for her order.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

Someone took a screenshot and left a comment stating that everyone who works in customer service should legally be allowed to fight a customer per year. Violence is never the answer, but we deeply understand this individual’s frustration. It’s not easy.

Yesterday’s Strangers Are Today’s Friends

How do you someone at a bar only to proceed to ask them for money the next day? Some people know no boundaries. This person thought it wise to ask someone they had just met the previous night for $250 for a parking ticket, assuming they had automatically become friends.

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Clearly, they were mistaken. It’s become a way of life for some people to take advantage of others. The individual bluntly refused to comply with the request. This person tells the guy never to speak to them again, clearly upset that it didn’t go their way. 

Drive A Hard Bargain

Comparing prices is always a smart idea when trying to find the best deal. This buyer looking to purchase a bookshelf contacts a vendor and tells them that they found a bookshelf for a cheaper price in a chain store. The buyer offers to pay $30 for the bookshelf if they can have it delivered. 

Image Source: ExoticKazama/Reddit

The buyer’s counter offer is $45 less than the sellers asking price. The seller refuses the offer and advises him to buy the one in the chain store. The buyer states that they do not drive a truck or trailer hence the demand to have the shelf delivered. How do all the people think the world caters to their problems.


This person looking to purchase a pool table asked the vendor if it was still available, and the vendor confirmed and named the price. He even offered to deliver it free if the buyer lives within the area. The buyer agreed to the vendors asking price and gave him his address. 

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit; Photo credit: trendy_hairstyle_h.k/Instagram

This guy was exceedingly rude, and they didn’t even apologize to the vendor. As if things weren’t already bad enough, they attempt to force the seller into accepting an offer that is less than half the agreed asking price.

Moving Service

Moving is quite a strenuous task. From heavy lifting to box packing, as well as specialized knowledge to fit big objects into little areas, it takes a lot of energy. Despite the mover having a base rate of $20 per hour, this individual attempted to change the regulations to suit his needs.

Image Source: 

He argued that since the moving company was so close, they ought to lower the price to $5 per hour. The agent politely declined the offer. When the mover rejected them, the person retaliated aggressively by calling the mover cheap. However, it is clear who the cheap one is, and it isn’t the moving agent.

Siblings Quarrel

This guy asks his brother if he can buy their old apple watch for $20. In exchange for helping him organize his room, the brother agrees to give it to him for free. The guy declines his brother’s counteroffer and then advises him to seek the assistance of another sibling.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

He maintains his offer of $20 for the Apple Watch, claiming that he is not doing manual labor and that the watch is not worth it. The brother refuses the offer, displeased that things arent going this way. The guy threatens to inform their mom about the situation. He must be so scared!

Human Wants Are Insatiable

For some individuals, nothing is ever satisfactory. Out of pure goodwill, this compassionate gentleman was operating a drive-in theater. It was completely free and built only for the benefit of the neighborhood and its residents. How sweet!

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

A lady who came to the drive-in theatre mocked the guy’s act of goodwill. Someone left a comment below the post expressing their sympathy for what this person was going through and mentioned how their library experienced a similar situation. Being able to view movies for free wasn’t enough for some people.

Absurd Requests

Some parents are willing to do everything they can to meet their kid’s spoiled expectations. This parent promised her daughter she could have the dog harnesses put up for free before contacting the giver. This person failed to realize that other people might also be interested in it.

Image Source: jgilmour29/Reddit

The owner compromised and told the mother that she could have the harness as the first person. However, this quickly became a major inconvenience for her, as the mother claimed she could not pick them up and asked the giver to deliver them.


This individual is highly unappreciative. This person had been ill for a while, so their caring mom cooked a warm meal for them. After, they took to social media to offer a few harsh words regarding their thoughtful mother’s cooking skills.

Image Source: tiphero.com

Instead of appreciating their mother’s actions and expressing gratitude, this individual does the exact opposite. Even if the meal wasn’t that flavorful, there are other ways they could have dealt with it rather than taking to social media and criticizing their mother.

Garage For Sale

This person put up an ad claiming that their garage is for sale for $400. The vendor mentions that whoever is interested needs to be aware that it’s just the building he’s selling. This means whoever is interested will be paying $400 for a garage frame, not the land.

Image Source: Ziztur/Reddit

The vendor, who is trying to be wise, is expecting someone to give them cash in exchange for demolishing their old, outdated garage and then hauling away all the junk within seven days. They even go so far as to say that you can’t give excuses as to why you can’t haul it off. Excuse us?!

One Star Review

The refrigerator in this couple’s home had broken down, leaving them in a difficult predicament. Inside, there was food worth $300 that would defrost and spoil. They called a business that advertised 24-hour service for an emergency repair even though a hurricane was raging outside.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

They decided to write a bad customer review after trying to contact the company, but that was a fail. The establishment’s owner responded to their review and apologized for their loss. He also pleaded with them to have patience because a hurricane was still going on, and the corporation valued the lives of its employees. No one should have to explain that, though…

Coupon As Payment

This lady was hoping to get a ridiculous bargain as she had patronized the lash technician a few times. She asked the lash technician if she could get a full set immediately for $45 and a medium pizza coupon for pizza hut. Coupons are excellent if you know how to use them properly. 

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

She then makes a counter offer of $50 and the pizza coupon. The lash technician refused the offers as she was fully booked and didn’t accept coupons as payment. The woman then instructs the lash artist to cancel her appointment. 

Breaking It Down

The gentleman had no intentions to sell anything until this person approached him and expressed interest in purchasing something he had designed. He hesitated because it would be so difficult and time-consuming, but out of goodwill, he finally consented, giving them a considerable flat rate for the product.

Image Source: [deleted user]/Reddit

The buyer started to object, saying it was unfair, and accused the seller of trying to cheat them. As a result, the seller offers a detailed summary of the true cost of everything involved. Which, in the end, was way above the asking price he gave the buyer. That shut the buyer up.

Refund Policy

This guy seems to believe that going out on a date and being the one who pays the bills entitles him to more than just a few drinks. When it became evident that this was not the situation, he requested $20 from the lady.

Image Source: NancyDipaola/Reddit

He then wrote a remark as to why he sent the request. He claimed that he had purchased the woman’s drinks, but they didn’t hook up. Due to this, he felt he deserved a refund. Evidently offended, the woman took a screenshot and posted it on social media.


This parent is quite the slave driver. The parent appears to be searching for a babysitter to look after her children. She boasts about paying her current sitter $35 per day when discussing working conditions with a potential sitter. The pitiful pay horrified the potential sitter.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The potential babysitter then mentioned how much her previous babysitting job paid before declining the offer. The parent then attempts to defend the amount she pays the present sitter by claiming that the sitter merely keeps an eye on the children and doesn’t give them any food. We are shaking our heads in disbelief!

Professionalism in Exchange For Credit

No one with a professional skill would give up their valuable time to create something for free. You should provide fair pay if you’re going to ask someone for their skills and services. This individual seeks a skilled bass player but will only offer credit for their service.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

Someone commented below the post saying that paying the bass guitarist $100 was more than reasonable because a credit on a track by an unknown musician isn’t worth anything. The poster got angry and claimed that for $100, they could go out and buy a bass guitar and learn to play it.

Patience Is A Virtue

This potential buyer saw a sofa bed for $30 and contacted the seller. The buyer began hassling the seller after only a few minutes of no response. Immediately, the seller returned online; they apologized for their absence and confirmed the availability of the sofa bed. 

Image Source: F***YouKaren/Reddit

After responding, the buyer blames the seller for making them late to pick up their daughter. The buyer tried to guilt-trip the seller into reducing the asking price. The seller immediately refused and dropped a response that shut the buyer up.

A Good Samaritan

It’s simple to picture this person sending this message to everyone they can think of to make some money. This lady texts this guy asking if he can cash app her $200 real quick. She doesn’t even give him a reason.

Image Source: BlackPeopleTwitter/Reddit

In response, he inquired about her location. After she replied, he sent her a link to a job posting for her region on a job board. She wouldn’t have to ask for a quick $200 anymore. What a gentleman. Such a witty response!

Birthday Discount

On our special day, we naturally want the entire world to treat us like royalty, but regrettably, that doesn’t always happen. This person genuinely believed they were entitled to a discount on a new profile image for their Instagram account just because it was their birthday.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The buyer proceeds to ask if they could get a discount of 50%. Since it was the buyer’s birthday, the photographer consented to a 50% discount, naming the price as $20 still. The photographer added 50% because it was also their birthday. Freaking hilarious!

Irrational People

This person goes ahead to ask if this person works for free. All you can truly do is shake your head in disbelief and contemplate what happens (or what doesn’t happen) in some people’s heads. A question that foolish requires an epic, sarcastic reply.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

Unfortunately, the prospective buyer didn’t understand it. He not only concurred that paying people to labor is unreasonable, but he also commented on how absurd it is. He is playing small head and doing an amazing job. People can be so unfair and irrational.

Standard Price

When it comes to price, there are some things you can and should haggle over, and there are items you shouldn’t even try with. This is especially the case when it comes to renting a house. Everyone knows landlords are hard to compromise with.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

This person went to see the flat despite knowing the asking rent was $900. After seeing it, he countered with an offer of $800, but the owners rejected him and said it was the standard price. Displeased, he decided to give the apartment a one-star review.

Give Me Some 

This person reaches out to an old buddy they haven’t spoken to in a while and asks them for financial assistance. This person then went on to tell the friend that they are in debt and are positive that their friend has more money, so they begged for some.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The friend agrees to lend them the money on the condition that they repay it. Reasonable, right? This person questions the friend, wondering why he had to repay him, claiming they assumed they were mates. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, the friend asks if they’re joking.

Bad Review

This person texts a horse groomer to tell them they will require their services. The groomer kindly replied and then proceeded to inquire about the location of the possible client to provide a cost estimate. The groomer estimates the cost will be between $275 and $325.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

The prospective customer countered with a bid of $150 for everything. Being considerate, the groomer lowered the cost to $250. The potential client flips and threatens to tarnish the groomer’s reputation. The horse groomer responded with a sarcastic comment that the potential client failed to comprehend, of course.

Pay Your Netflix Bill

People frequently share passwords for accounts in this century. Some people have no bounds and proceed to give too many people the account password. This raises the likelihood that other people you are unaware of will gain access to the account.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

This person dared to get in touch with the Netflix account holder since they were yearning to watch something. This person is a friend of the Netflix account holder’s ex, and the ex gave out the password. This person asks for the password, but the guy changes it. In a fit of rage, this person called the guy cheap.

Odd Reason

Giving someone access to your streaming service without expecting anything in return should be considered an honor and a privilege. Imagine the level of entitlement required for someone to send you an email asking why you updated the password for your streaming account.

Source: r/LiveStreamFail

This person emails the owner of the Crunchyroll account and requests the updated password for the account as they were using it. They claim that the owner changed it for an odd reason and asked to be contacted at the same email address as soon as possible.

No Budget

This person seems to believe they would receive a compilation of potential logos for $0. Even so, they were careful to point out that there was no certainty they would make a purchase. This person required a logo for their brand; therefore, they discussed it with a designer.

Image Source: ChoosingBeggars/Reddit

When the designer inquires about a budget, the respondent says they don’t have one. They told the designer they would buy whatever they felt like and that there was no assurance they would like any. The designer cut them off and informed them that they would be paying for his time.